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Friday, February 28, 2014

Cannibalism in Central African Republic

"I ate a Muslim today"

Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims - now in Central African Republic (CAR).

From:  'Save Africa' Newsletter.

And we thought we have seen the worst form of hate towards Muslims. This person has not only been recorded eating a Muslim in front of the "peace keepers", one of whom even vomited, but he pushed the BBC reporter to interview him. 

The hate machine of Islamophobia is based in the US, but its dehumanization of Muslims is causing irreparable harm all around the world. Whether it is Central Africa Republic or Burma, it accuses Muslims of the same things invented right here in America.

Central African Republic (CAR) is being emptied of Muslims, as we speak. They are the indigenous people living in their ancestral land, as are in Muslims in Burma. But both these minority Muslims are now being accused of being "foreigners" and are being forced out of their  land, killed, or forced to flee, while military, the so-called peace keepers watch or assist the wrongdoers.

In the Central African Republic, unspeakable crimes against humanity are being committed against our brothers and sister in Islam.  Here’s a BBC interview with a man who burned alive and ate a Muslim’s leg.

Excerpt of BBC interview of the cannibal - reported by Paul Wood from Bangui:

We were filming nearby when a young man in a yellow T-shirt came up to talk to me.
"I am the naughty one," he said in broken French. Puzzled, I shook his hand and was trying to ease past him when I noticed the machete tucked into his skinny jeans. "I am the naughty one," he repeated.  With a sickening feeling, I realised I was talking to the cannibal.

The cannibal's name was Ouandja Magloire - though he told me he was now known as "Mad Dog". He saw a man sitting on the minibus - he thought he looked Muslim so he decided to follow the bus .... "We followed him," he said. He described what happened after the man was dragged off the bus: "I kicked his legs out from under him. He fell down. I stabbed his eyes. "Muslim! Muslim! Muslim! I stabbed him in the head. I poured petrol on him. I burned him. Then I ate his leg, the whole thing right down to the white bone. That's why people call me Mad Dog."  On the video, "Mad Dog" is seen happily chewing, his cheeks bulging. He waves a leg about in between mouthfuls.

Islamphobia is rearing its ugly head. Muslims by the thousands are fleeing their homes, victims of a widespread campaign of killings, rapes, plundering, and destruction of homes. Hate speech against Muslims is being broadcasted on TV, said Navi Pillay, United Nations Human Rights Chief. “People who commit serious human rights violations after receiving instructions, directions, and orders may also have direct individual criminal responsibility for their actions and omissions.” 

Can this ethnic cleansing be allowed to grow as its growing now in Burma and formerly in Rwanda while the international community remained silent?

Here’s the first-hand account of Abdul Wahid, a CAR native preparing to leave for Chad last Friday. Doctors without Borders and the UN are the only humanitarian groups on the ground helping Muslims. “The Central Mosque in the capital city, Bangui, which is lead by Imam Tijan and Moudibou Bashir, has now become the largest refugee camp and shelter for the rest of the Muslims.”

We need to take immediate action in this life-or-death situation. Please make four phone calls today!

1.    Call the Secretary of State asking him to make phone call to his French counterpart to enhance their peace-keeping efforts and to protect all parties equally including Muslims.

2.    Call the French ambassador in the US  or in Canada asking them one of the following questions:

a.    Why are they not disarming Christian militias as they have disarmed other militias?
b.    How do they expect to keep peace with only 1,600 troops in a country which is the size of France?
c.    Is it true that they are taking the side of Christians against Muslims?
d.    Request them:
  • To be honest and peace brokers
  • To urgently increase the peace-keeping efforts
  • To take Muslim refugees back to CAR
Please forward this alert to your friends and post it on Facebook.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The January 2014 demolition that left 25 shelterless

Finding out what hard life truly means so one can learn to count their blessings and be grateful, let's read the story of Mushakhis Bani Maniya.

Khirbet Ein Karzaliyah is in the Jordan Valley of occupied Palestine.  Twenty-five members of this little desert community have been sleeping under the stars in the cold wintry nights of January after their humble tin-shelters were demolished, including the only water pipe serving the community.  The sheep-pens were also dismantled by Israeli bulldozers on January 8, 2014.  A few days later, the tents given to them by the red cross were also destroyed and confiscated by Israeli authorities.  The residents re-built simple pens several times to protect the new-born lambs which they fear will die in the cold.  But the makeshift pens have been repeatedly pulled down since January 8.  Israeli authorities have kept returning after the major demolition of January 8th to ensure they continue to wreck and destroy every temporary shelter the residents may re-erect to survive. 

Mushakhis Ahmad Yusef Bani Maniya is a 40-year-old mother of seven children living in Khirbet Ein Karzaliyah. On January 13, 2014 she told the story of her small community to the reporter who visited them. 

In the words of Mushakhis Bani Maniya:

"We have been living in Khirbet Ein Karzaliyah  for 25 years.  During this time, the military has come and demolished our tents and sheep-pens a few times.  The most massive demolition, up to this year, was in 2008 and we applied to the Israeli courts. Although life here is very hard because there are no paved roads, electricity and other services, we keep on living here because we have flocks of sheep that need to graze. 

About two or three weeks ago, my husband told me that the Israeli authorities had decided to demolish our homes. I got very upset and worried. We have nowhere else to live. We have nowhere to go.

On 8 January 2014, a large force of the Israeli military came with bulldozers and demolished all of our structures. We were left without any shelter. The children were exposed to the elements. The lambs got mixed in with the adult sheep and their hay got covered with dirt. Everything was ruined. It was an awful sight. We decided to stay put. We rebuilt the pens, mostly to protect the young sheep from the elements and predators. The Red Cross gave us small tents and we put them up.

At around 6:00 o’clock this morning, soldiers came and dismantled even the six tents we got from the Red Cross. Again, we set up the sheep-pens and took the animals out to graze. Again we have no shelter. It’s winter and we’re out in the open, exposed to the elements. So is our property. We don't know what to do. 

But despite it all, this morning I lit the fire, kneaded dough and baked bread and cooked for my children. See, now I'm making cheese, with the wind and the dust. It's not easy."

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wildlife in occupied Kashmir getting dangerous

Reportedly leopards and bears are roaming in residential areas of Indian occupied Kashmir like stray dogs and cats:

Caught between the devil and the deep!  The  Muslim majority of occupied Kashmir are not only going  through the ordeal of occupation by Indian forces, but lately they have also been perpetually facing the danger of being attacked by wild animals from the forests. 

During the past 20 years, very few locals ventured to go deep into the forests  for fear of being caught in crossfires between the  freedom fighters and the Indian security forces.  The local hunters  were ordered to hand in their guns.  The impact of all that has led to a huge increase in the wildlife population.    Not just black partridge, pheasants and deer have increased in the  thousands, but man-eater leopards, black bears and wolves are seen  roaming well beyond the pine forests and around residential areas "like  stray dogs and cats" as stated by a resident.  The number of black bears has particularly  proliferated from 700 about twenty years ago to 3,000 at present.   Already  more than 55,000 Kashmiris fighting the Indian occupation have been killed  since the past 20 years.  And now scores are getting killed every year  by wild beasts.  

Leopards and bears have unleashed terror in the valley.  Hundreds of  people have lost  their lives while the number of those injured cannot be assessed.   Quoting a resident, Mudasir Ahmed Khan:  "It is very difficult to go out  in the fields alone as wild animals like  leopards, black bears and even wolves are roaming freely, and anyone  caught between these animals either gets killed or badly injured."  

Another  resident described the situation as the "wild animals being on a killing  spree."  The town of Sopore is prone to wolf attacks.  Much of the  nearby pine forests were cleared  during the insurgency by forest smugglers, and wolves have started coming  to residential areas in search of food.  The residents say the wolves  are just as dangerous as leopards and bears, literally tearing people  into pieces if attacked. 

Farmers are afraid to go to their fields and orchards in the morning and evening hours.  Whenever they do go, they go in groups.

Residents also mention that vast areas of  Kashmiri forests were cleared by Indian authorities during the  insurgency.  Consequently, pregnant bears, leopards and wolves came down  to the plains for their safety and to deliver their cubs nearer to the  villages and towns.  When these cubs grew up, they became used to the environment  away from the forests and people in residential areas began getting  attacked more frequently.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Jordan's involvement in the Syrian war

After the failure of Geneva II conference, diplomatic sources informed Rai al-Youm that the United States was working on a plan for military intervention in Syria with its base at Jordan, using Jordanian-Syrian borders for transferring sophisticated military weapons and equipments to the rebels.  The U.S. and E.U. are keen that the weapons must be used only by the FSA, being unrealistically optimistic that it's next to impossible  to prevent much of it from falling into the hands of many Al-Qaeda groups spread across Syria.

Rai al-Youm is a daily based in London and run by the well-known Middle-East analyst, Abdel Bari Atwan.  It reported the information provided by several diplomatic sources on recent comments of the U.S. ambassador to Syria and U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, that the U.S. had a "Plan B" in case the Geneva II talks failed .... and the talks have failed.

On February 14, 2014, when King Abdullah of Jordan met President Obama in California, the U.S. President announced a loan of $1 billion for Jordan.   Abdullah's rhetoric against the Syrian Government has been consistently distasteful for the past one year with statements like "Syria past the point of allowing Assad to rule" and "If I was Assad I would step down."  One wouldn't need to be too discerning to guess that if the U.S. needed a new base for the Syrian war, Abdullah would be their handpicked man for making the necessary arrangements through Jordan.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is reported to have agreed to supply the rebels with mobile anti- aircraft missiles which it is trying to acquire from Pakistan.  Hopefully this report is wrong, the practical aspect of which is destructive as well as ethically outrageous.

What is definite is that like Saudi Arabia, Jordan too is awfully wary that none of the "jihadists" presently in Syria should enter Jordan to avoid all risks of Jordan turning into another Syria or Egypt.  Accordingly 'Plan B' assures Jordan of that.

American and European intelligence experts have been meeting in Jordan for lengthy discussions.  Though "Plan B" sounds difficult (almost far-fetched) and dangerous, it's supposed to be a serious one consisting of two phases:-

(1)  U.S. and British forces will enter Syria to confront al-Qaeda namely al-Nusra and ISIL with the purpose of disarming them and preventing them from reaching the borders with Israel.  Only FSA will be allowed to remain in southern Syria.

(2)  U.S. and the Brits will monitor the arming of FSA and helping them develop effective battlefront strategies to attack the bases of the Syrian Army while taking care the weapons aren't grabbed by al-Qaeda.

Apparently the plan intends to turn southern Syria entirely into an opposition zone for launching military offensives against the Syrian Government while foolishly underestimating the belligerence and fury of al-Nusra and ISIL in such circumstances, when the bulk of their hostility would likely be directed at the FSA and their sponsors rather than the Syrian Government.  To complicate matters further, internal intrigues being widespread among the foreign terrorist fighters, they're constantly changing sides, reshuffling and regrouping in different areas of Syria.

The Syrian Army learned early February 2014 of suspicious movements along the Jordanian border.  An army spokesman told Al-Akhbar:  "There are serious preparations along the Jordanian border and activities have been closely watched that indicate a large number of fighters are preparing for a major offensive .... opposition fighters are amassing in Daraa and if they attack it will be from there .. the army is ready for any surprise attack."

This tallies perfectly with the report of "Plan B" through Rai al-Youm.  It  shouldn't be discarded as spurious by the deceptive statement of Jordan's Interior Minister to Asharq Al-Awsat a couple d days ago in which he mentioned  "The Jordanian Armed Forces will never allow insurgents into Jordanian territory or allow them to transit through Jordan to any destination."  However, Syrian rebels will be confined to southern Syria for receiving essential deliveries from Jordan and launching attacks inside Syria.  Only U.S. and British military will use the Jordanian-Sryian border.

Whether or not the crazy "Plan B" is seriously on the table, it practically amounts to building castles in the air.  It  overlooks the widespread presence of al-Qaeda in Syria, the impossibility of keeping advanced military hardware out of their reach and the inability of FSA as well as U.S. and British troops to handle them.  If U.S and British forces enter Syria in an effort to eliminate al-Qaeda, that itself would be a long and bloody struggle and phase two might never materialize; let alone such a plan leading to a "transitional" government with the SNC smoothly assuming power as day-dreamed by the sponsors of this proxy war. The U.S. Army and its coalition tried to purge Iraq of al-Qaeda for almost a decade and failed despite the fact that back then al-Qaeda was comparatively an impoverished rag-tag militia, much weaker militarily and lesser in number.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ukrainian protests smell of Western interference

Ukrainian opposition leader, Yulia Tymoshenko, was one of leading figures in 2004 'Orange Revolution' of Ukraine.  Taking advantage of the fact that the Orange Revolution was supported by the United States, Yulia Tymoshenko has been a bit of a troublemaker too.  More than her leadership abilities, she thrives in instigating the crowd and igniting a furor.

"Orange Revolution" was supposed to be pro-democracy headed by Viktor Yushchenko who served as President from 2005-2010, preceded by Leonid Kuchma and succeeded by Viktor Yanukovych who won the 2010 polls.  It's anyone's guess whether or not this uproar is headed in the right direction, and is it really supported by the majority or only the pro-West segments?  After all, Viktor Yanukovych did beat Yulia Tymoshenko only 5 years later in a second round of voting in 2010.

Trouble gradually stirred up end of last year when the President in power, Victor Yanukovych, decided to postpone an agreement with the EU.  The presumption of the protesters is that the agreement would have sparked economic growth and pushed the country toward modernization.  True enough Ukraine isn't doing well economically.   But which country is?   The EU itself as an entity is neck-deep in crap.  It has shown its inability to help its own member countries for months if not years.  How progressive did Ukraine become during those 5 years of Viktor Yushchenko's rule that a rickety agreement with the EU now will enable the Ukrainians to roll on a bed of roses?   Until now more than 80 have died.  Makes one wonder, is this really about achievement or merely the excitement of participating in a deadly hullabaloo which the U.S. is enjoying across the seven seas?

Last but not least, these protests are anything but peaceful.  Protesters are armed not just with sticks but with guns, "capturing" policemen and throwing molotov cocktails.

Trouble in Ukraine is already being used as a propaganda tool.  An article on Yahoo Canada posted a brief article on Ukraine with the video and statement "No, this isn’t the apocalypse. This is Ukraine  ...... Makes you appreciate Canada a little more now, doesn’t it?   Ask many of those Canadians who are living on $9,000 a year and doing their grocery shopping from the Food Bank. I'm sure lots of those Ukrainian protesters are no worse off. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, the most destructive terror group in Egypt

Different Salafist terror groups with varying identities seem to be springing up faster than ever anticipated.  From the time the Egyptians gave their mandate to the military to kick out Mohamed Morsi, Egypt has been having a hard time coping with militancy of the MB activists.  But they aren't alone any longer.  They are now fighting along side several small Al-Qaeda groups with hideouts in the Sinai desert.   Like Syria, Egypt is also a hub of multinational "jihadists."

An unfamiliar militant organization that began as a shadowy group after the ouster of Morsi, has now become the most active and destructive one in the country.

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis which means Ansar Jerusalem or Supporters of Jerusalem is based in Sinai, recruiting Beduoins, Egyptians and terrorists of all nationalities.  Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis is allegedly funded by a leading member of MB, Khairat Saad al-Shater, who is also a wealthy Egyptian businessman.  But the group is reported to be an affiliate of Al-Qaeda.  Until now there is no evidence of any strong links between Ansar Bayt and MB.  But it's widely assumed that sooner rather than later,  Ansar Bayt is bound to have an agreement with MB to take advantage of their bitterness towards the Egyptian government.  As the number of foreign "jihadists" increase in Egypt, it's possible that Saudi Arabia's involvement might also deepen.

Several leaders of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis have sneaked into Gaza and into the Egyptian Mediterranean city of Alexandria.  Ansar Bayt purportedly has close ties with Hamas.  It has forged alliances with Beduoin nomads and smugglers in the mountains of the Sinai desert, winning the confidence and loyalty of a set of people who felt neglected and ignored by the  governments of Mubarak and his predecessor for decades.   They are familiar with the rugged mountainous terrain of the Sinai desert.  It's easy for them to hide, and they frequently keep moving from one hideout to another in small pickup trucks.

It's awfully unfortunate that this group is hijacking the cause of Palestine by claiming to be its champion, yet killing Egyptian civilians just as ruthlessly as the Israelis are killing the Palestinians.  It's only a matter of time when the militants of Ansar Bayt begin spreading to other countries.  It's possible that some of their fighters may have already infiltrated into Syria.

With approximately 1,000 fighters,  Ansar Bayt is rapidly proliferating and attracting terrorists from outside Egypt.  They appear to have enough money and plenty of sophisticated weapons, and their ideology is no different from their comrades operating in Syria and Libya.  Weapons are mostly being smuggled from Sudan and post-Qaddafi Libya, a gift to Al-Qaeda from NATO.  There were lots of landmines left in the Sinai desert from Egypt's war with Israel which have been adjusted and changed by Ansar Bayt into roadside bombs.

Since the fall of 2013, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has carried out a string of terror murders and crimes. To cite just a few:

- On November 2013, the group claimed responsibility for the assassination of Mohamed Mabrouk, a security officer involved in the trial against Mohamed Morsi.  Mabrouk was shot dead outside his home in Nasr City.

- On December 24, 2014, it bombed a police compound in the northern city of Egypt, Mansoura, killing 16.

- A month later on January 23, 2014, it bombed a police checkpoint in another northern city of the country, Beni Suef, killing 5.

- On January 24 and 25, there was a series of bomb blasts in Greater Cairo killing at least 8, injuring 75 and damaging various buildings including the police headquarters in Cairo, National Archives building and the Museum of Islamic Art.  Ansar Bayt claimed responsibility for all bombings with a warning, quote: "We tell our dear nation that these attacks were only the first drops of rain, so wait for what is coming up."

- On January 25, Ansar Bayt also  shot down a military helicopter in Sinai.

- Three days later on January 28, it assassinated Egypt's Interior Minister, Mohamed Al-Saeid.

- On February 16, 2014, Ansar Bayt claimed responsibility of Taba bus bombing that killed the bus driver and 3 Korean tourists with a warning to all tourists to get out of Egypt by February 20.

Elections in Egypt are due within a few months which will likely be a field day for Ansar Bayt to wreck another big carnage despite the tight security.

One of its prime targets is Egypt's economy through violence against tourists, getting them spooked and consequently compelling the country to shut down its tourist industry.

Because of Egypt's close proximity to Israel, the growing activities of Ansar Bayt are becoming a huge cause for concern for Western leaders.  It's simple to perceive why the U.S. and Israel were so eager to protect Morsi from being ousted.  'Buy them if you cannot win them.'  Anwar Sadat was assassinated by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood because of Sadat's decision to sign a peace treaty with Israel.  But like Anwar Saadat and his successor, Mubarak, Morsi too as president was just as comfortable over Egypt's peace treaty with Israel.

In February 2011 when Egypt rose against Hosni Mubarak, he reportedly screamed on telephone at Obama and Netanyahu saying that if he stepped down, the "terrorists" would sweep across the country.  It was a desperate and failed last bid attempt to hang on to power with the help of Washington and Tel Aviv.  But looking at the scenario in Egypt now, Mubarak's guess turned out to be correct.

As the Egyptian military, undaunted but cautious, battles the terrorists of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, the latter's hit list has been getting lengthier too.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SYRIA: Viet Nam of the Middle-East, perhaps worse

As the unstoppable humanitarian catastrophe worsens by the day, the beasts of the international community can think nothing beyond politics.

It's time to shift focus from the political dimension of the Syrian war to the humanitarian front.   No matter who wins or who loses, this war should needs to STOP.  How can any issue take priority over human suffering when it reaches such incredible, mind-blowing proportions? !!
1 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, 1 million in Lebanon, 600,000 in Jordan.  More than 200 dying per day within Syria.  6,000 have died since the "peace" negotiations at Geneva2 and no one even talks of them.  Almost 5 million Syrians are homeless within Syria, refugees in their own country, living in abandoned buildings and relying almost completely on aid agencies for basic amenities. Many of the injured, particularly those suffering from severe burns in need of immediate treatment aren't getting any medical help at all. Syria's healthcare system has suffered a very heavy blow in the 3-year war and is almost non-functional.  According to reporter Chris Doyle at least 250,000 Syrians in besieged areas like the old city in Homs are struggling "in horrific circumstances barely surviving on leaves, grass or roots."

Another few years and the war doesn't end,  Syria's entire population of 23 million could get affected - killed, displaced, orphaned, maimed for life, emotionally scared forever, death due to starvation.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pre and post Saddam Iraq - despotism to despotism

More than a decade after the imperialists toppled the Baath Party, Iraq hasn’t yet been able to build up a democracy, not even a nascent one.  Thanks not only to the imperialists, but also to Riyadh and Tehran.

The bane of sponsoring militancy by Saudi Arabia has been devastating enough. On the other hand, Iran isn’t helping either with all that hubris and cult-like influence of the man from Qom.

Representation of Iranian interest in post-Saddam Iraq has become a vital mainstream political issue that can instigate greater violence in addition to what’s already being perpetrated by the AQ splinter groups in the country.

Unlike Al-Jazeera and Press TV, Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed is the only independent national press in Iraq which is not the mouthpiece of the Iraqi government.  But the path has been rocky.  Four weeks after Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed was established in 2004, there was a horrifying incident of attempted kidnapping of its chief editor, Ismael Zayer.  The attempt failed but his bodyguard and chauffeur were killed.   Preposterous as it may sound, until today guns are required to be kept within reach in the reception area.  It still isn’t safe for journalists to write a story of their choice nor to write on everything they know.  Nonetheless, Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed has set a new standard for newspaper journalism in Iraq and the region.

Its latest showdown with its critics says loud and clear how unprepared Iraq is for free speech .. almost as distant as Iran or Saudi Arabia.

On February 6, Iraq's al-Sabah al-Jadeed published a cartoon of the Iranian supreme leader, Ali Khamenei by cartoonist Ahmad Rubaie in its supplement on the 35th anniversary of Iran's 1979 Revolution.   Soon after the newspaper began receiving threats before it was hit by three bombs, damaging its office in central Baghdad and destroying its facade. Fortunately no one was hurt.  Immediately after the controversy erupted like a rumbling volcano, the editor of the newspaper, Ismael Zayer, issued a clarification that the portrait was not meant to be offensive nor derogatory (not that there is any plausible reason to prohibit a light-hearted joke about Ali Khamanei).   Yet the flood of threats didn’t halt and Al-Sabah al-Jadeed began being accused of "serving Mossad," a standard political slush fund for crushing independent thoughts and expressions. 

The editorial board of al-Sabah al-Jadeed has a tradition of publishing portraits of figures in their weekly intellectual supplement.  The board explained this aspect, further clarifying that drawing Khamenei’s portrait in its supplement "was not meant to mock him" rather it was meant to compliment him as an important personality.

Yet the senseless parochialism didn't taper off and neither did the threats stop.   The scenario got still worse when the local non-independent newspapers began taking advantage of this showdown, pitting public opinion against al-Sabah al-Jadeed.  On February 10, From 3 a.m. until 10 a.m., three bombs were planted outside Al-Sabah’s building.  Each time the security agencies succeeded in detecting a bomb and disabling it, another would be planted.  One of them was a sound bomb.  Fortunately none of them detonated and no one was injured.

According to the staff of al-Sabah al-Jadeed, such needless hostility was being expressed by certain political factions that intended to participate in the approaching parliamentary elections.  "Each side is trying hard to prove to its public that it is closer to Tehran and that it represents Iranian interests in Baghdad. Iran, after all, has influence over the formation of the future government and the choice of the prime minister and his cabinet,"  stated by al-Sabah al-Jadeed. 

Such crazy reaction rattled the staff.  The newspaper has been temporarily shut and most staff members have left for Kurdistan until they are sure it's safe to return and resume work.  The Iraqi government took no action nor made any statements on this despicably intolerant attitude of Iraqi political activists.  The Iraqi public remained silent too, not by choice but by fear, similar to the Iranian people who dare not open their mouths to promote the slightest of free speech; forget about lampooning the shortcomings of their politicians.   Talking of repression ….    What a bunch of sleazeballs !!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Syrian opposition: Strangest and messiest exported "revolution" ever!

Growing discord and constant infighting between Al-Qaeda and FSA has reduced the Syrian opposition to a worrisome point for the U.S. and its allies.   In less than three years, the opposition is almost completely involved within itself.  The Syrian National Coalition has changed 4 leaders in 11 months - Moaz Khatib, Ghissan Hitto, Ahmed Jarba and at present Badr Jamus.  Less than two days ago, FSA chief and U.S. anointed Selim Idriss appointed on December 2012 was also been fired and replaced by a little-known FSA commander, Abdelilah al-Bashir, who was stationed near the Golan Heights.  The official reason for Idriss' ouster was cited as "ineffectiveness."  His decline got rapid soon after Al-Qaeda splinter group ISIL seized his headquarters and drove him out.  Most importantly, Idriss drifted away from Saudi Arabia and got too close to Qatar which was the real cause of the fallout.

But weren't Saudi Arabia and Qatar close friends with the same goal on the Syrian war?  Not quite.  Division within the opposition has deepened because of the simmering rivalry between its two financiers, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  The two kingdoms gradually went their own ways and are now competing for greater influence in the Middle-East and North Africa.  While Qatar backs the Muslim Brotherhood and has invested much on it, Saudi Arabia favors the Al-Qaeda Salafists despite plans to abandon them after sending them on their missions with a one-way ticket.

Although Saudi Arabia has been using the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1950s and 1960s to confront left-wing forces in the Middle-East and consequently the MB has also established various charities within Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom also sees it as a threat to its Salafist base.  To shorten a long story, the threat doesn't ensue from differing ideologies of MB and the Saudi Salafist order;  rather the threat is rooted on both sides in the ever-deepening ambition to control the region.

The sole beneficiary is the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad!

If this exported "revolution" hadn't been the cause of such widespread and immeasurable suffering of the Syrian people, the disarray and greed of the Syrian opposition could have been viewed as a very chucklesome story.


Jordan: Early signs of chickens coming home to roost?

While Jordan's King Abdullah was meeting President Obama in California on February 14, requesting for increased financial assistance, a rare anti-Israel, anti U.S. demo was seen in Jordan opposing the U.S. brokered peace deal between Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas.  The protest went as far as demanding the King to revoke the peace agreement of 1994 with the Zionist state.  Though majority of Jordanians abhor the Israel/U.S. hegemony in the region, they are seldom dauntless enough to speak up.  Protesting against Israel or U.S. amounts to protesting against the Jordanian monarch.  The very purpose of this country and its monarchy created in the 1920s by the British was to safeguard British & American interest in the region; subsequently, protecting Israeli interest is the 'bread & butter' of King Abdullah II.   Jordan is stiflingly authoritarian where a single word of criticism against any member of the 'royal family' could send one to prison indefinitely.

Not to forget, many of these protesters are linked to Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood.  Zaki Irshad, deputy head of MB in Jordan stated "There is a general consensus among Jordanians that a dangerous project is being orchestrated by the US through its foreign secretary, John Kerry, to liquidate the Palestinian cause."

On February 7, a similar demonstration was held in the capital with chants of "Death to America."

Palestinians want to establish an independent homeland in West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem and the beleaguered Gaza Strip. For that Israel needs to withdraw completely, to stop constructing illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and dismantle the ones that exist.  At present more than half a million Israelis are living in the illegal settlements across West Bank.  Israel refuses to stop the construction of Jewish homes on occupied land and refuses to lift the siege of Gaza.

Al-Qaeda and its ally, MB, getting stronger than ever - courtesy United States of America and the European Union - can a bounce back in Jordan be considered hypothetical?

Jordan being one of the training grounds for mercenaries headed for Syria since the last three years, Abdullah was quick to state the other day that if he was Assad, he would have stepped down.  If the chickens do come home to roost, how long might it take for Abdullah to step down would be an interesting guess.  When Egypt was protesting against Mubarak in 2011, Rajab Erdogan in Turkey put the maximum number against himself to 300 claiming if ever as many as 300 Turks protested against him, he would step down.  The Gezi Park movement of 2013 saw at least a million protesting against him; he called them "thieves and terrorists."

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christians slaughtering Muslims in Central African Republic

There seems to be no peace just about anywhere in this planet!

Religious  violence in the Central African Republic has spread like wildfire.  The  Christian militants seem to be going completely berserk in their  murderous orgy.

Central African Republic (CAR) has a population approximately of 5 million -  80% Christians and 15% Muslims.

Seleka rebels, a coalition of several groups, mostly Muslims, toppled the government of  president Francois Bozize by end 2012 citing economic and political grievances, not religious ideology. Michel  Djotodia became the first Muslim president of CAR.  By summer of 2013  the situation again got tense.   In September 2013 fighting broke out  between the Seleka rebels associated with the government and the radical  Christian anti-balaka coalition.  In January 2014 President Michel  Djotodia resigned and was succeeded by Catherine Samba Panza who was  formerly the mayor of Bangui and the first female president of the  country. However, the fighting still continues and has turned into a  fully religious war with Christians hunting down and killing Muslims.

Thousands of  Muslims have fled for their  lives to neighboring countries as the Christian terrorists and their  supporters have stepped up brutal attacks since the last few months.   The entire Muslim district at Bangui looks like a ghost town.  It's  completely empty.  The scenes have been awfully gruesome.  Muslims have  been killed by armed and violent mobs almost every day.  Their bodies  have been brutally mutilated and dragged through the streets of Bangui  in front of peacekeepers.  Reportedly they are also tracking down and  slaughtering those they suspect of supporting the former Muslim  government.

The political  violence that turned into religious violence is now slipping into  general chaos and lawlessness with armed robberies on the  rise. 

Fleeing of all  Muslim traders and cattle-herders have resulted in severe shortages of  food and items of daily use in the  markets of CAR.  Prices have skyrocketed.  Aid agencies have said that  famine and economic collapse seem eminent in the near future. 

Reported by 'Doctors Without Borders' - "Armed  men have announced that they intend to track down and kill all the  city's Muslims.  Anyone who hides Muslims is also at risk."

Recent  warnings by a senior UN official and Amnesty International have stated  that the intense violence in CAR against Muslims amounts to "ethnic cleansing." 

A few days ago the UN refugee agency described the situation as "a humanitarian catastrophe of unspeakable proportions".

The head of the French mission at CAR has officially called the Christian militamen "enemies of peace."  The French presently have 2,000 troops deployed in CAR. 

International peacekeeping troops including the French are trying hard  to disarm the Christian terrorists but until now they haven't been  successful. 

NY Daily News writes: "As thousands flee amid looting and murder, the new and first female  president of the Central African Republic vowed to hunt down  bloodthirsty gangs of Christians who have been lynching and beating to  death terrified Muslims."