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Saturday, September 27, 2014

How "clueless" is the coalition?

No end to questions!

America's Coalition of the Clueless
Sharmine Narwani

An  enthralling piece by Sharmine Narwani.  Has the White House grasped the  fallacy of fighting the Syrian government and its enemy together?   Has it sent a quiet word to Assad 'not to worry' despite deep distrust from both sides?  It's one of the most bizarre episodes in the history of US political  ploys.  Never has the West been compelled to confront it’s own monster in less than half a decade of its creation.  Befuddled and dazed, it’s dragging the issue of  "actions matching words," heightening the enigma and leaving analysts and onlookers chalking up multidimensional connections for a variety of possibilities Washington might be up to.  But let's not forget, Washington may not win because it  doesn’t want a resounding Waterloo for its own creation.   Iran,  Hezbollah and Syria will continue to remain the “axis of evil” and bad  boys like al-Nusra and ISIL need to be retained as regional tools, only weakened and made sober, not crushed.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

India's Mars mission - The eyewash that will thrust the poor into a deeper and gloomier doom

It's said to be "cheap," probably from the Western perspective of $$$$.    Considering that the spacecraft was built locally with supposedly no   outsourcing production or buying pricy foreign components,  $74 million   is not "cheap," certainly not from the Indian standpoint where poverty   is a historical reality and  500 million people live below $1.00  a  day.  How many desperately poor and malnourished villagers living on   grass and toads could have been fed for $74 million?  Similar questions  were abuzz concerning Iran from Western  sources when Iran set up a  space tracking center in 2013 and sent a  second live monkey safely to  space in 2014 even though despite the harsh  sanctions for 35 years,  Iran's civic infrastructure is far superior to  India (no comparison)  and the level of poverty and starvation in Iran  compared to India is  almost nil.  But  concerns over the inescapable  upcoming negative  impact on Indian economy because of the Mars orbiter mission  have conveniently  been slipped under the rug .. not an unusual media  bias.

The Indian spacecraft is "cheap" because it's lightweight which means it   can carry lesser instruments.  Logically this implies that its   scientific research capabilities are limited and so the spacecraft could   not touch down the surface of Mars as additional shielding equipments   would be required for landing, making the spacecraft heavier and   increasing its cost.  It will only orbit above the planet's surface to   study methane levels in the atmosphere, a very basic probe, but that's   as much as it can do.

Briefly put, it's all about dissing China.  During the past two days   each piece of news on this topic in the mainstream media has begun and  ended with a  monotonous hype to the effect, "China failed in 2012; India was successful and made world history being the first Asian country to reach Mars."  One such story writes "Undoubtedly, a risky mission, but one that paid off."   Paid off what  ..  feeding India with empty pride or satisfying the hunger of its starving  millions?

After China's Change-3 successfully completed its mission of  landing on   the moon in 2013 and statements from experts that China intends to   expand its  space travel including the exploration of Mars,  the Western  space industry (Mars mission being its prime goal) has been  wondering  about China's probe to Mars with deep apprehension.  Knowing  India's  permanent limitations to fit into the developed world, the   international space industry breathed a sigh of relief at India's small   feat using it as an ammunition to heckle China.  China  is working on  its 'Long March' rocket series including the Martian probe that has a  lengthy and intricate program.  With a total investment of 10 billion  yuan, it's expected to produce a maximum of 12 Long  March launch  vehicles each year, aiming at sending the space station into orbit  before 2020. The first task of the Long March 5 is to send a weather  satellite into space from the launch center  under construction in  Hainan, the southern island Chinese province.  In addition to at least  two deep space monitoring stations  within China, it's working on  building more abroad for  tracking space detectors 24/7.  Thus, China  follows its own approach with a  steady focus on stable progress in   preference to cheap quick moves based on budget-cutting and space-travel  competition.

India's situation at best is murky and squalid.  It's not in a position  to  amuse itself with these ostensible and pointless shenanigans.  It needs to feed  its  teeming millions with at least one basic meal a day, provide safe  drinking water,  sanitation and housing, ban the rampant use of asbestos  killing thousands  of cancer, provide proper healthcare particularly  for the poor, build a  decent transport system (even Delhi doesn't have a  subway yet), curb  corruption, inflation, and numerous diseases at  epidemic proportions,  improve security for women and seriously crack  down on the horrendous  menace of rape that has become synonymous with  Indian culture.

The global space industry has proliferated to $350 billion in revenues   where India is fated to remain a small or non-existent player.  But this   little story of Mangalyaan Mars orbiter will spark the frenzy to  expand  the country's space  program that was in hibernation for the  last five decades.  Consequently  many more Indians must get ready to  starve with  a flimsy roof over their heads if they're fortunate, until  or unless a mishap befalls  one of those low-cost clattering spacecrafts  exploding into smithereens in  the solar system and the space program  conking out again for the  benefit of the country.   

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Defending the Mercenaries

Every mama wants to protect her kids; so does the US with ISIS  and  Al-Nusra.  According to CIA's latest wire pulling, an unknown terror   group "Khorasan," is the real big threat against US, not ISIS, which   supposedly doesn't have the ability to carry out attacks against the US   despite the recent grisly beheadings and grabbing millions worth of   military hardware for the proxy war since 2011.  The US intelligentsia  emphasizes that Khorasan   consists  of seasoned Al Qaeda fighters  (as  if ISIS consists of  cordial bleeding hearts)  from Central Asia, taking  advantage of the  chaos in Syria and consolidating its base in Aleppo.   CIA further  'enlightens' the world saying Al Qaeda's master bomb maker  and a  close  confidant of OBL are the leaders of  Khorasan.  Most of  us would presume  that senior AQ men of OBL's time and  generation were  either dead  or  too old to be actively in the forefront like the aging  Ayman al-Zawahri.

CIA  claims  Khorasan worked with Al-Nusra in Syria for a while in  2013.   However, most  analysts, including  the Washington Institute,  have  already caught the spoof.    Khorasan  isn't an independent AQ  group.  Khorasan and Al-Nusra are  one in the  same.   A small and  shadowy AQ cell known as 'Khorasan' was  active in  Pakistan,  Afghanistan and Iran several years ago.  It later  joined  Al-Nusra in  Syria to participate in the "jihad." Some Khorasans  reportedly defected  Al-Nusra when ISIS announced its merger in 2013.  Aaron Y. Zelin at the  Washington Institute think tank tweeted, "It’s  cute Pentagon is  literally making up new group called ‘Khurasan’  when  it’s just AQ  AfPak/Iran guys in JN. Don’t get my gov sometimes."    The White  House has cleverly maneuvered an old episode to super dupe   the  American people using Khorasan as a scapegoat while ISIS and   Al-Nusra  remain in the shade.  The Syrian government continues to be in   the  line of fire.  So the US air force violates Syrian air space and   flies  over Aleppo for its supposed to be chasing "Khorasan" but the   events  in northern Iraq (Abu Bakr Baghdadi's "caliphate") are  suspiciously  toned-down.

The   contrivance helps Barack Obama to be more comfortable with the American   people  who now won't blame their government for neglecting ISIS.  It   will also  be easier for the world to forgive and forget John McCain's   meeting with  Baghdadi in 2013.  Hopefully for the White House, the hype  will  revive the  memories of 9/11.  The same guys who hit the twin  towers   are now threatening US from Syria.  It's only a matter of  time  for the  next  folklore to pop up, to the effect,  'Assad has ties with Khorasan.'     CIA and Obama's advisers are running out of ideas.  They couldn't have   made a more clumsy attempt to defend their proxy fighters, retaining   them as reservists for rainy days in the future.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Going amok with red tape business and lies

They created, trained, armed and enriched ISIS  and Al-Nusra.  Now the barbarism of IS militants is being used for  justifying the bombing of Syria which the British Parliament had  rejected in the summer of 2013 to  conform with public opinion.  Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s recent  suggestion that Britain would not participate because of legal issues  was quickly over ruled by David Cameron.   Barack Obama claims to be  preparing  a confrontation with IS but his threats are channeled at  terrorizing the Syrian government in addition to taking for granted the  right to trespass into Syrian airspace. In an official statement this  nincompoop boasted that if Syrian forces obstructed US war planes inside  Syria, US would destroy Syria’s entire air defense system (to assist  Al-Nusra).  America’s notorious con man, Senator John McCain, is now  fervently denying he met ISIS members, calling it an accusation. McCain  didn’t just meet ISIS members, he met the ISIS “caliph” himself in May  2013 after illegally entering Syria through Turkey, images of which have  been seen by the international community many times over. The precise  timetable of this upcoming vandalism against Syria will probably be  confirmed next week when the two war mongers meet in New York. If  Scotland breaks away ending its 300-year union with England, Cameron  will need the blood of the Syrian people still more to provide some  cheer and lift his dampened spirits.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The irony our modern world is living through

"The history of liberty and human rights is the history of resistance" - Franklin Lamb

But unfortunately a forgotten history with a distasteful twist. The "developed" world proudly conceptualizes freedom and liberty as symbolic of progress, yet it stamps resistance by sovereign states against colonial enterprises as "radicalism, evil or terror" worthy of nothing less than complete annihilation.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Resolve .. resilience. Hats off to the children of Gaza.
Source of image: Tumblr

Photo: Resolve .. resilience.  Hats off to the children of Gaza.
Source of image: Tumblr

More robbery

While ISIS carries out its depravity in Iraq & Syria, Israel devotedly continues its own share of destruction and theft  in West Bank and Gaza alternately. 

Israel has recently confirmed the robbery of another approximately 3,000 sq. miles of land which was under Palestinian control in West Bank along the picturesque and vivid hills of southern Hebron for the expansion of illegal Jewish settlements. Simultaneously the same brigands claim, rather insist, that Hamas is the problem.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Floods in Kashmir - probably the worst in its history

September 2014.
The devastation recently caused by floods in occupied Kashmir and parts of Pakistan is unprecedented.  In Indian occupied Kashmir more than 300 people have lost their lives and thousands of villages are submerged under water.  May Allah Almighty ease the hardship of these poor people.  They have already been suffering tremendously for years under a brutal Indian occupation with no let up.


Islamabad: tempest in a teapot 2014

NOT  as an advocate of any political party,  is it really the serving junta that's touting Tahirul Qadri and Imran  Khan from behind the blackout curtain OR are they the retired brass,  chips of the old block, with little political clout?  Qadri and Khan  appear flattered rather than confident; it's the first time any institution has ever supported  them.  The  ruckus helps to fill up idle time, provides some far-fetched hopes, a  rickety goal of sorts, a picnicky undercurrent and a spirit of  adventurism to the crowd whose shallow and fickle discernment have  trampled their intellectual independence.  Most importantly,  destabilizing an already abused nation is universally and discreetly 'legal' in the world  of politics and Pakistan's little-known cloudland- political institution is one of its leading  proponents with the authority of abusing only its own people. 

Will  a day ever come in our lifetime when this political mafia might relent  and say "enough is enough?"  Highly doubtful.  However, the people do  have a choice .. a safe and easy one that can throttle the ghouls  cavorting in this endless nightmare.  As the saying goes, hit them where  it hurts the most - the ballot box.  Boycott all political activities  and boycott every election in the country.  Otherwise you're asking for  it and you shouldn't squeal when the monsters bamboozle you.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Focusing on the latest murmurs - the "moderate" fighters

Something  sinister about the voices at the Celtic Manor resort in Newport, Wales.   Obama is overflowing with sympathy for the "moderate Syrian rebels  ..  outgunned and outmanned," and the commitment to work with "moderate  partners on the ground."   If "moderate partners" are supposed to be the  pipedream indigenous Syrian rebels fighting for a "free" Syria, then  Obama is planning an alliance with ghosts.  Syrian rebels were a small fraction from the start of the conflict.    With most of the incoming weapons and money falling into the hands of an  amalgam of Al Qaeda fighters, the little band of homegrown rebels were  steadily disillusioned.   Many of them joined ISIS. Others have joined  Al-Nusra or Ahrar As-Sham.  Many were killed, mostly by Al Qaeda, during their infighting and numerous gun battles from mid 2012 to late 2013.  When Obama talks of working with "our  friends and allies to support them more effectively," he actually means  working with Al-Nusra Front which is now the most predominant fighting  force in Syria, second to ISIS, both off-shoots of Al Qaeda.  While NATO feigns to fight one of its own  creations its not able to control any longer, it's to be seen how much of  it falls on Assad.  While the goal to destroy Assad is a huge  possibility, ISIS is to be simply weakened and retained as a  geopolitical tool for its nuisance value.

Do not ever fall for that offensive trick called "moderates."   As Thierry Meyssan rightly perceives, there is no ideological difference on the ground between the "Free Syrian Army," Al-Nusra Front, the ISIS etc.  Regardless of their varying labels, these organizations are composed of the same infighting individuals harboring an identical ideology who continuously change flag. When they pose as the Free Syrian Army, they fly the flag of French colonization of Syria (the one with 3 red stars) and speak only of overthrowing the “dog Bashar.” When they say they belong to Al-Nusra Front, they carry the black flag of al Qaeda and declare their intention to spread Islam in the world. When they claim they are the "Islamic Caliphate," they brandish the same flag and announce that they will clean the area of all infidels. But whatever the label or flag, they all  believe in the same abuses - rape, torture, beheadings, crucifixions, arson and smuggling not just of oil, drugs and counterfeit dollar bills, but also children, women and wannabe "jihadists."  According to Franklin Lamb (paraphrase), with the existing Al Qaeda policies along the Turkish-Syria-Iraq border, just about anything or anyone can be put up for sale or ransom for the right price and the "right" purpose.  Simultaneously, it's the same lot who fight with each other using Faith as a pawn by pledging devotion to God Almighty and loyalty to humanity.  

And it's a segment within the same despicable lot whom the West selects as "moderates" to justify its corrupt goal of toppling President Bashar al-Assad which is a burning desire within the sick heart of the underworld chief at Tel Aviv.

Finally, just a single example out of dozens more with a stark evidence so you may think more than once before giving the benefit of the doubt to inbred crooks.  Plenty of alternative news sites have bluntly stated Senator John McCain's dealings with hardcore AQ terrorists.  To be more specific, let's take a look at McCain personally speaking to a particular man.  Watch the following images, step by step, and conclude for yourself what helped that man to be where he is today.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Anxiety in Lebanon?

Al Qaeda launching a blitz in  Lebanon isn't just a casual talking point among Lebanese politicians but it's a  distinct possibility.  A senior Hezbollah official, Nabil Kaouk, stated that the threat of IS (aka Daash)  to Lebanon is very real. The aspiration of annexing Lebanon to the pipedream caliphate has been a part of its expansionist plan since long.

An IS spokesman recently announced in a video filmed at Raqaa that the group was working on “Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and anyone who tries to keep us from liberating Palestine.”   That last bit put differently, IS (Daash) intends to use Palestine as a pawn.  

There have been consistent reports indicating residents of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon are strongly supportive of  various "jihadist" groups, and IS (Daash) is cashing in on their vulnerability.  These refugees have a long history of suffering for over two generations.  They endured oppression and expulsion after the occupation of their homeland.  In Lebanon they are deprived of almost all basic and civil rights including the right to work and own property.  There are approximately half a million Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who are confined to 12 cramped and squalid camps where the memories of Nakba are still fresh.  The dissatisfaction, helplessness and misery have been brewing for years.  They feel the situation couldn't get any harder for them.  Many look upon Daash as their last hope that may give them a chance to fight oppression.  Daash sleuths sauntering the dismal alleys of refugee camps in Lebanon in search of recruits are widely posing as saviors of the Palestinian cause.  Consequently, lots of Palestinians are getting irresistibly drawn to a so-called jihad that incites hate by playing the sectarian card.

Support for Daash isn't only growing among Palestinians in Lebanon.   Sectarian divide is deepening widely at a frightening pace in many parts of the country.   Lebanese Salafists are reportedly flooding Daash recruitment camps just as enthusiastically in huge numbers.

The best strategy for the Lebanese government to kick out those prowling Daash private eyes would be to immediately begin working on eradicating sectarian differences by granting more civil rights to Palestinian refugees including the ones forced out of Syria, and arranging discussions between Lebanese Shiias and Sunnis.  Some have opined that participation of Saudi Arabia and Iran would help greatly. Unfortunately none of these plans are underway yet.  Furthermore, those Palestinians who have been deprived for decades might still mistakenly consider Daash to be a better option and a more suitable shortcut to achieve their goal.

CIA has often been wrong in its readings and let's hope the same this time.  It predicts that Daash is capable of recruiting at least 250,000 'jihadists' from Lebanon with numerous wannabe candidates as reserves.

A number of Lebanese politicians are reportedly appealing to Obama for military assistance.  But with his preoccupations with Russia and Ukraine, it's unlikely, if not impossible, if Obama will respond to Lebanon's needs. The US President isn't only following a completely hands-off policy toward IS (Daash), but is just as determined not to stand by those who are threatened by it.

Stories from all sources convey there is little optimism in Lebanon. Politicians are doubtful if anything can be done to stop Daash from winning the hearts and minds of Lebanese Sunnis.  Like the Kurdish peshmergas, the Lebanese army admits it may not be able to thwart an attack from Daash.   Considering the ever-growing number of Daash fighters with no dearth of up-to-the-minute weapons, it's anyone's guess if a small army like Hezbollah will succeed in confronting them either.  Nonetheless, reiterating its commitment for defending Lebanon, Hezbollah’s MP Nawwaf Al-Moussawi, underscored the importance of solidarity between "Lebanese Army, people and Resistance" against the enemy.  Moussawi strongly rejected the takfiri ideologies, defining the diversity in Lebanese society and the need for tolerance.

Hinting at the blatant complacency of the United States, Patrick Buchanan (a conservative US political commentator) states, "The Syrians, Turks, Kurds, Iranians and Iraqis have the proximity and manpower to defeat ISIS, they should do this job themselves."  Surprisingly he overlooks some very obvious points.  It will no longer be easy for such an alliance to confront IS. The United States has already empowered it enough, making it a leading fighting force.  It will do so still more if at any time IS is pit against Iran.  IS and other AQ groups have been using Turkey as a safe haven for their activities for over three years with complete support of the Turkish government.  Why would the Turks join an alliance comprising of Iran, Syria and the Kurds to defeat ISIS?