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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Zion propaganda makes its way from media to commercial hub.

Walmart gone nuts!

In the past there have been children's costumes such as Batman, Superman, Zorro, Robin Hood etc. Unfortunately the trend is slipping from benign amusement to sheer insensitivity and racism. Walmart has begun selling ""Israeli soldiers costume for kids"" at $27.44. The image shows a child wearing IDF costume uniform with Hebrew script above the pocket on the left, holding a toy gun. Needless to mention, this uniform is synonymous around the world with murder, torture, robbery, occupation, child abuse, female abuse, gross human rights' violations, illegal demolitions, environmental destruction and much more. A Palestinian victim of Israeli abuse rightly calls this IDF costume ""an ugly scar in the face of Walmart.""

Walmart goes farther introducing a racist costume called ""Sheikh Fagin Nose,"" a face mask with a large prosthetic hooked nose. It is actually the Jews who have traditionally been ascribed as people with prominent, polly-beak noses by the Western society itself. That traditional cynicism has been turned the other way round and dumped on the Arabs. And why the non-Arab name "Fagin?" Fagin is a character in Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist," supposedly an anti-Semite. 

Rejoinders from Zionist circles to the controversy stirred by Walmart's very poor taste claim that if kids in Gaza can stand outside their homes wearing Hamas outfits then why shouldn't non-Palestinian kids wear mock IDF uniforms? It's pointless telling these folks that while the Hamas garb represents rejection of occupation and return of independence & freedom on Palestinian soil, IDF uniform has made itself a stark universal emblem of brutally crushing human freedom .. the acceptance of which has lately been officialized by one of America's biggest departmental chain stores.

Independent UK
Electronic Intifada
International Business Times UK

Killing fields of Burma: Can apartheid and democracy co-exist?

 The Rohingyas face the final stages of genocide,” mentions a recent report by the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at the Queen Mary University of London, "to the point where complete extermination is a possibility."

"What the Rohingyas are facing is a textbook case of genocide in which an entire indigenous community is being systematically wiped out by the Burmese government." -  Stated by 7 Nobel Peace Laureates at the Oslo Conference May 2015.
Their names:-
- Desmond Tutu,
- Mairead Maguire,
- Jody Williams,
- Tawakkol Karman,
- Shirin Ebadi,
- Leymah Gbowee,
- Adolfo Pérez Esquivel.

In case you still don't know, the Rohingya Muslim community of Burma (or Myanmar) has been facing genocide, systematically perpetrated by the Buddhist majority and their government since June 2012.  The opposition remains silent, amounting to its complicity in this unspeakable crime.  The system of apartheid currently implemented in Burma against the minority Rohingya Muslims is far harsher and more inhuman than the one that existed in South Africa.

Images of brutal persecution of Rohingyas in Burma, unimaginable in the modern world, have reached the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for display.

On the oppression of Rohingyas within the apartheid society of Burma, America's Holocaust Memorial Museum has stated:

(Kindly check the details by visiting the link above).

General election in Burma is scheduled on November 8, 2015.  More than ONE MILLION  Rohingya Muslims are barred from casting their ballots simply for being Muslims. Yet the international community is touting this shameful upcoming election as a ""democratic process in Burma.""

Last year in June 2014 the Syrian people gave a solid mandate to President Bashar al-Assad (despite AQ and FSA's numerous attempts to sabotage their efforts), not only within Syria but outside the country as well.  The road leading to the Syrian Embassy in Beirut was inaccessible for more than a mile, packed with Syrian refugees living in Lebanon carrying scores of posters of President Assad, eager to cast their votes.  But the West called it "a grotesque parody of democracy."

In June 2014, Western leaders blamed the Syrian Government for holding elections in the midst of a ""civil war.""   But they find nothing wrong with the idea of the Burmese government holding elections in the thick of a three-year-old genocide that has resulted in the slaughter of over 200,00 members of the minority community, displacement of many more and the implementation of medieval-style slavery / apartheid.

Will someone please teach me the new definition of  ""democracy"" ??