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Sunday, November 30, 2014

"US to carry out psych evaluations of Syria militants"

This mess is getting much too ludicrous.   No one expects the befuddled  Barack Obama to act like a president any more.  But he should at least  act his age and not his IQ.

Story at: US 'psych evaluations' of Syria militants

ISIL is a costly handcrafted product of the "anti-terror  coalition"  that needed to be planted as a regional tool and formidable opponent of the Axis of Resistance.  Mr. Obama couldn't have made his reluctance to hurt  ISIL more obvious.   Even the simplest of minds can discern that his hullabaloo over bombing ISIL is meant to further damage Syria's  infrastructure rather than target the enemies of Syria.  United States, the allied GCC states  and Turkey were the ones most supportive of the Syrian war; and now they are the ones masquerading as the "anti-terror coalition" targeting  the fighters they trained & armed.  Would they ever squander their efforts spanning over almost 4 years by weakening that regional tool for the sake of global principles and just?   Any surprise why ISIL is only  getting bolder with each phase of US "bombing?"

The only fiasco US, GCC and Turkey is now facing is the split between their  2 major products - ISIL and Al-Nusra Front.   Though ISIL has gotten a  bit too big for its boots, US and its allies haven't written it off altogether as they might need the nuisance value of this commodity in the future.   At present they're depending on Al-Nusra to get rid of Assad.  All this humbug on psychic evaluation simply implies the continuation of subversive policies against Syria via deadly terrorists that have been going on since March 2011.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Unusual .. Shin Bet chief gives an earful to Netanyahu and his cabinet

Shabak (aka Shin Bet) is Israel's internal security service.  It's catchphrase translates in English as "Defender that shall not be seen" or "The unseen shield."  Shabak or Shin Bet is one of the three branches of Israeli intelligentsia along with 'Aman' (Israeli military intelligence) and the infamous Mossad (Israeli foreign intelligence). 

In the recent spate of violence after barring Palestinians from entering the Al-Aqsa compound, a 32-year-old Palestinian bus driver was kidnapped and hanged in East Jerusalem by Israeli settlers.  Hassan Rammouni was driving home after work when the incident happened in the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud.  Though the Israeli side claimed it was "suicide," a Palestinian pathologist had no doubts that it was murder. A day later two Palestinians attacked a synagogue and killed 5 Israelis.  The following day a Palestinian youth was seriously injured by Israeli police in East Jerusalem.  On all of this, and for the first time since the creation of Israel, the chief of one of Israel's intelligence branches, Shabak (or Shin Bet) lashed out at the hate-mongering policies of the Israeli PM and his cabinet.

Quoting a few interesting excerpts from "Déjà Vu in Jerusalem?" by Neve Gordon:

A few hours after the synagogue massacre, Netanyahu maintained that the attack was “a direct result of the incitement lead by Hamas and Abu Mazen [President Mahmoud Abbas].”  Naftali Bennett, the right-wing economy minister in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Cabinet .. concluded that “Abbas, one of the biggest terrorists to have arisen from the Palestinian people, bears direct responsibility for the Jewish blood spilt on tallit and tefillin .. This is the moment when the déjà vu becomes most apparent. Arrows just like these were shot at Arafat in the years and months before his mysterious death a decade ago.

Yoram Cohen, the head of Israel’s secret services ... Shabak, weighed in against Netanyahu and his cabinet members.  On the day of the attack on the synagogue, Cohen asserted that no one among the Palestinian leadership is calling for violence. “Abu Mazen is not interested in terror,” he explained, “and is not leading [his people] to terror. Nor is he doing so ‘under the table.” The head of Shabak went on to blame the Israeli leadership for the religious turn. He warned that the Palestinian reactions in East Jerusalem were exacerbated due to “a series of confrontations centering around the Temple Mount—including the ascent to that holy site by MKs [Knesset Members], as well as proposed legislation that would change the status quo in the compound.”  Wittingly or not, Israel’s top security officer thus accused the prime minister and his comrades of incitement and spreading lies, exposing how these political leaders are fueling religious tensions as well as producing the “no partner” myth in order to sustain the strife. This is not a minor event, since it is the first time in Israel’s history that the head of the secret services—during his tenure in office—has contradicted the prime minister and has publicly revealed his duplicity.

If even the Shabak, the organization responsible for torturing and assassinating Palestinians during forty-seven years of occupation, thinks the Israeli leadership has gone too far, then matters are becoming really scary. Yes, there is a sense of déjà vu, only this time it seems that Israel’s political entourage has already fallen into the abyss."

Chuck Hagel's resignation .. good news for Obama, and perhaps also for IS

Official reports claim the recent resignation of US Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, was his own decision. Inside stories suggest with implicit confirmations that his resignation was forced because of serious differences over Syria, Iraq and the role of IS.

Hagel's 22-months in office were anything but smooth.  He stated in a letter to Susan Rice that he was worried about US policy in Syria and the way it was unwinding. 

An interesting quote from Forbes in a "January interview with The New Yorker, the president seemed almost to dismiss the threat of Al Qaeda offshoots, including ISIS, saying, rather flippantly, 'if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.' By contrast, in August Hagel called the Islamic State an 'imminent threat to every interest we have,' and 'this is beyond anything we’ve seen.' To be sure, the ground shifted between January and August when ISIS started beheading Americans after capturing large swaths of Iraq." Reported in the Times, "the administration still appears to be struggling to define just how large is the threat posed by the Islamic State." In other words, Obama is undecided to what extent this regional tool (IS) needs to be weakened or not at all.

It leaves one guessing about the type of US strategy shift towards IS after Hagel's resignation. The possibility that the lull in the administration might deepen and the threat of IS may spread is strong.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

US Senate Resolution on Rohingyas

FINALLY the US Senate has introduced a new resolution calling on the Burmese government to establish a non-discriminatory system respecting the rule of law, recognizing the rights of the Rohingyas and all Muslims in Burma and their need for peace.   It's a very comprehensive resolution but will the blood-thirsty Buddhist majority of Burma ever implement even a fraction of it?  And will the US and EU take any action or impose sanctions on Burma if it ignores the resolution? Only time will tell, but seems easy to guess.  Mostly likely that wretched government will trash this proposal and the wretched world will continue its silence.

Please read:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Skunk spray

Israeli Defence Forces have  caused widespread environmental damage in various parts of the West Bank by firing skunk spray from water canons to prevent and disrupt peaceful demonstrations.  Initially Jerusalem and Nabi Saleh were targeted most  frequently.  But now skunk-spray-attacks are commonplace throughout West  Bank.   Zionists call it "non-lethal" and "non-toxic"  to justify its use.  Compared to IDF's perpetual  disproportionate use of force and gruesome methods of killings with  sophisticated hi-tech military hardware, skunk mist is considered a  harmless "scented spray" to control the crowd.  But that stupid comparison set aside, this noxious spray is an agonizing scourge of a different type.

Skunk  is a nocturnal North America mammal about the size of a cat or a small dog with black-and-white-striped fur. When threatened it squirts a  spray of  awful-smelling liquid from its anal glands, which is the animal's defensive weapon.

To get an idea of how bad the skunk spray smells, a BBC report in Wikipedia describes it as follows:-  “Imagine the worst, most foul thing you have ever smelled. An  overpowering mix of rotting meat, old socks that haven’t been washed for  weeks – topped off with the pungent waft of an open sewer. . Imagine  being covered in the stuff as it is liberally sprayed from a water  cannon. Then imagine not being able to get rid of the stench for at  least three days, no matter how often you try to scrub yourself clean.”    A slight correction.   The pungent stench doesn't hang around only for "three days."  It lingers for at least six months, often for well over a year, diminishing very gradually.

IDF calls it "skunk" while Palestinians simply call it "shit."   Israel claims the stuff is used only on unruly crowd.  But residents  and foreign activists in the region know that this is a grossly downplayed statement.   Unruly or not, IDF has been spraying this fetid liquid on just about  every demonstration.   Quoting Wikipedia:  "It is used even when crowds are quiet and there is no stone throwing,  with Palestinians. ... It has not been used to disperse Israeli crowds in  demonstrations."  Not only on  crowds, but the skunk repellent is sprayed just as  often on Palestinian homes, entire neighborhoods, elementary schools, restaurants packed with people and on busy streets.  Mondoweiss   writes: ' "The skunk water targeted the A-Tur (Mount of Olives neighborhood)  elementary school for boys, the elementary and high school for girls, a  high school for boys and the ‘Basma’ elementary school for disabled  children. All four schools are located on the neighborhood’s main  street."  As  a result 4,500 children stayed home from school the following day.'

Here is a Wikipedia statement by a senior member of the Israeli police.  The way he talks about this funky weapon will likely make you chuckle:  "According to David Ben Harosh, head of technological development for the Israeli police, the recipe is based entirely on natural organic ingredients, including yeast and baking powder, does not include any harmful materials, and may even be ingested without causing harm."   He outlines it as if it's some kind of healthful organic therapy.  You  can even ingest it and it's fine, huh?   If it's that great then why isn't it used for dispersing crowds in North America?  After all, skunk is a  typically North America animal.  It will be a lot easier and cheaper to  manufacture skunk spray in U.S. and Canada than in Israel where it's an  'imported item.'

A civil rights group within Israel has admitted that the skunk spray isn't at all as benign as it's claimed.  “Apart from the repulsive nausea-inducing stench, the skunk liquid can  cause pain and redness if it comes into contact with eyes, irritation if  it comes into contact with skin and if swallowed can cause abdominal  pain requiring medical treatment,” - Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).  The same civil rights group also mentions "evidence suggests that in some cases the skunk repellent was  arbitrarily used with no apparent justification and in the absence of  any public disturbances.” 

To  create some 'variety' in categories of destruction, Israel had been  working since more than a decade to produce an odor-based weapon.  From various propaganda outlets you often read about the "intellectual discoveries" of the  small Jewish community.  You can now add the  skunk mist to  that creative list of discoveries which was first used in 2004 in the  Palestinian town of Bi'lin.  As already stated, presently the use of  this fecal substance as a weapon is common throughout occupied West  Bank.  

Tear gas, skunk water and "The Scream" are considered the three  non-lethal weapons against unarmed Palestinian protesters.  The Scream  is a very high pitched sound device fixed on top of Israeli military vehicles.  The sound coming from it targets the inner ear causing dizziness and nausea.  If exposed  at close range for over ten minutes, it could lead to impaired hearing. Protesters and journalists are often seen covering their ears and holding their head. Yet Israel calls it a "non-lethal" weapon.

The one interesting event in connection with the skunk spray was on August 2014 when an IDF skunk truck was heading toward a Palestinian neighborhood to spray homes with the wretched liquid.  Quoting Electronic Intifada: "But then something extraordinary happens. The truck tumbles off the road  down a vertical ravine to the cheers and delight of the people of the  neighborhood and the children making the film."

Israeli skunk spray truck spraying skunk mist across Palestinian neighborhoods.
Source:  http://countercurrentnews.com/20...

Israeli Skunk Spray truck falls inside a ravine - Aug.2014.
Source: http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/video-palestinians-cheer-israeli-skunk-truck-crashes-ravine

Young Palestinian protester covering his ears from the sound of the Scream.
Source:  Israeli Army Gets 'The Scream'

The hoax war shows more of itself

The P5+1 group being engrossed in giving Iran a tough time on nuclear  talks in Vienna with its deadline November 24, whatever bit U.S and  allies were doing to confront ISIL in Iraq and Syria has now come to a  complete halt. Confident and undaunted, ISIL is launching a fierce  attack on Ramadi (capital of Anbar Province).  Iraqi security forces and  tribal fighters struggling to drive them back may not succeed. Mosques  in Ramadi are appealing to everyone to come forward and defend the city.  Where have the coalition bombers disappeared?

The sad truth  here is that the United States does not want to crush ISIL completely,  rather only wants to weaken them a little but otherwise keep them  handy as a territorial apparatus.

Source  of images:  Twitter


Double standard at its zenith!

"International law is being applied highly selectively, when it comes  to Iran. .. Sanctions are illegal, they are immoral, and they violate  international law." -  Columnist Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich.

 The  contradiction appears particularly dazzling when you compare all this  pantomime, song & dance and fuss over Iran with the smooth path  given to ISIL which has been minting $$$$ since July 2014 .. refining  and selling millions of barrels of oil to the international market via  Turkey from northern Iraq and parts of  Syria illegally occupied by armed terror invasions. No such  international law as "sanctions" for terrorists; not even a warning to  the financial market to refrain from transactions with seditious  killers. Quite the reverse. According to various laid-back financial analysts, in the "world of commerce, business is business."  Now how selective is that  ??

Video:  Soraya's interview at RT

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Glittering with the fingerprints of MOSSAD

"Obviously, the terror network of foreign intelligence agencies – that in a covert war continues to target Iranian nuclear scientists, technicians, nuclear/military plants, and computer systems – is at it again: this time in Syria." - Syrian Free Press, Nov.13.

The assassination was carried out by Israel in a joint program to hurt the ‘Axis of Resistance’ i.e., Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.” - Hezbollah’s Internal Security officials in Lebanon.

"With less than two weeks run-up to the ‘deadline’ for Iran and the P-5 + 1 to negotiate a final agreement, the ninth set of talks between the parties on the nuclear issue, Mossad has assassinated a team of five nuclear weapons specialists in Damascus, the leader of whom was Iranian." - Franklin Lamb from Damascus.

On November 9, their bus was ambushed and all five were shot dead on their way to the nuclear research center in north Damascus. In war-torn Syria with its infrastructure in shambles and Al Qaeda franchises rampaging across the country, it would be no difficult task, no hassle, for MOSSAD to hire assassins at very modest rates. On the other side, U.S. Zionist lobbies - AIPAC and Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) - along with the rogue campaign group, Nam-e-Shaam, which is squarely focused on destabilizing the Iranian & Syrian governments, are moving impatiently to daunt and dishearten Iran, urging U.S. officials to escalate sanctions for total economic strangulation. Mainstream sources like New York Times and UK Economist are loyally keeping up the pressure of this psychological warfare, painting painful and demoralizing pictures of the Iranian economy to the international community.

The outcome anxiously awaited since 35 years is a regime change in Iran or a complete reversal of foreign policies (which, if achieved, would be a bigger feat than victory in Syria) based on the official myth that Iran wants to annihilate Israel.

Mossad targets nuclear engineers in Damascus, seeks derailment of Iranian nuclear talks 

Who is killing Syrian nuclear engineers?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Israel permanently bans Dr. Mads Gilbert from entering Gaza

Norwegian doctor, 67-year-old Dr. Mads Gilbert, had visited Gaza  several times since 2008 treating the sick and injured and helping  humanitarian endeavors at al-Shifa Hospital.  In the summer of 2014  during OPE, risking his own life, Dr. Gilbert stayed in Gaza for 50 days  treating 11,000 injured civilians.

 He was in Gaza City earlier in January 2014 when Israel carried out an airstrike on Gaza City vegetable market.  He sent an SMS text message to all his contacts outside Gaza appealing  for help.  The message quote: "FROM DR. MADS GILBERT IN GAZA:  THANKS  FOR YOUR SUPPORT.    THEY BOMBED THE CENTRAL VEGETABLE  MARKET  IN GAZA CITY  2 HOURS AGO.    80 INJURED,  20 KILLED.    ALL CAME HERE TO SHIFA.  HADES!    WE WADE IN DEATH, BLOOD AND AMPUTEES.   MANY CHILDREN.   PREGNANT WOMAN.  I  HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING  THIS  HORRIBLE.    NOW WE HEAR TANKS.    TELL IT,  PASS IT ON,  SHOUT IT.    ANYTHING.    DO  SOMETHING!    DO MORE!    WE'RE  LIVING IN HISTORY BOOKS NOW,  ALL OF US!"

 When Dr. Gilbert was returning to Gaza last month (Oct. 2014), he was stopped by  Israeli soldiers at Erez border and told that he was banned from entering  Gaza for life ... for ""security"" reasons.
Sources of info:   Intifada Palestine

Saturday, November 15, 2014

'The Rohingyas' - President Obama finally uttered the word, but the road ahead is still very long

Late last September 2014, the Burmese (Myanmar) government presented a  horribly controversial plan to the UN, stating that it would agree to  grant citizenship to the Muslim minority of Burma only if they  disclaimed  their true ethnicity belonging to the soil of Burma for generations  and accepted being falsely and officially labelled as "Bangladeshis."  Use of the term "Rohingya" is illegal in Burma.  It's identical to the crime of extortion or forced confession under duress.  In this case it insinuates officializing apartheid.  The Burmese government and opposition do not consider it improper as a policy to formally discriminate between the majority and the minority.  The U.N. was silently aware of the awful and unjust nature of this plan but was too afraid to speak.  Complete story at Zainab's Lounge blog entry Oct.21, 2014.

But Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, one of the persons trying to awaken the world about the unprecedented suffering and tragedy of the Muslim minority of Burma, along with many others, did not give up their efforts to thwart this evil plan.   They particularly persuaded U.S. President Barack Obama to use the word "Rohingya" during his visit to Burma and address the minority as "Rohingyas" - a gesture of official disapproval of the horrible Burmese apartheid.

Quoting International Business Times, U.K., "Rights groups were watching closely US president Barack Obama's Myanmar visit to check whether he would finally stand up against the oppression of one of the world's most persecuted minority groups - the Rohingya Muslims.  A social media campaign titled #JustSayTheirName was launched by United to End Genocide and thousands of people have signed an online petition and tweeted pictures of themselves holding placards with the slogan."

Eventually and unexpectedly, hard work of hundreds of thousands around the world bore some fruits.  On his last day of his visit to Burma, President Obama uttered the word "Rohingya."   Quote - "The discrimination against Rohingya, or any other religious minority, does not express the kind of country Burma wants to be.  I know of no successful democracy (where) sectarian or religious divisions are allowed to fester, or people of different faith are treated as second class citizens.  Ultimately that is destabilizing to a democracy." - Barack Obama.

But the path ahead still looks long, bumpy and uncertain for the Rohingyas.  It's to be seen to what extent the Government and opposition of Burma (both of whom support the Burmese apartheid wholeheartedly) will heed the message of the U.S. President to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the persecuted minority of their country.   After all, the genocide that began in June 2012 still continues.   Over 200,000 Rohingyas have been murdered for being Muslims.  Twice as many have been maimed or raped.  All of their properties have been destroyed, burned.  Muslim neighborhoods in Burma have turned into vast stretches of rubble.  More than 150,000 Rohingyas are incarcerated in squalid concentration camps.  Foreign reporters, relief and healthcare workers are not allowed access to the concentration camps in Burma.  On average, each day the Burmese government is targeting and expelling at least 900 Rohingyas by confiscating their properties and assets.  Official reports mention one million Rohingyas living as refugees in neighboring countries and around the world.  The actual figure is thought to be higher.

Along with Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Kashmir and other places where the innocent and the helpless are perpetually being targeted and hurt, please keep the Rohingyas in your prayers every day.   May Allah, The Almighty, be with the oppressed.


Message of thanks sent of everyone for their efforts by Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid.

Message of thanks sent to everyone for their efforts by Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid.

This is the face of the Burmese apartheid which the Burmese government and opposition want to officialize.
Face of the Burmese apartheid which the Burmese government and opposition want to officialize. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

"Stealing Palestine: Who dragged Palestine into Syria's conflict?"

An  incredibly interesting and informative report by Sharmine  Narwani,  compiling facts during her two visits to Syria in 2012 and  2014.

As early as 2012 all Palestinian political  factions  based in Syria, namely Popular Front for the Liberation of  Palestine-General Command (PFLP-G) and  Palestine Liberation Army (PLA),  officially declared neutrality in the  Syrian conflict.  With the  passage of time as the war got more intense  and foreign terrorists  began attacking Palestinian refugee camps,  Palestinians in 14 camps  across Syria (including Yarmouk) overwhelmingly began supporting the  Syrian government and the Resistance.  It’s truly heartening to learn of  the details provided by Sharmine  Narwani on their commitment, dedication, and accurate perception on the importance of maintaining   solidarity with Syria and Iran as being vital for the Palestinian cause  and its future.

Regrettably, Hamas had been the odd one  out.  It’s difficult to guess what Hamas’ reclusive approach at  present might  indicate – neutrality or discreet continued support for  the rebels?  Probably neutrality .. or so I hope.   Khaled Meshal’s hasty decision  of shifting Hamas headquarters from Damascus to Qatar  has made  reconciliation between Hamas and the Syrian government almost  impossible.  Additionally, the decision of Hamas’ military wing to  send its fighters to join Al-Nusra  & FSA in the battle of Qusair in July 2013 was much too damaging and indeed  the final nail on relations  between Hamas and Syria.  Though according to various reports, Hamas now supposedly regrets its past  missteps, it’s perhaps too little too  late.  The best it can do at the moment is to stay neutral and silent.

The   write-up provides first hand information on the suffering of Palestinian refugees at the hands of foreign fighters and the chain of assassinations of Palestinians of various political factions carried out by terrorists in Syria.

Following are some interesting excerpts from Sharmine Narwani's the work:


Many  Palestinians I interviewed told  the story of the driver of the PLA van  – who was not a soldier himself.  Ahmad Ezz was a young man from the  Nairab camp in Aleppo. The rebels  spared him – temporarily – then  strapped him into a vehicle rigged with  massive explosives, and ordered  him to drive into a Syrian army  checkpoint.  According to multiple  Arabic news  reports, at the very last minute, Ahmad veered sharply away  from the  checkpoint. The rebels detonated the explosives and Ahmad  died, but by changing course he spared the Syrian soldiers.

At  the entrance of the (Jeramana) camp, I was greeted  by armed  Palestinians who are part of a 14-group ‘volunteer force’  formed for  the purpose of protecting Yarmouk and ejecting the rebel  fighters ..  When I ask them where they’re from, in rapid-fire, one after the other,  they tell me,“Safad, Lubya, Haifa, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Acca,” though,   of course, they’re too young to ever have been to any of these places.   That’s where their parents or grandparents hail from. That’s where  they  intend to return one day.

Further into the camp, I  spot several  dozen children in festive mode, sporting nationalist  clothing and  hoisting Palestinian and Syrian flags. One carries a large  poster of Syrian President BasharAssad. The kids are about to perform  in a  ceremony for Yom al-Ard (Land  Day) to commemorate the day in 1976  when Israel confiscated thousands of dunams of Palestinian land. .... I follow them around the corner to  their destination and am startled at  what lies ahead.  A large, colorful  tent has been erected to house a  crowd attending the Yom al-Ard  activities – but flanking the podium  inside are massive posters of  Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan  Nasrallah, the Islamic Republic of  Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali  Khamenei, his predecessor Ayatollah  Ruhollah Khomeini and Assad.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar, the president of Syrian Red Crescent Society  (SARC), when asked if the Syrian army ever entered Palestinian camps while civilians were still in residence -- "In my opinion, no. Everything happening in Yarmouk is in the hands of Palestinians, not Syrians. The Syrian role is only in facilitation."   The only exception to this, say  Palestinians of all backgrounds, is  when camps are entirely empty of  civilians – as in Daraa and Handarat.  Only then does the Syrian army  enter to fight rebels.

"Rebels  killed some PLA officers to  force Palestinians to help the Syrian  revolution – to intimidate them.  And they blamed the Syrian army. The  target of this crisis is the  Palestinian case. They think when they  occupy Palestinian camps in Syria  and divide them, they will forget  Palestine," - Palestine's ambassador to Syria, Anwar Abdul Hadi.

The  Syrian state continues to support  Palestinian refugees in various  ways: inside Jeramana, the Syrians have  established a supply store that  provides food basics – lentils, jam,  beans, tomato paste, yoghurt etc –  at substantial discounts for camp  residents and displaced persons. An  elderly woman sits at her makeshift  stall elsewhere in the camp,  distributing state-subsidized bread for  literally pennies. (In Yarmouk,  I had also observed government-donated  bread and jam sandwiches handed  out to refugees awaiting UNRWA food aid  boxes.)   Inside the camp’s  main marketplace, an  abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables are on  display in the narrow  street. Even though the camp’s population has  swelled to four to five  times its pre-conflict numbers, residents have  adapted to the new  realities in Jeramana.  They, at least, still have  their homes.


Here is the complete article.  If you're really interested to know the truth, don't miss it.

"Stealing Palestine:  Who dragged Palestine into Syria's conflict?"
By Sharmine Narwani


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another man's treasure isn't always your trash

Reverse  engineering of US Sentinel drone captured intact by Iranian authorities three years ago in northern Iran (apparently on a spying mission) has  enabled them to construct an upgraded version of RQ-170 drone.   De-assemblage and careful analysis also helped to decode two of the US  drone's hard drives unveiling its 'mischief history' of 13 flights over  Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Hopefully, there's more to come.   "All the  memories and computer systems of this plane have been decoded and some  good news will be announced in the near future not just about the RQ-170  ..."  stated by chief of IRGC Lt.Gen. Hossein Salami.

 Please America, feel welcomed to show off more of your technology spying over Iran. 

Not a new story but one of those that never get rusty

but one of those that never get rusty

In 2007 during an official trip to Turkey, Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank, wearing a slick  executive suit visited the historic Ottoman era Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, western Turkey.   According to tradition he slipped off his  shoes before entering the mosque, showing two large holes in both his socks and his big toes sticking out for some fresh air.   There was a few moments of pensive silence; then the world's most powerful CEO began walking ahead placidly and his hosts followed.  Soon after, the Turkish Hosiery Manufacturers'  Association sent 12 pairs of  socks to Paul Wolfowitz, perhaps also hoping to demonstrate its quality  products to the World Bank President.  Fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson tells about Emperor's new clothes.  This one is about the World Bank emperor's new socks .... and it isn't a fairy tale!

Source of image:

Friday, November 7, 2014

World's most powerful oligarchy

America's bankruptcy due to its moribund economy is the outcome of  something still more serious - its complete bankruptcy of potential  leaders.  Entitlement for selecting the leadership is permanently on  sale, bought and paid by the elites - the powerful Zionist lobbies and   the Bilderbergs - who are actually calling the shots, hosting  conferences and scheming on how to control America, what steps to take  next, transformation of societies into police states, discreet eradication of civil rights, and how to control the world.  The annual  secretive Bilderberg conferences are no longer a secret, in that, it's widely known that such meetings are hosted where the elites - world's most powerful political crooks, bankers, CEOs and media moguls (where international Zionism plays the most predominant role along side the bankers of course) none of whom are elected by any community nor group  -  congregate to make real, awful decisions that benefit them and ravage   our lives.

None of the discussions of any Bilderberg conferences are released to  the public by the mainstream media nor does it mention the schedule  of  the conferences.  The NWO's broader manifesto sets these  surreptitious  meetings beyond the boundaries of the media.  Nor is any information on the Bilderberg meetings, Bilderberg club or the Bilderberg group with its 200 plus members ever included in academic  studies, even though various selected minions from the academia are  invited to the clandestine meetings every year.  Occasionally bits of interesting details do pop up (thanks  to the efforts of truth seekers)  which are invariably ignored with grins  and laughs as the brainchild of  conspiracy theorists.  Lethargy and  apathy of millions of common  citizens around the globe who prefer to be on denial of hard facts has  only played into the hands of the elitist  criminal circle.

The 'elected' politicians whom the American people rave after, hoping  they will work for a "change" and naively accepting them as the representatives of the masses, are simply the puppets of these elites, taking orders from them and abiding by those 'real decisions' their bosses make. 

Media excitement over the upcoming 2016 U.S. polls has begun.  By now, the big bosses must have already chosen their puppets-to-be who will run as presidential candidates.   It's time for the would-be puppets to   mobilize their flying monkeys in collaboration with the media with a sea of delusions for another munificent eye-wash.

You may merrily presume you're living in a 'democracy' - power in the hands of the people - but you're actually trapped in plutocracy.

Beware, within the next one year Hillary Clinton will be mobilizing her winged monkeys with tons of pro-Hillary stories splashed across the   media that wouldn't make much sense to anyone, but nonetheless they'll  be posted  everyday.  You will have plenty of simple questions with no  one to answer them.   Why does the media think Hillary Clinton is  qualified to be president?   Her husband was at least the governor of a  state prior to getting into  the Oval Office, but how does being Bill  Clinton's wife qualify her to  be president?   Wasn't this person until  recently the worst Secretary of State in US  history?  Wasn't she caught  unawares lying at the 2008 campaign about  her visit to Bosnia?  Wasn't  she officially confirmed a skilful liar as  early as the Watergate days  when she was kicked out by her boss for "lying, unethical behavior" and being a "dishonest lawyer?"   Wasn't she nicknamed Butcher of Benghazi and photographed cavorting in the terror rat-nest flashing a victory sign after the murder of Muammar Qaddafi which sickened millions of Americans?  Isn't she hugely responsible for sending international terrorists to Syria and the unprecedented human catastrophe that followed?   

Another tough query:  How would America's founding fathers react if they saw their dream republic  hijacked, shattered and crumbled like a house of cards as we see it today?   Would they weep or simply find  themselves bogged down with the rest in the same quagmire of opportunism? 

Many  Americans do admit they've been duped over the past decades.  The criminals robbed their land right under their noses while they snoozed   and snored before the television, distracted by an array of glitzy   celebrity stories and gossips, from Hollywood to the royals.  They have woken up now but with the acknowledgement that sadly it's too late.    Down in the dumps with no aspirations, helpless and low spirited, they concede defeat and continue their slumber ahead.  Tearfully tragic :( 

CAPITALISM EVOLVES: Homeless hate law - Feeding the homeless / sharing food an offense.

As hunger and homelessness steadily rise in the United States, distributing food to the homeless has been outlawed in several states. Feeding the homeless can now get you arrested. Dozens of charities have reportedly been targeted by the police. The scenario is reminiscent of many third world countries where distributing food to the homeless results in the assemblage of hundreds of poor and hungry beggars in just a few minutes, expecting to find a little to eat. It looks much the same here, except that they don't call it a "third world" rather the richest country in the world! The most pathetic part of this tragic episode is that those greedy Wall Street 'heroes' who are squarely responsible for the economic crash are getting annual bonuses worth millions of dollars while the conscientious and generous ones feeding the homeless victims of the Wall Street gluttons are being arrested. Makes me wonder how the police can even accept to carry out such unfair orders. The government couldn't care less for the growing population of the homeless as long as they are chased away and kept out of sight. Depriving them of food might speed up the process of starvation and death. The government wouldn't mind that either.

Recently in Florida a 90-year-old volunteer was arrested for giving food to the homeless. The video also shows the food being carefully packed away. I guess eventually it was the police who enjoyed a free meal.

Florida police threaten arrest under new 'homeless hate law'

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How reliable are email forwards?

For once it's not about spies and bots from the cyber world.  It can happen within your own email circle.

If you are eager to prevent recipients of your emails from editing the text of your work, what can you do about it?   Unfortunately, just about nothing!

If you're afraid of being misinterpreted and you have a hunch the recipient might be up to some trickery, try not to share such relevant contents via emails as email forwards can easily be modified, a distinct downside we didn't have to fear until some years ago.

You cannot prevent others from forwarding your emails which is fine.  But you also cannot stop them from changing it or doing pretty much whatever they want with it.  If any of the recipients in your email list has no qualms modifying or deleting portions of your message / work they consider their entitlement, that could result in gross misinterpretation of your views and misrepresentation of yourself, and thwart your efforts in circulating a precise ideology.

Once you send an email, you lose all control over it.  When someone forwards your email, that email simply becomes the body of a new message that can be edited before hitting the 'send' button.  And editing could be as easy as altering  "yes" to  "no",  “like” to "hate", "a genius" to "an idiot" and more.  Entire paragraphs can be deleted, in some cases rewritten, and the essence of your original message could be completely lost after a single forward! 

If you were worried about your email being forwarded, this bit should add to your worries. You need to absolutely trust your recipients.

What can one do to overcome the risk?  Save all your outgoing original stuff.  That way you’ll have a record of what you really typed or pasted.  If a misunderstanding arises because of someone interfering with  your forwards, you could take a screenshot of the portion modified from the original to catch the culprit. 

If you're emailing articles, stories or serious stuff you want to be forwarded but don't want the forwarders to tamper with the contents, simply send the link of the original source with a brief comment.  Sending the source link along with the work is pointless.  The tamperer can remove the link and modify your work and the recipient or recipients of the forward will never know about it. 

Infuriating, but people do such things.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Foundation of Democracy / Peoples' Rule in the NOBLE QURAN

"And those who  answer the call of their Rabb and establish worship, and whose affairs  are a matter of counsel, and who spend of what We have bestowed on  them,"  (42:38)  Surah Ash-Shura or Consultation.
(Translation by M.M. Pickthall)

Corpus Quran translates the underlined portion of the above Verse as follows with original Arabic words in brackets.

"and their affairs {wa-amruhum} (are conducted by) consultation {shūrā} among them {baynahum},"  (42:38).

The  wide connotation of the Quranic expression "mutual consultation" is the  earliest conceptual establishment of equality and egalitarian  values alluding to peoples' choice & decisions.  It's the first  conceptual framework limiting the authority of any single individual, be it the head of a state, tribe, community or family.

Our Muslim jurists and  scholars seldom or never state this fact in an upfront manner that the Quran has already established the  foundation of the concept of governance by a group and not a  single individual as early as the 7th century.    The reason  they hesitate to confirm it is because they do not take the Quran  as the Sole Criterion.  Being distracted by a load of extra-Quranic literature that have piled up  over the past centuries, which unlike the Noble Quran, prefer absolutism over mutual consultation, most of our jurists adjudge collective  decision-making outside the bounds of Islam.  That's how much Islam (which authentically comes only from the Quran) has been misinterpreted.

The word "Ash-Shura"  or Consultation mentioned in Verse 38 of Surah 42 has been taken as the  title of this Surah.  The precept of  teamwork has been highlighted in the Verse with a pronounced gesture of  looking upon your family, friends, comrades, colleagues, juniors and all  citizens as your confidantes, seeking their opinion/advise in all  relevant matters.  It doesn't necessarily imply that you must implement  the opinion of just about every single person you consult in your final  decision.  But it's incumbent upon a patriarch or matriarch of a family  or the leader of a country, tribe or community to collectively entertain  every person's view (either directly or via their counsel of  representatives) and mutually construct a decision which must be an  amalgam of collective views.

The Quran holds the doctrine of consultation in preference to traditional despotism where a person pushes ahead to decide or speak for everyone regardless of their opinion and feelings; that being the only method of governance known to the powerful of that era not only in Arabia but throughout the world. 

Renouncing the  Quranic ideology and embracing absolutism was initiated in the Islamic  political world by the Ummayads, also introducing the ideology of  kingship or the hereditary system of rule.  The Islamic school of  Mu'tazilah that originated in Basra and Baghdad bitterly opposed the  Ummayad approach promoting docility of the people.  The Mu'tazilah  accepted the conditions for al-amr wa al nahy by not limiting it to the 'heart and tongue.'  They maintained that if the state becomes widely corrupt, oppressive and  unjust, it is obligatory for the people to rise and protest.  If that  doesn't work, then a revolt to confront/eradicate corruption and oppression is justifiable as the next move.  But the Ummayads adhered to a very  autocratic style, identical to the European and English monarchies of  the time including the Tudors of the 1400s onward.  Their own  political blunders made it  necessary for the Ummayads to stifle the  opinion of members of their own government, a negative shift that  gradually became a system in complete violation of the Quran.

Prophet Muhammad  (pbuh) never appointed his successor prior to his passing.  Though he had close relatives, friends, four daughters and two young grandsons, his  vision was vastly different from all other contemporary heads of state,  that after him it was up to the people of Medinah and Makkah through  their representatives in the Shura or Counsel to select the person they  wanted as their political leader.

Soon  after Abu Bakr Sidiq was chosen as the first righteous Caliph by the Shura after  the passing of the Prophet (pbuh), he addressed a crowd of Muslims who  gathered at the Prophet's mosque:  "I have been given the authority over you, and I am not the best of you.  If I do well, help me;  and IF I DO WRONG, SET ME RIGHT."

Imam  Ali's (the fourth righteous Caliph) eagerness for upholding people's opinion is just as well-known.   Although he had many opponents, he flatly stated that he had NO  authority to punish anyone simply for their opinions or disagreements.

The  importance of consultation is again elucidated in Verse 3:159 (quoted  below) where the Prophet (pbuh) is told by Allah Almighty to decide relevant matters in consultation with the administration of his town,  expounding the  necessity of reciprocal discussions for believers in all social and  political matters.  The following Verse 3:159 defines precisely the same concept of the same topic as in Verse 42:38 except that it's a bit more  specific alluding to a political sphere where The Divine Power informs the  Prophet (pbuh) the significance of mutual decision-making and power sharing within the government instead of a centralized rule which would only lead to a fallout having a negative impact on the first and nascent Islamic State.

"It was by the mercy of Allah that thou wast lenient with them (O Muhammad), for if thou hadst been stern and fierce of heart they would have dispersed from round about thee.  So  pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult with them upon the  conduct of affairs. And when thou art resolved, then put thy trust in  Allah. Lo! Allah loveth those who put their trust (in Him)."  (3:159)   Surah Al-Imran.

Undoubtedly the Noble Quran laid the cornerstone of the concept of peoples' will  & rule through bilateral talks and collective decision-making much  before any other institution in this world even came close to it.

Late Pope John Paul kisses the Glorious Quran.

May 14, 1999 a delegation of Christian and  Muslim leaders  from Iraq visited Pope John Paul II in Rome.  A Muslim representative brought the Holy Quran,  and the Pope kissed it in front of all the participants.

Source:  Photobucket

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lately why have all Nobel Laureates not only been brazenly complacent toward violence and genocides, but have also discreetly supported and financed them?

I  suppose it's we who need to understand the revised significance of the  institution, Nobel "Peace" Prize.   Without making any bones about it, since the last three decades its  endeavor has been to handpick dissemblers and blood thirsty crooks,  labeling them to the contrary.    After all, Alfred Nobel was the inventor  of dynamite and owner of Bofors and his "Peace" Prize ultimately got  confiscated by butchers and exterminators working through proxy.   Poor Nobel, how unwittingly ironic.  The upcoming fate of his institution couldn't have occurred to him in his wildest of dreams!

Acknowledgement of hypocrisy: The wolf finally steps out of its sheep's clothing

"Let me assure you, I’m no saint." ....... "I started out as the leader of a political party. I cannot think of  anything more political than that.  Icon was a depiction that was imposed on me by  other people.” -   Aung San Su Kyi in 2013 during the ongoing genocide against Muslim minority in Burma.

Straight from the horse's mouth, making  no apologies for sounding like a typical wily politician and NOT a  humanitarian.  She admits human rights isn't her field.  Greed and  ambitions playing the political card are top priorities. And like  any other dissembler, she had no qualms shaming the institution of the  Nobel "Peace" Prize in 1991 impersonating as a proponent of peace and humanity.

Earlier in 2013 when she praised the Burmese military for lifting of sanctions, Huffington Post wrote it was "too early to judge" Suu Kyi.  Is it still too early to read where this very unconscientious creature is coming from?

The Rohingyas: An Impossible Pathway to Citizenship in Burma

The Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority in Burma have been called “the most oppressed people on Earth”.

They are suffering vicious attacks and systematic abuse by Burma’s  government. Fleeing violence, over 140,000 Rohingya live in what many  describe as “concentration camps.”

Attempting to quell international criticism the government says that  it is now offering a way for the Rohingya to become citizens through the  “Rakhine Action Plan”. But a closer look shows what this really means.

Follow the journey of the Rohingya to become a citizen of Burma.
Source:  The Rohingya Face An Impossible Pathway for Citizenship Burma [INFOGRAPHIC]