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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rogue Republic of Turkey: Why are the chances dim for another coup

Turkey's Adalet ve Kalkınma Party (AKP) is working tirelessly to redesign the Turkish Army.   The process, though furtive, has been transparent enough to observe without doubts.  Since more than a decade Recep Erdogan has been trying to purge the Turkish army of Kemalists, replacing them with Gulenists.  That went on until Erdogan and Fethullah Gulen were allies.  But as political greed got the better of the former, Gulenists were no more welcomed in the army.  And then, came the attempted coup d'tat of July 2016.  Followed by an abundance of premonition and intuitionism, it brought the need for a new set of desperate and ridiculous changes within the army, promoting hundreds of colonels to replace generals who have  lately been kicked out, cleansing the Gulenists and replacing them with extremists who are committed to the ideology of the so-called jihadists and loyalists of the Muslim Brotherhood chain.  MB has been a longtime reliable ally of AKP.   Consistently reported from various sources, thousands of Brotherhooders arrived in Istanbul on the night of July 15 to assist Turkish extremists after Erdogan's call to his supporters to take to the streets.  

The active participants in the recent failed coup were the Turkish air force and the gendarme.  They say the Turkish army played a relatively passive role as more than half of it consists of "jihadist" sympathizers. 

Additionally, Turkish radicals joining the Party as AKP activists are Erdogan's most trustworthy loyalists.  Surprisingly for some reason, most of them are middle-aged men rather than young men, something that was impossible not to notice when a group of heavily armed men in civilian clothes took to the streets in Istanbul on the night of July 15 and 16 torturing and killing soldiers who were showing the white flag. That confirms an old suspicion that activists and supporters of AKP are now armed to the teeth and cannot be categorized as common civilians.  It's a carefully planned strategy of the AKP.  The armed branch of the Party serves as the 'secret service police' of the AKP government and its president. 

The countrywide crackdown has targeted the civil society more harshly than the military with arrests and suspensions of nearly 60,000 journalists, academics and public sector workers in three weeks.  More than 50,000 Turks have had their passports seized and aren't allowed to travel.  That's protecting the Turkish "democracy" Tayyip-style.  Despite the bestiality reaching disturbing levels, the Minister for Europe, Alan Duncan, still hasn't said that Turkey has no chances any longer of getting into the EU. It's not only the so-called proponents of democracy in the West who are befriending these rogue states.  It's much worse.  The ideology of "democracy" itself has been mercilessly warped, perverted and bestowed as a gift on rogue states as an investment for their imperialist allies.

Beneath the rosy facade however, all isn't well for AKP.  Turkey is a country of 80 million, a community that certainly isn't a monolith.  Stifled voices of dissent are proliferating, not to forget the Kurds. There are people silently raising eyebrows within the Party itself.  Senior insiders like Abdullah Gul and Ahmet Davutoglu have shown their displeasure working with Erdogan despite their outward support for him.  There would be many more who haven't yet surfaced, casting doubts on the future cohesiveness of the Party.  Not a single analyst is of the view that Turkey isn't deeply divided with a civil war-like atmosphere prevailing already.   They are also unanimous in their opinion that talks of another coup in the near future would likely be little beyond gossips ensuing from Erdogan's fear-mongering tactics. However, history says that a military coup is not the only way of confronting a tyrannical dictator with growing psychological issues in a society as polarized as Turkey.  Kurds, Gulenists and Kemalists are still around, much an integral part of Turkey's populace .. and they don't love the AKP leader.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Post failed coup Turkey: Rumors of a new triangle in the making - Turkey/Russia/Iran

If true, it would look anything but pretty.

              Image from: The Duran - Russia warned Erdogan of incoming coup

Stories abound that Russian intelligence alerted Turkey about the impending coup by passing intercepted wireless communication between Turkish military personnel plotting the event.  Then, there was news about the two Turkish pilots who had downed a Russian warplane in Syria November 2015 recently arrested as suspects participating in the failed coup. Or, was it a gesture of gratitude toward Putin for preferring the devil he knows better?   With Erdogan's imagination running wild, he thinks the coup was instigated by the United States because of his recent low-key shift in foreign policy over Syria.  That aspect is now being gossiped as bringing Russia and Iran close to Turkey. So, let's try to get this straight.  Recep Erdogan, after five long years of unleashing the most horrific bloodbath in Syria via Al Qaeda, decides to make peace after facing a spate of similar attacks in his own country by his own favorites.  Does this mean Russia and Iran will now embrace that outrageous criminal as a long-lost friend and shower him with sympathy as a "victim" of a failed coup, forgetting his blood drenched hands, his limitless / incalculable war crimes and his pivotal role in permanently fragmenting and wreaking Syria?

Let alone wisdom or principles, can a semblance of decorum be attributed to any country any longer?

Fact check:  FARS News

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gaza refugee camps

"There are eight refugee camps within Gaza with 1,221,110 registered refugees.  In Beach Camp (Al-Shati) there are 87,000 human beings living in less than one square kilometer.  According to international law it's a crime making people refugees in their own country."  PINTEREST 

Will ever Israel be punished for its crimes?

The only other country at present that's made its indigenous people refugees in their own country is Burma that has established concentration camps for the minority Rohingya Muslims of Burma.

Gaza water dangerously contaminated

"Israel prevents repairs and entry of materials, deliberately floods dams, pollutes the atmosphere with heavy metal and depleted uranium containing weaponry causing waterborne diseases and increased risks of lethal illnesses.  While this world is writing reports since 2005 that access to water and sanitation is a human right, it is silent as pollution goes on (in Gaza)." - PINTEREST

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ahmedinejad - Comeback 2017 likely, InshAllah

November 2013, before the chalkboard in a university lecture hall.  The former President travels in a public bus to and from work every day after leaving office, an example of humility unknown in the history of former world leaders.  (This image from:  Radio Free Europe  - and its article is apparently and needlessly anti-Ahmedi).

Since Mahmoud Ahmedinejad left office and returned to his former profession of lecturer in the University, voices of support of common Iranians have been gradually but clearly audible.  A lot of them want him back.  Iran's Shargh Daily  reported that the former President will run in 2017.   Though Ahmedinejad hasn't confirmed it in so many words, he has lately spoken on the possibility of returning to politics.

Israeli sources are edgy and have already started dishing dirt, claiming that the "unwelcomed hardliners" are putting Ahmedinejad on the forefront as their key resource to contest the "popular" Hassan Rouhani.  Three years ago when Ahmedinejad completed both terms of presidency and stepped down, the same sources posted spuriously derogatory comments alleging that after leaving office the former President was "abandoned and isolated."   If he was ""abandoned and isolated"" three years ago,  why would his ""hardline"" supporters use him, of all persons, as a card up their sleeves to challenge the so-called popularity of Hassan Rouhani in 2017?   But mindless propagandists seldom explain the lack of logic within their own arguments.

According to Al-Monitor  (a subtly pro-"moderate" source), some observers are of the opinion that it might be risky for Ahmedinejad to run against Rouhani because of the latter's "success of nuclear negotiations behind him."

Taking a closer look ..

Considering that the US had planned its policy on Iran's nuclear program months if not years before the 2013 elections, how much credit can Rouhani's Government claim for this 'political grand slam'?   American officials were determined that they would negotiate a deal only if a "hardliner" was replaced by a "moderate."  During Ahmedinejad's entire eight years in office the White House would not suggest, wouldn't even consider, a brief talk with Tehran simply because they saw the President as a ""hardliner"" who wanted to ""wipe Israel off the map.""  The question of Ahmedinejad's success or lack of it hardly arises as he was never given a chance to take up the matter in the first place.

By the time the nuclear deal was finalized and sanctions lifted in mid 2015, Western leaders were getting cold feet helplessly watching the rising strength and occupations by the Al Qaeda factions across the Middle-East.  Despite using the terror organization as their pawn for proxy wars, they also (silently and sullenly) realized the need for a regional Shiia rival to counter the influence of the financiers and trainers of the proxy fighters based in the oil rich Arabian peninsula.  Fortunately for Iran, the nuclear crisis posed an obstacle to US plans for balancing the growing threat of Al Qaeda.  The time and political climate was suitable, so the deal went through exclusively for the regional interest of US and Israel.  Neither the Iranian President nor his foreign minister displayed extraordinary negotiating skills other than their tendency of getting talked down.  If it wasn't under the watchful eyes of the Supreme Leader, major Iranian interests would have been sold out. 

Presently, something worrisome for Rouhani's government is the likelihood of its much talked about nuclear deal being rolled back any time in the near future.  US and European governments have been sulking over Iran's ballistic missile tests with contradictory statements that could violate the terms of the JCPOA.  Head of Iran's atomic energy organization has stated that if they fail to keep up their promise, Iran would "return to conditions before the conclusion of the deal."  But the biggest source of instability for the agreement comes from the US presidential candidates who have been flexing muscles with threats of tearing up the deal.  The Iranian Supreme Leader has responded with powerful words that he would "set fire" to the entire nuclear agreement if ever the threat from presidential candidates was realized.  If the need to trash the agreement does arise prior to May 2017 (which isn't impossible), Hassan Rouhani could lose what he sees as his most needed political boast.

Unlike the short-sighted approach of Pakistanis and Indians, the Iranians (middle-class and poor only, not the elites) tend to perceive deeper and more pragmatically.  They aren't interested in mudslinging and they never mix politics with emotions nor glamour.  Eloquent speeches, charming rhetoric, and social eminence are least important.  Their focal point is business.  It's only when the leader they have chosen gets down to work, the people cautiously monitor the quantum of promises delivered.  That's the deciding factor for the future, whether or not they should continue supporting that leader. The presence of this strategic approach has been proven from the diversity of choices of common Iranians in the past, from Khatami in 1997 (who hadn't yet turned wily) to Ahmedinejad in 2005, whoever they perceived as best for the job with the passage of timeIn 2009, Ahmedinejad's biggest rival, Hussein Musavi, an Azeri (and a proponent of the "green revolution" sponsored by George Soros), couldn't gain enough support against Ahmedi in his home province of Azerbaijan where majority of the Azeris felt Ahmedi connected with them far better.   

The politicized mindset and sentiments of a coterie of wealthy elites, academics and students in Tehran and a few other big cities do not represent the priorities of average Iranians living in towns and rural sectors, the ones who consist of the bulk of the country's 80 million population.  While the "moderates" have substantial support for their glitzy political agendas in large cities, it's quite a different scenario elsewhere in the country.  Affordable housing, food, clothing, healthcare and of course sustainable employment are the issues that constantly matter.  

Hassan Rouhani's Government has spent the first three years of its tenure reaching a nuclear deal, after which it has been striving to seal lucrative trade agreements with Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, EU etc., barely able to conceal its eagerness to restore the ostentation at official and urban levels that existed in the pre-revolution era.  With less than one year remaining, the Government may now want to focus on its political agenda preparing for 2017.  That doesn't leave them with much time for working on bringing the changes needed in the lives of the middle-class and the poor.  Unless  election 2017 involves some sort of gerrymandering by the "gracious moderates" (which was apparently so in 2013 to a certain extent), it is the economic performance affecting the lives of the common people that will contribute to the success or failure of the present Government.  

Last but not least in a nutshell, the Axis of Resistance - the last bastion of sovereignty in the pan Islamic world - needs the presence of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad for preserving its  spirit of sacrifice and continuing the fight for independence at a period when it is facing its biggest challenge through large scale invasions by marauders hired by the hegemonists.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Russia and Turkey - annulment of Erdogan's political divorce

        Winking Putin  |  An abashed Erdogan  |  Istanbul Grand Bazar

On June 29 Kremlin announced that it was normalizing trade ties with Turkey followed by a statement from Putin that Turkey apologized for shooting the Russian warplane and killing its pilot.  But Turkey says it only regretted, no apology.

Soon after the incident in November 2016, Kremlin wasted no time imposing sanctions on Turkey banning imports of fruits, vegetables and poultry, suspending  construction projects and an embargo on Russian tourism in Turkey.  Initially Turkey bragged that it didn't care.  But as time went by, it began melting like snowflake.  Turkish government has lost $3.5 billion from the absence of Russian tourists (an average of 4 million  visited Turkey annually), $5 billion from suspension of construction projects and $765 million from Russian sanctions on Turkish agricultural products.  Export of clothing industries in Istanbul fell by more than 60% as 80% of their clients were Russians.  At present, Erdogan is feeling the heat - big time! - despite the comfort of his 1100-room Alcázar.   For sure, the paper-tiger pasha did whisper an apology for the annulment of his 'divorce.' And then guess what?   Barely three days later, ISIS reacted attacking Ataturk Airport, killing 43 Turks and wounding 243.    

So much of the pasha's affection and arrogance wasted.  He made Turkey a safe haven for ISIS and nurtured those criminals like sons for the sake of robbing Syria's oil, industrial machinery and other valuables .. ultimately at the cost of the Turkish people.  He excitedly flexed muscles to intimidate the Russians in Syria but eventually had to fall on his knees to allow the flow of Russian money into Turkey again.  An epitome of a non-visionary leader!

'White Helmets" of Syria - who are they?

Call them Syrian Civil Defense or the White Helmets of Syria, they are one and the same - 'humanitarian' agents of the White House who emerged in 2013.

One of the keenest to impose a "no fly zone" over Syria, they claim to be "non-partisan" yet operate ONLY in the terrorist occupied areas of the country.   Mainstream media is literally doddering with infatuation putting up stories that White Helmets are training and recruiting numerous volunteers within Syria with heroic (yet unsubstantiated) reports of  "rescuing injured civilians and saving lives."  Don't forget, very few civilians are still left in terrorist controlled areas of Syria.  Most have fled

Perhaps White Helmets can be categorized as a sister organization of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a US-based opposition organization run by Syrian renegade Moaz Moustafa (the man who accompanied John McCain to Syria to meet Al Qaeda in 2013) having close ties with WINEP and AIPAC and is a serial lobbyist for "regime change in Syria." 

Tons of reports have been published by White Helmets on that hackneyed narrative of  ""Assad's barrel bombs,""  but not a single one on the countless indiscriminate uses of tow missiles, wire guided anti-tank missiles, mortars, assault rifles, pistols, and a countless variety of hand grenades & rocket propelled grenades (all US-made) by Al-Nusra Front and ISIS (via Turkey) causing record breaking destruction in government controlled civilian areas.  

Widespread cases of rape, sex-slavery and human trafficking of Syrian women, girls and children by foreign fighters conflate as yet another sordid episode on which White Helmets conveniently seem to have no information whatsoever.

Recently on July 27, a devastating car bomb was carried out by one of the many terror groups at Qameshli city of Haska province in Syria.  It killed dozens and wounded scores.  But the White Helmets were nowhere to be seen because the attack was carried out by their "moderate" allies.


The very ugly practice of image fraud is getting much too rampant. It's the sort of manipulation that plays wonderfully in the hands of hardcore anti-Assad reporters like Ken Roth and his likes.  Photos of unspeakable mayhem and blood cuddling atrocities carried out by ANF and ISIS that are passed on as results of ""Assad's barrel bombs""  and randomly used by Al-Jazeera and Western channels including Time magazine without a jot of verification are by courtesy of White Helmets.   Cautiously crafted deceptions such as Israeli bombing of Gaza in 2014 circulated as 'Victims of the Syrian Army'  in 2015 and ISIS massacre of pro-Assad tribesmen in Deir Ez-Zorr in 2014 captioned as 'SAA bombing of Ghouta' 2015 are the kind of bluffs no more uncommon.  Netanyahu must be blowing kisses at the White Helmets.  The Israeli Defense Forces slaughter Gazans at will as a pastime while dozens of those images are picked and dumped on Assad by White Helmets.  Check the image below taken from an article by Venessa Beeley that appeared on Global Research, a very accurate example of the image-bungling going on within the circles of propagandists and provocateurs.

This is NOT meant to distract anyone from the genuine suffering of civilians in war-torn Syria which is overwhelming to say the least.  For readers and viewers however, discernment is all-important.  You may see heart-rending snapshots of injured children, women and elderly, helped and taken to safer grounds by seemingly dedicated young men and women wearing white helmets with the standard presumption that they are victims of government bombings.  But no one knows the nature of crossfire these civilians were caught up in and subsequently wounded.  Was it an exchange of gunfire between ISIS and ANF?  A fusillade that began between rival groups of the defunct FSA?  Was it one of the oft occurring skirmishes between insiders of some of those 200 plus armed groups scattered across Syria?   White Helmets will not give any details other than allowing the world to presume the cause of their choice - "Assad's barrel bombs."

Maryam Rajavi is one of the staunch supporters of White Helmets. I'm sure everyone knows who she is. She heads the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) supported by anti-revolution Iranians living abroad and US politicians.  Her husband, Masoud Rajavi, is the leader of the terrorist organization, Mojahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), also known as the Rajavi cult.  Rajavi's website contains some ridiculous one-sided stories by White Helmets blaming the Syrian government for just about every single death of Syrian civilians, going to the extent of demanding Assad's prosecution for "war crimes."

Fair clarification of sources and causes of attacks on civilians is imperative.  Only if the international community is not misinformed will it stop supporting the preemptive invasions across Syria which will help bring an end to this needless bloodbath.  But apparently White Helmets see that as a  problem, indulging in massive manipulation and cover-ups along side their humanitarian work.  

The Syrian government is simply upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty by resisting a horde of foreign invaders which, taken for granted, is the entitlement of every government in the world in a similar situation.

Intent is the keynote of every ideology.  When politicking and nepotism permeates within a humanitarian institution, it gets pitifully dehumanized!