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Monday, October 31, 2016

Burma: Rohingya Muslims subjected to "Operation Clearance" by Buddhist terror regime

                      Image source Burma Task Force Newsletter.

The Rohingyas (minority Muslims of Burma) are holding a protest in Washington DC on November 1, 2016.  Genocide against Muslims in Burma by the terrorist Buddhist regime is going from bad to worse.  Conditions in concentrating camps' are too appalling to describe.  Thousands of Rohingyas  harshly imprisoned in these camps are literally getting not more than 4 teaspoons of food a day;  worse than the camps run by Nazis in WW2.   Rohingyas have no access to clean water and no access to doctors.  Rape, murder and arson are daily occurrences for Muslims living in villages.  Burmese military and police (no different from Al-Qaeda's ISIL & Nusra) are the ringleaders of terrorism who systematically encourage the mobs. They have now officially labelled their terror-apartheid and ethnic cleansing campaigns as "Operation Clearance."  It's particularly hell-on-earth for Rohingya females;  girls as young a 8, 9 and 10 are frequently raped.  Some rape victims are killed, some are made sex-slaves.  

Raids and destruction of Mosques and desecration of the Noble Qur'an are carried out by Buddhist gangs and 'law enforcers' without the slightest of hesitation.  The most shameless proponent of Buddhist terror is "Nobel" laureate Aung San Su Kyi, one of the closest allies of the West and a silent spectator of this nationwide pogrom.

A week ago, a remote village of Rohingyas was raided by Buddhist government forces.  The village was raised to the ground and dozens of women raped.  While the utter devastation is plain to see in images, the Burmese regime claims the soldiers committed "no abuse."  According to the regime, the raid was carried out in retaliation to a group of Rohingya men turning into insurgents and attacking a few Burmese border guards.  No border guards were reported hurt.  Needless to mention, even if this story is true, the insurgency is justified to the fullest.  If the regime expected the aftermath of its prolonged murderous repression to be anything different, then its stupidity is at par with its tyranny.

                               Image source News Trust.Org

The world won't care to understand that conditions like these within a society can only lead to a single outcome - rise of armed militancy by the oppressed. The Rohingyas have since long been a very quiet, peaceful and benign community.  But they are being recklessly pushed into the opposite direction.  The global community must not be surprised if the Rohingyas turn into a group of armed insurgents within the next half decade or earlier. It's a reaction that is natural of human psychology, and why not?  Resistance against injustice is vested in humans as a right, a privilege.  

                       Image source Facebook human rights activity

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mosul offensive October 2016

                                                               Image Press TV.


With over 700 Daesh terrorists killed since October 17 in the offensive to retake Mosul (despite the evacuation of dozens of Daesh commanders & their families to Raqqa in the days following the offensive), Erdogan can barely conceal his worries as he nervously watches Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units tightening the noose around Daesh's neck. Daesh's Dad again makes it obvious (as always) that his approach is carefully based on a well-adjusted plan, subduing his chickens just enough so they don't return to his backyard to roost. Well, they won't, for which Tayyip needs to thank Big Daddy for whisking away the criminals to Raqqa. A bit like spring cleaning your backyard and dumping the stinking garbage into the neighbor's property. That's the only reason U.S. forces made sure of their presence in northern Iraq at the time.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


    Activist Post |   Western Charity: The Selling, Trading & Weaponization of Syria's Children.

White Helmets aren't the only bunch of crooks. There are many more similar NGOs based in UK and France such as Light Charity, Fatimiya Trust, Masoom, Baraka City etc. etc. Some of them were genuinely providing humanitarian assistance to Gaza before 2011. But their philanthropic ideology changed drastically after the spring of 2011, their respect for humanity falling to utter disrespect.  All such organizations are attached to a specific terror group (or groups) inside Syria, and all are funded and encouraged by the West. Their prime strategy is using orphaned Syrian children as propaganda tools. Al Qaeda recruits masquerading as Syrians are picked by "charity workers" for phony interviews showing their enthusiasm for the ""revolution."" These so-called charities are infiltrating into Syria by joining aid convoys in Europe and consequently the donations they carry end up directly in the hands of terrorist fighters.

These criminals, impersonating as managers of humanitarian organizations, are all over the online social media posting images of helping injured civilians and getting thousands of thumbs-up from naive friends and  followers.

International terrorists belonging to different AQ factions, each faction having its own title, have their 'recreation camps' in the outskirts of Jordan and Turkey.  They periodically visit these camps for weapon reinforcements and then return to Syria to kill, plunder and kidnap Syrian civilians.  The official media stamps each such episode as "government atrocities."

As abduction and trafficking of Syrian women, girls and children by foreign fighters continues to be a booming business, many new recruits from around the world are hired by phony humanitarians and charities as "rebels" with promises of a 'beautiful bride.' 

Abducted children, women, orphans and the disabled of Syria are paraded in Youtube channels to discredit the Syrian government, cashing in the sentiments of viewers. It's a tactic that has helped many fraudulent charity foundations to gain international public support and loads of money.  Needless to say, that money never reaches the suffering women, children and disabled.

Their sponsors are silently watching the crime market they have have successfully established after downgrading their ambitions from conquest of Syria to dismemberment of Syria.

Very few wars in the history of this planet have caused so much human suffering;  and very few countries or communities in the world have been stifled with the force of such brutal injustice as Syria in the third millennium.

Below is an excerpt from Activist Post. It's one of the most precise summaries of this catastrophic scenario I've read so far, revealing the sordid activities of this huge mafia running with direct Western collaboration in the garb of "Muslim charities."

"It has been over 5 years of US-Saudi and NATO driven proxy war on Syria. Syria’s children have been used, orphaned, slaughtered, abused, abducted, kidnapped, sold by US/NATO- backed al Qaeda groups and ISIS/Daesh also within the outskirts of refugee camps in Jordan/Turkey/Lebanon. Syria’s children have been sold to Saudi pedophiles touring refugee camps, sold to organ traffickers, used as human shields, used towards fabricating Syrian government and Syrian army atrocities .... countless have had their organs harvested or forced into prostitution.

No voice representing the mandate of the Syrian people is to be heard. The Syrian perspective has been silenced. The communities in Syria who have peacefully co-existed since the beginning of time, united in their grief and fight to eradicate the terrorism brought in from the outside, is whitewashed in favor of a sectarian war narrative describing a “civil war” and “revolution” to which fanatical mercenaries recruited from over 70 different countries are sent into Syria to help implement. Otherwise, this “revolution” would never exist."

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Duped by the directorate of a nanny-state

The international media, the most important weapon of the global elite mafia, is losing its skill to indoctrinate minds as smoothly as it did until a couple of years ago.  Its modus operandi is getting repetitious and lackluster.  Despite that, and the efforts of many common Americans  to break away from the traditional capitalistic policy of financial and political hegemony (dominating not just America but the entire post-WW2 world of "allies"), those people continue to remain prisoners of the oligarchy.

The overbearing system shoots at the life-saving artery of democracy, making it a sham for decades. American people cannot even directly choose their president. The electoral college has the final say, a body of only 538 appointees of the Congress. Whoa! The entire system is craftily designed to muzzle the 99% to eliminate all risks of shaking the foundation of the Jewish-neocon controlled complex structure. The American people are helpless prisoners of the establishment that runs a police state.

Furthermore, the huge size of the confederation of 50 plus states that's rife with polarization is a factor which constantly thwarts peoples' unity, an aspect indispensable for a strong and consolidated movement. It's a very dispiriting and subduing scenario felt by many Americans.

While the so-called declaration of modernism and freedom serves as a window dressing, behind it, U.S. and Europe (including Britain of course)  are pining for medieval decadence. Rather much worse. Unlike modern times, many good things actually happened in the medieval period. In the years between 1790-1799, the French came out on the streets;  they fought and fought to kick out the rule of the hierarchy .. and they succeeded. Can you imagine the modern French people at present fighting as bravely as did their ancestors in the 1700s?  Well, why go that far into the past?  Iran did that successfully in the 1970s and ended up becoming the biggest enemy of the despotic gang of allied global powers.

Monday, October 24, 2016


                                                     SFP Twitter

A city in Sweden wants to help ISIL terrorists returning from Syria by providing them housing, drivers' licenses and jobs. How many innocents they murdered, raped, trafficked, and how many homes they destroyed - all forgotten! Europe makes a loud fuss over accommodating refugees from Syria forced to flee the scourge of perpetrators, but welcomes those perpetrators with open arms .. because they're serving as NATO's reservists.

The absurdity gets still better when you read reports that "Muslim" Brotherhood is successfully gaining foothold in Sweden's Green Party.

Fact check:
Madness and Stupidity in Power in Europe
Sweden Handouts to Returning ISIL Terrorists


As the Mosul campaign rolls in, Iraqi soldiers are gathering in the north taking positions. According to Daily Mail dated Oct.19, a US General reported that Daesh fighters and their wives had already fled Mosul. One may wonder how they fled so easily when 1.5 million civilians are still stuck in Mosul with rising fears of a humanitarian crisis? What the General didn't mention was the agreement between Saudi Arabia and US to evacuate all senior Daesh members and their wives and arrange safe passage for them from Mosul to Raqqa. Truckloads of women of Daesh families have reportedly relocated to Raqqa. Until a few days ago it was surmised that Abu Bakr Baghdadi and his explosives expert Fawzi Nouimeh were holed up in Mosul. But now it's far more likely that they too have fled with Saudi & US blessings, leaving the outskirts of Mosul littered with booby traps.

Quoting a local source of Iraq's Nineveh province via SFP:
"Media sources said 10 buses and 12 cars transporting foreign members of Daesh and their families arrived in Raqqa coming from Mosul city without being targeted by the US-led coalition aircrafts."

The US has been openly mentioning of Iraq's intent to retake Mosul since July, as one would periodically announce about an upcoming carnival. They gave Daesh a very long notice keeping them up-to-date with every bit of logistics on the Iraqi side. Daesh would have to be very, very stupid not to flee while America can barely contain its loyalty to old friends.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Clinton and the Syria no-fly zone

As on October 16, 2016 -- a week after the 2nd presidential debate on October 9.

Fact check please:   Independent Journal Review, "Hillary wouldn't release full transcripts of her paid Wall Street speeches, so Wikileaks did it for her."

They are all a bunch of brazen serial murderers with not a shred of shame nor remorse.  They are degrading America to the lowest levels of sub-humanity.   America deserves much better.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Yemen Funeral Massacre - October 8, 2016

               Image: Interalex      Inset: The Intercept

According to The Intercept, soon after the funeral massacre WH spokesman Ned Price stated that US will be reviewing its weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, quote “U.S. security cooperation with Saudi Arabia is not a blank check.”   But a quick look at US weapons transaction record with Saudi Arabia and the prevailing US military actions tell us that the statement from Ned Price was a load of hot air;  a momentary response after the embarrassment of a US-made MK-82 bomb fragment with code was caught in camera within the massacre site.

The US has supplied Saudi Arabia with more than $20 billion worth of weapons during its 18-month war against Yemen including tons of MK-82 bombs.  Throughout Obama's 8-year regime, he has sold more than $115 billion worth of weapons (believe it or not!)  to the Saudi coalition, beating the record of all his predecessors.

--  With more than 20,000 Yemenis dead in 18 months.
--  82% of Yemen's 27 million population in need of humanitarian assistance (half of them children).

--  Statistically, a minor child dies in Yemen every 3 hours by Saudi coalition air strikes.  
--  More than 325,000 children dead from preventive diseases. 
--  10,000 children dead in the past 12 months.
--  No healthcare, no water, no food, no electricity (forget about schools and marketplaces).

And now, the 'kind-hearted' Ned Price talks of reviewing that catastrophic "blank check" while the pirates of naval destroyer USS Mason lurk along the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait targeting Houthi coastal positions.  What a cute reprimand from the White House for its beloved rogue Kingdom and its gulf allies. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The universal emblem of RESISTANCE against injustice, oppression; the 7th century revolutionary: HUSSEIN BIN ALI.

"Think not of those, slain in the way of Allah, as dead.  Nay, they are living.  With their Rab they have provision."  (3:169)  Most Noble Quran.
                    Image source:  IslamOriente, Islamic Poster

Using the hackneyed rhetoric typical of witless despots the so-called Salafist Aqeedah (as it's referred to) has turned the tragedy around, claiming that the incident was "Hussein's fault" because he "revolted against the Caliph of the Muslim State appointed on oath by his father."  That father had changed the Islamic structure of governance of appointing leaders based on their spiritual and ethical merits into a monarchical system, designating his son as his successor who was infamous for his scant morals, Tzarist style absolutism and ill repute.  But the Salafist Aqeeda's most appalling oversight is the claim of Hussein's "revolt" implying a preemptive armed rebellion which is patently false. Hussein did not start an armed revolt, rather he refused to endorse the usurper, a decision that cost him his life.  Not that he wasn't aware of its risks.  But fear never got the better of him as his loyalty was too firmly embedded in the principles of the Glorious Quran. 

Hussein's intent of coming to Kufa was not war. Logically, would anyone consider taking that many women and children of their family from Medinah to Iraq (which was a huge distance in those days when traveling was cumbersome) if the plan was anything other than relocating?  Throughout the annals of history never has there been a period nor an event when women and children were gathered and made to accompany the warriors to the battlefield.  Not in the East nor in the West, not anywhere. Neither was Hussein fixated on the traditional tribal pride of the Hashmites vs. the Ommayads.  His purpose was not to grab power in the same manner as did Yazid's father. Hussein's intent was plain to perceive - not to establish alliance with what he clearly viewed as a thoroughly unfair governmental system.   Under the circumstances, he felt it was his entitlement to maintain his presence in the region close to the capital as an opposition bloc and an outspoken critic of the injustices inflicted by a powerful appropriator.  The approach was closest to what's presently interpreted as 'the government and the opposition' at a period when hardcore authoritarianism was the order of the day;  a period when, from Europe to Japan, a prince could command a peasant to send his young daughter to his royal chamber to spend the night and the poor peasant had no choice but to bow down his head and obey. In an era such as that, Hussein's decision was an amazing example of a rare revolutionary spirit.  Its inspirational strength makes history not only in the place where he lived, but far and wide.

Yazid bin Muawiyah feared the imagery charisma of Hussein's emblematic personality no less than his actual presence.  If allowed to live in Iraq, the startling contrast between the beauty of Hussein's humanity and the very unexceptional existence of the king at Kufa would be too glaring for the masses not to observe, the type of scenario that can spell the beginning of the end of an already unpopular ruler.   Consequently orders were given that Hussein must not be allowed to stay nor leave but be eliminated.  When the belligerent Kufan army brandished their shimmering swords under the hot sun of Karbala, Hussein held up the Quran to them.  He tried to avoid confrontation until the end. Eventually they left him with no choice but to opt for a purely defensive battle.  The martyrdom of the unforgettable revolutionary Imam was followed by the pre-Islamic practice of beheading, to instill maximum fear of the outcome of disagreements in the hearts of the people.  Silent lamentation filled the atmosphere. It was the day when the sun began to set on the Muslim nation, scattering the seeds of discord ensuing treachery, splits and strifes.  The decline shows along a lengthy chronological list of events and eras; and tonight we find ourselves at the bottom of that dismal pit, content with our whimsical existence.  Let alone aspirations and treading in the footsteps of our great loved ones, how many of us even bother to remember them with a shred of respect? 

But let us at least acknowledge that Hussein's name in history is not confined within Shiia Islam only.  That would amount to limiting his charismatic courage and stereotyping it by pouring it into a very restricted mold.  Hussein remains a universal symbol of resistance against all forms of tyranny, undermining the decadent notion (still prevalent everywhere) of obligatory support for corrupt and deceptive leaders and their administration.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

White Helmet chief, Raed Saleh, the deportee ally


Soon after Saleh was deported the inside scoop was out by non other than Saleh's own financiers.  In State Department briefing it was stated "White Helmets are wonderful however its leader is suspect."  Yet U.S. Government wouldn't disclose Saleh's roots nor explain how an organization can be "wonderful" that's run by a suspect.

The head of White Helmets, Raed Saleh, was denied entry to U.S. in April 2016 when he arrived at Dulles International Airport.  He was scheduled to receive a "peace award" at a hotel in Washington DC.  Instead he was told to return to Syria-Turkey border where the  'award' would be sent to him without confirming its date.  Saleh went to Washington with a letter from USAID but on arrival he was told his visa had been cancelled and soon after he was deported.  A vivid example of double standards and crafty manipulation of the US establishment .. conveniently keeping the criminal out of their own soil yet eagerly helping him to subvert and destabilize other lands and also awarding him for his destruction.  The American people as usual know nothing of the inside story as they continue to feed on media disinformation, presuming this criminal & sympathizer of #AlQaeda to be a "humanitarian."

Quoting Venessa Beeley: "This is an alleged “non-governmental” that thus far has received funding from at least three major NATO governments, including $23 million from US Gov., 29 million from UK Gov., $4.5 million from Dutch Gov. In addition, it receives material assistance and training funded and run by a variety of other EU Nations. A request has been put into the EU Secretary General to provide all correspondence relating to the funding and training of the White Helmets. By law this information must be made transparent and available to the public. There has been a concerted campaign by a range of investigative journalists to expose the true roots of these Syria Civil Defence operatives, known as the White Helmets. The most damning statement, however, did not come from us, but from their funders and backers in the US State Department who attempted to explain the US deportation of the prominent White Helmet leader, Raed Saleh, from Dulles airport on the 18th April 2016." 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

CrossTalk: White Helmets, Really?

Did you know that the head of White Helmets, Raed Saleh, was denied entry to U.S. in April 2016 when he arrived at Dulles International Airport?  He was scheduled to receive an "award" in a hotel at Washington DC.  Instead he was told to return to Syria-Turkey border where the  'award' would be delivered to him without confirming its date.  Saleh came with a letter from USAID but on arrival he was told his visa had been cancelled.  A vivid example of the wretched double standards and crafty manipulation of the US establishment .. conveniently keeping the guilt ridden accomplices of terrorists away from their own soil but eagerly helping them to wreak other lands and also awarding them for their destruction.  The American people as usual know nothing of the inside story as they continue to feed on media disinformation and presuming this criminal to be a "humanitarian."

"Conservatively estimated, $100 million has gone into 3,000 White Helmet operatives" - Venessa Beeley, investigative journalist.

Syria: Amidst Obama's brand of pluralism, the Syrian Army, its allies and people stand together.

Syrians gather in the lobby of a damaged apartment block, bearing a poster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (R) and Hassan Nasrallah, south of the Syrian capital Damascus on April 25, 2016
                                                 Image source:  Yahoo News

Diversity, tolerance, commitment and communication.  That was pre-war Syria.  A land where ethnic, sectarian or religious violence was unknown for centuries at a stretch until 2011;  where Sunni Muslims, Shiia Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Kurds lived in perfect harmony ....  the third safest country in the world. You never needed to fear for your life on account of your religion, sect or race.  You never needed to fear getting raped, mugged or held at gunpoint for your wallet.  Today, with the courtesy of the ""first world,"" one doesn't need to fear being a terrorist in Syria.  With more than a hundred pampered terror groups on a murder spree within the once serene and beautiful country, all ambitious killers from around the world are heading to the Levant.  Reminiscent of the convicts' gold rush from Europe to the 17th century New World across the Atlantic.

As the battle in Aleppo (often referred to as Syria's Stalingard) rages on with Al-Quds also playing a decisive role alongside SAA and allies, the styles and colors of Western propaganda are changing like fashion.  With the old neocon tune of striving for "democracy in Syria" getting monotonous and redundant, it's now changed to striving for "pluralism" in Syria.  Subsequently, the brainwashing techniques have been revamped.  Fables flashing across mainstream channels begin with the glorification of White Helmets (buddies of Al-Nusra Front and many other terror groups), that Assad hates Sunnis and the SAA is his "private sectarian militia force."  The fiction continues to paint Syria as a sectarian community and the defamation of the country's national Army and Air Force as a gang of brutal "Shabiha" comprising of Alawite Shiias hunting down and relentlessly bombing Sunnis and Christians .. not even sparing children.

Despite being sandwiched between the two most deadly sources of propaganda,  - the neocons in the West and Zionists of the illegal state - the Syrian Army, its allies and the Syrian people stand together.  Not to forget, it includes the Syrian-Palestinians as well.  With decades of a common cause and common sacrifices, almost the entire community of Palestinians in Syria are behind the Syrian Government. 

The spirit to fight this fitna since half a decade is far from lost.  It's the sheep of the international community who have lost the battle with their media.

A glimpse of the remarkable courage & spirit of Syrian forces, Aleppo Oct.4 in horribly dangerous conditions .. mines, sniper firing, shelling.  A plain message to the world of loyalty to Faith, land and leader and a fight to the end.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

White Helmets member & Al-Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Raslan ..

The man openly revels with deadly terrorists while the world sees him as a 'compassionate humanitarian.'


            Above images from:   Off Guardian dot org |  "An ID for Mahmoud Raslan"

Last August 2016 Mahmoud Raslan photographed an injured 5-year-old Syrian child sitting on an ambulance seat, covered with dust with a streak of blood at the side of his forehead after an alleged airstrike with all fingers pointing to the Syrian air force. The image went viral in the social media and all official news sites. Raslan became a hero overnight as a savior of children from "Assad's barrel bombs." He stated, “tears started to drop as I took the photo, I have cried many times while filming traumatized children. I always cry. We war photographers always cry. Last night everyone cried.”

Those must be the strangest of tears ever. Soon after, at least half a dozen images emerged of the previous month, July 2016, showing Mahmoud Raslan gleaming with joy in the company of Al-Zinki child killers who brutally beheaded a 12-year-old Palestinian boy. Raslan admitted his double role in his own words “I would never work with any group that disagrees with my personal beliefs, but sometimes we have to take pictures with them.”

As America scrambles to construct a war crimes case against Assad to help the cause of the final assault, it claims that every injured civilian in Syria to be a victim of airstrikes by Syrian Air Force because the terrorists "don't have air power." Did the US spend $9 billion in five years for sending cotton candy machines to terrorists in Syria? Until now 70,000 SAA personnel have been killed and many more badly wounded by America's armed bandits. Do those US-made Fagot launchers with 9M111M missiles and 9K113 Konkurs missile system fire rose petals?

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Were all "sahabas" pious or righteous?

By N. Truth-Seeker

Please read Surah At-Tawbah (Chapter 9) of the Noble Quran from Verses 42 to 65 .. how Allah Almighty warns the Prophet (pbuh) about hypocritical companions who hovered around him trying to show they were well-meaning and loyal whereas the intent within their hearts was quite the opposite.  No one's name is mentioned of course.  But these were precisely the kind of people who later on, after the passing of the Prophet (pbuh), made plenty of mischief including the starting of the hadith culture and who are today referred to as "sahabas." 

I'm absolutely sure the above mentioned Verses do not refer to the close and loyal companions like Abu Bakr, Usman, Umer and Ali; and I'm also sure there were several others who were trustworthy.  In Sunni masjids they don't talk about Ali.   In my opinion, all of these four were honest sincere and truthful to the maximum.  

However, when our imams, sheikhs and ulemas (many of them so-called) get into the trance of veneration, then one needs to be careful as to what they say. Presently the sermons we hear in our masjids have too many digressions and concepts of bid'ah.  Often they're also influenced by the political climate.  Absurdity of ideas contained in their glorification of their favorite spiritual icons is nothing unusual.  It's of utmost importance that listeners must be discerning .... descry as you listen.  These veneration 'sprees' (regardless of who they venerate) are lacking in authenticity more often than not .. sometimes also expressing Haram ideas of glorification.  This is a problem with both sects, Sunnis as well as Shiias, big time!  Therefor I reiterate, perceive carefully as you listen. No need at all to argue with them.  If you have carefully read the Quran, it won't be hard for you to catch anything inappropriate they may utter that does not feel compatible with the Quran or clearly clashes with the Quran.

There are also certain other Verses in other Surahs where Allah refers to the troublemakers who only created problems for the Prophet's mission.  I cannot recall them at the moment, but whenever I find them, I'll post them here .... Insh'Allah.

The Quran mentions nothing of any sahabas other than V.9:40 where apparently the reference is to Abu Bkr Siddiq.  Quote:-  "when they two were in the cave, when he said unto his comrade: Grieve not. Lo! Allah is with us." V. 9:40.  This Verse briefly describes the event when the Prophet (pbuh) was compelled to leave Makkah and immigrate to Medinah because of the growing persecution by the Makkans.  From all accounts of history, the person traveling with the Prophet was his old friend and who later also became his father-in-law (Aisha's father), Abu Bakr.   But even he isn't mentioned by name in V.9:40.

The only family member of the Prophet (pbuh) whose name has been mentioned in the Quran in just one Verse is that of his adopted son, Zaid, in V.33:37.   Other than that, the name of one of the arch enemies of the Prophet (pbuh) is  mentioned in Surah Al-Masad (Chapter 111), that is Abu Lahab, who is condemned to Hell in the words of The Almighty.  Same condemnation in the same Surah is also for his wife though her name isn't mentioned.

Our imams and sheikhs often use Verse 4:59 to justify the practice of extreme reverence of  "sahabas."  Quoting V.4:59 :-  "O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those of you who are in authority; and if ye have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the messenger if ye are (in truth) believers in Allah and the Last Day. That is better and more seemly in the end."  V.4:59.

The expression "those of you who are in authority" in the above Verse 4:59 refers to some of those who were long known to the Prophet (pbuh) and were truly trusted by him.   But our clerics generally take this Verse as a reference to all names of the narrators of Hadith .. crooks, rogues, forgers, slanderers .. just about anyone and everyone who narrates a hadith regardless of the deplorable contents of that hadith.  Needless  to say, the opinion couldn't be more deeply flawed.  Most of such folks have been referred to in Verses 42 to 65 of Surah At-Tawbah (Chapter 9).  Within the Quranic ideology there's no such thing as blind following of iconic personalities.  Allah has given us a mind with a purpose.  He expects us to think, reflect and perceive before making a decision about what we hear, read or see.  Even when Allah Almighty explains to us the Truth of His Existence, He constantly reminds us to think and reflect.  Check this article posted at Muslim Villa written by Safdar Razi titled "Investigation Before Belief."

Monday, October 3, 2016

Is There a Difference Between a Prophet (Nabi) and a Messenger (Rasool)? NO!

Starting with the crux of this matter:  There is absolutely NO difference between a Prophet (Nabi) and a Messenger (Rasool).  It's simply an aspect of grammar and vocabulary concerning which traditionalists as well as so-called modernists, like a bunch of bratty clowns, have raised a storm in a teacup.

The Noble Quran asserts ::

"Muhammad is not the father of any one of you men; he is Allah's Messenger and the seal of the prophets: Allah knows everything."   (33:40)  Noble Quran.

We watch and hear plenty of our Muslim brethren, many of them supposed intellects with inflated egos, talk tirelessly about the difference between a Prophet and a Messenger.  Often their arguments / discussions get lengthy and complicated.  Ironically the matter is much too simple.  There is absolutely NO difference between the two.  When Allah The Almighty chooses a worthy person by inspiring him to deliver His Message, the occurrence makes that person a Prophet.  Subsequently, when Allah bestows His Message on that person commanding him to deliver it to humankind, that mission makes the Prophet a Messenger by definition of every language. 

There are also some angels that are referred to as "rasools" (messengers).  Why?  Because they carry out the commandments of Allah from the Heavens to the earth.  Obviously there cannot be prophets among angels because angels are created by Allah only to obey His orders; unlike humans on whom Allah has bestowed the ability to choose their path of conduct - obedience or disobedience to His orders.  Thus, to deliver the Message & Guidance of Allah to all of humanity, Allah decided to choose certain humans who were worthy of this task .. those whose strength of character made them superior to the rest of their contemporaries during their era.  The choice of Allah in selecting that special person to deliver His Message is called Prophethood, giving that person the status of a Prophet.  But no Prophet was ever chosen to sit idle.  The very purpose of The Almighty for choosing a Prophet was to place upon him the responsibility of conveying the Divine Message (through Divine Revelations).  That responsibility bestows the status of Messengership on every Prophet.

Hence, every Prophet must be a Messenger, and every Messenger must first be a Prophet (that is, a person chosen by Allah).  Needless to say, Allah Almighty does NOT vouchsafe the duty of delivering His Message to just any average 'lunchbucket Joe.'  As Allah confirms in His Most Noble Message:  "Allah knoweth best with whom to place His Message."  (6:124). 

This wrangling between the definitions of prophet and messenger began in the 1980s when an Egyptian pharmacist turned apostate named Rashid Khalifa claimed he was a "messenger" of God.   Referring to Verse 33:40 (quoted in the beginning of this blog entry) Khalifa and his small band of supporters misinterpreted the Verse claiming it only confirms that Muhammed (pbuh) is the last Prophet, but not the last messenger.  Many within the so-called Progressive Muslims group also accept Khalifa's claims.  Of course, it goes without saying that the claim is patently false.  Verse 33:40 plainly conveys the information that after Muhammed (pbuh), Allah does not intend to choose any one for the same mission, which automatically puts an end to the coming of any future messengers.

In response to Khalifa's followers, the traditionalists prepared their own argument saying every messenger must be a prophet (which is correct), but every prophet is not necessarily a messenger (which is not correct).  To this, the rejoinder of the Khalifites was the opposite, as expected, saying while every prophet must be a messenger, every messenger does not have to be a prophet. And therefore they claimed, Rashid Khalifa was not a prophet but a messenger. 

Then the traditionalists expressed a concept that a prophet is one who may not necessarily receive a Divine Scripture while a messenger always received Divine Revelations in the form of a Scripture.  Again as expected, the Khalifites did not agree because Rashid Khalifa had nothing to show which he could claim as a Divine Revelation to him. 

Definitely, the squabbling was initiated by the Khalifites and  they were fully on the wrong path.  The traditionalists too haven't been insightful with their responses.  Verse 33:40 asserts without a doubt that Muhammed (pbuh) was the final Prophet and consequently the final Messenger as well.  Instead of simply adhering to this Verse and rejecting all arguments of Khalifa supporters, the traditionalists began weaving their own counter-argument which was just as discrepant as that of their opponents. There's no such thing as a prophet not receiving a Scripture.  As already highlighted, Allah had a purpose for choosing every Prophet, commanding him to convey the Divine Messages to mankind. Those messages were sent in the form of Revelations later compiled into a Scripture.   No Prophet was ever chosen without a goal.

Except for the Quran, all former Messages have either been lost or altered by human hands.  The Message of the Quran is the only Divine Revelation that is fully original and intact, and will remain so until the Last Day.   

Sabra / Shatila massacre 34th anniversary :: Other tragedy, bitterness in the hearts of Camp residents against Hezbollah

                                              Image:  Salem-News

It's been 34 years since the Israeli Army along with the Phalange party (the Christian Lebanese right-wing group) brutally massacred 3,500 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon within the camp complex over a three-day period of September 16 to 18, 1982. The bloodbath was unforgettable. Thousands of bodies of civilian men, women and children, raped, bludgeoned and dismembered were strewn across the entire area. Israeli forces surrounded the camp preventing the residents from fleeing while their allies, the Phalange terrorists, penetrated the camp and went on a vicious killing spree. Journalist Franklin Lamb who lives in Lebanon writes that the Phalange miliita were "partly drug fueled. The carnage was aided by Israeli forces that surrounded Shatila, lighted the night sky with flares turning the night into day, provided heavy equipment to bury and hide bodies .."

A crime of such magnitude was never investigated, no one was held accountable and the tragedy was forgotten soon after it happened. Ariel Sharon (aka Butcher of Lebanon), the mastermind of the Sabra/Shatila massacre on the Israeli side, became Israel's prime minister. The corrupt Lebanese political system granted amnesty to the Phalange murderers, some of whom today are senior politicians with plans to run for president.

Those Palestinian refugees who presently live in west Beirut still recall those horrific three days of September 1982. More than three decades of suffering alongside the rising sectarian culture with Al-Qaeda sleuths permeating into Palestinian camps for new recruits, have left the survivors and descendants of Sabra/Shatila victims disgruntled, bitter and detached from the reality around them. Presently, they are upset with Hezbollah whom they see as "playing the Palestinian card" but not protecting the Palestinians. They have no idea why a war has been raging in neighboring Syria other than the pathetic misinformation of "Hezbollah attacking Yarmouk and killing Palestinians." Shocking! They either don't know or don't want to know how stretched Hezbollah has been since the past five years and how dangerously close Syria continues to be on losing its independence. Every bit of agony and distress of neighboring Syria and Hezbollah has been stifled by their Palestinian neighbors in west Beirut with the spirit of sectarianism. It's the same 'disease' of a heartless sectarian spirit that hasn't allowed them to shed a single tear for their Yemeni brethren whose suffering is just as indescribable as their own.

When the Egyptians came out on the streets in 2011 to kick out Hosni Mubarak, many of them were angrily singing the same tune -- "why isn't the Resistance coming to help us?" Whoa! A country of 80 million with the largest army in North Africa demanding help from the smallest. Everyone in trouble expects Hezbollah to rescue them like a knight on a white charger steed! I thought suffering made us more considerate towards the hardship and endeavors of others. But some Palestinians are getting overly rancorous and ill-disposed toward their comrades, unable to understand that they are equally threatened by the same tyrannical forces as the Palestinians themselves.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Syria October 2016 | Summary of what looks to be coming

                     Image without the caption taken  from Syrian Free Press

Countrywide military operations by the Syrian Army and allies targeting terrorist positions have been successful beyond Washington's expectation. Across Aleppo, Idleb, Deir-Ezzor, Homs, Hama and Daraa, many of America's paid bandits are getting killed; their armored vehicles, ammunition caches, tunnels and car bomb factories blown off. Al-Nusra, Noor Eddin Zinki, Jaysh al-Fateh, Abna al-Sham, Jund al-Aqsa and the professed Al-Murabitin movement are among the ones getting the worst thrashing. "Latest 4 Days in Syria"  at SFP gives a vivid account.

Rising desperation of the three permanent U.N. members (U.S., U.K. & France) for failing to initiate "regime change" in Syria can be a foreshadow of a nightmare most of us would never want to think about. Yes, direct military combat by NATO powers against Syria and its allies, Hezbollah and Iran, and could also include the Kurdish Peoples Defense unit. Whether or not Russia would stand by Syria isn't a million-dollar question. Putin will almost certainly wave goodbye and disappear into oblivion. The entire dreaded scenario isn't simply an opinion. It's a very real threat that looks to be getting uncomfortably close.

The layout of the neocon strategy for eventually jumping into Syria is internationalization of this war. For five years the rogue global powers have made Syria the center of their geopolitical activities and interests, rudely ignoring the country's sovereignty like Syria is a no-man's land in the Middle-East. U.S., Turkey, Britain and France have been brazenly expanding their illegal military operations inside Syria and the U.N. hasn't uttered a word of condemnation. Turkey may have patched-up its relations with Russia, but not with Syria. Many are getting this wrong including a story on Al-Masdar News that Turkey's subtle policy-shift on Syria allows Assad to stay in power until the next Syrian elections. I wish, but facts on the ground don't conform with this sort of unreal optimism. Turkish borders with Syria are still wide open with all essential supply lines intact allowing passage of manpower, weapons and food. Tayyip Erdogan remains an eager a participant of closed-door meetings with EU for replacing Assad with some Saudi fav. Turkey's "policy shift" is a time waster for Syria and little beyond the pipe-dreams of armchair strategists. It sprouts from the fact that sources like Al-Masdar and SFP that are evidently pro-Russia prefer to downplay the resumption of Putin's honeymoon with Erdogan and the vital role of the Russian Intelligence in saving Erodgan's life by undermining the coup d'etat of July 15th. Consequently, painting a nicer picture of Erdogan may obscure Russia's bad decision of normalizing ties with Turkey. 

As the hype of the official media races in full gear, the international community has already swallowed many of its spurious pills and is now quite prepared to accept the news of another Western invasion of a Middle-Eastern country to ""topple Assad the dictator"" .... as soon as the bogus U.S. polls are over.