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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cosmologists: Their long history of Spiritual antagonism

Lately an article has been circulating to promote the musings of a theoretical cosmologist, Sean Carrol, in California who thinks that ultimately science will prove that God doesn't exist, even though he does not deny that endless cosmic mysteries exist and neither has he confirmed his opinion how science will explain everything in future .. not even remotely.

A write-up titled "Will science some day rule out the possibility of God?" by Natalie Wolchover based on the contents of "Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity" basically contains the usual inconclusive arguments of skeptics that keep popping up periodically.   Carrol compares the reality of God with the general aspect of the "supernatural."   He prefers to dismiss the questions he cannot answer himself as his "evidence" of non-existence of God.  His  suggests that only specific happenings in the universe need explanations but a complete scientific theory needs no explanation.  Carrol upholds this theory for the sole purpose to emphasize his personal opinion of God being "an unnecessary complication."   He then jumps to the conclusion that science will eradicate the concept of God in future, yet he leaves those umpteen numbers of questions raised by his own studies unanswered. 

Some orthodox Christian theologians equate the "Big Bang" with the creation of the world which is itself a guesswork.  Carrol, though a cosmologist, takes into account the presumption of the Christian theologians by adding a second guesswork to it.  He presumes that sometime in future the theory of "quantum gravity" will prove that the "Big Bang" happened on its own.

Physicists and cosmologists surmise that the aspect of time started with the "Big Bang" yet they claim that they don't see the "role of God in it."  How typical of not accepting what one cannot comprehend due to one's own lack of ability to unravel the unseen.

The concept of "multiverse" (an idea of the existence of countless number of universes) which physicists presume as the possible reason our universe is among one of the many life-giving ones is itself officially stated as a "prediction."  The illusion constructed over this prediction claims that the universe we live in, "accidentally" became one of the life-giving universes with plants, trees, mountains, water and mammals without giving any reasons for that 'accident' other than we being "the lucky ones."   What an affront to science!  These are the folks who are inclined to rejecting God for lack of reasons.

Despite such wild suppositions from his colleagues, Stephen Hawking - the master of all illusions - claims "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."   Pelting stones from a glasshouse!

Is it the human ego that prevents the theories of modern physicists and cosmologists from perceiving the reality that far from denying the existence of God, science actually compliments it?   Isn't it only the obstinacy and self-conceit of the human mind that misinterprets science as the denial of God?

Needless to say, finding scientific reasons within the grasp of the human mind for all the occurrences in the cosmos is by NO means an indispensable condition for the acceptance of God.  The scientific causes for these occurrences are linked with higher laws of science based on various research and in-depth studies.  The next vital question:  Who made these higher laws?  The 'scientific' answers for that would be "we don't know" or "it's a coincident."  Both these answers are not just unscientific, presumptive and insufficient but are undeserved insults to science.  Science deserves much better praise for whatever it has helped us to achieve to strengthen our Faith in God.   The higher laws can only be made by a much Higher Power in the realm of the Unseen which is beyond the jurisdiction of science.   For instance, science knows a great deal about the physical heart, but nothing about the spiritual soul because that belongs to a very different domain accessible only by that Single Highest Power.  The inaccessibility of scientific study within certain domains is NO reason to conclude that those domains do not exist.  

Every scientist, every astronomer of every era, when intellectually quizzed has conceded that whatever they know about the cosmos is yet very little compared to everything they don't know and may never know.

As humans keep rolling and rotting in the filth of their own sinking ethical values, it becomes necessary and convenient for them to dismiss the reality of Divine Justice.  Skeptics and atheists claim that the existence of God is used only to ease the fear of death and comfort the mind.  But psychological reality exposes much the opposite, that being dismissive of God soothes the minds of skeptics by allowing them to live their lives without the 'obstacle' of the Ultimate Accountability.  They are not able to comprehend that being fixated upon denial by using "science" as an insufficient weapon will not abolish the Truth that firmly stands undiminished in the backdrop as the Unseen, despite the desperate attempts to fight it.

We find secularists and modernists whose arguments to dismiss faith are based on the discrepant information contained within the different versions of the altered Old and New Testaments written, re-written and re-re-written over the past centuries that are filled with plenty of absurdities.   A more or less identical man-written annexation in Islam is called 'Hadith.'  Indeed they clash with science, clash with common sense and are responsible for much of the dismissive attitude generated toward faith.  Such dissatisfaction has had two profoundly negative consequences.  It has either turned people away from God altogether or separated faith from daily life which is a very fallacious and pointless approach resulting in ritualistic following of the Monotheistic Religion.

It would be correct to assume that the discrepant contents of the altered Old and New Testaments are largely responsible for the trend of pitting science against God by modern cosmologists.  Subsequently, the works of the cosmologists based on the infamous "Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity"  referred to as the "contemporary thought at the intersection of science and Christianity" only comes with a load of speculations that create more questions than answering any.   When modernism is stretched too far, it ends up touching the traditional notion of the Renaissance era, that is, linking science with advancement & religion with regression.  But in reality not everything is spelled that much in 'black and white.'

On the contrary, numerous Quranic assertions on many aspects of the cosmos and the earth that include the movement of the sun along with the solar system (proven very recently), revolution/rotation of the earth, formation of clouds, rainfall, the complete cycle of birth and life as we see it, existence of the two genders even in plants and much more .... all of which we presently known to be the threshold of scientific developments are contained in plenty within this Final and original Divine Message.  Inclusion of the foundations of many scientific realities contained within the Quran proven hundreds of years later have astonished many sober and thoughtful intellects throughout the centuries that followed.

The common presumption taken for granted in failing to get to the Unseen is that a "well-read modern man's intelligence" is above that of the Divine Power and His Revelations, overlooking the reality which I plainly discern as the reverse.  The modern man's denial that comes from their limited perception of the infinite Unseen (not simply the "infinite universes" ensuing from the "multiverse" assumption)  is itself a glaring evidence of their incompetence to encompass the Divine Power and His definite existence. 

As always, the closing statements to sum up science is provided by none other than the Glorious Quran which tells us plainly why so many scientific theories go unanswered.      






Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rajab Erdogan's Syria policies - a big mess and a thundering failure

As Turkey continues its dirty war against Syria, Turks have become increasingly disillusioned by the troubles it has created at home.   Initially many Turks supported Erdogan's foreign policy of Syria, thinking it meant a similar change as in Egypt or Tunisia.  They have now realized they have been misled through wrong policies resulting in economic insecurity and instability within Turkey.  Mehment, a book seller at Istanbul says "What do we have to do with Syria?   The prime minister and his wife used to go there for tea and coffee."  In the wake of the anti-US protests around the Muslim world as a reaction to an American movie that insulted Prophet Muhammad (sw), it's more likely that Erdogan will lose greater support from the Turkish people and from Muslims around the world for his war against Syria and his collaboration with the West.

According to the director of the Turkish Research Program at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, majority of Turks are seeing Erdogan's foreign policy "as a direct result of Turkey’s aggressive posture against Assad."  It indicates Turkey's failure at two fronts - failing to get approval to join the EU and failing to play a pivotal role within the pan-Islamic world.  

A well-known Turkish journalist, Dogan Heper, mentions "Turkey’s Syria policy has failed, it has turned our neighbors into enemies."  

Turkey has been struggling to handle the separatist Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK since the 1980s.   The struggle has claimed thousands of lives ever since.   After Turkey became hostile toward Syria, Assad granted autonomy to certain Syrian Kurdish regions.   Syrian Kurds have therefore not given any support to the opposition.   This move by Assad has made the Kurds more ambitious and enthusiastic about an independent Kurdish homeland stretching across the Northern Kurdish belt of Turkey, Iraq and Syria.  The PKK has become more bold and a lot more active.   Turkey constantly fears that the PKK and Syrian Kurdistan could establish an alliance and declare independence in the Kurdish regions of Turkey and Syria.   Growing violent clashes are being reported between PKK (helped by Iraqi Kurds) and the Turkish forces.  The Kurdish situation gets still more messy for Turkey as Erdogan needs the help of Iraqi Kurdistan to get rid of Iraq's Shiia government and assist him with the problems at home involving the PKK .. a much needed help Erdogan is unlikely to get.   

Almost 200,000 Syrians have fled the attacks of the Al Qaeda mercenaries trained and sent to Syria by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  They have been given asylum in Turkey, close to the Syrian border.   This has not only put pressure on Turkey's economy but also on its security along the borders.  The Turkish government grumbles that it has spent more than $250,000 for providing necessities to the refugees with no help from anywhere.  It might soon be compelled to accommodate asylum seekers within the interior regions of Turkey.  After so much hassle, Erdogan's Al Qaeda infiltrators have been quite comfortably defeated by the Syrian Army not only in the small border towns of Syria but also in big cities like Aleppo and Damascus.  Assad still remains firmly in control of his country.   But if Erdogan obstinately pursues his stance of stirring trouble in Syria, the refugee problem could get out of control in Turkey.  It could result in a fully-fledged sectarian war between the Sunni Salafists and the Alawite Shiias in Syria.  Erdogan needs to remember that there are no less than 3.5 million Alawite Shiias living in Turkey with relatives all over Syria.  In case of sectarian clashes in Syria, millions of Alawite Shiias would spill over into Turkey either to join their extended families or to live in refugee camps.   It would be a tough situation to handle both for the Turkish government and its people .. similar to the Afghan refugee problem in Pakistan in the 1980s that wrecked the infrastructure of the country forever.  

Embarrassed by the failure of Turkish policies involving Syria, the Turkish government began talking of a joint alliance between Turkey and Egypt headed by Mohamed Morsi.  That never materialized.  On the contrary, Egypt has been giving the impression of having its own ambitions of becoming the region's most influential power broker.   

Prior to the Syrian episode, Turkey was determined to overlook all sectarian differences within and outside the country.  But soon after Turkey began working with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and training Al Qaeda Salafists, it got zealously focused on sectarianism as a part of the Sunni block.  It has not just ruined its relations with its old neighbor next door, but Turkey has also soured its relations with Iran and Iraq by supporting Iraqi Sunnis against the government of Nuri Al-Malki.  Of course the prime issue that's turned Turkey from a friend into a rogue state towards Iran is Turkey's meddling in Syria.  The situation in Syria would never have deteriorated as much as it has if it wasn't for Turkey's destructive role.   Frankly, Erdogan had a good opportunity making a name in history by discarding the culture of sectarianism and promoting strong relations with the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian leaderships.  Some positive developments were already made between Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq such as abolition of visa formalities.  More positive moves were eminent until Erdogan suddenly switched sides during the so-called Arab Spring of 2011 and instead decided to play Washington's 'obedient servant.'  

As we recall, A decade ago Erdogan's AK Party started off with a very cordial spirit reaching out to all its neighbors.  But it's now a very different story.   Turkey's much talked about vision of "no problem with neighbors" is history.   In addition to the threats involving the rising power of the PKK and flow of refugees from Syria, Turkey has problems with all its neighbors as a result of its failed policies in the region.  Not to mention of the dangerous consequences Turkey will certainly have to face from the presence of the Al Qaeda radicals whom its using as mercenaries in Syria, many of whom have already accepted Turkey as their home.

Quoting a Facebook group's perfect summary as a lesson for Turkey: "Respect sovereignty and leave your neighbor alone."

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pakistan and the scourge of feudalism

Ever thought of the mother of all evils in Pakistan no one talks about?  That is the feudal system, a devastating legacy of the country's former British masters. It's a festering root, the stench of which has spread far and wide around the country.

Politicians in Pakistan talk endlessly about bringing "change" and "reforms."  That's a ruse of course.   How can a tree with a decaying root produce healthy fruits?  There is only one solution to the problem.  Cut off that tree along with its root and plant a new one.  Implementing reforms with the feudal system intact is like treating advanced malignancy with vitamins and herbal medications instead of chemo.   It just won't work.

One would ask, how can a problem of such enormity be resolved?   The obvious remedy is a radical homegrown uprising requiring the participation of the urban as well as the rural population of the country.. the rural participation being still more important as it comprises of more than 70% of the country's population.   Unfortunately they are the ones who are the most helpless of all.

Citizens of rural Pakistan are brutally enslaved.  They are writhing in the pain of feudal tyranny.  They do not have access to education.  They are not permitted to send their children to school.  Hence they have no intellectual insight.  Generations have passed in sweat and toil as they continue to work on the lands of their feudal lords (lands for which the feudals pay no taxes).  The darkness of lack of education and the ignorance it brings has made the rural population of Pakistan so apathetic that they can barely understand the horrific flaws of the very system that has enslaved them.  On the contrary, many of them have grown to love the tyranny they are subjected to.  Their conscience, courage and sense of perception have been crushed to such an extent that the vision of freedom exists no more in their minds.  Intimidated by the rules and threats of their masters, their only goal is the support of serfdom.  Their bodies are alive but their minds are dead!

The ignorance of rural Pakistan has considerably affected the minds of the urban population as well.  Though many of them attend schools, colleges or universities, the quality of education only teaches them to survive, not to live.  The common urban dwellers of Pakistan can be divided into three categories. First, those with the goal to finish their education, get a job, get married, raise a family and retire at age 60.  Opportunities of involvement in corruption and black money are added plus, before or after retirement.  The second category consists of those who slip out of the country for higher education abroad, never to return.  And the third category are the infamous immigration seekers.  Immigrating to the West with the standard pretext "for the sake of our children's future" is a status symbol in Pakistan and the commonest gimmick to flee from problems at home.  Not that these folks really transform their lives into something better when they arrive abroad.   With higher education being so costly in the West and the job market so competitive, their children's future remains just as murky.  After finishing school, majority of them end up doing non-professional jobs for the rest of their lives.  Some end up worse, as school dropouts, into drugs and debauchery.  Yet, telling their folk back home that they are residing in Western towns and cities is an important part of their misguided fantasy they had been nurturing all their lives prior to immigration.  Believe it or not, the worth of a marriage proposal in Pakistan jumps three-fold if the prospective groom or bride holds a dark blue passport instead of a dark green one. 

There seems to be no light at the end of this long dark tunnel.  Pakistan has waited long enough for her 'Abraham Lincoln' to come and emancipate her.  But that much awaited reformer never arrived.    

One cannot expect to pass a bill in the parliament for the abolition of feudalism as 90% of parliamentarians are themselves from feudal families. 

The only way out might be a military coup.  Not the kind we have seen in the past where the leaders of the coup and their entourage were interested in little else than grabbing political power, but a genuinely selfless uprising with aspirations of establishing a whole new system sprouting with the initiative and non-political ambitions of the junior members of the armed forces.  It won't be a cakewalk.  But for that matter no homegrown movement is ever smooth.  The Iranian uprising that culminated in 1979 into the most successful revolution in history, began sowing its seeds as early as the start of the 1970s.  In the process thousands of our Iranian sisters and brothers paid with their lives for achieving the sovereignty their comrades and descendents are enjoying at present.

A meaningful change does not come with flowers and candies.  It comes with the blood of the martyr.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The hypocrisy of that "free Tibet" slogan

This is the story of a joint intelligentsia set-up between CIA, RAW and the Dalai Lama, who is a CIA agent himself, living in India - a lethal triangle!   India allows and facilitates the United States to use its soil to create unrest in Tibet which is then trumpeted around the world as "oppression of Tibet by China."   Members of this deadly triangle wait like predators for the slightest opportunity to stir up trouble.  They send messages to their Buddhist vandals in Tibet to carry out carnage.  That's followed by shouts and slogans of "free Tibet" and the usual media hype with biased information in support of the Tibetan vandals. 

As Ahmed Qureshi writes "The only non-western country playing a dirty role in this charade is India, host to the wily Dalai Lama, aptly described by the people who know him as a ‘wolf in a monk’s garb.’   The prime Western agenda in this episode of 'free Tibet' is to harass China, disrupt Chinese foreign investments and thus obstruct the Chinese economy."

The hypocrisy gets more repugnant each time the members of this diabolical triangle start playing their tricks.

For example, in 2008 the entire Western block was ready to mar the impressive Beijing Olympics.   It needed the help of the 'wolf monk' to get around with this mischief.  It didn't take long for this CIA wolf to instigate a riot in Tibet.  Not just that, but it was also a very selective riot, picking locations where majority of the residents were Tibetan Muslims.  The wolf's Buddhist insurgents went on a rampage with knives, machetes and match boxes .. brutally killing, looting and setting fire to enormous residences and business centers.  Nancy Pelosi, who flew to India to brighten the flames of the Tibet riot, made a sickening statement of a very despicable brand of double-standard.  Quoting Pelosi: "If freedom loving people throughout the world do no speak out, we have lost all moral authority to speak on human rights anywhere in the world."  This statement came from a senior representative of the United States of America in 2008, a country brazenly guilty of a preemptive attack and occupation of a sovereign country (Iraq) and the murder of more than a quarter of a million of its people.  That set the ball rolling and Tibet became the West's only weapon to stop the Olympics in Beijing.  Fortunately for China, the conspiracy ended up in a failure.  China was much too determined to go ahead with its plan.  It only backfired at the West and the Dalai Lama themselves.  The sly monk was exposed.  His carefully structured image of a "peace-lover" went into the ditch.

Those who scream "free Tibet" claim that China "occupies" and "neglects" Tibet.  These buffoons still don't know that as far as modernization is concerned, the capital of Tibet, Lhasa, is far more developed than the South Asian capitals of Islamabad and New Delhi.  China has spent almost US$ 5 billion only to construct one of the world’s most sophisticated rail tracks, a luxury service of almost 2,000 km connecting Lhasa to Beijing.  China has been working hard and spending billions more to provide modern facilities to the under-developed western parts of Tibet.   Lhasa and various other cities of Tibet have up-to-date schools, hospitals, shopping centers, roads, bridges, airports etc. and Tibet is a frequent spot for western tourists.   If those "free Tibet" hypocrites still think that China isn't doing enough or is "occupying" Tibet, then perhaps China should take lessons from the master occupier, Israel, how to handle its subjects.   China should send tanks, bulldozers and B52 bombers to Tibet, roll down Tibetan homes, flatten their farmlands and carpet bomb Lhasa and other Tibetan towns and cities.  Then probably that CIA's half naked monk will realize that he hadn't been counting his blessings.      

Monday, September 3, 2012


By Sound Vision Islamic Information

Assalamu alaikum

Doctors Without Borders considers Burmese Muslims among the people most likely to become extinct.  Extinct?

Yes, extinct.  This is a term normally used for plants, birds, and animals.  But here it is being used for Burmese Muslims who are also known as Rohingyas.

Burmese Muslims are considered one of the most persecuted minorities in the world, according to the United Nations.

There used to be five million Muslims in Burma. Today, there are only three million left.  What happened to them? While the world’s population is increasing, why is the Burmese Muslim population diminishing?  This is the story of genocide.

It started when Burma’s military cancelled the citizenship of Rohingyas in 1982. Then, they put limitations on their access to education, ability to marry and have children, as well as maintain their religious life as Muslims.

But that was not enough. Every few years, the military has found an excuse to wage war on its own people, the Rohingyas.  Here is a typical operation as it is being carried out right now.  First, the military, police, or armed extremists supported by the military, zoom in on a Muslim home. They take the men away to one of a number of concentration camps. They then rape the women of the household. If you resist, you are immediately killed.  This is the reason that you find mostly women on the boats running away from Burma.

Muslims in North America have come together to establish Burma Task Force USA. The Burma Task Force USA is a collaboration of the following entities: Burmese Rohingya Association of North America, Burmese Muslim Association, Free Rohingya Campaign, American Muslims for Palestine, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA NY), Majlis Shura of Atlanta, Majlis Shura of New York, Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) and Muslim Peace Coalition USA.  Probably several hundred masjids are connected by these entities. So it is as united an effort as it comes in North America.

Saving one life is like saving the whole humanity in the eyes of Allah. Let’s dedicate ten to fifteen minutes a day to stop the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Burma. Make sure your Imam remembers Burma in your community’s Duas.

To learn more and see some of the heart wrenching photos of devastation, please visit the Burma Task Force USA website:


About 100,000 Rohingyas are in concentration camps currently according to Human Rights Watch. While their women and girls are raped as an instrument of ethnic cleansing. Since the Bosnia concentration camps, this is the first time that the world is hearing about the concentration camps again. This time in Burma.