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Thursday, February 25, 2016

America's ""ceasefire"" drama in Syria

Feb.23, 2016 from Guardian

In other words .....
John Kerry is warning the world that his government has decided to break Syria for the simple reason that the West never brokered any such thing as a "peace plan" throughout the past five years other than stunts with deceptive titles to mislead the world. The latest which Kerry is shamelessly hinting on is ISSG's ""cessation of hostilities"" and "ceasefire." Not to mention, ISSG conveniently propped up overnight to host this ruse and then disappeared just as fast.

Consequently, on February 25 the so-called Syrian opposition (comprising of the terrorists of FSA aka Ahrar As-Shaam etc.) announced it would observe a provisional ceasefire for only two weeks to "determine the commitment of the other side."   Not to forget, that 'determination' will NOT be based on peace in Syria, not even remotely.  It will be an ultimatum for President Bashar al-Assad to step down and dissolve his government unconditionally so America's favorite big band of "moderate" terrorists take over to establish a replica of the Wild West that existed in America for centuries after it was stolen from the natives.

FSA's decision to provisionally observe a two-week ceasefire to test the Syrian government comes one day after it announced it would not accept a ceasefire unless its closest ally, terror group Al-Nusra Front, was included in it so that it could also get its share of protection.  Russia and Syria did not agree.  So, what made FSA agree to accept the ceasefire temporarily the very next day?  The factor prompting FSA to go ahead were those behind-closed-door-whispers and assurances from Uncle Sam that all terrorists in Syria would be taken care of .. not to worry boys!

And ah!  How hard those White House thugs tried to protect Al Qaeda's Al-Nusra Front from getting bombed by struggling to get the terror group within the shade of ISSG's safety net named 'ceasefire' while in the same breath rejecting Russia's draft resolution to stop Turkey's brazen invasion of Syria.

In a nutshell, there is no f******  "Plan A, B, C, Y, Z or whatever" (excuse me).  There is only one degenerate plan emanating from a collective reprobate mindset to topple Syria's legitimate government and replacing it with terrorist rule.  Reason?  The Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad has made it clear it will never act as a puppet.  Secondly, the West has made no bones over the aspect that it derives special pleasure in the destruction of sovereign Muslim states, shattering their former healthy infrastructure swapped
with piles to war rubble.

What is undeniable is that the United State's sudden idea of "ceasefire" in Syria via the fraudulent ISSG is to grab another chance to re-arm its loyal terrorist mercenaries, Al Qaeda very much included, rather Al Qaeda's Al-Nusra Front is the main organization the American government is optimistically counting on for toppling the Syrian government supported by the largest majority of Syrians.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Syrian war and cave life:

    Image:  The Telegraph    

In 2013 when the war was at its worst, more than a hundred displaced Syrians began living in caves at the edge of cliffs in Idlib province .. mostly women and children who lost the male members of their families. These caves were formerly used by farmers as shelter for sheep. Walking in and out of them along the narrow path beside the steep cliffs is much too dangerous. A slight slip of the foot can cause a fatal fall. There have been several accidents. On two occasions children fell off the edge of the cliff while playing mentions The Telegraph. Some also took shelter in underground caves and ancient underground Roman tombs. 

Few of these folks may have been partly responsible for their plight. From 2011 to 2013 some segments of villagers in Syria supported FSA and Al-Qaeda, driven by monetary incentives. Pentagon was paying terrorist fighters including local volunteers monthly salaries starting from $250/month, free cigarettes and free Captagon drugs. Sectarian zeal and lack of vision hindered them from grasping the worthlessness of such a deal, that they were exchanging a prosperous & peaceful infrastructure for a system based of indefinite chaos and destruction. They failed to realize what might happen to their families if they perished for a cause as purposeless and undignified as this.

The story was used as propaganda by US & Brit media against the Syrian government.

As the Syrian war rages on, no one knows the fate of these unfortunate cave and tomb dwellers except Allah Almighty.

NY Daily News
Underground tomb/cave shelter images

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Syria "truce" and ISSG ("International Syria Support Group")

You may smell more mischief than benefit.

Why would an 'international group' aspire for peace in Syria after wreaking it the way it did? Terminologies speak for themselves and the moniker ""international"" itself indicates blatant foreign interference and disrespect for sovereignty.

Stories are abuzz that ISSG in Munich has recently agreed on ceasefire and delivery of humanitarian relief while also allowing Syria to continue fighting all terrorist gangs. But the so-called Syrian opposition has been supporting scores of terror groups for 5 years and still does. The query is: with whom does ISSG expect the Syrian government to negotiate a "ceasefire?" Despite dozens of warring terrorist factions, the action point of ISSG is "cessation of hostilities" between Syrian government & "opposition" yet it is eluding the specifics of terror organizations to be excluded from this treaty. Syria does not have a single 'opposition.' It has many oppositions.

Undeniably elements within the ISSG are eager to bring Al Qaeda (under cover of "opposition") on the negotiating table. That's confirmed by the disgraceful comment coming from Mark Toner (US State Department spokesman) on Feb.13 rebuking Pres. Bashar al-Assad for his strategic plan to retake Al Qaeda occupied areas within Syria. Straight from the horse's mouth, Toner claims the Syrian president does not have “any legitimacy, but others do.” Note the obvious .. occupied areas in Syria are under Al Qaeda, not the "opposition," which have long been allies and subordinates of Al Qaeda.

America started this war on its own terms and is now changing the course on its own terms and tricks. ISSG talks have no new ideology, let alone a grand one. It's only a new design to keep the devilment adrift (after the failure of Geneva talks early February), having the same old approach and a different title where Kerry is desperately trying to stop the bombing against terrorists causing a huge setback to his core plan of "change of regime."

Fact check:
Syrian Free Press 
Press TV

Friday, February 5, 2016

Victory for Syria in Aleppo | Geneva 2016 "peace" talks suspended, a thumping failure.

"Moderate" leaders were too preoccupied to focus on talks while their head-chopping comrades got drubbed by Syrian, Hezbollah, Iranian and Russian forces back in Syria. The twisted scheme labeling dangerous Al Qaeda terrorists and their FSA subsidiary as "moderates" didn't work to win hearts n minds of the international community. Cries for regime change in Syria "hit a blind alley" (Finian Cunningham) and EU ends up burdened with additional responsibility accommodating displaced Syrians whose country it sponsored to invade. Despite the obstinate interference by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, it's getting too difficult for American and European leaders to continue pretending that Syria isn't entitled to annihilate all armed terrorist groups spilling blood and unleashing anarchy within her sovereign boundaries. For those few Syrians who initially supported the opposition, this war "has no meaning anymore." Their hopes are dashed and they feel they've been deluded. The depth of their common suffering and grief have reunited all Syrians, reminiscing over a beautiful and joyous past lost forever.

However, there could still be plenty of trouble ahead. Visibly, the sponsors of this proxy war have their backs against the wall ... a scenario when all options fail and aggressors tend to act their fiercest.

Fact check:
Information Clearing House
Zero Hedge
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Remembering Syed Hadi Nasrullah: 1979 - 1997.

Very short life, huge accomplishment 

You probably haven't heard much about this amazing young man because our media has no time for real people. 

Syed Hadi Nasrullah was born in 19th January 1979 in the village of Bazuryeh, Lebanon.   His father embraced the first born of the family, his heart filled with love, and recited the Azan in his ears.

After his family moved to Beirut,  Hadi continued his studies at the Educational Center of Al-Mustafa which is managed by Hezbollah. In the third year of high school when he was 16, he left school temporarily with the consent of his parents to join the ranks of the Islamic resistance fighters of Hezbollah. 

Membership of Hezbollah wasn't easy.  It required intense steps and the process was no different for Syed Hadi Nasrallah.   Intelligence officials of Hezbollah called him for an interview and a thorough systematic investigation.  He responded with a smile, "I am the son of Syed Hasan Nasrallah."  He was told, "It does not matter. Write out your detailed personal information."  Hadi went to his father and asked, "Father, did you give orders that have bothered me and would not let me into the group?"  Syed Hasan Nasrallah replied, "Such is the system of resistance and we must comply."  And so, Hadi had to fill a lengthy form and write 14 pages about himself before being recruited within Hezbollah.  

On September 12, 1997 three Hezbollah fighters attacked an Israeli army base in the Zionist occupied province of Aqleem Al Tafah in South Lebanon.  They took the army base by surprise.  In the wee hours of September 13, the Israeli army martyred the three Hezbollah fighters and six Lebanese soldiers in the mountains of southern Lebanon.  Their bodies were in possession of Israeli forces. Hezbollah officials viewed the video footage of the bodies after Israeli television displayed their images and confirmed that one of the martyrs was Syed Hadi Nasrallah, son of the Hezbollah leader and Secretary-General, Syed Hassan Nasrallah.  The news spread like wild fire across Lebanon and the Middle-East.  Hadi was 18.

It was like a bombshell in the Lebanese society.  In the history of the country, both during the Civil War and the confrontation with Israel, never did the son of any political or military leader undertake a mission as dangerous as this.  In fact, nowhere can we imagine the concept of equitability rising to such heights.  Writes New Republic: "In the days after Hadi was killed, Lebanese leaders from across the political spectrumeven Christian warlord and bitter enemy Elie Hobeikapaid their respects to Nasrallah and his wife."

Lebanon was greatly influenced by the martyrdom of Hadi which had a tremendous unifying affect.  The country was filled with enormous sympathy, respect and admiration for the Secretary General of Hezbollah that came from all political leaders, the Lebanese religious tribes and the people.  Condolences as well as congratulations on the martyrdom of Syed Hadi Nasrullah were conveyed with expressions of gratitude and respect for the courage and sincerity of the Secretary General.  It was the first time ever when the then Saudi crown prince (Abdullah) found it necessary to send a condolence message to Hassan Nasrullah.  

In response to Hadi's captured body by the Zionist army, his mother said: “This body is also like the other bodies of the martyrs of Resistance. There is no difference between them. I am the mother like other mothers of the martyrs.  I have heard in the news that the enemy has swapped the body of my son with the body of Zionist military which remained in the failed operations of Ansariyeh in Lebanon. They have got blind and must give all the bodies of the martyrs and free the prisoners. We do not accept just one body and do not submit to the outrageous proposal of the occupiers.”

According to reports, Hadi's remains were sent to his family for burial nearly a month after his martyrdom.