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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The new joke fresh from the White House: U.S. not for regime change in Syria ..

                                 Image from:  The Brics Post

John Kerry's farewell to 2015 was expressed by a sloppy mincing of words.  He stated to the Russian press that the U.S. isn't seeking regime change any longer. In the same breath the jerkface says Assad must go because he is "a magnet for terrorists" and has no place "in the country's long-term future."  There we go again .... back to square one !! So who the heck is supposed to decide whether or not Assad is suitable for Syria's long-term future, the Syrian people OR the White House, 10 Downing Street and Elysee Palace ??   That's where this lout thinks he is fooling the world with his deceptive u-turn.

Kerry claims that the United States with the help of Russia wants to "stabilize" Syria and "destroy Daesh, a terrorist organization" .... and then refers to Assad as a "magnet for terrorists."   Get his bloody point?   Needless to reiterate, it has always been U.S., U.K. and E.U. that fed and fattened Daesh into a wealthy and prosperous terror organization to topple Assad, and now those same bunch of demonic sponsors are trying to pair up Assad with Daesh.  The hidden intent is to switch favor from terrorists to terrorists - from Daesh to groups like Ahrar as-Sham and Jaish (aka "moderate Syrian rebels") - to re-initiate regime change in Syria in 2016.  Imperialist guile isn't just repugnant .. it's a shame to humanity.

The other vital question is:  Will love for the White House return into Putin's heart and blur his vision, stepping on the carpet of coagulated shit laid for him by Mr. Kerry?

 Fact check:  RT

Friday, December 25, 2015

David Duke | Take a peek at the enemy's enemy beneath the facade.

Many among us have trusted David Duke for years because of his anti Zionist approach.   But we've never bothered to think seriously that when a white supremacist wrangles with a Zionist or a pro-Zionist, what do we Muslims benefit from that?   Pretty much NOTHING.
According to Duke, the traditions and heritage of America began with those known as the 'founders.'  However, America wasn't "founded."  It was invaded and grabbed by roving European pirates after one of the most ghastly genocides in world history committed against the natives of the land later named 'America.'  And then, the descendants of those perpetrators kidnapped thousands of Africans from the coasts of West Africa, auctioned them in American slave-markets like cattle n sheep to toil on stolen lands that flourished into rich plantations.   That’s America’s heritage.  At present Duke is rightly upset by the lack of "diversity" because he sees those who 'founded' America to be replaced by the Ashkenazi Jewish elites who are only 2% of the population.  Sure that's not "diversity."  Yet, Duke makes no bones about the fact that he has a problem with just about everyone who is not European-American.  Or put it this way:  Religion + color = white Caucasian Christian Europeans is what this former KKK grand wizard is hankering after for it's impossible he isn't aware that those 2% Ashkenazis politically occupying America are white Caucasian Europeans too.
With his quirky ideas on "diversity,"  David Duke wholeheartedly supports Donald Trump's stance on deporting all undocumented immigrants.  Dumping his personal views on the American people, Duke considers the entire system of immigration to be a threat to America's tradition and economy.  The world has been appalled at Trump's idea of banning the entry of Muslims in America.  Duke is one of the few who never denounced this ugly rhetoric.  He admits he does not endorse Donald Trump, asserting that the latter is too pro-Zionist for his liking.  In the same breath Duke gleefully sees Trump as a patriot who talks about American history and culture, waking up "the non-Jewish European-Americans." 

Do such uncanny aspirations on awakening distinguish this fake opponent of Zionism from Donald Trump or Benyamin Netanyahu in any positive light?

We Muslims need to come out of our emotional insecurity, get real and accept that enemy's enemy is NOT necessarily a friend.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hadith says a nation ruled by woman will not succeed

As-salaam Alaikum sisters and brothers  Smiley  Welcome to another huge discrepancy in the Hadith literature.  This looks to be a celebrity hadith as it's preserved by almost all collections.

It says:  "Never will succeed such a nation as lets their affairs carried out by a woman." (Bukhari, Maghazi, 82, Fitan, 18; Tirmidhi, Fitan, 75; Nasai, Qudat, 8; Ahmad b. Hanbal, V, 43, 51, 38, 47).

This Hadith site where I found the narration probably felt too ashamed to mention the name of the narrator .. but I presume it is that little known guy named Abu Bakra.  For long I mixed him up with Abu Bakr Siddiq - my profuse apology for that - Abu Bakr Siddiq was a great man and the first righteous Caliph.  This Abu Bakra is most likely a fictitious name concocted either by the so-called sahaba clan during the early Ommayad period or by Bukhari & co. for the purpose of bundling up false narrations.

Hadith followers have tried to justify this hadith by saying that "the duty of judging necessitates having full view, being shrewd and having experience related to the incidents in life. The fact that the experience of women is less and that they are not involved in the incidents in life very much is very important."   To some extent this might have been applicable in the 7th century.  At present such ideas may exist in remote places of Afghanistan etc.  But otherwise, in most parts of the world this explanation is completely null & void.  Most importantly it has no link with the Quran which narrates the event of a female queen (queen of Sheba or Saba) who embraced Islam in the era of Prophet Solomon and remained queen after embracing Tawheed.  This was hundreds of years before the 7th century.  Allah Almighty never mentions that queen of Saba had to step down as queen after becoming a Muslim (submitter).  Neither did Prophet Solomon tell her nor suggest that she should step down as leader of her land after her conversion.  For reference please check Quranic Verses 27:22-44.

The Hadith institution's second argument is just as absurd.  They say, quote: "The judge needs to have some sessions with male scholars, witnesses, plaintiffs and defendants. It is forbidden for a woman to have a session with men for fear of mischief."   I have no idea what these people are trying to say.   Witnesses who testify in courts can be men and women as per Quranic rules (more on this aspect in a while).  Plaintiffs and defendants can surely be of either gender.  Which law demands that a judge needs some sessions only with male scholars?  Moreover if a judge has any sessions with plaintiff or defendant, it has to be in the presence of their attorneys.  Not that there is anything wrong for a woman to talk business with a judge alone.  Have you ever heard of a judge sexually assaulting a female plaintiff or defendant alone in a courtroom?  Let us not be silly.  If a judge ever did that, it would be a very isolated incident by a sick judge who would be barred from practicing his profession ever again in his lifetime.

The third argument of the Hadithists attempts to use Verse 2:282 (about two female witnesses) to deem women unsuitable as leaders even though this Verse has NOTHING to do with leadership, be it man or woman.   Quoting the Hadith site as follows:

Allah states one of the features of women regarding witnessing as follows: "And get two witnesses, out of your own men And if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as ye choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her " (al-Baqara, 2/282). Therefore, women are not deemed appropriate for the post of a president or a governor.

Well?  So what?   How does this Verse reject women from becoming leaders has not been explained.

The Noble Quran instructs two female witnesses only in the matter of writing debt transactions, nothing else.  If a woman becomes president or prime minister, she won't be required to do menial jobs like serving as witness for signing a debt contract or any deal/agreement for that matter.  All of that will be taken care of by other cabinet members.  Moreover, even if she is required to serve as a witness for a debt contract, why would it be difficult to find another lady to accompany her with the job?  It would not.  So the hadith supporters' argument of two female witnesses for disallowing female leadership is totally senseless and has no bearing on Quranic contents whatsoever.

Now here is the anti-climax.  If you check that Hadith site you will find that after a while the Hadithists themselves give up putting lipstick on trash.  The site writes "However, the reasons given above may be insignificant for the believing women who were educated in accordance with Islamic criteria, who have a good command of law ....."  It also states, quote: "The judgment made by the Turkish Higher Committee for the Religious Affairs is as follows: 'In Islam, there is no discrimination between men and women because they are humans; both are responsible for the orders and prohibitions of Allah. All people, whether men or women, are responsible for improving the earth and worshipping Allah.' "    Hence, in other words, the Hadith institution has itself rejected that mad, bad, illogical and FALSE hadith by Abu Bakra (or whoever) but funnily enough it persists to exist in collections called "sahih."   It's preserved despite the acknowledgement of its nonsensical contents.  Applause !!   So much for the common sense of our "scholars." 

This hadith thumper's stance on defending this weird and anti-Quranic hadith-narration was going nowhere.  He was too afraid to discard the hadith so he stamps his own reasons for explaining the hadith as "insignificant" for educated believing women.  That goes far enough to discreetly admit that this hadith is not worthy of believing educated women.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Qatar and the neutralist Lebanese Government - the latest quid pro quo

More Al Qaeda terrorists have been freed from prison to fight in Syria.

On December 1, 2015 there was a prisoner swap negotiated between Qatar (home of the financiers of "Muslim Brotherhood") and the government of Lebanon. Twenty-six Al Qaeda prisoners were in the custody of Lebanese authorities. Last summer, Al-Nusra capt
ured 16 Lebanese soldiers. These 16 captives were released by AQ to buy the freedom of 26 terrorists with the help of Qatar, to be sent to Syria.

One of the 26 terrorists released from Lebanese prison is Saja al-Dulaimi, known in terror circles as the "Scheming bride of ISIL who inspires girls." She's the wife (or former wife) of IS chief al-Baghdadi. Reportedly she commands tremendous influence over the entire terror network. She was caught in Lebanon in 2014 trying to escape with false documents, huge sums of money and gold to fund terrorists. Another one of the 26 notorious terrorists freed from Lebanese prison is Mustafa Hujairi whose job was to provide logistical support to ANF and ISIL with more than 200 men under his command.

Could Qatar and Lebanon work on such a deal without the consent of the United States? This isn't simply a matter of 26 more terrorists added to the frontline. It's about the hidden resources and connections of the top guns recently freed. Is it necessary to say how such deals wouldn't have a long-term positive impact on strengthening the terror framework?

Russia and Turkey apparently on a collision course, the terror high-command inside Kulliye in Ankara has suffered a major setback. The panic-stricken CIA needs new ratlines to add more vigor to this war. Irrespective of changing conditions, it's a standing order from the Empire's big boss at Tel Aviv that Bashar al-Assad must go. That has kept the poor Empire frantically on its feet since the past 5 years.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Zion propaganda makes its way from media to commercial hub.

Walmart gone nuts!

In the past there have been children's costumes such as Batman, Superman, Zorro, Robin Hood etc. Unfortunately the trend is slipping from benign amusement to sheer insensitivity and racism. Walmart has begun selling ""Israeli soldiers costume for kids"" at $27.44. The image shows a child wearing IDF costume uniform with Hebrew script above the pocket on the left, holding a toy gun. Needless to mention, this uniform is synonymous around the world with murder, torture, robbery, occupation, child abuse, female abuse, gross human rights' violations, illegal demolitions, environmental destruction and much more. A Palestinian victim of Israeli abuse rightly calls this IDF costume ""an ugly scar in the face of Walmart.""

Walmart goes farther introducing a racist costume called ""Sheikh Fagin Nose,"" a face mask with a large prosthetic hooked nose. It is actually the Jews who have traditionally been ascribed as people with prominent, polly-beak noses by the Western society itself. That traditional cynicism has been turned the other way round and dumped on the Arabs. And why the non-Arab name "Fagin?" Fagin is a character in Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist," supposedly an anti-Semite. 

Rejoinders from Zionist circles to the controversy stirred by Walmart's very poor taste claim that if kids in Gaza can stand outside their homes wearing Hamas outfits then why shouldn't non-Palestinian kids wear mock IDF uniforms? It's pointless telling these folks that while the Hamas garb represents rejection of occupation and return of independence & freedom on Palestinian soil, IDF uniform has made itself a stark universal emblem of brutally crushing human freedom .. the acceptance of which has lately been officialized by one of America's biggest departmental chain stores.

Independent UK
Electronic Intifada
International Business Times UK

Killing fields of Burma: Can apartheid and democracy co-exist?

 The Rohingyas face the final stages of genocide,” mentions a recent report by the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at the Queen Mary University of London, "to the point where complete extermination is a possibility."

"What the Rohingyas are facing is a textbook case of genocide in which an entire indigenous community is being systematically wiped out by the Burmese government." -  Stated by 7 Nobel Peace Laureates at the Oslo Conference May 2015.
Their names:-
- Desmond Tutu,
- Mairead Maguire,
- Jody Williams,
- Tawakkol Karman,
- Shirin Ebadi,
- Leymah Gbowee,
- Adolfo Pérez Esquivel.

In case you still don't know, the Rohingya Muslim community of Burma (or Myanmar) has been facing genocide, systematically perpetrated by the Buddhist majority and their government since June 2012.  The opposition remains silent, amounting to its complicity in this unspeakable crime.  The system of apartheid currently implemented in Burma against the minority Rohingya Muslims is far harsher and more inhuman than the one that existed in South Africa.

Images of brutal persecution of Rohingyas in Burma, unimaginable in the modern world, have reached the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for display.

On the oppression of Rohingyas within the apartheid society of Burma, America's Holocaust Memorial Museum has stated:

(Kindly check the details by visiting the link above).

General election in Burma is scheduled on November 8, 2015.  More than ONE MILLION  Rohingya Muslims are barred from casting their ballots simply for being Muslims. Yet the international community is touting this shameful upcoming election as a ""democratic process in Burma.""

Last year in June 2014 the Syrian people gave a solid mandate to President Bashar al-Assad (despite AQ and FSA's numerous attempts to sabotage their efforts), not only within Syria but outside the country as well.  The road leading to the Syrian Embassy in Beirut was inaccessible for more than a mile, packed with Syrian refugees living in Lebanon carrying scores of posters of President Assad, eager to cast their votes.  But the West called it "a grotesque parody of democracy."

In June 2014, Western leaders blamed the Syrian Government for holding elections in the midst of a ""civil war.""   But they find nothing wrong with the idea of the Burmese government holding elections in the thick of a three-year-old genocide that has resulted in the slaughter of over 200,00 members of the minority community, displacement of many more and the implementation of medieval-style slavery / apartheid.

Will someone please teach me the new definition of  ""democracy"" ??

Monday, October 26, 2015

How will Russia reshuffle its balancing tactics in Syria?

Until early September the Russians were courting the Syrian Government and FSA simultaneously. But when Russian airstrikes began early October, there were reports of FSA being targeted. In Moscow, Russian leaders had a cordial meeting with Assad on October 20; earlier October 11, a gracious tete-a-tete with KSA's Mohamed bin Salman over arms deal to assist the Kingdom's anti-Ansarullah campaign in Yemen and pro FSA-(AQ) activities in Syria; and then there was a call for cooperation with FSA and USA on October 25. But FSA is purportedly having furious tantrums of mistrust, playing hard to cajole accusing Russia of targeting them and assisting Assad. According to Al-Jazeera (a pro-FSA source), Sergei Lavrov wasted no time reassuring the Syrian opposition that Russia is ""ready to give air support to the patriotic opposition, including the so-called Free Syrian Army, but we need to get in contact with the people who will have the authority to represent certain armed groups."" FSA's depth of disarray, its many groups, sub-groups and defections to AQ during the past four years make it difficult for them to present themselves as a reliable and "patriotic" fighting force. As long as the Kremlin is suspicious of FSA commanders having links to ISIL and ANF, events on the ground may remain more favorable for Assad. But if (or when) FSA gets the benefit of the doubt, things could go drastically wrong.

FSA has categorically stated that the Russian leadership must choose between Assad or itself while the awkward Russian diplomacy upholds the dire need for cooperation with the Syrian Government, its opposition and the United States, a very close ally of the Syrian opposition as well as a discreet ally of AQ - the oddest amalgamation ever! When a third party claims it has a common goal with two warring groups harboring opposite ideologies,it leaves you scratching your head.

Defeat of ISIL (which is still a distant dream) will not be enough to re-establish peace and sovereignty in Syria. Neither may it be possible for Russia to continue walking on egg-shells for much longer.

Something real bizarro here that isn't giving too many reasons to feel optimistic.

The following image shows Putin and Medvedev entertaining President Bashar al-Assad with, what looks to be, an insipid dinner.

                                            Source of image:  National Post

And Turkey reaction on Assad's visit to Moscow?

"If only he (Bashar al-Assad) would stay longer in Moscow, so the Syrian people could be at ease, or if only he could stay there permanently so that a real transition period could begin."  This was stated by the flagrant war-mongering bitch and puppet-Turkish PM, Ahmet Davutoglu, as if his government has offered plenty of "peace" to his country and the world.  He is actually a double puppet - a titular PM with no power whatsoever, only taking orders from the infamously corrupt and terror-loving Turkish President Erdogan .. who again is taking orders from the White House.  Obviously their jealousy of a nation striving to stay sovereign will never stop burning their rear like grass. 

By the way, Putin promptly briefed Erdogan of Assad's visit to Moscow (check the same hypertext above) the very next day (Oct.21) on telephone.  What was the rush, rather what was the need for it at all .. may I ask?  At times it gets hard to guess who is whose obedient rent boy.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ashura 2015

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" - Imam Hussein, the universal symbol of triumph of REVOLUTIONS and DEFEAT of OPPRESSORS, RENEGADES; an event that will keep the spirit of uprising alive forever. Writes Washington Irving, American historian & author of the 19th century: "Imam Hossein's soul will remain forever under the scorching sun and on the hot sands of Karbala."  Resistance against injustice is not a choice. It is mandatory for the survival of human dignity and justice regardless of the sacrifices and the odds stacked up against the resisting army. 

Muawiyah bin Abu Sufian, the first ruler of the Ommayads, died in 60 AH (680 AD).  In complete violation of Islamic principles, he appointed his son Yazid as his successor, converting the caliphate into a dynasty.  If Hussein wanted he could have very easily saved his life by caving in to the coercion of the Ommayad king, Yazid I, and declaring his allegiance to a disreputable ruler.  But his principles would NOT allow him to take such a step.  Nothing could sway him from the path of his beloved grandfather and the Final Messenger of Allah.  Neither Hussein nor his family felt the slightest fear to fight till the end, defending Islam from corruption, autocracy and the tyranny that comes with it.  What is important in the Sight of Allah is the intention and the depth of one's effort, not the extent of earthly achievement.

Starting from 60 A.H., the first month of our Islamic calendar has been that time of the year when a tender scar erupts into a painful wound once again. The profound grief leaves one numb and distracted. Despondency deepens to realize that similar injustice prevails within the pan-Islamic world and far beyond. Millions continue to tread the path of injustice and corruption but very few have worked to build aspirations from the memories of beloved Hussein.

Rest in comfort dearest, in the loving care of The Almighty, The One, The Only, The Bountiful, The Eternal. 

Art gallery - Battle of Karbala
 photo prisoners karbala.jpg
After the Battle of Karbala, the female members and children of Hussein's family (Household of the Final Messenger pbuh) were taken prisoners, put on chains and made to walk up to Kufa

Guess what you see here?  The 21st century counterpart of Yazid bin Muawiyah attacking Karbala - The 101st Airborne Division of the US army attacks the city of Karbala in April 2003,  the site of the tomb of the Imam Hussein martyred in this city in 680 A.  Unfortunately there have been and are Yazids in every era of Islamic History. 
Source:  Military art by James Dietz - "Strike on Karbala" at JamesDietz.com 

Monday, October 12, 2015

"The small Satan and the big Satan" - Khomeini got it right 36 years before lackluster folks like ourselves

Russia will crush Al Qaeda and FSA, defend Bashar al-Assad until its last breath, establish an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem have been the kind of choruses reverberating across the anti-imperial community all over Facebook and Twitter.

In Russia, the militaristic and orthodox Cossacks for whom the mandatory precondition for joining the Cossack group is belief in "Christ" have "immortalized" the Russian leader in a Roman emperor-style bronze statue after the annexation of Crimea early 2014. 

Much of that jarring jazz blends with an overtone.  The West has been frowning over Mr. Putin's participation in the showdown in Syria .. or so we are told.  But the truth doesn't quite reflect that, not in the context oft reported.  Despite the proclaimed fuss, the U.S. and its Middle-Eastern allies including Saudi Arabia aren't really perturbed at all.  Many Arabs are of the opinion that "Putin was Assad's best choice."  He certainly was Assad's 'best choice.'  A drowning man would clutch at anything, even a serpent.  But the story does not end here.  Al-Qaeda (ISIL & ANF) has been an evil necessity for the White House that has left Obama dithering for a long time.  Under the circumstances, Mr. Putin shouldering this messy issue is also the *best choice* of  U.S. and NATO.  They know he has imperial ambitions like themselves, but not to worry.  He no longer has a strong economy to support those fanciful aspirations.  Though he has absolute power within his country as did the former Czar Nicolas II, his resources are a trickle compared to the Romanov era.  And unlike Nicolas II, Putin is pro-Semite and proud of Russia's anti-Nazi history.  

There are no good reasons for his Western counterparts to distrust the Russian leader.  Might as well utilize him to do the dirty work ... as far as national interest allows him to proceed.  It would also help to downplay their own (though largely feigned) military intervention against IS, putting Russia on the terrorists' line of fire, while at the same time acquiring the advantages of Russian air strikes under the cover of criticism.  Gimmicks like Britain one step closer to war with Russia after giving RAF the green light to shoot hostile Russian jets in Syria need to be taken as little beyond political entertainment news by Western propagandists aimed at gaining international sympathy/support for booting out the Syrian government using Russia as a tool.  If RAF shoots down a Russian jet and starts a war and if the US perceives no future benefits for itself in such a scenario (which it won't), it will not be loyally protective of Britain and no way will Britain enter a war alone .. maybe in tiny Falklands, never with Russia.

Other than a few disgruntled whispers, the House of Saud has been equally complacent.  True that most of Saudi Arabia's military needs are provided by the US.  But the Sauds have made other inroads and entrenched further to lessen their dependency on the US.  In August 2015 the Saudi FM made intensive contacts with senior Russian military officials for a wide range of military armaments including the deadly Iskander ballistic missile systems with a range of 500km and capability for carrying 700kg of various warheads.  Moscow Top News confirmed Saudi Arabia signing contracts for buying a bunch of different Russian military hardware that includes "combat helicopters, T-90C tanks, armored vehicles and anti-aircraft missile systems. The deal approximately totals $2 billion."  With unjust sanctions clamped on Russia over the Ukraine episode and the ruble steadily falling, the Russian government is in dire need of attractive contracts  from wealthy countries.  Principles and fair play are the last things to get hung up on.

Along side US weapons, the Saudi/Russian arms deals have definitely played a significant role in the destruction of Yemen.  While you rightly applaud Russia for blasting ISIL in Syria, the Saudis are flattening Yemen with similar hardware, much of it purchased from the same military. 

As little as five days after its official military intervention in Syria, the Kremlin welcomed a senior Saudi delegation for talks on cooperating in the Syrian war.  The Saudi FM recapitulated his country's position - "Assad's resignation" - to a silent Putin who is supposed to be bombing Syrian rebels to help Assad survive.  Same day Mr. Putin had a cordial meeting with the crown prince of UAE, a country supportive of the Syrian opposition and is ravaging Yemen after joining the Saudi coalition that started a preemptive war in March 2015.  One might be curious to know what exactly was the purpose of these meetings with the arch enemies of Syria?  It surely wasn't about ending the war, closing the borders nor Saudi Arabia declaring a neutral policy.

It would be naive to repudiate that a substantial bulk of high powered weapons and armaments currently supplied by Saudi Arabia to the "Free Syrian Army" and Jaish al-Fatah aren't Russian-made.  Contemplating logically, the framework isn't a whole lot different from US military airdropping "50 tons of small arms ammo and grenades in norther Syria on Sunday," reported by Fox News as "Pentagon's shift from training rebel fighters to equipping them."  While FSA receives its smaller perks directly via US military, it gets the heavier US and Russian armaments indirectly through Saudi Arabia.  The SAA is not the only beneficiary of Russia's 'compassionate' policies.

Of course Putin never gave any reasons to assume he was madly in love with Assad.  He is only focused on thwarting Al-Qaeda's international agenda of a 'caliphate' spilling into Chechnya and possibly other parts of Russia.  The Syrian rebels on the other hand, though almost just as radical, are fighting for ousting the Syrian government and staying within Syria.  Vladi Puts is thoroughly comfortable with that.  Whatever happens to Assad eventually was never his concern.  The Kremlin has been cleverly balancing its relations between Assad and the SNC;  whichever of the two finally wins, Moscow will only require to continue its diplomacy and trade links.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Putin-mania is bubbling with unanswered questions

It began around August 2015 and continues until now.  Only time will disclose the outcome and on that day Syria may not have too many reasons to rejoice.  

On August 2015 Sergei Lavrov held formal talks with Khalid Khoja, leader of SNC (so-called Syrian opposition) for building "a broad coalition to fight IS" while simultaneously wooing Bashar al-Assad for the same purpose despite knowing that Khoja and Assad are far from friends. This is the same Khalid Khoja who left Syria at age 18.  It's the same Khalid Khoja who believes that allowing the present Syrian government to survive would be a victory for Iran.   It's the same person who said in his message as an SNC member in Turkey that the benefit of Zionist Israel lies in the ouster of Assad's government which "works for Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas."  Even if Khoja agrees to fight IS, he will still want to break away Syria from the Axis of Resistance. Moreover, various ground fighters and commanders of SNC have close links with IS and ANF which Khoja is incapable of preventing.  Don't forget to look up the comedy of betrayal involving Pentagon and its knight in shining armor - New Syrian Forces a.k.a. Division 30.  Is Lavrov really crazy enough to imagine a handshake between Assad and Khoja based on such a proposal?

On Sept.16, 2015 Sergei Lavrov reportedly suggested to John Kerry for a "military-to- military conversation" to combat IS terrorists while the United States is already spending $100 million a week on airstrikes within Syria for simplifying the mission of those terrorists and consequently refusing to put "boots on the ground" in ISIL strongholds of Syria and Iraq. 

A quick wrap of the Putin-mania as it stands at the moment, excluding lengthy details and the naive fervor.  On Sept.26  'Telegraph' stated David Cameron "will soften his stance towards the brutal Syrian leader as a temporary measure"  as if it's that pig's legal entitlement to dismiss and appoint Syrian leaders.  That came with an insinuation of a 'victory' for Putin.  Seemed far more like a warning that Syria could be a battleground for a much longer period than Viet Nam!   The pig then flew to the U.S. to attend Putin's UN performance. 

Despite the Russian leader's game of tricks n balances as an unidealistic player, Putin continues to cling to that conventional eyewash "UN will prevent international confrontations."  He has been plain and open about his desire to coordinate Russian presence on Syrian soil with the US coalition despite yesterday's NYT report on Russian air force targeting Assad's opponents. 

How much longer might it take the enthralled Vladimir supporters to catch this little chess tournament as a hard-nozed pragmatic move devoid of ideological principles?

If some day Syria is cleansed of the Al Qaeda marauders, will Bashar al-Assad finally be left alone?  If not, and with the possible risk of terrorists infiltrating into Chechnya from Syria and Iraq eradicated, with no more chances of lucrative business and military contracts from an economically wreaked Syria, will defending Assad still be important to Mr. Putin?  Or will he again become a recluse, try to disarm Syria with deceptive advise as he did in 2013 much to the pleasure of Israel?  Still worse, will he then make efforts for a common cause with his EU/US partners calling for Assad to step down with the hope of distracting them from the turmoil in eastern Ukraine?  Will it then be time for Vladimir Putin to resume his age old 'political love-life' with Israel and his favors for those thousands of nationalist Israeli Russian Jews who have also loyally been voting for him in every Russian election?

To make a long story short, none of these self-serving sluggards are worth an ounce of trust.  If Syria is destined to survive, it can only happen with the endeavors and unconditional commitment of the Axis of Resistance.  Considering the steady flow of weapons and money flowing into Syria since the last four years to assist foreign terrorists, if Hezbollah and Iran were not diligently helping the Syrian Arab Army behind the scenes, the SAA  wouldn't have had the resources to handle this war beyond a couple of years and Assad would have almost certainly been toppled long ago.  If Russia is serious about standing up to defend Syria, is it also interested in preserving the Axis of Resistance?  If not, then its support for Bashar al-Assad is pretty much useless.

Murdered in cold blood for eating beef

Why blame only ISIL when sickness abounds far and wide?

Mohammed Akhlaq, a 50-year-old Muslim man in India was brutally beaten to death for eating beef. He was dragged out of his home in the suburbs of the Indian capital by a hundred men, some reportedly high on alcohol. They smashed his head. His 22-year-old son was seriously attacked and lies in hospital in critical condition. Mohammed Akhlaq's home was ransacked. His wife and 70-year-old mother were also attacked but managed to save their lives. And this country is dubbed as the world's "largest democracy." This is no isolated occurrence. It's a pattern. The incident happened a couple of days after the Pakistan Embassy staff in New Delhi was disallowed by the Indian government from celebrating Eid-al-Adha outside the capital. As if the ruthless occupation of Kashmir since the last six decades isn't terrible enough, the Indian peninsula also stoops down to hardcore, fierce hindu radicalism.

Those who won't raise their voices against such savagery must also be just as comfortable with Al Qaeda at heart ... they have to be .. their criticism of AQ would be nothing beyond spectacular hypocrisy.

Fact check:

Caravan Daily

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy pipe dreams to Putin fantasizers

Until now, Russia has been wholly focused on crushing IS, not for the love of Syria, but for fear of its global mission that it might some day make itself just as cozy in Chechnya - a republic under Russian Federal control demanding independence - which has given Mr. Putin a hard time for years despite his iron fist policy.  The nuisance value of Al-Nusra Front hasn't yet unnerved Russian officials who view ANF as a weaker and more localized terror group interested in establishing itself within Syria.  That storyline could get more threatening.

Betrayal of U.S. by Pentagon trained Syrian rebels (New Syrian Forces or Division 30) on September 22 in which more than 70 of Pentagon's 'knights in shining armor' defected to Al-Nusra Front and handed over their weapons and technicals immediately after entering Syria via Turkey was followed by another shocker.   Muhajireen Brigade, an active terror group inside Syria  consisting of no less than 1,500 Chechen, Uzbek and Tajik fighters pledged allegiance to Al-Nusra  on September 23. 

Stories of Kremlin aircraft chasing ISIL terrorists have been spreading like wildfire since the past three weeks.  Several alternative sites are flooded with pictures of air force jets flying in the blue skies (and every place in this planet has a blue sky, not just Syria) with insets of Putin's macho photoshopped images fighting lions and giants.  Yet no good news of terrorists on the run in Syria and Iraq.  Quite the opposite.  They are lounging across their occupied strongholds without a worry in the world and getting plenty of new recruits.  Until now, the scenario is uncomfortably reminiscent of the US coalition's disguised air strikes. 

Destruction of Syria is just as little a matter of concern to Russia as it has been to the United States as long as their different interests are served.  US goal is to dislodge Assad regardless of the extent of ruination caused.  Russia's concerns for itself are deep but less explicit from the outside.

Eliminating all possibilities of Al-Qaeda infiltration into Chechnya and the surrounding region is definitely one of Russia's major goals. 

So, will Russia go it alone?  Considering several reports on Putin's eagerness "to coordinate a campaign with US and its allies targeting ISIS," that question is unanswerable at the moment.  Time will tell.  One can only confirm that Syria doesn't need disguised air strikes.  It desperately needs to be cleansed of foreign invaders as the first step to end the war, a need brazenly thwarted by U.S. and its allies.  In case Putin intends to be stupid enough to use this episode for making common cause with the West and distracting it from the issue of Ukraine, he might just end up shooting himself in the foot.  If ever in future the West seriously wants to pursue the problem of Al-Qaeda, it won't require Putin's cooperation for hunting its terror buddies .. be it ISIL or ANF.   And if Al-Qaeda in Syria can reach Kabul and Herat in the east, Sinai and Najd in the south, Benghazi and Tripoli south-west, then why not Grozny in the north barely 750 miles away?  

Online networking sites have become a great fantasy world for cajoling star gazers who wish to view the world the way they they would want it to be, not the way it is.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

What exactly does Russia plan to achieve from this two-pronged approach?

If Russia is serious about standing up to defend Syria, is it also interested in protecting the existence of the Resistance?  If not, then its support for today's sovereign Syria is pretty much useless.

Russia claims to be talking to the leader of the Syrian opposition (Syrian National Council), Khalid Khoja, for building "a broad coalition to fight Islamic State."  Russians are also supposedly helping Pres. Bashar al-Assad's government to fight IS. 

However, Khalid Khoja and Bashar Assad are far from friends.  This is the same Khalid Khoja who hasn't lived in Syria since age 18.  Yes, it's the same Khalid Khoja who believes that allowing the present Syrian government to survive would be a victory for Iran.  It's the same Khalid Khoja who said in his message as an SNC member in Turkey that the benefit of Zionist Israel lies in the ouster of Assad's government which 
"works for Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas."

Furthermore, various ground fighters and commanders of SNC still have links with IS and ANF (and Russia is conveniently forgetting ANF).  Even if Khalid Khoja agrees to fight IS, he will still want to break away Syria from the Axis of Resistance.  Surely Sergey Lavrov cannot be stupid enough to imagine a handshake between Assad and Khoja for the purpose of a broad based coalition to fight IS.  Not to mention, several Syrian news outlets are already on cloud nine, composing too many lullabies on Russia as Syria's loyal ally to comfort their restive hearts.  Their comical idiocy has gone as far as claiming 'Russia bombed Israel.'  Simultaneously SNC has been boasting that Russia's stance is shifting from Assad to Khoja. 

About time to get serious and stop this assorted bullshit once and for all.  Stay down-to-earth and stay truthful.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Second Generation "Refugee Crisis" - A Disaster Explicitly of the 21st Century

Though nothing is more heart wrenching than death and life-changing injuries caused by the fury of war, getting chased out of your home and wandering from country to country with you distraught family and your meager belongings tucked inside your carry-on luggage is another scourge of war which is no less devastating.

"War, violence and persecution left one in every 122 humans on the planet a refugee," writes The Guardian.  Other reports have confirmed that the population of refugees around the world has far exceeded 50 million, more than it was during WW2. 

However, few sources are forthright enough to say that the sudden escalation of displaced people in post WW2 era has occurred largely since the start of the 3rd millennium.  In the past 15 years countries across northern Middle-East .. up to Afghanistan .. have been locked in preemptive wars for over 13 years initiated by foreign powers.  Additionally, deadly copycat persecutions/genocide erupting in US/EU-friendly regions of south and south-east Asia stimulated by negative precedents set by imperial powers have helped to deepen the misery.

Those fleeing from countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia for a 'better life' are portrayed as part of the "migrant" crisis to downplay a horde of displaced men, women, children and elderly from devastated war zones.  People from poorer countries taking perilous journeys to settle in richer countries for better economic prospects is no new story.  It has been a way of life for over a century.  But only recently it became a significantly worrisome agenda within the circles of European and North American policy makers.  Among the new generation of refugees at least 70% have been affected by wars across the Middle East and Afghanistan beginning 2002 and 2003.

History tells us that dictatorship, no matter how awful, hasn't proven to be quite half as terrible as war and the persecution that follows.

A total of 4 million Syrians have left home since the start of the war in 2011.  That is, nearly a fifth of Syria's population!  At present, not only have the terrorist fighters of Al Qaeda left Syria and Iraq in ruins but US and Britain are doing the same through disguised air strikes and an intentional failure to contain their pseudo Al Qaeda enemies.  The situation is too dire for Syrian civilians to be interested in Twitter debates or choosing political icons any longer.  Caught between rocket launchers/chemical weapons/brutal occupations of the invading terrorists and the bombs of their government, they can only think of getting away and saving their lives.  Though it needs to be mentioned that if the Syrian government had to handle only its indigenous people as in a genuine homegrown civil unrest, the necessity for dropping bombs would probably never arise.

"Refugees and migrants across Libya face rape, torture and abductions for ransom by traffickers and smugglers, as well as systematic exploitation by their employers, religious persecution and other abuses by armed groups and criminal gangs," according to a new Amnesty International briefing published in May 2015.  From an estimated one million Libyan refugees since 2011, half of them (Gaddafi supporters) have sought asylum in Tunisia and at least 300,000 in Europe, mostly in Italy.  Until the 20th century, Italy's little-known boat people were sub-Saharan Africans and Bangladeshis.  They now include Syrians, Libyans, Afghanis, Iraqis and Palestinians. 

After the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the opening of borders for the entry of Al Qaeda, more than two million Iraqis have been displaced.   Majority have fled Iraq as refugees.

The conflict in Afghanistan since 2002 has dislodged 2.6 million.  And a quick glance at the late 20th century crisis.  When the former Soviets attacked Afghanistan in 1979 (America's cold war), neighboring Pakistan was coerced with the responsibility of taking over 4 million Afghan refugees.

Until March 2015, no less than one million have fled Nigeria fearing the growing strength of  Boko Haram (Al Qaeda in Nigeria) that has been working with Al Qaeda's top sub-group, ISIL.  Boko Haram has been sending hundreds of militants to Libya to assist ISIL takeover of the war torn country amidst the messy infighting of  other so-called jihadis within Libya like Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade (ASMB) founded by LIFG and Ansar al Sharia (part of al Qaeda’s international network).  The contrast couldn't be more startling from the tranquil epoch of the former green Libya.  Boko Haram's resources have more than doubled since the fall of Libya at the hands of NATO and LIFG, and following the partial occupations of Syria and Iraq by ISIL.

In Burma (Myanmar) the Muslim minority, Rohingyas, have endured brutal ethnic cleansing that has been acknowledged as a "genocide" by at least eight Nobel Laureates.  Over quarter of a million Rohingyas have been killed and at least 150,000 made stateless in their own land, forced into Burmese concentrated camps.  More than 100,000 have fled these camps on boat.  Many never reached their destinations, their rickety boats sinking to the bottom of the sea. This genocide has been part of a broader policy of the Myanmar government with the connivance of local politicians.  Just as destructive has been the silence of the United States, Europe and Canada since the genocide began in June 2012.

Europe and Britain have indulged in plenty of dog-whistle rhetoric on the dangers of taking in more "migrants" (they won't say 'refugees').  Anti-refugee policies in European countries are giving rise to rightist politics and fear-mongering over immigration and the acceptance of asylum seekers.  Hungary is afraid that refugees from the Middle-East will "undermine Europe's Christian roots."  Hungarian PM, Victor Orban, couldn't care less how many terrorists gate-crashed into Syria, Iraq or Libya.  He is only focused on keeping Hungary "migrant-free."  He has been busy building up a hate campaign specifically against Muslim refugees since months.   Quoting Orban's xenophobic narrative which is clearly the result of his own deep insecurity sprouting from Europe's secular culture:  "We must not forget that those who are coming in have been brought up under a different religion and represent a profoundly different culture.  The majority are not Christians but Muslims. That is an important question because Europe and European culture have Christian roots.  Or is it not already, and in itself, alarming that Europe's Christian culture is barely able to uphold Europe's own Christian values ?"

Few days ago the world should have been more shocked at the images of a female Hungarian photo-journalist (also a member of the anti-immigration group) who was caught on camera sticking out her foot  at a Syrian refugee father carrying his little son, causing both to fall near the notorious Roszke immigrant camp on the Hungary-Serbia border.  Roszke inside Hungary, is another very controversial camp similar to many of those concentration camps for Rohingyas in present-day Burma.  Recently a Youtube video showed refugees at Roszke Camp being "fed like animals in a pen" with an assemblage of Hungarians in front of the camp preventing the refugees from stepping out of its premises and the Hungarian police throwing sandwiches at the asylum seekers.
Here's the video footage:

European anxiety over second generation refugees has to do more with religion and culture rather than color.

The law manipulating game is also involved which most of us have overlooked.  There is a difference between migrants and refugees.  'Migrants' would be defined as people who voluntarily move from place to place searching for work or those who leave one country to settle in another permanently as immigrants. 'Refugees' don't leave voluntarily. They are people who are forced to leave their country of origin either because of war, persecution or natural disaster. Obviously Syrians, Iraqis and Libyans fleeing the terrorist onslaught in their countries belong to the latter category. Yet, why are they perpetually referred as 'migrants' and not 'refugees' by European authorities?'

Because .....

"Countries are free to deport migrants who arrive without legal papers, which they cannot do with refugees under the 1951 convention. So it is not surprising that many politicians in Europe prefer to refer to everyone fleeing to the continent as migrants." - New York Times.
Migrant or Refugee? There Is a Difference, With Legal Implications

Based on facts, it's only Lebanon that has a refugee crisis, not Europe and certainly not Britain.  The number of refugees actually lessened in Britain by 75,000 since 2011.  In Lebanon, the  infrastructure has reached a breaking point because of the refugee crisis stemming from US-NATO-AQ wars.  Lebanon is a hundred times smaller than Europe but has taken 50 times more refugees than Europe.

Writes Lindsey German at Counterfire on the present situation: "Today the attitudes of governments across Europe are reminiscent not of 1945 but of the 1930s. Then, Jews and other refugees from fascism were treated appallingly by governments such as Britain’s, often refused entry and some perishing in the course of their desperate attempts to find safety. ... Today we are witnessing an onslaught against the new generation of refugees. They are denounced as economic migrants, even though they are clearly escaping from deadly situations.....     Europe is the richest corner of the world. It can easily afford to let refugees in to the 28 countries within the EU. Free movement should mean just that, not free movement for those with white skins, or those with money. "

Refugee crisis will no doubt create greater economic pressure on Europe.  But that is a price Europe must pay for supporting America's wars.  Europeans would need to be very stupid if they hadn't already expected it;  and the United States won't step in to share Europe's responsibilities.  Every economic misery that is Europe's pain is America's gain.

Rohingya Muslim females forced to work as sex slaves in Burma

Why won't the world condemn this?   Is rape legal for Buddhist men in the eyes of the world?

The world was rightly vocal on the kidnapping of 300 Nigerian school girls by Boko Haram. Then why this deafening silence on the countrywide slavery and rape of Rohingya-Muslim females in Burma as an instrument of genocide by the country's army, police and civilians?  Is rape or forcible marriage bad only if they're practiced by men of specific ethnic backgrounds?

Story and image at:
Discover the Truth - Rape against Rohingya Muslim women in Burma. 

Informed by Burma Task Force, USA, dated September 17, 2015 ....
Burmese opposition leader Aun Kan su kyi has officially announced that she is excluding Muslims from the list of candidates for the November election. This woman was awarded Nobel Prize in 1991. If the Nobel Peace Center cares even a bit for its reputation, it should immediately revoke the prize wrongly awarded to this callous old hag and fascist.  It's because of people like these that the prestige of the Nobel institution is completely lost and it's recognized as nothing beyond a political tool and a joke.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Al-Fu'aa, Kefraya and Al-Zabadani - Media LIE about "land swap" in Syria

The towns of Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya have been among the symbols of resistance against heavily armed terrorists backed by the West, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the gulf states.  Negotiations were recently underway between Iran and Turkey over the exchange of 30,000 civilians of these two towns for hundreds of trapped Al Qaeda terrorists in the Syrian hill station of al-Zabadani.  But the terrorists refused to move out of the resort city and consequently talks failed.  To cover up the obdurate attitude of Al Qaeda infiltrators, the mainstream media (including al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya) has dubbed this episode as a "population swap" / "land swap on the part of Iran and Syria "to change the demographics and partition the country."  Much too laughable an accusation considering that the top priority of the invading marauders and their sponsors has been the fragmentation of Syria since 2013.  Why in the world would the Syrian government support a negotiation to break up its own country beyond what the foreign agents and their financiers have already done?   

The rumor being swirled by these buffoons, and specifically quoting an Al Arabiya journalist : "It is an operation designed to remove anti-Assad inhabitants from the Zabadani valley and villages around it with the aim that opposition forces would then grant safe passage to forces loyal to Assad and the population of two enclaves of Fuaa and Kefraya in north Idleb provinceWell, all of those in Fu'aa and Kefraya are civilians, more than 30,000. That's their home. Why and where would they be relocated?  President Bashar Al-Assad has never spoken (not even hinted) of ever giving an inch of Syrian land to those foreign occupying thugs nor would the residents of Fu'aa and Kefraya ever agree to such a humiliating deal and neither would Iran consider for a moment to peddle an offer as weird as this.    

The same manipulating source also mentions "It is reported that Iranian officers discussed with opposition leaders a deal to move Syrians, mainly Sunnis, from a strategic town close to Damascus. The area also includes Barada and Buqqin, two villages rich in water which play a part in controlling water supplies to the capital Damascus"    So, according to this propagandist, Iran and Syria weren't only thinking of selling Fu'aa and Kefraya (and possibly the entire Idlib governorate) but also some "town close to Damascus" (he apparently does not even know the name of the town) along with Barada and Buqqin.  For a moment let us set aside these sloppy myths from unaccomplished story-tellers and analyze the fiction objectively.

The residents of Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya (presently occupied by Al Qaeda groups) have in fact established their own Civil Defense Force in addition to the aerial support by the Syrian Army.  Untiring resistance by NDF is persistently giving Al Qaeda a hard time .. a scenario which is a far cry from handing over one's homeland to the enemy as part of a "land swap" deal.
But hey!  If the offers were really made by Iran and Syria, it should have been a gift from Heaven for Al Qaeda. Why didn't they accept it? Why did those 350 invading murderers holed up in Zabadani stubbornly refuse to budge and why did their bosses squander this prize offer for the sake of 350 of their routed bandits?  No answers, no comments.  Why?  There were no offers of this kind whatsoever.  At best, the terrorists in Fu'aa and Kefraya were given a choice that if they ended the occupation, their defeated comrades besieged in Zabadani would be granted amnesty and escorted out of Zabadani and out of Syria, likely under UN supervision if necessary. But those blockaded terrorists in Zabadani obstinately refused to leave.  Why would they?  Armed robbery of land is a specific branch of thuggery and struggle the "moderate Syrian rebels" have effectively mastered with guidelines from their peers next door in Israel.
You may recall, in 2012 terrorists captured Idlib city and governorate.  This led to an offensive by the Syrian Army and within a couple of months Idlib was retaken.  But in March 2015, AQ splinter groups of Jaysh al-Fateh and Al-Nusra again captured Idlib city and besieged Fu'ah and Kefraya to its north.  Ever since they have been launching mortar shells and hellfire cannons, killing and wounding dozens of civilians.  Though the residents remain resolved and adamant never to surrender to Al Qaeda affiliated thugs, their situation is precarious.  After every victory won by Hezbollah and the Syrian Army at Zabadani, terrorists belonging to Harakat Ahrar as-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and Nusra Front have been carrying out reprisal attacks against civilians in Al-Fu'aa and Kefraya. 

To lighten their ancestral guilt, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya (indispensable lackeys of the mainstream Western channels) find it comforting to paint Iran and Syria as renegades, a trait embedded within the patriarch of the House of Saud who sold Palestine to the Zions via the Brits with a smile and a scribbly signature on a scrap of paper.

Resolve of terrorists in Zabadani is fast waning.  Syrian journalist, Ibrahim Joudeh, at Twitter reports August 23, "twenty Ahrar al-Sham terrorists turned themselves in to the Syrian Army last night and Hezbollah along with SA liberated 15 buildings in Ajjorjaniah."  Hassan Ridha tweeted today "Hezbollah and Syrian Army have captured Omar Farooq Mosque in Zabadani."   Al-Masdar News confirmed August 20, foreign militants have been continuously surrendering in Zabadani. 

The flame of sectarian zeal among isolated segments of hardline Syrian Sunnis that burned furiously during the initial stages of this proxy war is now like an ember that has lost its glow in a trampled bonfire.

The approaching fate of Al Qaeda at Zabadani has been another  disappointment for the agent  provocateurs, inside and outside the country.  The story is thus depicted by the international media with astonishing distortion of facts with long-term motives to alter history.  If your kids and grandkids get a chance to go to American or European universities to study International Relations, they will come out telling you that Syria was balkanized voluntarily by a "corrupt dictator named Bashar al-Assad who ran an evil party called Baath."  Nothing unusual.  It's the same remorseless cycle set off by the NWO that prompts you and me to glorify and demonize the ones we do with a matter-of-fact approach keeping up with trends and traditions of the academia and the intellectual frauds.