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Monday, December 30, 2013

Rohingya refugees in Jammu city of occupied Kashmir

Chilling stories of untold misery of 350 Rohingya refugees (out of a total of 2 million), their persecution by the Buddhist majority of Burma and the hardships they face as a stateless community in Jammu, even though the Muslims of Jammu have largely welcomed them.

Who are the Rohingyas?  When did the culture of ethnic cleansing begin against them? 
Though the mass genocide against Rohingya Muslims in Burma began in June 2012, social discrimination and periodical killings of Muslims have been going on since the 1960s, if not earlier.  According to observers and historians,  Buddhist xenophobia with brazen intolerance toward Muslims and Christians has been prevalent in the global Buddhist community since centuries.

As the Rohingya Blogger writes, "Rohingyas of the Arakan province of Burma were poor farmers and their right to Burmese citizenship was unquestioned until the Burmese military seized power in 1962. The military dictator, Ne Win, revoked the citizenship of all Rohingyas in 1982, thus begins the journey of 'CITIZENS OF NOWHERE' " The Rohingyas have been living in the south-western province of Burma for hundreds of years, if not thousands.  There is no historical record of the Rohingyas coming to Burma from any other land.

For decades the Rohingyas have been confronted with unimaginable hostility in Burma where monks have gone berserk against them.  To make matters worse, neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Thailand have shown no desire to help the oppressed minority of Burma.  Between 1978 and 2012, the Burmese military drove out 800,000 Rohingyas in an ongoing campaign involving widespread killings, mass rapes, destruction of mosques, Muslim businesses and homes.  Soon after 9/11 when Muslims began getting persecuted around the world, the Buddhist monks grabbed the opportunity to spread anti-Islam pamphlets that resulted in the burning of Muslim homes and mosques and the killing of several hundreds of Rohingyas.   More than 100,000 have been killed and over 2 million have become refugees .... almost the same numbers as in Syria, or more.  The only difference being that the Syrian invasion began in April 2011, and the mass killing of Rohingya began in June 2012.  From that perspective, casualties are considerably higher among the Rohingyas. 

Harrowing social conditions faced by Rohingyas in Burma making life unlivable that forced them to flee:
According to Burmese laws, Rohingya Muslims must inform the police when the decide to get married.  They also must inform the police when their wives are pregnant.  They aren't allowed to have not more than two children.  They must again inform the police if the wife is pregnant with a second child.  As marriage tax, Rohingya Muslims have to pay Rs.300,000 to the Burmese government.  This cost is shared between the families of the husband and wife.  Before the birth of each child, they have to pay a tax of Rs.10,000 to the government.  There is also a death tax for Muslims. At the death of a family member, the family has to pay a tax of Rs.5,000.  All of these taxes are mandatory only for Muslims, failing which they promptly land up in prison.  Even if their farm animals reproduce or die, they require to pay a tax of Rs.10,000 to the government.

Forced labor:
Forced labor of Rohingyas without wages is widespread in the Arakan province.  Every month approximately 100 men are picked up from different Muslim villages by the Burmese Army .. no different from grabbing slaves free of cost from the slave-market.  They are forced to carry luggage and other heavy objects across mountainous terrain that are inaccessible by regular vehicles. 

Apartheid attitude of Burmese "human rights activists:"
Apartheid conditions stemming from the frenzy of ethnic violence aimed at causing brazen discrimination and indignation is stupefying within the entire Buddhist community of Burma including its so-called humanitarians.  The inclination of many Burmese 'human rights activists' has been observed as no less bigoted than the monks, mobs and law enforcers.  In total disagreement with the international Human Rights Watch which has plainly termed this violence as "one-sided" where armed monks and gangs are slaughtering the unarmed minority, the local Burmese activists and politicians (including the arch hypocrite, Aung San Su Kyi) insist that it is "communal" which is completely false.  This turmoil cannot be termed a 'riot' where two sides are killing each other.  It's state sponsored terrorism and widespread ethnic cleansing where only the armed majority is killing the unarmed minority.  Human Rights Watch has cited the example of one such incident it witnessed.  In October 2012 at the height of the genocide against Muslims, a group of relocating Rohingyas consisting of 70 adults and 28 children were carrying rudimentary weapons consisting of a few sticks for self defense which the Burmese police confiscated for the purpose of making them easy targets of marauding Buddhist mobs.

Living conditions in Jammu:
Small groups of persecuted Rohingyas have been moving into Jammu periodically since the last decade or more.  Although their refugee camps in a Jammu neighborhood called Kiryana Talab are little huts in a slum, more than half of their humble, hard earned salaries are spent on rents for these huts.  They pay rent upto Rs.1000 a month, and a minimal of Rs.800.  Most of them work as cleaners, scrap sellers,  street vendors and laborers. Several work at the Jummu railway station.  Few lucky ones have found jobs as school teachers.  Despite their poverty and the awfully hard times they're going through, Rohingyas are observed as an amazingly self-respecting lot with endless patience and perseverance.  Regardless of how menial the job might be as daily wagers, they insist on working and not begging.

Story of Haroon Rashid:
A Rohingya Muslim living in Burma for generations, Haroon got married in 2003.  While Haroon was busy making his pre-marital arrangements, he forgot to tell the police about his upcoming marriage.  On the eighth day of his marriage, a contingent of armed police surrounded his village, dragged him out of his home, handcuffed him and took him away.  Haroon spent 6 months in prison, was regularly tortured and humiliated and eventually paid Rs.100,000 for his release.   Two days after buying his freedom, Haroon along with 60 other Rohingyas, all victims of state excesses, met secretly at a friend's house and planned to flee the country with their families.  They successfully arrived in neighboring Bangladesh where they lived for 4 years;  but were then forced to leave after the government suddenly began cracking down on illegal immigration.  He then traveled to India and from there headed to a Rohingya refugee camp in Jammu with his wife and a child.  He makes a living as a street vendor selling vegetables.  Whatever meager amount he earns daily, he spends it on his family in the evening after returning home.

Abdul Aziz:
A 27-year-old Rohingya now living in Jammu city, is also a vegetable hawker like Haroon.  In 2002 (or 2003) he was was picked up by the army for forced labor.  He had to carry coal sacks to the camps on top of the mountains.  He did this work for almost 3 weeks without being paid a penny.  After 20 days, Ali quietly fled to Bangladesh, being compelled to leave his parents and sister behind.
Aziz narrates the story of a friend who wasn't as fortunate as him.  Physically he wasn't as strong and not able to carry heavy loads.  When some Burmese soldiers saw him repeatedly struggling and stumbling with the coal sacks, they became furious and kicked him down the mountains.  To this day Aziz doesn't know what might have become of his friend.  But he is sure his couldn't have survived such a fall.

Ameer Hussain:
He is now 80 years of age.  He left Burma when riots erupted in 1998 in his village.  Hussain had a small piece of land for farming, his only source of income to feed his family.  But soon after the Burmese government introduced insanely heavy land taxes on Muslim farmers and Hussain was compelled to quit farming.   "We were forced to share half of what we made in the farms with the government.  That's why I and thousands others like me left farming and sold our lands to Buddhists," Hussain mentioned.

Mohammed Rafiq:
He arrived in Jammu recently and lives in one of the cramped shanty huts of Kiryana Talab camp.  Tells the tragic story of his friend's family.  Quoting Rafiq: "The body of my friend's wife was found floating on a river.  She was abducted along with her two children.  Her captors said her breasts gave milk to Muslim babies and her womb gave birth to future generations of Muslims.  Her breasts were cut off and her genitalia mutilated with a bamboo.  Her teenage son was tethered to a motorbike and dragged across the rocky road."

He works as a private teacher and has been living in Jammu since a decade.  He has been working very hard to fight for the rights of the Rohingyas.  He has been arranging meetings within his community and explaining the hardships of being a refugee to the newcomers.  His goal is to unite all Rohingyas in Jammu under one banner forming a joint committee.   Shams-ul-Alam is the chairman of this little committee but the committee hasn't yet been named.  Alam and his comrades hope that it will be easier to raise their voices and demand their rights through a joint committee.  Despite the very hard life, Shams-ul-Alam hasn't lost his sense of humor.  Reminiscing on the comfortable homes they had in the past, he looks at the shanty huts of the camp and says sarcastically, "these are our bungalows now."  Alam is telling reporters and activists to write about them to create international awareness of the plight of the Rohingyas.  "Please write about our problems.  We want to live with dignity and if we are granted refugee status, it will solve our problems," says Shams-ul-Alam.

A middle-aged Rohingya Muslim has been living in Jammu since 2009.  Like many others, he too survived difficult times in Burma before he fled.  In Jammu he works as a teacher, but he got this job recently after plenty of effort.  Initially he worked as an unskilled laborer which was extremely tough for him, both physically and emotionally, yet he had to endure it.  He mentioned that it was the brutal attitude of the Burmese forces that compelled him to leave.  He stated, "you have to pay taxes for traveling from one Muslim village to another.  Is that the kind of freedom governments provide to their citizens?"

Farima Begum:
She's a 30-year-old Rohingya female and a widow.  Her village was attacked by a Buddhist mob in 2012 which killed her young husband.  She works in a small dry fruit factory earning Rs.120 a day for extracting seeds from walnuts.  The owner of the factory has provided similar work to several Rohingya children as well. All female Rohingya refugees are working.  Those unable to find jobs at workplaces become rag pickers and scrap collectors.

Like Shams-ul-Alam, Karimullah also believes that official recognition of refugee status is vital for them.  "Recognition is the main thing" he said.  "No one owns us.  We don't have a country.  We don't have any land.  We have to beg to authorities to provide water.  We were living happily, working and earning enough to support our families.  But the Buddhists looted everything from us," Karimullah laments.

Most daunting task that faces the Rohingya committee in Jammu:
The most important task for the committee is to acquire the official status of refugees for the entire Rohingya community of Jammu which will make them entitled to the daily, much needed amenities, like electricity, sanitation, clean water and schooling for their children.  Presently there are about 50 Rohingya families in Jammu (approximately 385 individuals).  That number is proliferating faster than expected because the process of ethnic cleansing is endless in Burma and Muslims are constantly fleeing.  Though not all are coming to Jammu, many are.   Committee chairman, Shams-ul-Alam says that getting recognition and acquiring refugee status won't be easy because India is not a signatory of the UN convention of refugees.

UNHCR and Jammu & Kashmir Sakhawat Center:
Neither the Indian government nor the provincial government of Kashmir are doing anything to assist the Rohingya refugees.  The only two organizations helping them are UNHCR and the Jammu & Kashmir Sakhawat Center.

The UNHCR has provided 40 out of the 50 families in Jammu with temporary refugee cards and a monthly allowance of Rs.1,000 per family.  In dollars, that would be very little money and considering the back breaking inflation in India, it's a pittance.  But something is better than nothing.

As in all refugee communities, the number of Rohingya refugee children are more than adults.  Because of the aggressive nature of ethnic cleansing in Burma going from bad to worse, many Muslim children were forced to quit school.  Most of them have missed months and months of schooling.  The Jammu & Kashmir Sakhawat Centre which is associated with the charitable organization called Iqbal Memorial Trust has established a kindergarten or pre-primary school for Rohingya children within the premises of their camp where all subjects are taught in English. The school is providing free education to 250 children which is a remarkable achievement by the J&K Sakhawat Centre.  Rohingya parents are very pleased with this development.  Additionally, the Rohingyas have also set up a religious school so the children can divide their time between the two institutions.

The problem of radical Hindu groups:
Fundamentalist Hindu groups like shiv sena, shiv sena hindustan and several more are proving be be quite a nuisance as expected.  They are not at all happy about the Rohingya refugees coming to occupied Kashmir and are getting louder with their opposition to their presence in Jammu.  They could be up to any sort of mischief in the future.

Eviction notice from Jammu:
In October of 2012, the Jummu police gave an eviction notice to all Rohingyas with the excuse that Kashmiri freedom fighters (whom Indians call "militants") could mix in the guise of Rohingya refugees.  It was a lame excuse aimed at harassment.  The Rohingyas are a humble and transparent community busy with the mundane issues of their very difficult lives.  For a couple of months the Rohingya community was extremely worried and tense without any alternatives in case they were forced to leave. However it turned out to be disputed news and some state authorities denied issuing such orders.

The Rohingyas continue to live in Jammu with hopes of getting legal recognition as refugees sooner rather than later.

[Information compiled from the visit of a Muslim photo-journalist, Wasif Ali, to the refugee camp for Rohingyas in Jammu City].

A Rohingya Muslim is killed by a buddhist mob in Burma while he was trying to flee the genocide. The mob threw his body in the river.

Rohingyas arrive in Jammu - in police custody.

Rohinya shanty huts - Kiryana Talab Camp.

A little Rohingya boy in Jammu's Kiryana Talab Camp waits for his parents to return home.

Haroon Rashid showing his affidavit which he had to submit to the Burmese govt. informing them of his marriage.

Karimullah's temporary refugee card by UNHCR.

Rohingya women working in a dry fruit factory (walnut unit) in Jammu.

Religious school for Rohinya children at Kiryana Talab Camp, Jammu.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Iranian Parliament demands more: How will the Western bullies react?

Lawmakers of the Iranian Parliament want uranium enrichment up to 60% to  enable Iran to continue working on its nuclear program.  The bill was  introduced by more than 100  lawmakers and tagged with a note of "double urgency"  which indicates  that  it could be taken up for discussion within a few days.

The mainstream media  calls them Iran's ""hardline""  lawmakers.    Hassan Rouhani is the '"moderate"'  who are usually the double talkers walking on glass.  If enriching  uranium or acquiring nukes is supposed to define one as a "hardliner,"  aren't those seven nations - USA, UK, France, Israel, Russia, China and  India - big time hardliners since a long, long time?
On a more serious note, let's hope the consequences of Rouhani's blunder  on hobnobbing with the West don't  reverberate all over Iran any time soon.  The New World Order is a  tricky place where the rule of law and honorable dealings are rejected  more often than not.  Once an arbitrator  breaks the major political norms for the protection of their sovereignty  and  caves in to the imperialist mobsters, there is no turning back.  Those  who do, are targeted still more brutally than before.  You cannot  appease them until you've been thoroughly vanquished and you fall down flat on your face, at their  feet, conceding that you surrender and accept your new credentials as a  chattel slave.  Despite the fact that Rouhani's government agreed to  enriching  uranium up to a mere 10%,  it got no appreciation in return except for  greater mistrust, further chastisement and more coercion.   
Quoting Reuters:  "Twenty-six  U.S. senators recently introduced a legislation to impose new  sanctions on Iran if the country breaks the Geneva interim deal.  This  legislation demands reductions in Iran's petroleum production and new  penalties to Iran's engineering, mining and construction  industries if it violated the negotiated agreement or if negotiators  failed to reach a favorable conclusive deal."  A little prior to this  legislation, "the U.S. government blacklisted 19 Iranian companies  and individuals under sanctions aimed at Iran's nuclear program"  as a  bullying tactic to intimidate Iran so it goes along with the  interim agreement to accepting still more oppressive deals in future.   
With their strong support for dictatorships, Western governments have  made no bones about their complete lack of respect for parliamentary  members of various countries who represent  their people.  At the moment, senior Western diplomats and officials  are trying to keep up their optimism by assuming that "hardline" lawmakers do not have the upper hand in the Iranian parliament after Rouhani's election.
However, if  the bill in support of 60% enrichment of uranium is passed and not vetoed by the Supreme Leader's unnecessary interference, then Hassan Rouhani's government will have no  other choice but to accept.  The mad  hullabaloo that will immediately ensue in the international community against Iran should be expected;  with  shouts that Iran is using 'parliament as a bargaining tool,' the noose  around her neck will be tightened more than ever before. 
That's  how miserably Iran has gotten herself trapped between the devil and the  deep .. either welcoming back the  colonialists onto her soil or facing far tougher sanctions than it did  during the past 34 years.  And the possibility of much louder war drums  being played across the Atlantic from Washington to Tel Aviv cannot be  ruled out by any means.   

Sunday, December 22, 2013

India's storm in a tea cup

Indians are attacking American food outlets in Mumbai and Delhi, protesting against the recent arrest of an Indian Diplomat in the U.S. for visa fraud and false statements of wages to her housekeeper.   

Here’s the irony of this story. 

While angry crowds in Mumbai and Delhi express their rage over one of their female diplomats "treated badly" being arrested and handcuffed, India is a country recognized even by its advocates as the most negative place for the birth of a female.  India has topped world record with the highest number of rapes year after year with New   Delhi widely known the "rape capital" of the country and Mumbai (the 'second runner-up') as the country's "new rape capital."  New Delhi with a population of 7.5 million women recorded a harrowing total of 661 rapes in 2012, and an additional total of almost 500 cases in Mumbai, Calcutta and Banglore.   The total incidents of violence reported against women (including rape) in India in 2012 was a colossal 244,270  despite majority of such cases going unreported.

Total rapes in 2013 is expected to be announced early 2014.  But  India is already jittery and embarrassed as the rape statistics of 2013  for New Delhi alone show 400 cases in the city within the first 3  months.  Judging from that figure, it would be logical to presume that the total for the year 2013 in New Delhi and the entire country could be far worse than 2012 despite the Indian government being forced to make tougher rules after the gang rape and death of a 23-year-old woman traveling in a bus last summer.  Not to mention, there has been 8 million cases of 'female foeticide' in India over the last 8 years, and an average of 8,500 dowry deaths every year !!

Each time the international media makes a move to talk about India's ever-deteriorating womens' rights record, the country frantically starts its blackmailing campaign to cut off cheap "bilateral trade worth $100 million."  With the recession still looming large, such a threat knocks the wind out of the West which is also using India as a partner for "counter terrorism" activities and to watch over the Muslim block of the region  with the clandestine intrusion of RAW.   Additionally, India also has sufficient backing from Israel to dodge the rule of law.

Being arrested and handcuffed is no fun. But it’s surely a way better choice than getting raped …. in most  cases raped and killed. 

Indians sure do have a lot of time to  waste.  Instead of cleaning up the filth and stench in their own backyard, they're busy pelting stones from a glasshouse over the arrest  and handcuffing (now released on bail) of a fraudulent diplomat flouting  the law.  Considering the legal enormity of her violation, if convicted, she could get up to 15 years in prison.  With India's 'expertize' in the field of manipulative corruption for decades, it's no surprise that New Delhi is now making a push to accredit this game-playing diplomat as a permanent representative of U.N. mission which would give her stronger diplomatic  immunity and consequently the status to elude the law.  

New images of Adra massacre

Following up on one of my previous blog entries titled Adra Massacre, here are four latest images released of the massacre carried out by Western backed terrorist groups in Adra, a suburb of Damascus in Syria, in an effort to topple the Government of President Bashar al-Assad.   

Another mass slaughter of at least 80 unarmed civilians by psychopaths armed and financed by the U.S. and the E.U.   The images also show the sick and dangerous lunatics displaying those whom they beheaded.

Will someone now ask the world's power players, are they finally content with the services of their killer mercenaries?  Already almost 150,000 innocent civilians have been butchered in Syria because of this senseless preemptive invasion!  Has the West had its fill of human blood or does it want more?   And remember, this is NOT a "revolution."  It's NOT a "civil war."   By far the majority of Syrians strongly support President Bashar.  This is an invasion. Syria has been under an unprovoked foreign invasion, a proxy war of the West, since April of 2011.   Syria is under attack for doing nothing .. only because President Bashar al-Assad values the sovereignty of his country and refuses to become a puppet of the West like the rest of the Arab and Turkish leaders. 

Source of the images:  SYRIA: Adra massacre: Militants show photos of those they beheaded

There is also a video of this massacre at the above website.  Frankly, I couldn't muster the courage to see it as I'm emotionally not strong enough.  These four very graphic images devastated me already.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Drowning Gaza deliberately

Most parts of  Gaza are submerged in sewage and flood waters.   Apart from the  enormous damage and inconvenience, it's increasing the risk of  diseases.  Thousands of Gazans have been evacuated from their homes and taken to schools used as shelters. 
Water in Jabaliya camp is  almost 6 feet high.  In other parts of Gaza it's as much as 9 feet.   Some UN  workers who are assisting to evacuate families say in northern  Gaza there's water as far as the eyes an see.

According to  official news, rainfall and winter storm have caused "flash floods"  in Gaza.  Prior to that, the poor infrastructure of the Strip was taken for granted as the cause  for the rising sewage water.  As always, the truth is different.  The  entire catastrophe was planned, the responsibility for which lies  squarely on the regime at Tel Aviv  ..  its latest "war crime" as  stated by the Government of Gaza.  Israel's usual denial mixed with  sarcasm carries no weight.   It's once again the culprit.

Israel opens a sewage storage east of the Gaza Valley every  once in a while to cause environmental disaster.  It happened last year  in March, and it's happened again recently this year.  Hundreds of homes in Gaza were flooded with raw sewage water and   farmlands completely destroyed.  Israel is aware of the helplessness of the Gazans who cannot  use the wastewater treatment plant due to constant power outages resulting from an acute shortage of fuel.   Israel has never shown any respect for the environment in West Bank  either.   Awful environmental damage has been done in various cities of West Bank with frequent use of the foul smelling skunk spray by the IDF.

The cause for "flash floods" is just as deliberate.  Though Gaza is at  present under a state of emergency because of severe  winter conditions, the rising of rain water is caused by opening the floodgates of one of its dams close to eastern  Gaza by Israel.  It was done without any prior warning to the authorities in Gaza.  A week ago  Gaza's disaster response committee came to know that Israel was planning  to open the dams located east of the Gaza Strip.  It warned that the  Gaza Valley would soon be flooded within a few hours, appealing to the  people to evacuate their homes.   A lot of them are still trapped inside  their homes, some on their roofs and several have gone missing. Rescue  teams are using small boats to evacuate thousands of stranded men, women  and children.

Not to forget, the homes of thousands of Gazans were destroyed by Israeli air raids in  2008-2009 and also during the airstrikes in November 2012.  At least 600  such families were living in tents who have suffered the most.

It's time for  Egypt to end the permanent closure of the Rafah border and allow fuel  to pass into Gaza.  With vigilance and care, it can be done without any  danger to Egypt.  It's also time for Hamas in Gaza to forget about Morsi's ouster and reconcile with the Egyptian military and its people with assurances of doing whatever it can to prevent Hamas activists from misusing the reopening of the Rafah border by assisting members of the MB against the present Egyptian government.  

An urgent appeal has been made to Pope Francis in an open Christmas letter for helping Gaza.   However, it's doubtful if the Pope will heed who is just another stooge of the international power players.   Quoting an except from the letter:  

"Today’s  Israeli Herods have systematically made Gaza a hell on earth by  imposing a blockade in violation of international law that has made Gaza  an open air concentration camp imprisoning 1.7 million innocent people,  half of whom are children. As  the world makes merry this festive season, the people of Gaza have  deliberately been deprived of fuel by Israel for two months: they suffer  in freezing temperatures, with no electricity, no light, no heat,  scarcity of food, no essential services, when the waste water treatment  plant stopped functioning sewage flooded the streets- then kicking families while they are down so low,  Israel opened dams east of Gaza  drowning hope and the last vestiges of  normal life.  Imagine  truly if this Christmas you were were in Gaza, ‘suffering with Gazan  families, and you have no place to run, can’t get medical help for your  hungry and cold children, can’t  cook, clean their clothes, keep them  dry, warm, safe, happy.   Meanwhile  the Christian kings of the "free world," Obama, Cameron, Merkel,  Hollande, Abbott will attend Christmas mass under a blaze of cameras and  their own cruel hypocrisy in full knowledge that the Gaza  humanitarian  disaster, unlike the Philippines, is man-made.  Herod-made."

Syrian children: Too much blood and tears; happiness is history

I hope you recall my blog entry of December 6 on the  unprecedented suffering of an entire generation of Syrian children  because of this nasty war. 

Please view some more heart rending images as the needless suffering of  these little angels continues because of the destructive ambitions of  the world's power players. 

As the saying goes "rich man's war, poor man's blood"

Observe  the way this heart broken child is weeping.  Children generally never put their hands on their forehead while crying.  This beautiful little child is unimaginably traumatized.

A Syrian baby displaced from home, frozen to death by exposure to the harsh winter.

One feels lost for words to describe such tragic images.

A little Syrian boy, frightened and distraught, he fled the violence from his village .. cries as he waits to get water at a displaced camp.

Heart breaking!

No child, no human being, no living being, deserves this.
Your tears crush my heart, dear innocent little one!

Never in history have innocent children been forced to suffer such needless trauma.

Just watching the misery of children can be so distressing .. imagine what the children must be going through within themselves.  Why isn't anyone talking about emotional counseling for Syrian and Palestinian children .. or are only Westerners &  Israelis entitled to emotional trauma? 

I can only pray and pray to God Almighty that this baby has survived her injuries.   I can so well understand the anxiety her parents must have gone through.  It's anything but easy.

Peaceful Syria which had not seen a single incident of ethnic or sectarian violence for the last 600 years at least, one of the very few countries in the world where Muslims and Christians lived happily and peacefully as friends and neighbors, a totally harmonious society ..... and look what the outsiders have done to it now!    Unforgettable.   

As an observer wrote:  "A kingdom made of children's bones and a parent who pays the  cost, a man whose back is decorated with shaprnel, beside a bride with a  veil of frost."       

~~ sigh ~   my tears ..... !!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Adra Massacre

Began December 13, 2013.  Adra, located 20 km north-west of Damascus.  Contrary to BBC which reports 10 civilians killed,  at least 80 unarmed civilians were brutally slaughtered by armed militants of Al-Nusra.   That number is expected to rise much higher after the Syrian Army has stepped in and is carrying out a large scale operation to drive out the terrorists.  The town of Adra has a total population on 20,000. 

The Syrian Army has surrounded Adra with at least 1,000 militants trapped inside.  Terrorist groups involved are Jabhat al-Nusra and Liwa al-Islam.  As fighting progresses several families of Adra have been kidnapped by terrorists to be used as human shields.     The military is storming every house and has already freed dozens of Muslim and Christian kidnapped families from the rebels, Lebanon's Al-Ahd News reported.   But many still remain held by the terrorists who are purposely killing civilians captured by them to frame the Syrian Army and Hezbollah, something they have done many times in the past. 

Al-Ahd News reports, "the military doesn't exclude the possibility that militants will break through the blockade in this direction, putting the nearby town of Dahiyat al-Asad in danger."

Reported by RT Arabic correspondent, Abu Taleb Al-Bohaya: 'Many kidnapped families  were moved to the area south of Adra in the direction of the town of Douma which has been the opposition's strategic backland since the start of the Syrian crisis.  The rebel presence remains strong in Adra with snipers entrenched in high-rise buildings.'

According to an eye-witness in Adra, "People thrown in bakery ovens."  
"They shoved people nto the baking ovens.  The worst crime they committed was that they toasted people in ovens used to bake bread when those people came to buy it.  They kidnapped and beat up many."

"The situation was terrible with killing, atrocities and fear as the background.  Unidentified armed men came into town but it was obvious that they were Nusra Front militants.  The rebels committed atrocities so they could place blame on government forces," reported by another resident of Adra, Muhammad Al-Said.  "Adra citizens are waiting for Syrian troops to save us from the terrorists who came from other countries.  Those who could, fled to Damascus.  Some hid in the basements with infants, the elderly, women and sick people among them.  The situation was really terrible" the resident added.  

Geopolitical analyst, Patrick Henningsen, sees foreign encouragement of rebel forces as one the prime reasons behind the Adra tragedy.

"What it does indicate is that there is involvement by the Western intelligence agencies that have links to some of those radical 'jihadist groups,' " Henningsen told RT.  "And that has been proven throughout history and is also the case today.  The first thing that needs to happen for any peace talks to succeed is that Western governments cannot be involved in any way, shape or form, either through proxies or through the intelligence agencies or third parties in arming, financing, giving aid of any kind to the Syrian opposition."

Syria army launches large-scale ops. against militants

Monday, December 16, 2013

About Shuhada Street, Hebron

Some of the most negative ramifications of the occupation of Hebron include the miserable story of the city's busiest commercial hub situated at Shuhada Street.

It began 19 years ago in 1994 and persists until the present.

Shuhada Street was a traditional marketplace in the ancient town of Hebron (West Bank) for decades.  It lies at the heart of the city close to the famous historical Ibrahimi Mosque.  It used to be a busy shopping center full of life with rows of stores.  Since the last 19 years the area has virtually turned into a ghost locality.  With all businesses shut, it looks desolate, deserted, silent and shabby due to lack of maintenance.        

During the Holy month of Ramadan in February 1994, a bloodthirsty American-born Israeli-Zionist/terrorist named Baruch Goldstein barged into the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, shot dead 29 Palestinian worshipers and seriously wounded at least 120.  The incident is remembered as "Cave of the Patriarchs massacre."  Goldstein's shooting spree stopped only after his gun ran out of bullets.  The criminal was soon overpowered and beaten to death by survivors in the Mosque.  An appalling crime of this nature would have knocked down any one with a feather.  But its condemnation was lukewarm from the Israeli community. Many even tried to dismiss the heinous crime claiming "insanity" which is the standard excuse for all North American, European and Ashkenazi criminals  as if they are the only ones entitled to feeling emotionally distraught.  Presently, with Zionist fundamentalism being far more intense than it was two decades ago, the illegal Jewish settlers of Hebron laud Goldstein as a "hero" for the attack and he has been labeled a "martyr."

As usual, it's the Palestinian people who have to bear the consequences of Goldstein's murderous attack against them.  It served as an excuse on a platter to the Israeli government to grab another large portion of Hebron.

Soon after the incident, the Israeli army began fearing reprisal attacks by Palestinians on Jewish settlers in Hebron.  For the safety of those illegal settlers, the IDF shut down the entire marketplace of Shuhada Street.  All shops were forced to close.  Most Palestinians living in Shuhada Street had to leave their homes and settle elsewhere. Few Palestinian families that are still living within the boundaries of this locality have to use side entrances or climb over roofs or crawl in through open windows and balconies to reach their houses. Even Palestinian pedestrians are not allowed to walk on the main Shuhada Street any longer.  Since 19 years all business activities by Palestinians at Shuhada Street have been prohibited. 

There have been  numerous protests every year, usually in February, since 1994 and will  continue to take place.  But as yet to no avail.

The population of Palestinians in Hebron is 180,000 while the number of illegal settlers in the town are 800.  Adding insult to injury, the Israeli authorities are allowing these Jewish settlers and tourists to move freely in Shuhada Street but no Palestinians are permitted there.  On Jewish religious and festive seasons, plenty of Jewish settlers residing in Hebron congregate at Shuhada Street in celebratory moods while the Palestinian residents close by can only peep out of their windows at best, to watch the scenario outside.

Shuhada Street is the "main artery of Hebron."  After its closure, it's become virtually impossible for Hebron to function as a cohesive city with endless inconvenience caused to the indigenous Palestinians.

The purpose of this blockade is to provide better protection and safety to the 800 illegal Jewish settlers who have occupied Hebron.

Here are some images of the once crowded shopping center at Shuhada Street (Hebron) which used to be full of endless hustle and bustle, the protests for its return to the indigenous people of Hebron and persecution of Palestinians if they're caught walking on Shuhada Street.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

More 'good' news for American taxpayers

They better start working harder.   Israel wants more of their money.  

The U.S. is struggling economically. Millions are without jobs. 46 million are on food stamps (1 in every 6 families). The government is running short of cash to pay for the program. Republicans are eager to cut down on food stamps altogether. Unemployment benefits are being reduced for the jobless.

Despite the sorrowful scenario at home, the U.S. Congress has authorized a package of $284 million to fund Israel's missile systems in addition to $3.1 billion provided to the Zionist state every year in military assistance.

For details and break-up of the additional package read Congress triples Obama's request on military aid to Israel (Intifada Palestine).

'Breathtaking display of absurdity'

Dec.6, 2013  - "U.S. Def. Sec. Chuck Hagel and Britain's FM William Hague were among  several senior Western delegates to address the conference on 'regional  security,' enthusing about high-minded democratic principles to their  unelected dictatorial hosts, the Al Khalifa rulers, surrounded by  representatives of other Persian Gulf Arab dictatorships, prime among  them the absolute tyrannical monarchy of the House of Saud. And yet  outside, ordinary Bahraini civilians yearning to see these same  principles put into practice were getting their heads cracked open by  uniformed thugs acting under the orders of the very same despots  applauding Hagel and Hague. Talk about inside-out, upside-down  doublethink."  (Finian Cunningham).

West defending dictatorships in PG

Rowdy troika; supposed to be attending Nelson Mandela's funeral

Purposeful bratty behavior discreetly meant to  downplay the importance of the event and steal the limelight.  Thus,  the media is now abuzz talking about their tomfoolery rather  than the funeral.  European & North American leaders never had  genuine respect for Mandela at heart whose remarkable efforts put  imperialism/racism to shame.  They were forced to alter their racist  stance towards him only after a sudden surge in anti-apartheid feelings  during the 80s in the United States and consequently in Europe among the  common masses.   Much of the reality is exposed in this despicable  image.

 Helle Thorning Schmidt and David Cameron had no qualms  participating in such brainless frolic over a selfie during Mandela's  funeral with the excuse that they were "having a bit of fun" as if they  had never before seen a digital device for clicking images. Funeral is a  somber occasion, it's not the time for "fun."  Do world leaders need to  be told that?  I cannot recall  such gaiety at the funeral of a white  leader ever.  Can you?  And Barack Obama seems to be forgetting the  dog-days of his ancestors at the hands of these delinquents. He  shamelessly joins in their drollery during the funeral of a renowned  leader who fought the racism of these slave traders & mobsters with a  thumping victory.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Burma's dreaded border security force

From every practical perspective, the 'Nasaka' killers are still active as ever.  Not "disbanded."  That is a ruse.  The scenario is a mix of the medieval Inquisition era plus present Zionist rule.

The 'Nasaka' border security force of Burma has long been  notorious as the most corrupt and abusive agency of the country.  It's also known as Burma's Border  Immigration Headquarters comprising of approximately 1200 immigration,  police, intelligence and customs officials.  It operates in the  Muslim-majority north-western part of Burma, near the border with  Bangladesh. 

Since June  2012 it has carried out numerous discriminatory practices and  serious  human rights abuses against Burmese Rohingya Muslims.  Because of their  terrifying reputation just as well known outside of Burma, the Burmese  government was forced to disband 'Nasaka' last July 2013, but that was  only an eyewash. The purpose was to pursue international companies to invest in Burma and to continue getting financial aid from the Western world.   However, even without this ploy, the West would continue supporting  Burma's ethnic cleansing. The 'new' police force comprises of the same  people as in Nasaka, only they don't use that title.  In plain terms,  Nasaka continues to function, being responsible for plenty of abuse and  murders.

Some of the most unimaginable rules clamped by Burma's Nasaka' force which still exist for the minority are:

- Travel restrictions on all  Muslims.

-  They first reactivated the "two child" limit.  But now Muslims in Burma are not allowed to marry at all.

 -  The 'Nasaka' called upon all Rohingya villagers to attend lectures  about the new  laws to be imposed. According to these new laws, Rohingya Muslims are  banned from leaving their homes  from 10 at night to 6 in the morning - reminiscent of the Inquisitors  who implemented the same rule for people of other religions in Spain, Italy and Greece in the 1500s and 1600s.   No Muslims are allowed to go  outside the limits of  their villages. Farmers must ask permission to leave the villages to  tend their fields - exactly the same restriction as during slave-trade  days in America when the black slaves could not leave the boundaries of  their masters' farms without permission which they hardly ever got.   Visiting family members must be documented and  reported to the Nasaka guards. Anyone caught violating these laws  will be taken for punishment at the whims of the Nasaka guards.

No rebuilding of any Muslim homes demolished by buddhist mobs - exactly the same as the laws enforced in West  Bank by Israel. 

Just as Israeli police and military are not responsible to protect the lives and properties of Palestinians from the Zionist Jew  settlers, it is similarly important to note that the police presence in Muslim areas  of Burma is not  to protect the Rohingyas, but to protect the crimes of  the buddhists. The harsh  new laws are meant to keep  Muslims in one place where they can be easily attacked and killed when  the buddhists mobilize. This is a measured step only to facilitate every  next wave of ethnic cleansing. 

To sum it up, it's too sickening even to discuss!

The brutal Nasaka border security force.

Robbing the homes of Rohingya Muslims

Taking aim to shoot two Rohingya Muslims.

Arresting Rohingya Muslim villagers.

An ugly, mean looking bugger and member of the Nasaka force