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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Al-Fu'aa, Kefraya and Al-Zabadani - Media LIE about "land swap" in Syria

The towns of Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya have been among the symbols of resistance against heavily armed terrorists backed by the West, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the gulf states.  Negotiations were recently underway between Iran and Turkey over the exchange of 30,000 civilians of these two towns for hundreds of trapped Al Qaeda terrorists in the Syrian hill station of al-Zabadani.  But the terrorists refused to move out of the resort city and consequently talks failed.  To cover up the obdurate attitude of Al Qaeda infiltrators, the mainstream media (including al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya) has dubbed this episode as a "population swap" / "land swap on the part of Iran and Syria "to change the demographics and partition the country."  Much too laughable an accusation considering that the top priority of the invading marauders and their sponsors has been the fragmentation of Syria since 2013.  Why in the world would the Syrian government support a negotiation to break up its own country beyond what the foreign agents and their financiers have already done?   

The rumor being swirled by these buffoons, and specifically quoting an Al Arabiya journalist : "It is an operation designed to remove anti-Assad inhabitants from the Zabadani valley and villages around it with the aim that opposition forces would then grant safe passage to forces loyal to Assad and the population of two enclaves of Fuaa and Kefraya in north Idleb provinceWell, all of those in Fu'aa and Kefraya are civilians, more than 30,000. That's their home. Why and where would they be relocated?  President Bashar Al-Assad has never spoken (not even hinted) of ever giving an inch of Syrian land to those foreign occupying thugs nor would the residents of Fu'aa and Kefraya ever agree to such a humiliating deal and neither would Iran consider for a moment to peddle an offer as weird as this.    

The same manipulating source also mentions "It is reported that Iranian officers discussed with opposition leaders a deal to move Syrians, mainly Sunnis, from a strategic town close to Damascus. The area also includes Barada and Buqqin, two villages rich in water which play a part in controlling water supplies to the capital Damascus"    So, according to this propagandist, Iran and Syria weren't only thinking of selling Fu'aa and Kefraya (and possibly the entire Idlib governorate) but also some "town close to Damascus" (he apparently does not even know the name of the town) along with Barada and Buqqin.  For a moment let us set aside these sloppy myths from unaccomplished story-tellers and analyze the fiction objectively.

The residents of Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya (presently occupied by Al Qaeda groups) have in fact established their own Civil Defense Force in addition to the aerial support by the Syrian Army.  Untiring resistance by NDF is persistently giving Al Qaeda a hard time .. a scenario which is a far cry from handing over one's homeland to the enemy as part of a "land swap" deal.
But hey!  If the offers were really made by Iran and Syria, it should have been a gift from Heaven for Al Qaeda. Why didn't they accept it? Why did those 350 invading murderers holed up in Zabadani stubbornly refuse to budge and why did their bosses squander this prize offer for the sake of 350 of their routed bandits?  No answers, no comments.  Why?  There were no offers of this kind whatsoever.  At best, the terrorists in Fu'aa and Kefraya were given a choice that if they ended the occupation, their defeated comrades besieged in Zabadani would be granted amnesty and escorted out of Zabadani and out of Syria, likely under UN supervision if necessary. But those blockaded terrorists in Zabadani obstinately refused to leave.  Why would they?  Armed robbery of land is a specific branch of thuggery and struggle the "moderate Syrian rebels" have effectively mastered with guidelines from their peers next door in Israel.
You may recall, in 2012 terrorists captured Idlib city and governorate.  This led to an offensive by the Syrian Army and within a couple of months Idlib was retaken.  But in March 2015, AQ splinter groups of Jaysh al-Fateh and Al-Nusra again captured Idlib city and besieged Fu'ah and Kefraya to its north.  Ever since they have been launching mortar shells and hellfire cannons, killing and wounding dozens of civilians.  Though the residents remain resolved and adamant never to surrender to Al Qaeda affiliated thugs, their situation is precarious.  After every victory won by Hezbollah and the Syrian Army at Zabadani, terrorists belonging to Harakat Ahrar as-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and Nusra Front have been carrying out reprisal attacks against civilians in Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya. 

To lighten their ancestral guilt, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya (indispensable lackeys of the mainstream Western channels) find it comforting to paint Iran and Syria as renegades, a trait embedded within the patriarch of the House of Saud who sold Palestine to the Zions via the Brits with a smile and a scribbly signature on a scrap of paper.

Resolve of terrorists in Zabadani is fast waning.  Syrian journalist, Ibrahim Joudeh, at Twitter reports August 23, "twenty Ahrar al-Sham terrorists turned themselves in to the Syrian Army last night and Hezbollah along with SA liberated 15 buildings in Ajjorjaniah."  Hassan Ridha tweeted today "Hezbollah and Syrian Army have captured Omar Farooq Mosque in Zabadani."   Al-Masdar News confirmed August 20, foreign militants have been continuously surrendering in Zabadani. 

The flame of sectarian zeal among isolated segments of hardline Syrian Sunnis that burned furiously during the initial stages of this proxy war is now like an ember that has lost its glow in a trampled bonfire.

The approaching fate of Al Qaeda at Zabadani has been another  disappointment for the agent  provocateurs, inside and outside the country.  The story is thus depicted by the international media with astonishing distortion of facts with long-term motives to alter history.  If your kids and grandkids get a chance to go to American or European universities to study International Relations, they will come out telling you that Syria was balkanized voluntarily by a "corrupt dictator named Bashar al-Assad who ran an evil party called Baath."  Nothing unusual.  It's the same remorseless cycle set off by the NWO that prompts you and me to glorify and demonize the ones we do with a matter-of-fact approach keeping up with trends and traditions of the academia and the intellectual frauds.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Muslim minority fleeing Burma: Horrors of human trafficking

Via:  Burma Task Force USA Newsletter.

"Beatings, starvation, ransom, murder, rape and sex slavery – these are some of the possible fates that await Rohingyas as they flee their ancestral homelands in Burma and take a treacherous, dangerous trip by sea in the hope for a better life in another country."

Assalamu Alaikum
The trip is expensive and risky, yet the persecution of Rohingyas in Burma leaves them without any acceptable options.  So hundreds of thousands of Rohingya scrape together the funds by saving, selling their belongings, borrowing, or (if they are female) promising themselves into marriage to an overseas benefactor offering to pay the traffickers.

Take the story of Azima, a 17-year old woman who traveled on one of these boats to be smuggled into Thailand.  Her fate was better than many of those she traveled with, who may have suffered from beatings, starvation, rape, and even murder during their journey. A young man who knew Azima from childhood, went heavily into debt to pay for her trip so that they could be married.  However, many Rohingya women know little or nothing about the men they have agreed to marry in order to escape Burma.

Azima with her husband Hussein in his family home in Thailand.  But not all Rohingya women and men as as fortunate.  The Guardian tells the story of Azima and her harrowing journey out of Burma and into Thailand.

And read about 17-year old Mohammed Tahir, who at this young age has already witnessed the beating death of his father at the hands of the Burmese military and was virtually a slave to a violent master after escaping Burma.

The brutalities that the Rohingya are suffering are extreme – so extreme that seven Nobel laureates have described it as genocide.  The (intentional) result of this persecution is that Rohingyas are attempting to flee in droves.  Since the increase in violence against Rohingyas in Burma began several years ago, Southeast Asia has seen hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees escaping to other countries.  They often flee in the “care” of violent, criminal human traffickers.

 We can do something.  We can be a voice for these persecuted people.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Where are the bloody advocates of "democracy" hiding?

More than 1 million Rohingya Muslims in Burma have been barred from voting in the country's upcoming elections on November 2015 and the West calls this a move toward "democracy" by heaping praise on the fascist-killers, Thein Sein and Aun Kan Su Chi, who claim to be the country's "president" and "opposition leader"?? Rohingya Muslims have been stripped off their right to vote only on grounds of their religion. Despite this flagrant problem about which several upfront journalists and activists have loudly stated that such an election is NO part of democracy, all major Burmese political parties are participating in the election instead of boycotting it and neither has the Dalai Lama (CIA's oldest male tramp) expressed a single word of concern, proving once again that pig-headed radicalism is no isolated act but is inherent of the Buddhist culture & faith. Can you imagine the ruckus within planet Earth if such filthy election rules were implemented in Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Tunisia or anywhere within the pan-Islamic world ??

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saudi Arabia - 'Hoist by its own petard'

Despite repeated statements by the Saudi Ministry of Interior on thwarting several Al Qaeda attacks in March and April of 2015, the current picture looks dismal at best.

-  First week of May 2015, a Saudi security patrol came under fire in southern Riyadh killing its commander.

-  End May, terror bomb blast at Imam Hussein Mosque, Dammam, killing four.

-  Third week of May and early June 2015, terrorists targeted two Shiia mosques in Katif province and Kuwait, respectively, killing a total of over 50.  

-  Last month July 3, a policeman was gunned down in Taif. 

-  Later in mid July, a car bomb exploded at a security checkpoint in Riyadh killing the driver and seriously wounding two policemen. 

-  Last week on August 6, seventeen Saudi security forces blown off in the city of Abna, Asir Province in south-western Arabia, north of Yemen. The suicide explosion was in "a mosque located inside special forces headquarters .." writes Emirates247  indicating that the attack was carried out in a high security area with the possibility of AQ sympathizers within the Saudi security.

Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for all deadly attacks in the Arabian Peninsula, reflecting a pattern within a  network of a region seriously at work.  As the wider network expands, the splinter groups multiply.  Najd Province Group and AQAP (Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula) have been boasting terror attacks on Saudi soil.  ISIL may have comfortably resumed the role of an observing mentor as did OBL and al-Zawahri toward al-Zarqavi's AQI  (Al Qaeda in Iraq - the fountainhead of ANF and ISIL) until 2011.  Never buy that eyewash claiming ISIL and Al Qaeda are different, a face-saving misinformation touted by Washington and Riyadh.

After establishing Al Qaeda in Levant ambitions have grown, packed with plans of daring adventures.   As Rajjab Erodgan is constantly lost in his reveries of a modern Ottoman Pasha occupying parts of Syria formerly under Ottoman rule, Al Qaeda has its own aspirations of a modern-day Saladdin that never ended in Aleppo, Ramadi or Mosul.   It is now fixated on taking the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina as one of its prime goals in the Middle-East and part of the mission expanding the "Caliphate."  Portions of Iraq (now occupied by ISIL) have a common border with Saudi Arabia in the north.  Business Insider writes: Much of the area on the Iraqi side is now controlled by Isil, which regards the ultimate capture of Saudi Arabia, home to the “Two Holy Mosques” of Mecca and Medina, as a key goal.  In January 2015, an ISIL death squad in Iraq struck a Saudi outpost on the border killing four Saudi guards.   Consequently (with the U.S. taxpayers' fund, you bet!) the decision was finalized to build a 600-mile wall with state-of-the-art devices across the northern border to protect the Kingdom from attackers it once trained and despatched to annihilate Syria.   Early this year, Telegraph was one of the first to publish the story on Saudi Arabia's "Great Wall" to keep out Isil.

Najd is a province in central Arabia with a small population and Wilayat Najd is a portion of the Najd Province.  According to Global Security.org  "The designation Wilayat Najd of Islamic State in Saudi Arabia existed unofficially since 2014. ... The Wilayat Najd is one of the two Islamic State provinces in Saudi Arabia. In late 2014 a group calling itself the “Mujahideen of the Arabian Peninsula”, referring to Saudi Arabia given the statement’s reference to the “apostate rulers of the lands of al-Haramayn (Mecca and Medina)”, also vowed allegiance to IS and announced “the raising of the banner of jihad” (holy war). The statement condemns Saudi Arabia’s involvement in airstrikes against the Sunni mujahideen in Iraq and Syria, rather than against Alawites and Shiites."  In other words, Al Qaeda already has its own territory in the heart of Saudi Arabia since June 2014  as it does in Syria and Iraq acquired about the same period. 

Is the House of Saud, obsessed with Yemen and profoundly flustered  by the success of Iran's nuclear deal, too distracted to fathom the gravity and complexity of this blatantly growing threat on its own soil?   Nay, probably over-confidence is a greater cause of complacency than distraction.   The Kingdom proudly asserts that what it got by the sword will be retained by the sword.  And money talks.  Hi-tech weapons and the huge barrier across the north are far more effective defenses than the swords used by the Sauds for crushing the Ikhwans in late 1920s.  However, the Sauds forget that the Ikhwans were an impoverished lot.  The chickens coming home to roost after everything that has lately happened in Libya, Syria and Iraq are not much less resourceful than the Kingdom itself.

Though the so-called Caliphate across Syria and Iraq was established in June 2014, the mouthy crowd of U.S. counter-terrorism officials, former diplomats and analysts began acknowledging the threat faced by Saudi Arabia as a back-dated opinion only as recently as June 2015.  Prior to that, the fracas was only about "jihad" in Syria and pipe-dreams of Assad's defeat.  No mention of AQ's foundational activities in Najd either.  If not a proof of selective analysis to serve the need of the time, it is certainly a proof of another clumsy intelligence failure.

With so much Salafist euphoria generating within the Kingdom from Al Qaeda's air-castles, Riyadh may need to show greater generosity and raise remunerations to cajole its Wahab partners lest the latter experience a change of heart and a desire to restyle the alliance from al-Saud to al-Qaeda.   After all, the Wahabs  are aware that their alliance with the Sauds serves only the facade of a vital pact, beneath which their unyielding tribal radicalism and the obstinate dependency of the Sauds on Western cooperation & lifestyle couldn't have made them more dissimilar as political partners.  Yet the pact must be endured in exchange for bestowing religious legitimacy on the Sauds that carries excellent monetary benefits for the Wahabs.  While the Kingdom may boast it's more stable than its critics presume, that 'stability' hangs by a frail thread and the  escapades of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula getting more frequent by the months are unlikely to strengthen it.

Attack on Shiia Mosque in Eastern Saudi Province of Qatif May 23, 2015
Source:  enabna24.com

Asir bombing August 6.
Source: Emirates247

AQ bomb blast at Imam Hussein Mosque, Damam, May 28th 2015.
Source: Press TV
Inset source on left bottom: real courage.com 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hezbollah (Party of Allah) - Get to know them better

Despite the removal of Hezbollah and Iran from U.S. threat list after a security assessment in March 2015, the mainstream media persistently refers to Hezbollah fighters as ""gunmen.""   Al-Nusra and ISIL invaders are addressed as "rebels" or "rebel fighters," sometimes going to the extent of calling them "jihadist fighters."  They are carefully never specified as "terrorists" since the Western collaboration with Al Qaeda began in March 2011.   Fierce Buddhist mobs loitering across towns and villages in Burma with machetes, knives, spears and swords hunting down the defenseless minority are spoken of as ""intrinsically peaceful.""  But Hezbollah, fighting for the preservation of their homeland against Israeli occupation of south Lebanese territories and Al Qaeda's attempted occupation of the Qalamoun region are supposed to be""gunmen.""  Fortunately this tittle-tattle isn't having too magical an affect any longer.  Truth eventually catches up.  It has come to a point when even the non-political dummies often enjoy a hearty laugh at the quality bulk rubbish that glorifies brazen violence with a new twist, distorting the principle of genuine self-defense and in the process defacing the undisputed fundamentals of sovereignty and civilization.
Taking a quick look at the incident in Israeli-occupied Sheebaa Farm, January 2015. If you refresh your memory a bit, you will recall that Israel carried out an unprovoked airstrike fatally wounding 10 Hezbollah soldiers and three prominent members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Quneitra District of Syria near Golan Heights.  Hezbollah held Israel responsible for the needless offensive and said it would retaliate.  Keeping its promise, Hezbollah responded on January 27, killing two Israeli soldiers and wounding 7.  Israel's usual panic and guilt resulted in a flurry of 50 artillery shells that only succeeded in killing a Spanish UN peacekeeper.  The conflict left Israel red-faced and pretty much trounced by Hezbollah.  Two days after Israel's humiliating defeat, Syyed Hassan Nasrallah made a splendid speech with nothing to hide and honest to the core, at a ceremony in memory of the Quneitra martyrs making it clear that it was now a tit-for-tat war.
Hassan Nasrallah in memory of the Quneitra martyrs:
"They killed us in broad daylight, we killed them in broad daylight. They killed us around 11:30 am, we killed them at 11:30 am. They targeted two cars, we targeted two cars. They had killed and wounded, we too had martyrs". Hezbollah is no longer concerned with anything called the 'rules of engagement'. It is our right, our legal right and our moral right, to confront the aggression at any time, any place and in any form whatsoever.  We do not want a war—this is not weak talk—but we are not afraid of war."
No comments from the cowards nor their allies.  Revenge is sought through disparaging comments stamping a party of honorable soldiers fighting for the defense and sovereignty of their homeland as ""gunmen.""
Similarly not a word within  the international community on Hezbollah's series of spectacular victories against Western backed ANF and ISIL in the region of Qalamoun mountains (on both sides of Lebanese-Syrian border) other than the boundless propaganda by BBC on "loss of civilian lives" using that tape-recorded hyperbole - Assad's barrel bombs and Hezbollah gunmen - as if those heavily armed Al Qaeda invaders were peacefully enjoying  popsicles and ice-cream instead of wreaking havoc in Al-Zabadani and using civilians as human shields, all too common a strategy taught to Al-Qaeda by Mossad.
Hezbollah, described by Leith Fadel, has a unique way of accomplishing its goal like none other.   They don't seek praise nor attention.  They simply do their job to protect the sovereignty of their land and people, and then they leave without a trace.  They never wait even to be congratulated.  Quoting an excerpt from Fadel's refreshing piece,  "Unseen Vanguard of Resistance:"
The thought of martyrdom is not something they fear, it's something they welcome as their duty to Allah .. Hezbollah is not open to public.  Those select few that fight for Hezbollah belong to a fraternity of men that fight that derive from Lebanon's Shiia population (predominantly the Naatiyeh, Beqaa and Beirut Governorates). They captured most of the Qalamoun Mountains without boasting many pictures or videos of their successes.  In fact most of the media images that are presented to the public from the Qalamoun belong to the National Defense Forces and the Syrian Arab Army's 1st Armored Division;  however, just one problem, Hezbollah did most of the fighting on the border of Lebanon.  Not surprising, when the historical village of Ma'loula was liberated, Hezbollah did most of the fighting.  Once the battle was won, a Hezbollah soldier rang the church bell to announce victory.  As the media and civilians from neighboring towns rushed to Ma'loula after the battle, Hezbollah was nowhere to be found."
Hezbollah participates in the Lebanese Parliament and is an integral part of the country's government.  They have their own Army which is about the most disciplined and organized fighting force in the world.  They make their own weapons, have their own flag and uniforms ... unlike the Saudis who import both weapons and uniforms and have audaciously desecrated the Shahadah on their flag by associating it with the sword.
Along with the superb work of Resisting the bullies and periodically thrashing them, Hezbollah is the most efficient and trusted NON-PROFIT social welfare organization for Lebanese Shiites, legally registered with the Lebanese Government.  If you step into any branch of Hezbollah's welfare office, you will be more than just a little impressed.  Hezbolllah workers are dedicatedly attending to customers within its numerous branches consisting of a highly organized system of social-service.  It includes Islamic Health unit (unlike the super-flop Hillarycare and Obamacare), Education unit, Loan application unit, the Jihad Construction Foundation, the Martyrs’ Foundation, the Foundation for the Wounded and the Khomeini Support Committee.  Hezbollah’s Martyrs’ Foundation is further extended having the Social Unit that provides service to those affected by Hezbollah’s military struggle with Israel, offering financial assistance, health and social support to the families of martyrs who have been killed in combat. The Foundation for the Wounded grants assistance to civilians injured by Israeli assaults.  No periodical "austerity cuts" as we perpetually dread prior to the announcement of every federal budget.  Hezbollah's non-profit welfare system works without the inseparable Western concept of sky-high taxes so the bandits in suits and neckties can live in luxury and retire a decade earlier than the common citizens with a six-figure yearly pension.
Both Hezbollah members and the Lebanese Shiite population are fully confidant that Hezbollah will selflessly meet the needs of the suffering residents when they become victims of conflict, concerning which Hezbollah has never failed in the past.  This is just the summary.  Details on the variety of services provided by Hezbollah to its community would go on for pages.
Voice of the oppressed, model of justice, never mealy-
mouthed nor pretentious - the gentle and loyal Hezbollah
leader has no such time wasting gimmicks as "turning the
other cheek" in his neat book of policies .. you play fair
with me, I'll play fair with you.