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Friday, January 31, 2014

"International calling week for Burma" (Burma Task Force, USA)


Now they have set the homes on fire.

This is a page from the Burmese Genocide book.  Accuse Muslims of something, kill some, rape others, make them run away  from their own homes, then burn some homes. Job accomplished: another  town with piles of Muslim dead bodies.

Now they are claiming that Rohingyas are burning their own homes. All who could run, ran away. That is their “success story” in  the slow, hidden genocide of indiginous Rohingya people, who are living  in their ancestral lands.                   
500  or so Muslims are fleeing Burma in broken boats every day. This process  being repeated methodologically has reduced Muslims from 5 million to  now 3 million.                    
This is What's Happening Now:                      

 In  December, the “neo-Nazi Buddhist” group 969, increased its hate  propaganda against Rohingya Muslims. Headed by the infamous monk Ashin  Wirathu, they continued the hate campaign until the atmosphere was clear  enough for them to take action in the villages of Du Chee Yar Tan  [Kiliadong].

Ten days ago, at the pretext of a missing  policeman, they began searching homes of Rohingya Muslims. The military  lent their support.

Since they generally arrest males, many men and  boys fled to the surrounding jungles. With less men to arrest, the  authorities turned instead to the women and girls, taking them away to  other villages where some of them are currently being gang-raped. The  locations of these gang rape camps has been identified with the help of  some street beggers but the Burmese military has taken no action to  liberate them. In the past the UN has been provided a report. The UN  office is just 3 miles away from this location. 

No one can determine the details since  no media or human rights organizations are allowed in. Burma denies that  anything happened there. The UN says 40 people were killed. At least  300 of the people are missing and unaccounted for. They are either  killed or detained.

Your phone calls with sabr  (patience) WILL insha Allah make a difference. And sabr means don’t give up, keep engaging in this work.

For this week, we are asking that you call the Burmese Embassies around the world based on whatever country you live in.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Suffering of an Emperor

From Emperor to a prisoner, even though he was the most kind-hearted man who never attacked nor hurt anyone.  He simply believed in 'live and let live' in peace.  That was Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Muslim Emperor of the south Asian sub-continent.

Muslim rule in the Asian subcontinent (now Pakistan and India)  began with the arrival of Muhammed bin Qasim in the year 711 CE in Baluchistan and Sindh (now the two southern provinces of Pakistan).  Mohammed Bin Qasim was sent by the Ommayad Caliph in Damascus but he didn't stay in the sub-continent for long.  Two centuries later, the Turks, Persians and Afghans entered the region at different times through the traditional north-west route.  The various Muslim dynasties that ruled this part of south Asia since then, were:

Mamluks (or Slave dynasty of Turkey led by Qutbudin Aybak),
and lastly, the Mughals. 

The Mughals were the last Muslim dynasty that ruled the sub-continent for over 300 years, from 1526 to 1857.

Zahiruddin Babar was the founder of the Mughal dynasty who ruled from 1526-30.    Babar was originally from Central Asia from where he settled in Kabul, Afghanistan and then conquered Delhi to establish the Muslim line of emperors known as the Mughals.  Babar was also partly of Persian descent.

Bahadur Shah Zafar (born 1775 / died 1862), the last Mughal Emperor, was toppled by the British in 1857.  He was both an Emperor and a remarkable poet.

If you read the brief biography of this last Emperor, you might understand and appreciate his best known poem a lot better.

He was a unambitious ruler, deeply immersed in literature.  He is considered a genius poet of Urdu literature and his poems are enthusiastically read by the lovers of Urdu literature to date.    Most of his writings are a mix of Urdu and Persian.  He wrote several poems, before and after the downfall of his Empire.  Many were lost during the war of independence fought in May 1857.  But many were also saved and compiled later as Kulliyat-e-Zafar.   Zafar's reign was filled with chaos and unrest.  It was a time when the British were greatly involved in the affairs of the subcontinent  and had big designs to occupy this region.  Zafar was defeated and taken into custody in the war of independence.  He was humiliated and treated very harshly.  Many male members of Zafar's family were also killed.  Plenty of valuables were stolen from his palace including the Emperor's crown studded with precious gems.  The Emperor was handcuffed and sent away in exile to Rangoon (Burma) with his wife, Zeenat Mahal in 1858.   In Rangoon, Zafar was permanently imprisoned.  His life in prison in an unknown, foreign land, was a picture of misery.  He was constantly homesick and emotionally shattered .. a far cry from the excellence of his palace with his family and courtiers.  He died in his prison cell in 1862.  The tomb of the exiled Emperor exists in that land where he felt far away from home.   Immersed in heart-wrenching emotions, he wrote several of his poems from prison.  One of his most poignant poems he wrote as a prisoner that later became an inseparable part of Urdu literature and a symbol of his suffering during the last four years of his life is the one given below.

A quick and non-rhythmic English translation of this very charming and touching poem, though the beauty of the original is hardly portrayed in the translation.  The purpose is only to convey the theme of each verse.

Lagtaa nahi hai dil mera ujray dayar mein
Kis ki banii hai aalam-e-naapaaidaar mein

My heart isn't happy in this despoiled land,
Who has ever been fulfilled in this transient world?

Umr-e-daraaz maang ke laaye thay char din
Do aarzu mein kaat gaye, do intezaar mein

I requested a long life, a life of four days,
Two of those days passed by in pining, and two waiting in vain

Keh do en hasraton sey kaheen aur jaa basein
Itni jagah kahaan hai dil-e-daaghdaar mein

Tell these desires and emotions to dwell elsewhere,
How can my besmirched heart be spacious enough to accommodate them?

Bulbul ko baghban say na sayyaad say gila
Qismat mein qaid thee likhee fasl-e-bahaar mein

The nightingale bears no grudge towards the gardener nor the trapper,
Imprisonment was written in its fate in the season of spring.

Kitna hai baad naseeb Zafar dafn ke liye
Do gaz zameen bhi na mili koo-e-yaar mein

How unfortunate you are, Zafar!   Even for your burial
you could not get a sliver of land in your own beloved country.

The photograph above shows Bahadur Shah Zafar in exile, imprisoned in Rangoon, where he died. This is the only photograph available of a Mughal Emperor taken sometime between 1858 and 1862.  It's a photograph, not a painting.

A small portion of the sub-continent became known as Pakistan in 1947 which is predominantly Muslim, while a much larger portion remained as India with a Hindu majority.  Muslims ruled the south-Asian subcontinent for one thousand years starting from the year 711 until 1857.  It's one of those many examples that indicate Islam was NEVER spread by the sword as falsely claimed by some orientalists.  If there was a shred of truth in this absurd allegation, one thousand years was a long enough period to convert every Hindu into Islam.  If Christians or Hindus had ruled over a land for that long, they would surely have converted everyone to their faith .. just the way it happened in the Philippines.  Residents of the Philippines were formerly Muslims.  When the Spanish and Portuguese expeditions arrived in the Philippines in the 1500s, there were mass campaigns to convert all locals into Roman Catholics without a choice.  Not more than 5% of Filipinos remain Muslims today.  Not to mention, India has been independent of British rule only since 1947 and it's already chasing and killing the Christian minority who refuse to convert to Hinduism. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dipping house fly in your glass of water?

Sahih al-Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said "If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.

False hadith!  Beware folks, our beloved Prophet (pbuh) never said such stuff.  This is the hallmark of the mischief of Abu Huraira.  I read that Anas bin Malik and Abu Said al-Khudri have also narrated the same Hadith on house fly.  Both these men are just as crude as Mr. Huraira, all a bunch of trouble makers with the conspiracy to distort Islam.   

Furthermore .. instead of rejecting this hogwash as forged, the Hadith followers are trying illogically to connect it with scientific reasons for acceptance.  They proudly state that a team of the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University (Australia) are working on the theory that flies must have remarkable anti-microbial defenses to survive rotting feces, meat and fruit.  So they identified anti-bacterial properties manifesting at different stages of a fly's development.  Flies go through the stages of larvae and pupae before becoming adults. The larvae stage showed anti-bacterial properties.  They opined that such properties were present on the fly surface though antibacterial properties occur in the fly's gut as well.  Certain "antibiotics are extracted from flies in laboratories by drowning them in ethanol and then then running the mixture through a filter to obtain the crude extract."

The important point which the Hadith followers cannot comprehend:  There is a huge difference between antibiotics being present in the body of flies (which requires complicated and professional medical procedure to be extracted, processed and refined for consumption) and the common understanding of dipping a living fly in your food or drink which does NOT provide any antibiotic effect; on the contrary it's fraught with diseases.  The scientific process mentioned by the University team itself states the brief and initial process of extracting antibiotic by immersing the fly in ethanol and then further filtering the ethanol mixture to obtain a crude extract of antibiotic.  Mark the words .. this too is a "crude extract" which needs to be refined by making it go through several other laboratory procedures before it is ready in the form of a finished product or medication containing microscopic doses of the antibiotic suitable for patients.  I ask the Hadith followers who are using the scientific procedure to justify this crude Hadith, that did this team of university researchers state that as a shortcut you can simply dip a dirty living fly in your glass of water or orange juice or cup of tea or coffee and drink it ??

This is a similar nonsense like which Hadith followers have also come up to justify another disgusting and false Hadith that encourages the drinking of camel urine.  The hadith followers say that horse urine contains estrogen (a female hormone) which is used by scientists and medical experts to make estrogen supplements.  Their insinuation is that if horse urine can be useful, then what's wrong with consuming camel urine?  Completely wrong argument.  The making of estrogen supplements or estrogen patches by acquiring estrogen through various means, one of them being the urine of female horses, requires various laboratory procedures before it's refined and ready to be used as an estrogen supplement by the consumers.  It doesn't mean you pour horse urine in a glass or cup and drink it like water or tea. 

For the sake of Allah Almighty, I request my Hadithist brethren to harbor a degree of common sense!

To all our readers, please folks, do not embark on such dirty adventures such as dipping a fly in your food or drink.  The Prophet (pbuh) NEVER said this.  This is the naughty brainchild of Abu Huraira & co. which is not a cure for any disease but can only cause diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery.  House flies are recognized as carriers of easily communicable diseases. Flies collect pathogens on their legs and mouths when females lay eggs on decomposing organic matter such as feces, garbage and animal corpses.  House flies carry diseases on their legs and the small hairs that cover their bodies. It takes only a matter of seconds for them to transfer these pathogens to food or touched surfaces.  Other diseases carried by house flies include salmonella, anthrax and tuberculosis.  

Kiladaung Massacre of Burmese Muslims

It's January 2014.  Did you think the ethnic cleansing that began against the Muslim minority of Burma in June 2012 was over?  Not at all, unfortunately!   Buddhist state sponsored terrorism is endless.  The latest spate of killings happened on January 15 and 16 close to the Burmese town of Maungdaw, with alerts that more are to come.

On January 15, Rohingya Muslim village of Kiladaung was suddenly besieged.  The residents of the village thought they were robbers but soon discovered that they were Burmese policemen in plainclothes with their Buddhist mobsters.  The attackers began firing at the people who started to flee helplessly.  Those who couldn't run were killed.  The following day on January 16, Burmese officials came to the village accusing Rohingya villagers of killing a Burmese policeman and stealing his weapon.  No amount of denial of this false allegation made any difference.  The officials began taking photos of the village.  Burma Times reports: "After the officials left, mobs of Rakhine Buddhists and security forces went to Kiladaung at 1:00 p.m. and started slaughtering the residents, moving from house to house killing everyone, even babies."

By 6.30 in the evening, this village looked like a scene  from a horror movie.  Eye-witnesses that included Muslim relatives of the residents of Kiladaung who rushed to the village from other towns (being careful not to be spotted by  Burmese police) to find out about their loved ones, described bodies of children, women and men strewn everywhere .. most of them were young children. 

Mynamar national TV reported the killings of 60 Muslims.  But a reporter of Burma Times along with its editor, Ibrahim Shah, are absolutely certain the figure is much higher than 60.  Kiladaung was a village of 4,000 Muslims and 340 homes.  The entire village has been raised to the ground - burned and robbed.  After killing the residents, the police and the mob stole their properties - cattle, chickens, even doors and wood of houses, reported by Burma Times.

Also on January 16, five Rohingya Muslims were arrested from the nearby village of Gadusara, taken to another town and executed.

The reporter of Burma Times who has been actively monitoring this genocide since June 2012 reported "I have been writing how the regime created violence everywhere. In the name protecting Buddhism and Buddhists, they built dhammar-yun Buddhist worship house in every street, every ward, and every village.  Regime has been using legal method to create violence everywhere, slaughtering and torturing everywhere. All police, security forces, Nasaka, military, judges, courts, immigrations and Lun Htein are controlled by central Government of Thein Sein which has been ignoring the reality because it is State sponsored genocidal plan. One million Rohingya have been being blocked since June 2012."

The Rohingyas couldn't offer much concrete evidence of the Kiladaung massacre as the entire village was sealed.  Burmese government does not release evidence of its crimes.  Burma Times reported: "I would like to request International Investigation to got to Kiladaung as soon as possible."   Though UN stated there is "credible information" of this massacre, demanding that the Burmese government must seriously investigate it .... the Burmese government refuted the killings and only acknowledged the death of one policeman.

The notorious terrorist Buddhist monk named Wirathu, leader of the so-called "969 movement" has been holding conferences with the help of the government everywhere in the country to continue and promote ethnic cleansing against Muslims.  On January 16th 10,000 Buddhist monks held a conference for collecting signatures to support a law in the parliament prohibiting Buddhist women marrying men of other faiths, and curbing the rights of Burmese Muslims for forming political parties and voting. 

The goal of the Burmese government, its opposition and the monks is to create a Buddhist-only nation.  Opposition leader, Aung San Su Kyi has been complicit in the killings of thousands of Rohingya Muslims.   The international media is silent as if nothing has happened.  The UN which has long proven itself as a toothless champion of human rights has failed to put any pressure to stop this blatant injustice even though it has itself stated the Rohinygas as the most persecuted community in the world.  The slow-burning genocide continues relentlessly.

According to official reports, 125,000 Rohinyga Muslims have been displaced from June 2012 but the real numbers are thought to be much higher for sure.  The number of deaths have also exceeded 125,000 until now.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

~ Sigh ~ What sort of a sick joke is this?

Major propaganda outlets and their lackeys have spewed countless ugly  myths and gossips but this one takes the cake!  Guess what this time?   Accusing President Bashar al-Assad of having links with Al-Qaeda. 

Psychologists  are right in assessing that utter despair triggers the act of taking  desperate steps.  Liars and propagandists are their own worst enemies  when they assume the rest of the world to be a bunch of twats like  themselves. 

Assad accused of boosting al-Qaeda in Syria

Exactly the same hilarious allegation was brought against Saddam Hussein when GWB was itching to attack Iraq - the big lie that Saddam was linked with bin Laden's Al-Qaeda.  The entire world knows that whatever else Saddam might have been, one thing which he was not was being linked to Al-Qaeda.

So, why is the West and its GCC allies getting so desperate? 

It's the hallmark of the guilty to give a spin to the truth by dumping their own actions on the innocent.  The blatant fact is the West has been hobnobbing with Al-Qaeda since March 2011.  That needed a big twist to make it look like Assad is hobnobbing with Al-Qaeda.  Though most common Americans and Europeans are awfully insular and gullible,  surely even they wouldn't be such seasoned idiots to buy a tale as ludicrous as this. 

President  Assad has willingly agreed to hold elections, the Syrian people have agreed  but the West hasn't and neither have their Gulf allies nor the Al-Qaeda  & FSA mercenaries they're so eagerly funding.  They want Assad to step down  unconditionally without elections and to install a Salafist  Israel-friendly government in Syria.  That's the new style of  introducing "democracy" in the 21st century, isn't it?

The latest episode of this desperate scenario involves the selection of a thug named Ahmed Jarba.

He  is the third opposition leader the West has desperately chosen in less  than one year.   Not being able to defeat the Syrian Arab Army nor the  resolve of the Syrian people, US and EU have been reshuffling FSA since early 2013 and  trying to unsuccessfully organize new indigenous insurgent groups after getting a bit nervous of John McCains's beloved Frankenstein, Al-Qaeda, with all of its  mass murders and psychotic behavior.  The West has steadily raised the budget for weapons and monthly salaries, yet nothing  has worked so far. 

Moaz al-Khatib, leader of  the so-called SNC (Syrian National Council),  acknowledged in February 2013 that the Syrian 'revolution' had failed and  he resigned.  The Western leaders didn't persuade him to stay as they  knew  he had no backing even among the insurgents and was no unifying figure.   Then the frantic West chose a US-based Syrian Salafist, Ghassan Hitto, completely unknown to the Syrian people.  He threw the towel only a few  months later in July  2013 expressing his total inability to form an interim government and  administer rebel-held areas.  Now the US & EU have chosen Ahmed  Jarba, another loafer with criminal records to head the Syrian  opposition which includes approximately 10% Syrian fighters of the so-called FSA  ("Free" Syrian Army).  90% of rebels are the foreign fighters belonging to at  least three Al-Qaeda branches who have been fed and fattened by the West since April 2013, following the fortune that was showered on Al-Qaeda by NATO in Libya making this terrorist organization one of the richest entities in the world!  

In  a state of wretched hopelessness, Al-Jazeera, the mouthpiece of Western  propaganda in the Middle-East, has decided to publish a bad joke .. a  very, very bad joke (please read the link provided above) which is only suitable for being printed out and used as a toilet roll.   


January 21, 2014: 

Extremely Urgent: Stop Imminent Massacre in 3 Burma Villages.

Here is an urgent message from extremely reliable sources, who in the past have correctly informed us of forthcoming massacres:

An order has been given to authorities to round up and kill all boys over the age of 10. It may be today or tomorrow we are told. Apparently UN agencies also know about this.

This is about the ongoing weeklong attack on Rohingya Muslims in Burma. This area has a Muslim majority and has no history of conflict. Buddhist have always been safe in this area.

Extremist are bringing their killers from other areas. Your duas and urgent phone calls can really save lives today.

Please remember them in your prayers. Their persecution is in no way less than the persecution of the Palestinians.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Can Syria look upon all Palestinian refugees as its supporters?

It can upon the majority but not all.  They're definitely divided.  Some small sections of Palestinians have  unfortunately turned their backs on Syria which had stood by the  Palestinian cause most loyally for decades.  The Western media and many Salafist clerics have purposely misinterpreted this war, portraying it as a  sectarian conflict to heighten religious tensions.  Consequently some Palestinians  within and outside Syria (particularly in Gaza because of the influence  of Hamas' military wing, Ezzedine Qassam Brigade) have been swept away  by the rhetoric of firebrand Salafist sheikhs, selling their loyalty to  the wrong people.  It's  indeed lamentable that some of them have been influenced by Qatar and Saudi Arabia despite the  fact that the Saudi and Qatari stance,  unlike Syria, has always been neglectful to the Palestinian cause.  Considering that such a  fact does exist on the ground, the Syrian government does require  to be discerning and careful.

More fortunately than in Syria, in Lebanon,  Palestinians have been driven by nationalist rather than sectarian  instincts.  That, alongside Hezbollah's efforts to secure the allegiance  of Palestinians in Lebanon, their refugee camps have so far not meddled  in Lebanese sectarian conflicts.

Finian Cunningham explains the regrettable situation concerning some Palestinian refugees in Syria in his article "Syria's shameful betrayal by Palestinians."  

In Syria, the dominant anti-government  militants share the same fundamentalist Wahhabi ideology of the Persian  Gulf monarchies, and they have varying affiliation with Al Qaeda. This ideological spectrum has drawn in  factions of the Hamas movement in Palestine, which has traditional links  with the Muslim Brotherhood.   

Why is this particularly shameful for  Palestinians? Well, of all the Arab countries that have provided  humanitarian aid and solidarity to the Palestinians down through the  decades perhaps none has been as loyal and self-sacrificing in its  fraternal help than the Syrian Arab Republic.  From the Zionist Nakba massacres against  the Palestinians in 1948 until the present day, Syria has received  millions of Palestinian refugees with open arms. The country is believed  to host the biggest exiled Palestinian population in whole the region.  

One of the largest Palestinian communities  in Syria is at the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus where some 20,000* live. But as political analyst Christof Lehmann points out, the  term  “refugee camp” is misleading.  Palestinian residents  have always been granted full citizenship and civil rights.**  "Yarmouk  is more of an ordinary suburb of Damascus," notes Lehmann, "but it has a technical status of refugee camp under Syrian and international law."  

Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict  in 2011, Palestinian factions within the Yarmouk district have allowed  the foreign-backed extremists of Jabhat al Nusra and others to  infiltrate and occupy large swathes.

"Half of Yarmouk has been overrun by  Jabhat al Nusrah and some other Al Qaeda brigades, as well as some small  Muslim Brotherhood brigades," says Lehmann. "Sadly, Hamas has been  playing a role in this through a recruitment campaign among young  Palestinians to join the anti-government forces in Syria."

Anti-government Palestinian factions within Yarmouk  blame the Syrian army for the blockade and they claim it is being used  as a tactic to force submission. This narrative has been zealously amplified by the Western media as a way of discrediting the Assad government. But many observers say that it is the  foreign-backed militants who are holding the Yarmouk residents as  hostages and human shields.  This week a UN aid convoy of food trying  to enter the area was turned back when it came under fire from gunmen  believed to be from the militant side.  Palestinian Labour Minister Ahmad Majdalani*** blamed the foreign-backed insurgents.   It's sad that some sections of Palestinians have been swayed because  Saudi and Qatari influence who, unlike Syria, had always been a picture  of neglect to the Palestinian cause. 

*The correct figure is150,000 lived in Yarmouk prior to the war, and now some 18,000 remain.

**Syria didn't grant the refugees citizenship, but that didn't make any  practical difference as they were given full civil rights.

***Ahmed Majdalani is actually former labor minister
who  is attached to the PLO and is now a minister without portfolio.  That  explains his Syrian policy.  Unlike Hamas, PLO is supporting the Syrian  government, though latest news through some sources claim that Hamas has  now broken off from Qatar and wants to rejoin Syria.   However, Syria's trust has been shaken quite understandably and while  many Palestinians at Yarmouk are supporting and also voluntarily  fighting for the Syrian Army, the Syrian government is no longer in a  position to blindly trust all residents of Yarmouk Camp ..  unfortunately.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You won't find a better verbal illustration of the phrase "made my stomach churn"

"Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you" - Canadian PM to Israeli Knesset.

Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, in his six-day visit to Israel and the Middle-East addressed the Israeli Knesset and poured his heart out. 

- He lambasted all of Israel's Western critics and labelled  them  anti-Sematic.

 - Lashed out at everyone who speaks of Israel as an apartheid state.

 - Chastised those who boycott Israel.

 - Blamed all critics for denying Israel's right to self-defense and addressed them as the new face of anti-Semitism.

 - Referred to Israel as a state based on freedom, democracy and rule of law.

 - Talked of the dangers of Syria and Iran.

 - Expressed his willingness to keep sanctions in place and continue opposing Iran's nuclear program.

 - Not a word on the endless murders by IDF and staggering human rights violations in Gaza and the West Bank.

 - Not a word on those hundreds (if not thousands) of minor Palestinian children abused in Israeli prisons in addition to adult and female prisoners subjected to constant mistreatment.

 - Not a word on Israel's use of WP and other lethal chemical weapons in Gaza.

 - Not a word on demolitions of Palestinian homes and bulldozing of farmlands which are like a cup of tea in the West Bank.

 - Not a word on over 600,000 illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian soil with Israeli plans to build more.

-  Not a word on the obnoxious Prawer Plan that aims at kicking out  hundreds, if not thousands, of indigenous Arabs from the Negev Desert.

The outrageous performance went on and on until finally the  Zionist legislators rose in a standing ovation.  Only two Arab-Israeli  members of the Knesset, Ahmed Tibi and Abu Arar, walked out.

When Harper announced his official visit to Israel in Canada, he sung a song to the Canadian Zionist lobby as a show of his happiness and enthusiasm. He got a "rock-star"  welcome at his arrival in Israel.  When he visited the Western Wall, he  was thronged by Zionist supporters.  When he visited the Church of Nativity,  one of his media crew reportedly assaulted a Palestinian journalist physically.   Today at a dinner hosted by Netanyahu & co., he sung a Beatles song  to the audience followed by resounding cheers; in an article talk-back  at Yahoo, almost every Canadian expressed their shame at this wicked  clown. 

It  seems that such blatant and laughable sycophancy, hypocrisy and support for injustice is a part  of the strategy of almost all modern world leaders to distract the world  from the crimes of Israel.  Harper, Hollande, Cameron and more ... it's  hard to say which one is more sick.  But I'm sure that it would be  highly inappropriate to categorize any one of them as humans.  Our pet  cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters can teach them tons of lessons on ethics and  correctness.

Lack  of principles and immorality being so inherent of humans, it seems that  planet earth is forever destined to be in the grip of some awful  empire or the other.  For 2,000 years the world cringed in fear of the  Roman Empire and then the Inquisitors. This is the era of the savage and  ferocious Zionist empire that stops at nothing to uphold its hegemonic  interest.

With folks like Harper, Hollande and Cameron, the hypocrisy is straight from the heart.  It might be better described as a genuine passion for injustice.  That's the most shameful part of it.

The good thing is that nothing is permanent in this world; and Divine Justice is flawless which awaits every corrupt hypocrite, tyrant and traitor in the next world.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tower of Ramleh (Palestine)

A gorgeous piece of history, now under Israeli occupation.   "Ramleh" signifies 'sand' and is a name of Arabic origin.  Ramleh is a very historic Arab city near Jerusalem.  It was founded between 705 and 715 AD by the Ommayad Caliph, Suleman Abdel Malik.   Though  allotted to the Arabs in 1947, it was snatched away by the Jews in the  1948 Arab-Jewish war.   Almost all of its Arab residents were  expelled in 1948 and subsequently repopulated by Ashkenazi Jewish  immigrants from Europe.  Ramleh is now completely under Israeli control.

The  Tower of Ramleh, about 120 feet high, is the most spectacular landmark  of this breathtaking ancient town. The Tower known by several names - White Mosque, White      Tower and Tomb of the Forty Companions  - is located on higher ground in the suburbs of the town of Ramleh.  It began being built by one of the Egyptian Caliphs in 1310 and was completed within eight years.

The tower now stands alone.  But it was attached to a mosque in the past known as the White Mosque constructed by the Ommayads in the 8th century.   According to traditions, forty companions of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) are buried in this Mosque. 

The architecture of Ramleh Tower is Saracenic, beautifully and delicately constructed, and supported by narrow buttresses.  A winding staircase lighted by uniquely shaped pointed windows leads to the top of the Tower and opens in a stone gallery. 

The gallery gives a beautiful view of orchards and olive groves, much of which have been demolished by Zionist authorities for purposes of colonization.  On the north and south of the Tower are endless plains with changing colors along with the different seasons;  with hills and mountains thronging the eastern and western parts, the Tower presents a picturesque scenery with a typical mesmerizing medieval touch.



Saturday, January 18, 2014

Siege of Yarmouk is being used as a weapon of war. Unacceptable!!

"Crimes against humanity warranting prosecution of the guilty, not blame for the victims" - Franklin Lamb.

According to previous information, about 40 refugees at Yarmouk Camp had died during the past 3 months.  Other sources have now put that number to at least 100.  Furthermore, the number of Palestinian refugees held hostage at Yarmouk are over 17,000.

Still more tragically, it's not just Yarmouk.  Blockades are all over Syrian neighborhoods where residents have no food, no medicines, no electricity and no clean drinking water.

According to most recent reports, 8 more civilians tramped in Yarmouk have died in the past one week.  Their names have also been displayed in new outlets. 

-  80-year-old, Jamil al-Qurabi.
- 40-year-old,  Hasan Shihabi.
-  50-year-old woman named Noor.
-  10-year-old Mahmoud al-Sabbagh.
-  Two 19-year-olds - Majid Imad Awad and  Ziad al-Naji were killed while protesting the blockade of the Camp.
-  Mohammed Ibrahim Dhahi and Hasan Yunus Nofal - tortured and killed.

Quoting Franklin Lamb in his article 'Siege of Yarmouk:'

Based on conversations with Palestinians  who were able to literally crawl out of the area from sewage pipes on  the South side of Yarmouk, more than 100 people, as of 1/15/14, have  died from starvation in the past four months—that is since mid-August  2013. Other causes of death have included three dozen cases of death by  dehydration, and also malnutrition (differing slightly from starvation  in that it pertains to inadequate nutrition rather than a total absence  of ingestible substances ..you still die from it, though). More than  three dozen miscarriages have also resulted from the food shortages,  while infants have succumbed due to lack of milk. There have also been  deaths by hypothermia for lack of fuel, and recently I spoke with a  gentleman whose niece, an infant girl, died of suffocation in her  neonatal intensive care unit due to a power cut.

According to a report in Financial Times, speaking to a pro-government fighter who "mans a ragged frontline that has scarcely moved in  the past year. On the other side is the rebel-held area of Yarmouk, a  Palestinian refugee camp that is also home to working-class Syrians,  where the buildings are in ruins, filthy water gathers in the  bomb-pitted roads and the civilians are starting to starve. The area has  been encircled for several months, and Hisham, who cannot give his real  name, can tell the rebels there are getting desperate."

Both sides are liable for prosecution for war crimes in such a situation as per international laws.  So, who is to be blamed - the Syrian Government or the rebels?  Obviously, since the rebels are using this evil strategy as a weapon of war, they are squarely the initiators of the crime.  And what might happen if the Syrian Government lifts the siege?  It will no doubt provide relief to those being held hostage in the Camp.  But if siege is lifted without the terrorists surrendering to the Syrian Army, it would also allow many of the militants, now tramped by the Army, to slip away and access other targets close to Damascus.  There are also no guarantees whether or not the terrorists will immediately leave the Camp if the siege is lifted or continue to hold its residents as human shields  to negotiate new terms and conditions with the Syrian Government in  their favor.   Alternatively, if the Syrian Army closes in and storms the Camp to clear the militants, the civilian death toll would quite definitely rise three-fold or more.  Not to mention, the selective nature of international laws that can change victims into criminals and the other way round with a twist through media propaganda. 

To make a long story short, there seems no way out of this dreadful situation without continuing to hurt civilians, unless the militants grasp a shred of humanity and decide to surrender.  Unfortunately that's very unlikely.  

In every war, protecting the sovereignty of the land under attack takes first priority for its government.  Letting the enemies go free along with their weapons after being cornered never happens in any war as it could result in paying a heavy price by the government of that land.

For eye opening details, read Franklin Lamb's article:

The Siege of Yarmouk

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Precarious situation at Yarmouk Camp near Damascus

The Palestinian refugees at Yarmouk Camp, who were  unable to flee, have been  taken hostages by the  terrorists. With no  food, water and medicines in the Camp, the refugees are dying of  starvation and illnesses  rather than bullets.  The residents of  the Camp are being used as human shields as a cowardly battlefield  strategy of the terrorists after being cornered by the Syrian Army.   They are mostly Al-Nusra fighters and few of FSA.  They  are not  allowing any aid convoys to reach the Camp to deliver food and  life  saving medicines to its suffering residents.  One of their purposes is  also to defame the Syrian authorities.

Three  days  ago on January 13, an aid convoy 100 meters away from Yarmouk was  fired  at by the terrorists occupying the Camp.  Witnesses confirmed that   firing at the convoy erupted from parts of the Camp held by the infiltrating takfiris.

According to a Press TV report, the aid convoy barred from  reaching Yarmouk on January 13 and  threatened with bullets was the  sixth such retinue that had to return  unsuccessfully, failing to enter  the premises of the camp.  It consisted of six trucks carrying 30 food parcels, 1700 kg each, enough to feed every single family for at least 20 days.

Majority of the half  million Palestinian refugees living in Syria  after being expelled from  their homeland in 1948 and then again in  1967 were living in Yarmouk.    Over the past 12 weeks, at least 40  have died of starvation and thirst.  Yet the  militants remain unmoved  and unrelenting. 

Yarmouk  Camp near Damascus in Syria was established in 1957.   It's 2.11 square  kilometers in size.  With time it improved and  expanded with much better  living conditions than other camps in Syria  and Lebanon. Residents of Yarmouk Camp were of various professional  fields - doctors, engineers, civil servants, casual laborers, street  vendors etc. - happy and content as a community until the catastrophe  that began in 2011 by the 'courtesy' of the West.  

USA, UK, EU, Israel and the leaders of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan are supporting the militants operating in Syria with weapons, money and  safe passage across  the borders into Syria.   

Please read the following excerpt from an alert urgently issued by the United States Palestinian Community Network’s (USPCN).

"We   call for an end to the hostilities in the camp, and for food and   medical supplies to be delivered immediately to those in need.  Our   Palestinian compatriots have been caught up in the ongoing Syrian   conflict and paying for it with their lives, as over 30 have already   died from malnourishment and freezing temperatures.   We must not forget   our refugees, nor why they are in Yarmouk to begin with: the ethnic   cleansing and displacement at the hands of the Israeli government that   forced them to flee their rightful and original homes in 1948 and again   in 1967.  We hold Israel accountable for the situation of the residents   of Yarmouk, because it is Israeli policies that ultimately deny the   Palestinians their Right of Return to the original homes and land from   which they were forced.  And we again demand this Right for Yarmouk and   all Palestinian refugees around the world.

The   armed groups hiding in the camp must exit, and that the siege of the   camp must end immediately. In addition, we call for appropriate support   from the United Nations to ensure safe entry for the immediate   introduction of food, relief aid, and medicine to the camp.  And of   course, we recognize the dire costs of the current fighting to our   beloved Syrian people.

Instead  of  ensuring the safety and well-being of Palestinians everywhere,  Abbas,  with no legitimacy or popular support, instead continues to  pursue a  failed policy of negotiations with Israel."

Action Alert: End the Siege on Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria

Foreign-backed militants take position on a front line in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.

She died of starvation.  Absolutely tragic beyond words !!!!

Some of the more fortunate Palestinian refugees who were able to flee Yarmouk.

Three Palestinian siblings at a refugee camp in the town of Tyre (south  Lebanon) after fleeing Yarmouk Camp in Syria near Damascus.

This is Sabra & Shatila Camp in Beirut .. whatever remains of it  after being completely ravaged and majority of its residents butchered  by Israel & the Christian Labanese militia in 1982).  Sabra &  Shatila will most likely see another influx of Palestinian refugees,  this time from Yarmouk Camp in Syria - a layer of tragedy upon another!

Zionist and Western backed foreign terrorists in Yarmouk recently fired  at the demonstrations for "residents return to the camp" causing several  casualties.

Rally at Palestinian refugee camp of Beddawi in north Lebanon in support  of Yarmouk.  Beddawi Camp is approximately 10km from Nahr al-Bared and  overcrowded with thousands of displaced Palestinians.  But at least they  are safe.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How criminals love to protect their likes!

No one snapping smartphone selfies at Sharon's funeral ??

David Cameron's sadistic tribute in praise of the serial killer was bad enough to spoil one's day, stating Ariel Sharon was "one of the most significant figures in Israeli history and as PM he took brave and controversial decisions in pursuit of peace ....."    The frantic face-saving claims went much further making the hypocrisy almost morbid.

Talk-back at Zionist sites by the Butcher's decadent fans claim that Sharon was not guilty of what happened in Sabra and Shatila, dumping the entire blame on the  Phalangists.  Quoting one such despicable and sick comment:  "Sabra and Shatilla were perpetrated by the CHRISTIAN PHALANGE. NO ISRAELI SOLDIER TOOK PART. The Phalange were seeking revenge for the assassination of their leader Basher Gemayel. by the so-called Palestinians. It is Arab vs. Arab warfare."

These lovers of criminals purposely forget that Sharon was working with the Phalangists, that Basher Gemayel was Sharon's handpicked man and Sharon wanted Lebanon to be run by them.  A thorough investigation into the massacre by a UN team in 1983 concluded that Ariel Sharon was completely responsible for this deadly attack.  A few months later the same year, Israel's own commission, Kahane, reached exactly the same conclusion accusing Sharon for being "personally responsible" for the massacre of women and children.

Sharon's depraved defenders conveniently forget the chain of serial killings prior to the massacre of Sabra and Shatila through sophisticated ground attacks and airstrikes.  Sharon invaded Beirut to chase out the PLO in June 1982;  and then again in August 1982 for a final hit before the PLO evacuated Beirut, murdering at least 14,000 between June and August of 1982. Was this killing-orgy also carried out by the Christian Phalanges alone while Ariel Sharon knew nothing about it?  In the final round of his killing spree in September of 1982, Sharon hired the Phalange for the siege and massacre of the residents of Palestinian camps in Sabra and Shatila that killed 3,000 mostly women and children ..... making the total slaughter to a minimal of 17,000 between June and September of 1982 !!!!  That figure is six times higher than the number killed in the inside job of 9/11.

American reporter, late Janet Lee Stevens, was one of the first foreign journalists to enter the camps, described the scene:  "Children with their throats slit, a pregnant woman with her stomach chopped open, her eyes still wide open, her face still silently screaming in horror; countless babies and toddlers who had been stabbed or ripped apart and who had been thrown into garbage piles," she documented as given in Jamal Kanj's article "How butcher Sharon massacred my relatives."

And oh!  How did the former leader of the Phalange militia who participated in the massacre of September 1982 get assassinated so timely in 2001 when he agreed to testify against Sharon in a Belgian court?

Monday, January 13, 2014

A brief chronological look at the crimes of Ariel Sharon

Known as the "bulldozer" by many and the "butcher of Sabra and Shatila"  by all.  In a blood drenched career that spanned over decades, this man  destroyed entire cities and villages and was directly responsible for  the murders of countless unarmed civilians.  It's a pity that he died  without a trial and is instead getting a state funeral, setting another  record in history.  Justice has never been mocked so rudely. 

"I don't know something called International Principles.     I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this   area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because  the Palestinian childs existence infers that generations will go on, but  the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian  and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I've killed 750 Palestinians (in Rafah in 1956).     I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian  women is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody  tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do."  - (Ariel Sharon, In an interview with General     Ouze Merham, 1956).    

The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism labels this authentic quote of Sharon as an "invention."

Quoting the response of Hugh Joseph which appeared on Rense:  "If this statement attributed to Sharon is an invention, then it is most unfortunate, and we must be grateful for having that pointed out. So the question that must be raised concerns the number of innocent, non-combattant, underage Palestinian children that are getting shot in the head, and just deliberately killed in general. Is this the policy of the IDF?  If it is not, then what is being done to stop it?"

War criminal, Ariel Sharon, began his career in the late 1940s working for the Israeli terrorist organization, Haganah, leading commando units carrying out deadly raids and forcing Palestinians to flee their homes. Haganah coordinated with Stern Gang and Irgun, committing many of the most awful crimes in history from 1948 onward.

The first act of Sharon’s career began after the 1948 war that established Israel at the expense of 750,000 Palestinians who were driven away in a campaign of mass expulsion.  On April 9th 1948, the massacre and capture of Deir Yassin was carried out with the knowledge of Haganah and the approval of its commander.  Although Sharon's name is purposely hushed in connection with it, it's almost certain he participated in the massacre. 

In  1953, Sharon was recalled from retirement.  In September 1953  he led  an attack on Bedouins in  demilitarized Al Auja village near the western  Negev-Sinai frontier, killing an unknown number of Palestinians.  Later  the same year, after a Palestinian assault on an Israeli farm on  occupied land,  Sharon led his men into the West Bank town of Qibya with orders from Ben Gurion’s office to "carry  out destruction and cause maximum damage." Soon after, 69 civilians, mostly Palestinian women and children, lay  dead.  Israeli soldiers went about in the village blowing up buildings,  firing into doorways and windows.  Sharon later claimed he thought the  demolished homes were empty.  But UN observers who inspected the scene  saw several cases of bullet splintered doors and bodies sprawled across  the thresholds, a foolproof evidence that "that the inhabitants had been  forced by heavy fire to stay inside until their homes were blown up  over them."

In the 1971 operation titled as "Pacification of Gaza," Sharon ordered  blowing up houses, bulldozing large tracts of refugee camps and imprisoning hundreds of young  Palestinians.  There was no count of the number of civilians killed or unjustly imprisoned and  their houses demolished.  The entire area was transformed  into a prison. 

Making a name for himself in Israel after the 1973 war with Egypt,  Sharon contributed in establishing the Likud Party, and along with it  came the second-half of his career. 

When he was the minister of  agriculture, Sharon bragged that he played a direct role in  establishing 65 illegal Jewish settlements during his 4 four years in  government. He  revealed his strategy during a chat with Winston Churchill’s  grandson: "We’ll make a pastrami sandwich out of them. We’ll insert a  strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians, and then  another strip of Jewish settlements right across the West Bank, so that  in twenty-five years’ time, neither the United Nations nor the United  States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart."

After  becoming the Minister of Defense,  Sharon was full of dreams of an  Israeli-friendly Christian puppet government in Beirut.  Green lighted  by Menachem Begin in 1982 and titled as 'Operation Peace Galilee,"   Sharon invaded Lebanon with the excuse of expelling the PLO.  Israeli tanks  trundled across West Beirut and Sharon's forces flattened the city with  indiscriminate shelling.  Corpses were strewn everywhere spreading  diseases at epidemic proportions.  In July 1982, the Lebanese government  stated that at least 14,000  people had been killed, over 90% of whom were unarmed civilians and more  than 30,000 seriously wounded. In August of 1982,  U.S. proposed the  evacuation of PLO from Beirut which was accepted by the Israeli  cabinet.  The very next day, Sharon carried out an air attack, lasting  for 7 hours at a stretch killing 350 civilians in Lebanon.  Analysts  have often compared this incident with the attack on Dresden by the Allies toward the end of World War II. 

PLO  withdrew from Beirut according to the agreement, yet Sharon hadn't had  his fill.  He refused to have international protection for the  Palestinians who were evacuating Beirut.  Setting the stage for the most  dreadful slaughter and heinous crime of this war, the worst was yet to  come.   Following the assassination of Bashir Gemayel, the Christian warlord who  was to be Sharon’s handpicked puppet president of Lebanon, in September  1982 Israeli  forces surrounded the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in  south Beirut and sent the Christian Phalangist militias into the camps.   Sharon and all  his officers were well aware of the Phalangists’  intention to  murder as many women and children as they could. After two days of  slaughter, as many as 2,000 civilians were dead, with countless others  raped and brutalized.  The slaughter at Sabra and Shatila started on  September 16th until 18th of 1982.   As Sharon’s troops stood around the  besieged camps, Israeli searchlights illuminated the camps.  Israeli  army officers watched through binoculars as the death squads wrecked  havoc through the camps. Whole families were murdered, many were  raped and tortured before being killed. Scores of bodies were heaped  into  lorries and taken away for mass burial. The exact toll  will never be known.  But according to all sources, the minimal  estimated number is 2,000. 

In  1983 an Israeli commission itself (Kahan Commission) found Sharon  responsible for this massacre and urged for his resignation as Defense  Minister.  At first Sharon adamantly refused to step down.  But during  this time Jerusalem was thronged with  anti-war protestors when a  right-wing Jewish terrorist hurled a grenade into the crowd, killing a  few anti-war activists.  The incident prompted Sharon's resignation.   Yet, his career as a killer didn't end.  

On September 2000, after the collapse of peace talks at Camp David,  Ariel Sharon's incursion into Al Aqsa sanctuary  accompanied by at least 1,000 Israeli policemen and soldiers was staged  purposely to fuel rising tensions. It led to widespread rioting by  Palestinians and another brutal Israeli crackdown.  According to all  reports, Israel fired no less than 1.3 million bullets on unarmed  demonstrators on October 2000 alone.  It paved the way for the Al-Aqsa  Intifada (or the second Intifada).

In  July 2001, a Belgian court opened an inquiry into the Sabra and Shatila  massacre after a group of survivors filed a law suit.  The Christian  Phalangist commander who was also responsible for the killings agreed to  testify against Ariel Sharon.  A few months later, he was conveniently  assassinated, on which the the Lebanese Minister of Displaced  People commented "Israel doesn’t want witnesses against it in this  historic case which will certainly convict Ariel Sharon."  Soon after,  the Belgian court decided to discontinue the case citing Sharon's  diplomatic immunity. 

The criminal was elected Israel's Prime Minister in 2001.  While Israeli  bulldozers frequently traversed across Gaza and the West Bank, in April  of 2001 Sharon  announced his intention to "make separation across the land." He decided  to complete the plan introduced by another killer, Yitzhak Rabin, in  the 1990’s.   This plan was the construction of a vast  wall (we today see as Israel's apartheid wall across the West Bank)  that would thwart the Palestinian national movement, bring an end to  all future peace talks and cause unprecedented misery in the lives of the Palestinians.  It was designed to cut right into the West Bank  and Jordan Valley, annexing 80% of the illegal Jewish settlements in  West Bank with the state of Israel, and dumping the Palestinians  permanently in secluded ghettos.  

To  avenge the second Intifada, mainstream Israelis rallied behind Sharon,  their "vengeful protector."  In April 2002,  while Yassir Arafat was  imprisoned in his office at Ramallah compound, Ariel Sharon oversaw a  another preplanned brutal campaign of the demolition of Jenin, often  called the "massacre of Jenin." Sharon's excuse to invade Jenin was that  it served as a launch site for Palestinian attackers.  The IDF used  infantry, commando forces, armored bulldozers and assault helicopters.  A  town of 14,000 was turned  into rubble.  Sharon's government ordered to seal Jenin throughout the  invasion because of which the number of dead and injured were never  known .... even the locations of their  mass graves are not known.  We  only know that thousands were killed and wounded, and almost everyone  was made homeless. 

Though  Sharon's "disengagement plan from Gaza" led to major protests among  Israeli rightists which compelled him to break away from Likud and form  his own party, Kadima in 2005, it was never meant to promote peace.  It  was done with the intent of consolidating the occupation at West Bank by  steadily increasing the number of illegal  Jewish settlements.  The  8,000 illegal Jewish settlers living in Gaza were provided with better  and more luxurious illegal homes by destroying and bulldozing  Palestinian farms and houses in the West Bank.  Thus,  today we see a total of more than 600,000 illegal Jewish settlements peppered all over the West Bank.  A minister of Sharon's government  disclosed his telephone conversation with him on December 2005, quote:   "Let’s divide the West Bank and take  roughly one-third for ourselves, leaving two-thirds for the Arabs." 

Besides the theft, the  settlers left Gaza in 2005 after causing huge damage to Gaza's  environment.  Just as destruction of olive groves is a common occurrence  in Palestinian farms in the West Bank, Sharon orchestrated the  razing of hundreds of Palestinian citrus orchards in Gaza to make way for Jewish  colonization.  Were any Palestinian families in Gaza compensated for such tremendous losses after the illegal Jewish settlers left?  None at all!

After  the formation of Sharon's Kadima party, elections were scheduled for  March 2006.  But by the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty, on January 2006  Sharon suffered a serious stroke and massive  cerebral hemorrhage.  He  went into coma, never regained consciousness and died after 8 years of  vegetable existence on January 10, 2014 - a beautiful day for all lovers  of justice around the world!  Rejoice!!

Pharaoh of the Kayzar tribe who invaded the Holy Land with false claims of ancestral home - looking over the wall  between Israel and the West Bank city of Jenin in 2003.

Celebrating the butcher's death in Gaza by distributing sweets.  It's so nice to see some happiness for a change on the faces of the beloved people of Gaza. 


Above two images of Sabra and Shatila - 'courtesy' the Butcher of Beirut.

All of the following images, heartening scenes of celebration, jubilation and distribution of sweets in Gaza and West Bank at the news of the Butcher's death.