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Friday, February 27, 2015

Why is my hijab your problem?

We've  heard of civil rights being violated on the streets, in shopping  centers, restaurants, even workplaces and schools/universities.  But  have you heard of anyone's basic rights being violated in a courtroom ... by  a judge ??  

In Montreal (Quebec), Rania El-Aloul's car was seized by  the automobile insurance board and she had to appear in court to get it  back.  In the courtroom Rania was told by the judge that she had to  remove her hijab otherwise her case would not be heard.  When Rania  refused, the case was suspended indefinitely. 

"The fact that in this situation, in a courtroom of all places,  someone's fundamental rights weren't respected is absolutely  unacceptable and we expect that there will be consequences." - Justin Trudeau.

Quebec court judge's hijab removal decision sparks widespread criticism 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

American "justice" and its endless surprises

Probably the quickest verdict in US history.  Psychopath Eddie Ray Routh was put on trial two weeks ago on February 11 for fatally shooting the lethal killer/sniper, Chris Kyle in 2013.  The trial began a day after atheist terrorist, Craig Stephen Hicks, murdered three innocent Muslim students in cold blood on February 10.  While there are no signs of Hicks' trial beginning any time soon, Routh has already been given the guilty verdict despite police records indicating the defendant suffered from ptsd.   Obviously this panel of jury is among those who watched and enjoyed "American Sniper."  Everyone deserves a fair trial including a wacko like Routh.  Worldwide release of the 'American Sniper' in January 2015 and its Oscar nominations in February 2015 meant Routh's trial was taking place the same time Kyle was being celebrated as a hero. Under the circumstances what were his chances of getting a fair trial?

The repeated public comment on Routh's verdict has been - "give him the death sentence immediately ... punishment for pointing a gun at someone." Had that been in sympathy to anyone else one would agree. But a man like Chris Kyle who himself pointed his gun at 255 people (mostly civilians) in a foreign land (Iraq) after a calculated preemptive invasion with deadly results eventually meets the same fate cannot be seen as a tragedy by any civilized person respecting justice.  Kyle's line of duty was that of a sadistic, pitiless butcher. Hopefully right now the sick soul of this pervert is rotting and stinking amidst the tall flames of Hellfire. Insh'Allah.

Image source:  Daily Mail

It was a common scenario in Iraq.  As the photo shows, this place was apparently a home of some unfortunate Iraq family.  Those SOBs known as U.S. marines would barge into anyone's home they wanted, throw out its occupants or simply gun them down and take over their home turning it into a military post for discreetly shooting Iraqi civilians on the streets.  That's America's idea of a nationalist, a hero, serving the country for which Hollywood spends millions carving images of those death-dealing terrorists to deepen the slumber of its 318 million lamebrains with record low IQs.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reminiscent of the era of Spice Trade

Source of image:  Pinterest - Iran

There was a time when spice trade was the world's biggest industry and nutmeg was worth more than gold by weight! 

Before the Christian era 4,000 years ago, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, cassia, ginger, pepper, tumeric, cumin, nutmeg, bay leaves, saffron, thyme etc. were widely used in the Middle-East and exported to Europe through camel caravans. Middle-Eastern merchants were secretive of the sources of these fascinating spices to their European clients. Mesmerizing fragrances of spices were often associated with charming tales that drew greater attention of buyers to the spice trade. Levant (Syria) was the most popular gateway for exporting spices to Italy and the rest of Europe. 

The Silk Road was an important trade route for spices that connected China with the Middle-East and the Mediterranean. Many conquerors battled to control the spice trade. Did you know that the word "salary" originated from "salt"? The amazing worth of spices in ancient times is evident from the historical reality that Roman soldiers were often paid their wages in salt. That also established the phrase "worth his salt." 

In the industrialized and unpleasantly complicated modern world, these alluring spices are taken for granted in every home. We seldom think how indispensable they are in our daily lives. The fact that they were once considered as precious as gold and silver sounds almost surreal. However, facts of history cannot be erased. In its time, spice trade was more valuable than oil today; and a world without spices would be far more devastating than the oil wells running dry.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Child soldiers of Burma (Myanmar)

If there is any force that can snatch the cake from the Zionists and ISIL (aka Al Qaeda) in sheer brutality and inhumanity, that would surely be the Buddhist military and monks of Burma.

Unabashed obsession  with racism is undeniably more among the Buddhists of Myanmar (silently  approved by the rest of the Buddhist community of the world) than any  other community notorious for racism.

The  apartheid that presently exists in Burma towards the minority Rohingya  Muslims is far more medieval and inhuman than the one which formerly  existed in South Africa.

To make matters worse, the meddling of imperial powers to heighten the efficacy of killers has become a mandatory policy.  Britain is spending £140,000 of its taxpayers' hard earned money for training one of the most cold-blooded armies in the world - the Burmese military.

The  burning desire of colonialists to intensify acts of destruction never  declines.   Genocide and rape of the Muslim minority in Burma by the  Burmese military and mobs led by Buddhist monks isn't only being ignored  by  these veiled criminals in Britain,  Europe and N. America but are assisted enthusiastically beneath the  facade of that old myth, """peaceful Buddhists."""     It isn't unusual to find dumbbells  addicted to indoctrination claim colonialism to be obsolete as a  practice and a terminology.   That's how much the MSM has succeeded in sheeplizing the sheeple.

This one from Press TV is worth a read.  


Just a reminder to forgetful minds ....

Information  below presents the face of the Burmese apartheid rampant across Burma  today and the silence of the decadent "first" world.


Story of Syria's "moderates"

Shadowy fighters with strange notions of moderatism, their image sticks in the middle between the U.S. and Al Qaeda, playing the silent brokers and shielding U.S./AQ relations from the eyes of the international world.  They call themselves the "Free Syrian Army" or FSA.  That organizational title has lately gotten a bit lengthier - "Supreme Military Council of Free Syrian Army."  That's as far as it can go to smarten its facade.  Also often called the "Syrian opposition," FSA is by no means a consolidated fighting group.  Some observers may see it as the military wing of the Syrian National Council (or SNC, a notorious and unashamed Western lackey),  these ragtag militias are just as divided as the members of the SNC with little or no consensus in any of their strategies.

U.S. and EU knew from the start that it was impossible to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of Al Qaeda via FSA.  To simplify matters, they chose to have both Al Qaeda and FSA as their allies.  John McCain's illegal entry into Syria from Turkey on May 2013 for a meeting with then FSA commander, Saleem Idris and Al Qaeda's Abu Bakr Baghdadi (then known by his birth name, Ibrahim al-Badri) was a stark evidence of this ruinous nature of U.S. diplomacy.  So, what precisely is the difference between Al Qaeda and ISIL?   We'll discuss that briefly in a while.

Al-Nusra Front, which got along fine with the Americans, soon rose into prominence in Syria after the spring of 2011 and the nozy CIA proved its incompetence again by its inability to read the possibility that Al-Nusra could be threatened by its rival, ISIL, both of whom were formerly Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Political solidarity and establishment of an efficacious system are unknown factors to "moderates."  Neither do they care to be called "moderates."  They take weapons and money from foreign powers and pass them on to ISIL.  They see themselves having similar goals as ISIL and are also aware that without a permanent strategy of cooperation with ISIL, they will not be able to achieve those goals.  But the foreign powers prefer not to admit such a reality for FSA ("moderates") are their only hope and conduit for waging this proxy war across parts of Syria still under Assad's control without letting the world know of the dependence of Western leaders on the destructive and murderous capabilities of ISIL for terrorizing sovereign states and their people.

Soon after the preemptive Iraqi invasion on the orders of GWB (a close friend of the bin Laden family),  ISIL used to be a splinter branch of Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda, known as Al Qaeda of Iraq or AQI.  After the Syrian war began, job opportunities for AQI terrorists in Iraq expanded.  They began pouring into Syria via Iraq and Turkey with plenty of money, weapons, drugs and blessings from the oil-rich gulf leaders and their Western masters.  These AQI terrorists in Syria  named their group Al-Nusra Front, a sort of formal declaration that they were no more under obligation to take orders from the bigwigs of AQI, Abu Bakr Baghdadi being one of them.   Soon after, many more AQI terrorists jumped on to Syria for 'better prospects,' and to compete with Al-Nusra.  Abu Bakr Baghdadi announced AQI was replaced with ISIL, and Al-Nusra must merge with ISIL.  Chief of Al-Nusra Front, Al-Julani, rejected Baghdadi's call.

From January 2014 major battlefield confrontations erupted between ISIL and other terror groups on Syrian soil.  After the occupation of portions of Syria and Iraq by ISIL in the summer of 2014, what the CIA failed to read earlier came true.  For several months the terrorist infighting was so predominant that Assad was pretty much forgotten.  Eventually, ISIL rose to be victorious, grabbing weapons, money and territories from its terrorist counterparts.   With mass defections of Al-Nusra and FSA fighters to ISIL, America's dream rebel army (FSA) intended to defeat Assad fell below their former category of a bunch of ragtag militants with neither the expertise nor the spirit to fight as "rebels."  Some have reportedly quit the idea of serving as "opposition" and joined government forces fighting the terrorists.

Lebanon began arresting suspected FSA members from mid 2014 for the safety Lebanese citizens.

Mintpress News writes "Though warnings have been many, funding to Syria has nevertheless increased steadily. In June 2012, the U.S. State Department reportedly allocated $15 million in “non-lethal aid” for civilian opposition groups in Syria, alongside distribution of military equipment, including assault rifles, anti-tank rocket launchers and other ammunition."  From the spring of 2011, there have been scores of such allocations amounting to billions of dollars by 2014.  That would give anyone an idea of the big bundles of money and guns ISIL has amassed from the generosity of the United States of America.  No wonder they were able to occupy large territories within Syria and Iraq by June 2014 with perfect ease.

As Syria's co-called moderates roll into the arms of Al-Qaeda .... Al-Qaeda morphs into ISIL.  So, is the American fantasy of "moderates" getting increasingly dangerous or is the concept of Americans ostracizing ISIL (former Al Qaeda) itself a fantasy?   Not a difficult question to answer.  Information from all sources confirm that by November 2014, almost all factions and dissenting groups under the umbrella of "moderates  of the Free Syrian Army" surrendered their arms to ISIL.

ISIL is no longer identified with Al Qaeda.  It's the other way round.  Al Qaeda is now ISIL.   After Osama bin Laden's second death in 2011, Ayman Al Zawahri was overjoyed thinking he got his dream job of Al Qaeda's No.1.  He forgot that power grabbing, money deals and infighting have long been second nature to members of his own cult.  Aging, retired and officially in hiding, Al Zawahri was in no position to travel to Turkey, Syria and Iraq to negotiate deals and command the ever-growing number of sub-groups of the main organization.  His former disciples like Abu Bakr Baghdadi and several others didn't need their old mentors no more.  They have taken over Al Qaeda and changed its name of ISIL and America's "moderates" are diehard loyalists of ISIL.  If you read of U.S. and European governments trying to dislodge the "dictator in Syria" by helping the "moderate rebels," that eyewash only means allocating many more millions to ISIL, the former Al Qaeda. 

Writes Thierry Meyssan in his work  'John McCain and the Caliph' :  "I have always said that there is no difference on the ground between the Free Syrian Army, Al-Nosra Front, and ISIS etc. All these organizations are composed of the same individuals who continuously change flag.  When they pose as the Free Syrian Army, they fly the flag of French colonization and speak only of overthrowing the “dog Bashar.” When they say they belong to Al-Nosra Front, they carry the flag of al Qaeda and declare their intention to spread Islam in the world. Finally when they say they are ISIS, they brandish the flag of the Caliphate and announce that they will clean the area of all infidels. But whatever the label, they proceed to the same abuses: rape, torture, beheadings, crucifixions."

Images below supposed to be "moderate Syrian rebels"

 FSA being trained by US troops
Source:  RT

Source:  Fire dog lake

Source:  The National

Monday, February 16, 2015

The tussle to reformulate the term "terrorism"

February 14 .. two civilians were allegedly killed by a gunman in Denmark after reports of attacks on a cafe and a synagogue during an event promoting ""free speech.""  Wowie! ...  and the world starts playing the CHaRlieee HeBdooo tune again.  Danish PM Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said "When you mercilessly fire deadly bullets at innocent people taking part in a debate, when you attack the Jewish community, you attack our democracy."   But that must apply just as much for Deah, Yusor, Razan and Mostafa murdered three days earlier by similar merciless and deadly bullets .... or no?

Take a look at another reckless 'debate.'  After the North Carolina murders, certain segments on networking sites have been wrangling, "shouldn't religion be abolished?"  When they mention "religion" they mean only Islam. The murders were carried out by a hardline atheist.  Craig Stephen Hicks is an ardent fan of the New Atheist group.  He has been notorious for posting anti-religion comments on the internet. His Facebook page is filled with images and quotes from Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher whom Hicks deeply admires. But the world is interested in abolishing Faith rather than abolishing intolerance.

February 15 ...  an alleged plot was foiled to attack a Halifax shopping mall in Canada by two (or three) white men.  'Justice' Minister, Peter MacKay, insisted it was not a terrorist plot .. that the alleged plotters seemed to be a “group of murderous misfits” intending to “wreak havoc and mayhem on our community.”  According to MacKay, Halifax plot was not "culturally motivated" and thus not linked to terrorism.  That was straight from the old horse's mouth.  Canada's "Injustice" Minister acknowledges in his own way that the involvement of a Muslim is an essential prerequisite for using "terrorism" as a logo. 

Tinkering with the same issue, some mealy-mouthed "terrorism expert" claims "The problem of defining terrorism has been a thorny one from the get-go."  Not really; there's nothing 'thorny' about it.  It's a uncomplicated term of the English vocabulary expressing the concept of intimidation through violence by anyone indulging in such an act.  The term is tagged with no grammatical rules suggesting race, color or gender.  What makes it 'thorny' is the attempt to classify it with a twist so that it can be reserved to describe a single ethnic community only, excluding all others.

The manipulation is still more outrageous than what it appears on the cover.  The manipulators aren't genuinely eager branding Al Qaeda franchises in Syria and Iraq as "terrorists."  Don't fall for that.  Until mid 2014 (including ISIL) they were all called "rebels" democratizing Syria by North American and European leaders.  Most of them are still addressed as "rebels."  According to Harper and MacKay and their counterparts in the U.S. and Western Europe, the real "Muslim terrorists" are the beleaguered sufferers and the bullied who are struggling to salvage their sovereignty and raising their voices for justice against the oppression by multinational mercenaries (who are just as nihilistic as swines like Craig Hicks) and the imperial forces who hire them.  A serial killer in USA or Canada who may have terrorized entire communities by their grisly killings cannot be categorized as a  "terrorist" according to its revised definition.  But a Syrian soldier or a Hezbollah fighter or a Hamas volunteer who desire to keep their borders free from occupiers will be dubbed as "terrorists."

For Western neocons, terrorism (like beauty) lies in the eyes of the beholder. No extent of killings is 'terrorism' as long as the killers cannot be categorized as Muslims. The situation gets particularly embarrassing when the ones killed are Muslims but the killer (or killers) isn't. The half-brained U.S. cops are struggling to defend the audacious atheist terrorist, Craig Hicks, from that label by claiming his motive of the triple murder to be "parking dispute" (as if that makes Hicks appear any better) without even the slightest awareness of the transparency of such misinformation.  The mainstream media had resolved not to call Hicks a terrorist but it couldn't fathom how to go about with such wily idiocy. So it opted for total silence, not even whisper, to avoid ignominy.  The North American and European leaders reached the zenith of callousness.  They never even uttered a single word of sympathy for the bereaved families of the terror victims.

The mad struggle to reinvent "terrorism" has turned into a brain teaser that's going completely helter-skelter by vigilante grammarians.

Considering the calculated, long term, and officially sanctioned demonization of Muslims in the United Sates, at a moral level, America's media, its security agencies and political apparatus have the blood of these victims on their hands,” Barry Grossman, international lawyer in Indonesia.

Actually it was the governments and their media that brazenly displayed the abundance of insensitivity that dwells in their sick hearts.  Many of the American people reacted differently.  They were moved and stunned.  This image shows Americans participating in a vigil for Deah, Yusor and Razan in Washington DC, Feb.12.

Read the article "American Sniper behind rise of Islamophobia in U.S." at Press TV

All images taken from Press TV, link above.

Father of late Deah Shaddy Barakat cries as a video is played at a vigil on the campus of North Carolina University in Chapel Hill.  Source:  Independent.co.uk
Namee Barakat, father of shooting victim Deah Shaddy Barakat, cries as a video is played during a vigil in Chapel Hill

Deah Shaddy Barakat's 10-year-old cousin cries for him.
Source:  Independent.co.uk

A Facebook page mentions in Arabic (translation): "Autopsy revealed that Deah Barakat was beaten badly prior to his murder. He was kicked and pistol whipped on the mouth which caused breaking several of his teeth then shot 3 times on the upper torso."

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chapel Hill Shooting: Skillful maneuvering by smooth operators; and now their fruits of labor

Some rightists are of the view that Muslims in America should expect more of this as backlash of Al Qaeda's actions in Syria and Iraq. ISIL and Al-Nusra are the mercenaries of the American government (officially confirmed). These two groups have so far received a minimal of $10 billion worth of weapons, Toyota trucks, drugs and monthly salaries. Orange jumpsuits are the latest U.S. export to ISIL. And American rightists are talking about revenge on the peaceful Muslim minority of their country for the actions of their government's mercenaries 9,000 miles away! Other than the shame of being conned by a dishonest government, is the mindset any different from what ISIL terrorists are doing to Yazidi and Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria?

It should be mentioned though, ISIL and Al-Nusra have killed many more Muslims than anyone else. Muslims are getting it from both ends. How easy it is to get hurt for no fault of yours.

 Source of image:  Middle-East Monitor at Facebook.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Je suis Muslim

On Chapel Hill Shootings - February 11, 2015.

 Source:  Facebook page Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu Fan


On Feb.10, 2015 .. three young Muslim students of the same family were shot fatally in North Carolina, execution style, close to the university campus.  Feb.12, 2015 .. a young Muslim student was shot through the closed door of his apartment in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, by unknown assailant (assailants).  Four innocent lives have been lost in less than 48 hours with heartless fanatics seriously casting aspersions that they were "jihadists," "O! let them die," "they must have been linked with the Somali drug gangs" etc.  Acknowledgement that these were racist hate crimes, as clear as broad daylight, is a far cry.  It's a very worrisome situation.  Western society is in dire need of being profoundly introspective before it can consider itself ethnically healthy to rejoin the human race.  At the moment the glaring similarity between their mindset and of ISIL is disturbing to say the least.

Considering the low standard of a manipulated system of education in the West, both in the case of the bourgeoisie as well as the elites, brainwashing of the illiterate is proliferating at a relentless pace!

Four innocent lives lost in less than two days and the media is more interested in Kourtney Kardashian's big butts  and William and Kate holidaying at the Bahamas.  What if a Muslim had shot and killed a non-Muslim through the door of his home??  Of course I don't need to describe the reaction.

Unfortunately matters have needlessly been dragged down to a tug of war between "Muslims" and "non-Muslims," so you'll have to excuse me for using those expressions.  Thanks to the Western governments who seriously need to give up their double dealing; arming and funding terrorists behind closed doors .... war mongering, fear-mongering in public and indoctrinating minds against the peaceful Muslim minority by taking advantage of the presence of an abundance of uneducated sheeple with feeble insight.  They are earnestly requested to renounce their dirty partnership with Hollywood, making those contemptible block bluster movies lionizing the professional murderers of their armed forces who have shed the blood of millions of defenseless innocents during preemptive invasions of sovereign lands. 

If only politics was differently understood, that such repellent ploys which systematically smash human values augur nothing beneficial for the future of politicians nor for their kids. 

Wake up, grow up, PLEASE!


A makeshift memorial for Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad and Yusor's sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, who were killed by a gunman, is pictured inside of the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina February 11, 2015. REUTERS-Chris Keane

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

'American Sniper' - the most venomous marksman in the history of U.S. military.

Murderer, Chris Kyle, of U.S. Navy Seals is America's latest idol and the central figure of the loathsome movie,  'American Sniper.' The film "earned over $300 million since its release in November 2014" writes Brandon Martinez.  Wikipedia mentions of Kyle as "the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history with 160 confirmed kills."  The movie is another distasteful propaganda with the help of Hollywood, lauding and magnifying a cold-blooded killer and deluding the American public into believing the Iraqis welcomed the preemptive invasion of March 2003.

But did the movie mention that the Iraqis called this man “Shaitaan al-Ramadi” (Devil of Ramadi)?  What about GWB’s farewell in Iraq with a pair of size-10 shoes and today Muntazar Zaidi is one of the most popular personalities in the country, NOT Chris Kyle.  Glorifying a man for his expertise to kill is enough to prove how low a nation has sunk, morally and intellectually.

If you're interested in getting to know the truth, read the feature titled "The Dangerous Stupidity Behind 'American Sniper' Jingoism" by Brandon Martinez.

A WW2 veteran states in a talk-back on the above report at Non-Aligned Media:  "Having lived through WWII, I never remember any Nazi priding himself on the “number of kills” of human beings. Nor have I ever heard anyone of my fellow servicemen in RAF talk about being happy about killing someone, enemy or not. This bigoted swine, Kyle, was not even satisfied with the official number of his 'kills.'  He chose to increase that number by another hundred. Can any human on this planet get as low as that?"

Back in those days, military combat was looked upon as something one had to take care of; and the quicker it ended, the better.  Opposite to that, at present war and slaughter are seen as matters to gloat about.  Hollywood only makes this sick chauvinism much sicker!

Let’s not write off the negative fallout in a society of such bizarre glorification and how many copy-cats of the Ramadi Devil may pop up like Craig Stephen Hicks who fatally shot three young Muslims of a family in North Carolina yesterday, “execution style, a bullet in every head,” as stated by the father of two of the victims.

The only good bit about this story is that those who live by the sword, die by the sword.  In 2013 the monster, Chris Kyle, was killed the same way he killed dozens of others - shot fatally - by another marine known for his violent outbursts who once almost beat a colleague to death.

Rot in peace in the depth of Hell forever, Chris Kyle.

And this movie takes the cake for being the sickest ever in American history!

Source of this rotten image:  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Disorganized priorities; a stratagem used and reused much too often to cover-up the Western legacy in the Middle-East.

"Good things happen when you get your priorities right" - Scott Cann.

No wonder nothing good is happening ....

Death cult and by-product of the West, ISIL, has stepped up from cruelty to brutality to unspeakable crimes.  Lately it's gone haywire in the occupied territories within Syria and Iraq.   Kidnapping, beheading, crucifying children (who refuse to accept their barbaric intrusion), burning prisoners alive in cages etc. are the norm of the day with deafening silence from Washington, London and Paris.  Hardly any of those daily, morbid occurrences are making headlines in the international media.  Instead, today the story was splashed across dozens of news outlets that Mrs. Amal Alamuddin Clooney is planning to visit Egypt requesting a meeting with senior Egyptian officials for the release of Al-Jazeera journalist, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, sentenced to seven years in prison.  Again that worn out trickery, applying bootless celebrity news to downplay the routine spine-chilling mayhem carried out by America's dream rebel army in Iraq and Syria.   Or, are we to understand that seven years in prison is more dire than the bestiality of slaughtering many more than seven innocents everyday just for the fun of it?  

Here is an excerpt taken from Dr. Ismail Salami's recent article "ISIL cult beheads, crucifies Iraqi children" at Intifada Palestine.

Quote -
"The ISIL cult has degenerated radically into animality and trespassed regions of barbarity where the devils fear to tread. 

The children brutalized by the ISIL do not come only from the minorities; rather they come from all families who do not form allegiance with the army of terror .. Washington has filled the country with these dangerous animals to strike terror into the hearts of the Iraqis.  Besides they would make the land unsafe for the population. 

It is now a proven fact that the US and the UK have deployed hundreds of tons of depleted uranium (DU) against Iraq, whereby endangering the lives of the Iraqi people. A crime of mammoth dimensions ... destructive effects which can remain for hundreds of years and can cause cancer, leukaemia, brain damage, kidney failure, and extreme birth defects.  Only in Fallujah, there is a mounting degree of severe congenital birth defects,  including children being born with two heads, children born with only one eye, multiple tumours, disfiguring facial and body deformities, and complex nervous system problems.  Besides, there is an alarmingly increasing rate of cancers among children who often spend their time in the contaminated playgrounds. In fact, the Iraqi environment is contaminated with the DU and the bullets of the US army in the country."
Unquote -

Amidst all of this, the brave lawyer, Mrs. Amal Clooney, flies to the rescue of an Al-Jazeera journalist in Egypt!  Not to forget, earlier she already refused to investigate Israel's war crimes in Gaza after Operative Protective Edge.   Defending a journalist and campaigning for returning the Elgin marbles to Greece, a 200-year-old hackneyed story of no significance, are more crucial than speaking up against one of the most formidable death cults ravaging humanity. Perfect! 

These so-called saviors only step in to shit more in an already shitty world.

Below: Deadly ISIL cult crucifying teenage children, and from what appears, the cult followers taking selfies of this crime.
Source:  Intifada Palestine link above.

Below: Jordanian pilot locked in a cage and the place set on fire.
Source: Daily Slave

Monday, February 2, 2015

Pakistan: More bloodshed. Why? why? ......

As the alliance between ISIL and the Talibans gets stronger, the fallout steadily gets more deadly.  Their prime targets are, Shiia Muslims and Pakistan Army installations. 
Taliban splinter group, Jundullah, was responsible for the attack that killed sixty innocent people at a Shiia mosque in the southern town of Shikarpur.  Jundullah has officially declared its support for ISIL and is now seen as an ISIL affiliated group.  It's based in Balochistan and has also carried out several terrorist attacks in Iran during the past.   After the establishment of IS in parts of Syria and Iraq .... Al-Qaeda, Afghan talibans, TTP and Jundullah have been working together across Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.  An earlier indication of their mergence was the Peshawar massacre on December 2014 that killed 140 (mostly children) after an attack on an army run school by six militants – Afghans, Arabs and a Chechen.
Inaction of the government and opposition is deplorable to say the least. 

What happened to lifting the moratorium on death penalty and hanging these bastards?  Why was there a moratorium at all to protect professional killers like these?   Neither the ruling party nor the opposition, TI, have any answers nor are they perturbed at the slightest.  Just a few sentences of condemnations following every bloodbath and then the tragedy is history.
Quoting from an article by Ismail Salami that appeared on Press TV:
“Intimately affiliated with the ISIL in carrying out their brutalities including beheading and blinding their victims, Jundallah forged an alliance with its sister group ISIL after meeting a three-man delegation representing the group led by al Zubair al Kuwaiti.
"They (Islamic State) are our brothers, whatever plan they have we will support them," Jundallah spokesperson Fahad Marwat said.
The same terrorist group is also affiliated with Mossad.  In January 2012, Mark Perry revealed the link between Jundullah an Mossad and how Israeli Mossad officers recruited operatives belonging to the terrorist group Jundallah by passing themselves off as American agents. According to two US intelligence officials, “the Israelis, flush with American dollars and toting U.S. passports, posed as CIA officers in recruiting Jundallah operatives — what is commonly referred to as a false flag operation.” ......
This just must not happen!
You look at such images once and you'll be hurting for weeks.  Yet the damn politicians are never moved.
America keeps giving so many surprise 'gifts' to Pakistan starting with "mujahideens," 4 million Afghan refugees, the kalashnikov culture, Talibans, and finally the largesse of Taliban-Al Qaeda integration.