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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yemen: It's a Revolution, NOT a "crisis"

Why the heck is it being called a "crisis" by the international media while the Al Qaeda invasion of Syria is dubbed 'a revolution?'

"The pro-Iranian Houthi rebels ousted Yemen’s pro-American puppet  regime in February, seizing the country’s capital Sanaa as well as key  ports and an airbase in Aden. .. The Saudi attack on Yemen is a  desperate attempt to undermine a popular uprising against the country’s  degenerate ruling class who has long sacrificed Yemen’s national interests and natural resources for the benefit of plunderous foreigners." - Brandon Martinez.

Story:  Saudi regime begins bombing offensive in Yemen

With the creation of a new demon, "Saudi coalition," civilian  casualties in Yemen are rapidly on the rise.  In less than 5 days, 50  dead, at least 250 injured and thousands have fled their homes.  How deftly the US/Saudi joint murder venture dupes the distracted international community into singing that chorusMuslims kill  Muslims while America wants peace.
Is this how the proponents of the "free world'" respond to a popular uprising in a sovereign country?
The Columbian

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yemen, and another carnival for John McCain

The old geezer never misses a single opportunity to rejoice bloodshed and destruction .. infers that the conflict will intensify and then applauds Saudi decision to bomb. The peabrain doesn't realize that when a revolutionary party controls the capital of a sovereign state and its parliament, you don't tell the neighbors to bomb them. Keeping matters in perspective. The difference between US coalition and 'Saudi' coalition is the same as that between a rat and a mouse. Regardless of the label, it's US interest, US money and US hi-tech / deadly weapons. The Saudis cannot even manufacture a matchbox locally. The strategy of the cowards doesn't go beyond dropping American bombs from a height of 40,000 feet and then fleeing back to their nightclubs for a lewd drinking spree. The mealy-mouthed analysts are struggling to sound optimistic that the Saudi offensive won't 'choke' the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb. The question is whether Yemen is destined to become another Syria or another Bahrain?



Map taken from: Reminder: World Oil Chokepoints Remain Vulnerable - HybridCars.com

Details at this Press TV story  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ambitions without boundaries: From occupation of Syria to occupation of Yemen

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rapid Rise of Tayyip Erdogan's Eccentricities

His latest phobia is food; definitely a delusional mental disorder distinctive by feelings of preeminence and grandeur.  Though no Turkish leader has yet died of poisoned food, Erdogan's  paranoia of someone mixing poison with his food has far exceeded his  fear of getting bumped off by a freak bullet or a threat through any  other source.  It has also given him an excuse to extend the  magnificence of his heavily guarded 1150-room alcazar.  Very soon an  extensive lab will be built attached to the palace (with a 24-hour  emergency team consisting of half a dozen medics) to test every bit of  food and confirm that it's safe to eat before being put on the "royal"  dinner table of AK Saray in Ankara.

Source?  Just Google "tasting Erdogan's food for poison"  and also look up the article at The Guardian.

Image source: Lebanon Middle-East -  أمن أردوغان يفحص كل وجبة طعام تُقدّم إليه - مركز بيروت لدراسات الشرق الأوسط

Image source:  Crowd Act - Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan enjoying his ice-cream as his staff eagerly watching him. We are looking for a TITLE for this photograph. Share your ideas on Crowdact.

Coming to another piece of lunacy .... 
Source:  http://www.theguardian.co m/world...

Source:  http://www.theguardian.co m/world...

The above images may look like a fancy dress party but these are actual protocol in Ankara.

During  an official visit in January 2015, Mahmoud Abbas was received by Tayyip  Erdogan at the 1150-room AK Saray.  The Turkish leader was flanked by 16  palace guards in Ottoman era warriors' outfits with spears, swords,  shields and armors.  These  palace guards must have had a good laugh up their sleeves.  Not at all unlikely that any day Mr. Erodgan's suit and necktie will be replaced with mintan, zibin, kusak and the kalpak.   The man has completely lost his mind!
Source of image:
Erdogan on top

His obsession with the Syrian war is linked with this historical fantasy when parts of Syria were under Ottoman rule.  Those were nice and happy times.  But influenced by his dream pipe aspirations, this idiot is now trying to snatch away those parts of Syria that were ruled by the Ottomans 300 years ago.  He really thinks that the Khawarijite Al Qaeda criminals are his "Ottoman" warriors who will win Syria for him and put him on the 'throne' as the new "pasha."  This bizarre day dream of the psycho Turkish president has been largely responsible for the death of over 250,000 Syrians with plenty more displaced.

Everyone knows that Islamic  history is rich and great.  The early Ottomans were superb  rulers .. undeniable.  But Erdogan's worrisome madness isn't the way to revive our glorious past by  constructing a deceptive and ostentatious facade and stealing millions  from the public coffer with corruption, treachery and tyranny  fermenting at a breakneck speed beneath that facade.   Soul of the great Osman Ghazi must have turned restless with revulsion! 

Whether or not the majority of Turks really support Erdogan is hardly significant.  So,  how did Erdogan (who came as a timid prime minister in 2003) gradually  get so bold to the point of establishing himself as the "king" of Turkey  .. literally?  As usual, it's the backing of the Western governments that's had such a ridiculous reaction on this man's already unstable mind.   He's not wary of the secular Turkish  generals any more.  On the contrary, he is now controlling the military.  Within the last decade the West has acquired enough confidence in the loyalty of Tayyip Erdogan as their man in Turkey to replace the Turkish army and the legacy of Mostafa Kemal.  From bullheaded secularism to Safafist megalomania, Turkey's recent history has been anything but enviable. 

Absolute power after waiting for years can cause perpetual bouts of peculiar shit fits.  Rajjab Erdogan is now seriously in need of psychiatric help.   Far more vital than a food testing lab, what needs to be constructed and  attached to AK Saray is a mental health clinic. Daily counseling by  experienced psychoanalysts may eventually help to bring this fruitcake  down-to-earth from his hypnotic trance and rejoin the human race.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Israel / Al Nusra cooperation against the Resistance

Images recently released by Press TV show Al-Nusra Front talking directly to Israeli soldiers in Israeli occupied Golan Heights. 

The town of Quneitra and its Governorate (often known as "gateway to Damascus" from the west) in Syrian controlled Golan Heights has seen some of the most fierce battles in the ongoing Syrian war.  The precise date of these pictures isn't known.  It's some time during end of summer 2014.  ISIL had already occupied parts of Iraq and Syria by June 2014 establishing its so-called caliphate and joined by majority of "Syrian rebels."  Al-Nusra Front launched the Quneitra offensive early September 2014, ravaging the region and coming at the doorstep of Israeli occupied Golan Heights.  That's what we see in these images.
Israel has been providing medical treatment to injured Al Nusra and ISIL fighters in makeshift military hospitals in Golan Heights since the spring of 2011.  Israeli army has carried out several  air strikes against Syria, mainly targeting Hezbollah forces, to assist terrorist fighters in Syria.  Bombing of a Hezbollah convoy by Israel last January was stated by Hezbollah as an attack coordinated between Tel Aviv and Al-Nusra.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Remembering Abeer Hamaza Al-Janabi

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Failure of World Without Genocide and continuation of Burma's unmasked inhumanity

Banging your head against a brick wall never yields any positive results.  It was no different recently for World Without Genocide which makes it hard to understand its strange optimism.

To vividly illustrate the definitions of non-fulfillment as well as hypocrisy, an international organization - World Without Genocide - visited Burma in a mission to educate Buddhist monks on human rights who have since long sunk far below the level of humanity and well into the subhuman category.  World Without Genocide conducted classes in Buddhist monasteries in Burma attended by scores of monks (many of whom had plenty of blood on their hands) telling them the stories of Holocaust survivors, apparently meant to awaken their conscience and to discourage them from carrying out a similar genocide (if not far worse)  against the minority Rohingyas.   Reportedly, according to World Without Genocide, the Buddhist monks were "moved" by the stories of Auschwitz survivors .. yet to no avail.  There are NO reports by World Without Genocide nor any other source that any of these monks expressed a word of remorse perpetrating the same genocide against the Rohingyas and the implementation of the most fierce apartheid in human history since the last three years.

It's interesting to note that earlier an official of World Without Genocide  described  the barbarism against the Rohingyas as “reminiscent of early actions Nazis took against the Jews of Europe .. torture, rape, forced labor, containment in camps with deplorable conditions, and killings.” All Rohingyas who are still trapped in Burma (their native land) are compelled to suffer intense apartheid conditions.  Yet, while visiting Burma, none of the members of World Without Genocide had a shred of courage to be more upfront and tell the Buddhist monks of their glaring similarity with the Nazis.  It's the sort of gentle treatment the international community believes in providing to radicals and cold-blooded killers around the globe.

Three years of country-wide slaughter, rape and persecution of the minority Rohingya Muslims in apartheid stricken Burma (starting June 2012) along with human trafficking of fleeing Rohingyas in Burma/Thailand border hasn't been enough for the Buddhist majority of Burma, its government, its opposition and the Western governments to give a break to the most persecuted minority in the world.  As the Burmese election of October 2015 draws closer, the Rohingyas are now being used as major pawns by the Burmese government and the opposition for the purpose of electoral success.

World Without Genocide is struggling to be optimistic, hoping its efforts might bear fruits describing its visit to Burma as a small step in bringing peace to a country with a radicalized majority.  The Organization is simply building castles in thin air.  Its visit to Burma cannot even be described as a 'small step.'  The goal of World Without Genocide has NOT been achieved at all.  The Buddhist zealots have shown their backs to the officials of WWG and continue cavorting in the depths of inhumanity.  The international community has been soft, if not entirely supportive, towards this genocide.  The least it can do is to be honest about the murderers it protects.


WWG's visit to Burma

Burma's scapegoat - the Rohingyas

Watch several heart rending images of Rohingyas in concentration camps speaking to relatives via internet from whom they've been separated during the genocide.  Personal conversations with their loved ones are at a very public place, yet the Rohingyas are in no position to complain of that.  At least they got a chance to speak to their loved ones.   There are also images of compelling conversations of tearful Rohingyas with human trafffickers along the borders of Burma/Thailand who have kidnapped family members of numerous Rohingyas and are demanding a high price for their release.  A merchant who funnels money to the traffickers for releasing kidnapped victims has set up an internet hut within a cluster of concentrations camps where the Rohingyas are imprisoned by the Burmese authorities.   The article is titled "Reunions and ransoms in Burma" published in The Atlantic.



Links given are the sources of both images.

Monday, March 9, 2015

U.S. - another terror hate crime, another innocent life cut short

This time in Texas barely a month after the terrorist killings of 3  young Muslims in North Carolina.  The Texas terrorist hasn't been nabbed yet.  He apparently knew Ahmed was Muslim after seeing his wife in  hijab. Islamophobia is becoming a serious problem in the US spreading at  a no slower pace than a pandemic disease after the release of the sick movie,  American Sniper.  If it isn’t controlled as a matter of top priority, it  will soon 'mutate' into xenophobia and then human phobia.  As usual,  not a whisper by the mainstream media until I found this story on  Electronic Intifada.

Ahmed Al-Jumaili killing: Iraqi immigrant shot dead in Texas as he watched snow fall for the first time

Hollywood and the enslavement of women

"And now you also have to be skinny, and you have to look 20 when you’re 40. It’s too much."   This was recently stated by a Hollywood celebrity herself, Selma Hayek, on the unrealistic and tough expectations women have to cope with in Hollywood.

Source:  Here

Hollywood is supposed to be located in the land of the feminists yet it pressures women with the most cumbersome responsibilities with little or no respite.  At 77, Jane Fonda is struggling to look 50 or younger by going under the knife for procedures such as ..

1)  Removal of bags under her eyes.

2)  Jawline readjustment.

3)  Neck operation (or neck enhancement).

4)  Chin implant.

5)  Breast implants.

6)  Two full facelifts which include removal of crows' feet, parenthesis lines and frown lines etc.  Never believe this old hag liar when she claims she didn't have her crows' feet treated with the help of plastic surgery.

7)  Dental implants with complete set of new upper and lower teeth.

Good grief !!!!  And I'm sure I missed out a few more procedures including likely cheekbone implants.

She now boasts she will teach "pensioners how to stay in shape" while gossip magazines tout a diet full of veggies, fruits and plenty of workout to compliment these folks for no wrinkles at 77 so women with lesser financial means start hating themselves reading such nonsense.

Hollywood won't allow these poor women to accept themselves for who they are. They got be accepted by the society for who they are not. Shackled, hypnotized and left to enjoy the reverie; that's the truest definition of human bondage.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Never be stupid enough to take stories from the government at face value

Images  like these are often circulated around the world with the patent tag of  Assad as the scapegoat.  That the war was his idea, to kill his people,  continue his rule, and the barrage of malicious humbug that go with it.   But there's never a whisper on the merciless strangulation caused by  killer-sanctions on countries like Iran and Syria (and now Russia too) and their shattering impact on civilians, most of all children. 

After  sanctions are approved by Congress, they're carefully planned and  systematically stepped up by one of the most hurtful pro Zion bureaus  within the U.S. Deptt. of Treasury - Office of Foreign Assets Control or  OFAC - to ensure  maximum devastation of civilian population.

Syria  and post-revolution Iran, two of the most peaceful lands with excellent  welfare systems are on the line of heavy fire by Israel's allies aiming  at total annihilation of the present societies and raising new ones  with brand new indoctrination.

Writes  Franklin Lamb "Going back to the 1980’s Syria was among best countries  in the Middle East and North Africa to be a child. Today, due in no  small measure to US-led sanctions it is becoming one of the worst. The  sanctions which increasingly affect most aspects of domestic life has  caused the death of thousands before their first birthday with more than  three million children suffering life-threatening effects from  prolonged and rising malnutrition and food deprivation by the time they  reach five years."
Source of image: Link above

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The wretched wolves are eying Syria again, this time in a very disturbing manner

On March 2 there  was a lengthy televised discussion at Atlantic Council's Brent Scowcroft  Center with General John Allen (envoy for the bogus global coalition  supposedly fighting its ally, ISIL) on "The future of the fight against ISIL"  where he mentions "we will protect the rebel fighters in Syria with air power and safe corridors."  Syria's free press blog titles it as "War Crimes Alert."

Note:  Their title has been changed from "moderates" to "Syrian rebel fighters."

The Future of the Fight Against ISIL: A Discussion with General John Allen, USMC (Ret.)

Responding to a query by Farah Al-Atassi, a faithful lackey of the financiers of this proxy war who works for the so-called Syrian Economic Task Force, Gen. Allen makes it obvious that the US Army is again up to mass killing.  Quoting his false version of the story on the ground to justify war against President Bashar al-Assad:  "From  north and west of Raqqa all the way to  al-Bukamal, I don’t think you’re going to find too much difficulty  finding people that want to deal with DAESH and then eventually deal  (with the Assad regime) on the political level at some point in the  future.  It is clearly part of our plan that not only will we train  them and we will equip them with the latest weapons systems, but we will  also protect them, when the time comes."

John  Kerry held an  urgent press conference with Saud al-Faisal on March  5.   Francois  Hollande held a meeting at Elysee Palace with SNC  leader, nincompoop Khaled Khoja, also on March 5.  Turkey's non-entity  PM and Erdogan's serf, Ahmed Davutoglu, spoke to reporters on his flight  to New York on March 4 grumbling that the Syrian turmoil was a national  security threat for Turkey.  America's rent boy, "prince" Zeid Raad Hussein  of Jordan who is supposed to be the UN High Commissioner for Human  Rights (of all things)  sang the same gross tune, frilled with lies upon  lies, in his speech in Geneva, March 5.

Though the intention is to use the services of ISIL behind the veil to topple Assad, it will likely be carried out under cover of a couple of thousands of "Syrian rebel fighters"  sent to ISIL controlled areas of Syria. In case the belligerent ISIL refuses to cooperate, targeting the "rebel fighters" as much as it would target Assad, direct military intervention by NATO in Assad controlled Syria would be inevitable.

Official reports are exaggerating the number of "Syrian rebels"  and they have since long been downplaying the number of ISIL fighters.  In the discussion video (link above), Gen. Allen mentions sending 5,000  Syrian rebels to defeat ISIL and then fight the Syrian government. The  accurate number of these "rebels" is far less than 5,000 .. no more than  half of that.  But even if we presume there are 5,000 "rebels," let's  analyze the odds against them.

According to CIA estimate ISIL had over 30,000 fighters by September 2014 in Syria and Iraq. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (which is far more accurate than CIA) estimates that  the force numbers 80,000 to 100,000 (approximately 50,000 in Syria and  30,000 in Iraq).  Is it ever possible for 5,000 ragtag militants like the "Syrian rebels"  to topple the Syrian government and simultaneously confront a mammoth force like ISIL (thanks to none else other than US & EU) without the  physical presence of NATO?  Proxies aren't working any longer.  That's  the hard fact beneath this facade.

Outwardly each one of those rogue leaders are bellowing away, comparing Assad with ISIL, saying "Syrians should not be forced to choose between the barbarity of Assad and the barbarity of ISIS."  

No need to mention that  this is an indescribably preposterous comparison .. absolutely shameful on the part of those who constructed it.

The  war mongers have held at least four meetings separately within the time frame of the last three days, playing the lyrics of war louder than ever.

As  the melodrama of this disgusting setup deepens, the international community will continue to be fed with startling myths about Assad joining hands with ISIL killing the Syrian people and the "first world" leaders - lovers of humanity -  fretting to save their lives.

It's a bit puzzling trying to figure out what might be the reason for this sudden overly psychopathic tendency of flexing muscles and planning another mass murder.   Impatience?  Appeasing Netanyahu by neutralizing his worries over a possible peace deal with Iran?   Or both? 

Looks like it's headed for another 'trendsetting' event in history proceeding further with the destruction of international norms and human values under cover of a utopian world.

This month would be crucial.  The world must consider itself lucky if it passes without Syria left in tatters as was Libya.

Below are some images of people one would love to hate:

Real bad boys - Kerry and Saud al-Faisal in Riyadh March 5.

Hollande and Khoja - 2 top morons, it's hard to guess what these spectacular donkeys are capable of discussing  other than upgrading a proxy war into a direct one by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO). Hollande's approval rating is barely in its teens.  Even Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were probably not as unpopular as him. 

Useless as ever, small fry / loser, Ahmet Davutoglu carrying out Erdogan's orders initiate the bloodiest round of war in Syria.

"prince" Raad Hussein - carrying out orders from Washington.  He neither has the authority nor the brain to go beyond that.

Read the details:

Above -an  interesting image from Islamic Invitation Turkey shows an FSA commander  of Ahrar al-Sham caught at a checkpoint by Syrian authorities while  trying to escape disguised as a woman.  These are the type of people whom the US, EU and Israel want in Syria instead of Assad.
Ahrar Al Sham brigade commander, former FSA, dressed like a woman in order to escape through a checkpoint


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jacques Leider - Myanmar's effective collaborator

Source of image:  Link below

As is typical of  the United Nations that when it is unable to handle a bunch of  murderous carpetbaggers, it bands together with them.  Though initially  the UN had itself condemned the growing apartheid in Burma against the  minority Rohingya Muslims, it has now appointed a notoriously biased ""academic""  from Luxembourg, Jacques Leider, as adviser to the Burmese Buddhist government.  This strange creature with a visibly abnormal appearance talks just as insanely as he looks.  To justify the Burmese apartheid by  denying citizenship to the indigenous Rohingyas living in north-western  Burma since centuries and not permitting them to vote in the upcoming  Burmese elections of October 2015, Leider claims that the term "Rohingya is not an ethnic concept" but "a political label after the independence of Burma."   Burma got its independence in 1948 while solid historical data tells us  that Rohingya Muslims have been living in north-west Arakan province of  Burma since the 1400s and the Rohingya language is just as old.  That  was a very poorly constructed fable by Leider. 

This man is officially acting as a willing accomplice to the crime of genocide by  Burmese authorities against the country's minority Muslims that began  brazenly and fearlessly in June 2012.  It's the newest scheme of Myanmar and its Western partners upon which work has begun faster than  expected.  Wikipedia's definition of "Rohingya" has already been  manipulated on the lines of Jacques Leider's distasteful lies.

Story of Jacques Leider's collaboration with Burma's killers
UN under fire over resident coordinator’s advisor on Rakhine

And there's more.  Read about the face of Buddhist terror at Washington Post titled Why does this Buddhist-majority nation hate Muslims so much?     Along side Islamophobia, another reason Burmese officials mention to justify genocide against the Muslim minority is that Burmese Buddhists  think they they have ""white skin.""  Seriously sick feral creatures !!

If  you are not yet familiar with the massive ongoing genocide against the  Muslim minority of Burma (Myanmar), then please read the summary of this  story as below by Burma Task Force USA, a coalition of several Muslim organizations and activists.

Source of image:  Burma Task Force Newsletter 

"Rohingyas  are indigenous people who are living in their own ancestral lands on  the border of Burma.  While Muslims have lived in the area for many  hundreds of years, Rohingya have been noted by European travelers for  over 200 years, even before the British Colonial powers drew national  borders in the middle of their fishing and farming territories.   International law supports the right of all peoples to choose their own  name and to work for their own future.

The United Nations considers the Rohingya  Muslims of Burma to be one of the most persecuted minorities in the  world.  What is happening to the Burmese Muslim population?  Why has  their population decreased by over a million according to many  estimates?

This is the story of a “slow-burning genocide” against the Rohingya people in Burma, which is sometimes called a “Hidden Genocide” as well.  Even when the government denies any attack, satellite imagery  can indicate the aftermath of government-orchestrated mob attacks  against Rohingya villages.  But satellite imagery cannot track every  Rohingya who has been forced to become internally displaced or a  stateless refugee. Satellites cannot show the face of every child or old  person incarcerated in a Displaced Persons Camp without medical care,  dead of starvation or easily treatable diseases.

Burma Task Force is working to create domestic  and international pressure to improve the treatment of Rohingya by the  Burma government.  The 2015 elections will determine the future of  Burma, but the government of Burma has already refused to count the  Rohingya in the national census.

India and the tradition of rape: The world does NOT need these psychopaths

The British documentary "India's daughter" based on the gang rape and  brutal murder in 2012 of a 23-year-old student traveling in an Indian  bus consists of a prison interview with one of the killer rapists who  had the nerves to say that the victim should not have fought back,  implying that rape victims are not entitled to defend themselves which  can be taken as a justification for killing them.

 Additionally, hatred for transparency of Indian authorities doesn't help either.  Because of the jailhouse interview they have prohibited all television  channels from broadcasting this documentary, ignoring the fact that  for  their own security Indian women have the right to know of the depths of  bestiality that prevail within the bulk of their nation's depraved  males.  This criminal's words isn't a freak or an isolated idea.  It's a  widespread mentality problem in a misogynistic land where females have  for centuries been seen as nothing beyond chattel slaves to be used as  door mats and only for the purpose of procreation.

Complacency over rape and its acceptance as a system in Indian society  reached its zenith when a prominent politician, Mulayam Singh Yadav,  stated in a rally in  March 2014 quote: "Three poor fellows have been sentenced to death. Should rape cases lead to hanging? They are boys, they make mistakes."  This politician should have been ordered to step  down immediately as he deserves the death penalty just as much as the  criminals he defends.

New Delhi bus attack - killer rapist says victim shouldn't have fought back