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Sunday, November 27, 2016

He will be missed no less than Hugo Chavez

                               Image source Reuters.   Inset Metro.

Western governments are lashing out at those condoling Fidel Castro's death with claims that he "abused human rights." Those same governments showered their sympathies on the death of Abdullah al-Saud whose hands were dripping with blood until the day he passed.  While manipulative sources in the U.S. are focusing on a handful of Cuban dissidents living in America for reactions, the people of Cuba are shattered with grief and mourn inconsolably. 

Will the so-called fraudulent developed world ever stop its appalling double standards and lies?   

To know the truth, the world needs to check the news coming from Havana, NOT Miami's Little Havana NOR Washington or London.  

Castro did not ruin Cuba economically, but Wall Street certainly did ruin the Western economy permanently starting from 2008.

We are indeed very saddened to learn of the death of Fidel Castro whose services for the betterment of the poor were outstanding and who was loved deeply by the Cuban people.

Excerpt from Reuters report from Havana:
Quote --
" "I am Fidel" to salute Fidel Castro as nine days of mourning .. Alcohol sales were suspended, flags flew at half-staff and shows and concerts were canceled .... 
Giant rallies are planned in Havana's Revolution Square and in the eastern city of Santiago to honor Castro, who died aged 90, six decades after the brothers set out from Mexico to overthrow U.S.-backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.  "For me, it's my mother first, my children, my father, then Fidel," father-of-five Rafael Urbay, 60, said ....  "We weren't just poor. We were wretched," he said. "Then came Fidel and the revolution. He gave me my humanity. I owe him everything." .. at Havana University, Castro's alma mater, hundreds of students gathered to wave huge Cuban flags and shout "Viva Fidel and Viva Raul." 
"Fidel put Cuba on the map, and made Cuba a paradigm for the people of the world, especially the poor and the marginalized," said another university student, Raul Alejandro Palmeros.  .....  despite years of ideological strife and increasing hardship under a U.S. economic embargo, Castro's Cuba became renowned for high education standards and world-class doctors.  .. "What Fidel did with education and free health stands out on the world stage. It was unique," said Rene Perez, 78.  
"Everyone here is sad. Everyone is a Fidelista," said Anaida Gonzales, a retired nursing professor in central Camaguey province. "People are just going about their business, but sad. Me, I'm very sad for my Comandante, it really took me by surprise." "

Unquote --

Saturday, November 26, 2016

"They raped my daughter and killed her" - Rohingya

The world is not only sitting idle and watching but many are also supporting the obnoxious fascist Burmese Government which is shamelessly perpetrating such unspeakable crimes. Ally of the West and "Noble Laureate" Suu Kyi is the commander-in-chief of Burmese Buddhist rapists and murderers. There's no dearth of sick bastards in this world. And the worst of all misogynists are those women who abuse other women or stay silent at their abuse.

Jill Stein post-election fundraising scam. Disgraceful would be an understatement.

                          Source of meme:  Huffington Shitpost - Twitter.
Jill Stein is the leader of America's Green Party who ran as an independent getting barely 1% of popular votes.  Since Nov.24 she joined the Clinton bandwagon, fundraising for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Though Stein admits she has no evidence of election fraud, she continues to support raising money for a recount.
Here is the summary of this $$$$$$$ lover's saga.  She started on November 24 with her fundraising goal at  $2,500,000.  By the end of the same day, Stein had collected that amount and felt she needed $2 million more.  The fundraising goal was raised to $4,500,000.  The following day, November 25, Stein learned she had collected over $4 million.  Even that wasn't enough to quench her greed.  She needed another $2 million;  consequently the fundraising goal again rose to $7,000,000.

In less than 3 days this crook helped herself to $4 million plus, enough to make her bank account look like a fat tom cat!

It's all a part of the raucous to suddenly dump the electoral college because Clinton is leading by 2 million "popular votes." Unfortunately, very few Americans know their own election system well enough to catch their own cheats.  There's a big difference between votes cast & votes counted.  Votes cast are actually the popular votes, not votes counted. As per the country's rules for decades, bulk of popular votes cast after those 270 electoral votes are tabulated. Thus, there's never an evidence of how many votes cast for both candidates have been counted and how many tabulated after the end-game of electoral victory.  Presently, with the glaring bias of the U.S. establishment + media, is  hacking of popular votes in favor of the establishment's fav really more impossible than fair play?

Writes ZeroHedge:  "So, with nearly $5mm raised so far, the question is no longer whether recounts will occur in WI, MI and PA but just how much Jill Stein will be able to drain from the pockets of disaffected Hillary supporters to fund her long-shot efforts."

It's not a matter of supporting any candidate.  When it comes to politics, especially U.S., I see them all as wacky and warped under the crushing pressure of egocentrism plus Zionist political occupation.  None are worthy of my cheerleader spirit.  However, as I've always stated and reiterate, there ought to be an element of logic and decency in every event to bring a semblance of civilization, at the very least.  Not like this.

For interesting fact check:

Friday, November 25, 2016

Want to know how Britain brought "democracy" to pre-revolution Iran?


The man on horseback is the British ambassador in Tehran in early 1920s.  The man standing by the side is Reza Khan Ghazagh, the father of the late Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran (who was kicked out in the 1978/79 homegrown revolution).  Reza Khan Ghazagh, as can be seen in the picture, was the groom of the horse ridden by the British ambassador in Tehran.  Reza Khan Ghazagh's  job was to take care of the British ambassador's horse.  This horse-servant was made the "king" of Iran by the British intelligentsia by toppling the Qajar dynasty and establishing the "Pahlavi dynasty" in 1925. 

For their own selfish reasons, it was again the British along with the Soviet Union which forced this horse-servant to abdicate in 1941 (soon after the start of WW2) and brought his son, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, on the throne who ruled for a brutal 38 years until 1978 when he was given the boots by the Iranian people. 

Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi's eldest son, "prince" Reza Pahlavi II, is living in luxury in exile in the United States of America since the past 30 years on the billions of dollars his father stole from the Iranian people.  This utterly stupid and shameless grandson of the man who used to clean the feces of the British ambassador's horse, still calls himself a "crown prince" and the "successor" of the "Pahlavi dynasty."  Despite knowing how profoundly the Iranian people hate the Pahlavi family, this man - a "prince" in his own dreams - is determined to forcibly rule his country again on his father's footsteps.  The so-called puppet prince in exile has gone to the extent of begging Israel to increase its co-operation with the Iranian opposition which includes the terror organization MKO. 

Reza Khan Ghazagh, horse groom, first "king" of the Pahlavi dynasty and father of the deposed Shah of Iran.

The deposed Shah of Iran, self-declared "shahinshah" and son of the horse groom, Reza Khan Ghazagh.

"Prince" in waiting, desires still unfulfilled, hated and loathed in his country - Reza Pahlavi II, son of the deposed Shah and grandson of the horse-groom.

This is how the West chooses its dictator-puppets when it wants to steal a country's wealth and destroy its sovereignty with the title of "bringing democracy" to that country.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Clinton and the "Popular Votes"

                                         Image source:  Pinterest Board

Needless to say, I'm NO fan of any U.S. leader.  Though what concerns me is foreign policy only, all of them have terrible problems with foreign as well as domestic issues. No one has yet had a spine strong enough that Israel hasn't yet been able to bend pathetically.
But the point is ::  There ought to be an element of logic and decency in every event to bring a semblance of civilization, at the very least. 

Many impartial alternative sources said it; but regardless, one didn't need to be a genius to assess that every aspect of foul play was in sync.  Rigging U.S. election 2016 was like ready-steady-go in favor of Clinton.  Despite the fortification, it failed to roll down the tide of Trump supporters on November 8.   After he acquired 274 electoral votes, the game was over according to the official rule.  However, rigging restarted for popular votes as fodder for anti-Trump camp to assist the course of future propaganda until 2020.   Generally the practice is that once a candidate crosses the 270 mark, bulk of the remainder ballots, particularly the absentee ballots, are tabulated.  So the exact figures on who got how many popular votes are insignificant and seldom made known officially.

While the electoral college is under attack, the real question is ::  What do "popular votes" mean .. votes cast or votes counted?   

The example of the elections in 2000 explains better, specifically on handling the absentee ballots.  Quoting Truthfeed"Hillary may win the “votes counted,” however, she will not win the VOTES CAST, which is the 'popular vote.'  States don’t count their absentee ballots unless the number of outstanding absentee ballots is larger than the state margin of difference. If there is a margin of 1,000 votes counted and there are 1,300 absentee ballots outstanding, then the state tabulates those. If the number of outstanding absentee ballots wouldn’t influence the election results, then the absentee ballots aren’t counted.  In 2000, when Al Gore “won” the popular vote nationally by 500,000 votes and the liberal media screamed bloody murder, there were 2 million absentee ballots in California alone. A 67-33 breakout of those yields a 1.33- to 0.667-million Republican vote advantage, so Bush would have gotten a 667,000-vote margin from California’s uncounted absentee ballots alone."

Considering that there has been no such official details on popular votes in 2016 plus the glaring bias of the establishment, how impossible would it be for majority of the ballots in favor of Trump to be tablulated and majority in favor of Clinton to be counted?

During the campaign, statistics have shown time and again that without well-planned foul play, a difference of over a million popular votes in favor of Clinton would be next to impossible.   For example, during the last one week of campaign rallies, if you had the presence of mind to check the total number of viewers in live online streaming at Youtube for both candidates, Trump viewers were on average 50,000 more.  In the final Clinton/Trump rallies on the evening of November 7 when mainstream Western sources were asserting that Clinton had 90% chances of winning, viewers of Clinton rally in North Carolina were barely 3,500.  Viewers of Trump rally in Grand Rapids were 70,902.  The supporting screenshot below says it all:

Never had the electoral college been so big a problem in any post-election period until 2016 when the U.S. establishment got a dose of its own medicine. She lost in 2008 primaries; she proved to be the worst Sec.of State in U.S. history in 2012; tugging a load of corruption cases, her popularity was steadily dipping and was below the gutter line by early 2016. Yet the  DNC could find none else but Clinton to run in November 2016.  About the primary 2016, Independent quoted Wikileaks November 9, "Donald Trump won elections because Democrats rigged system to have Clinton beat Bernie Sanders."    After all, as a surprise move only three weeks prior to the elections in October 17, Sanders did unendorse Clinton when he expressed his concern that elections would be rigged and warned the American people that the entire system run by the powerful elite was rigged.

Concerns of all, inside and outside of America, came to be true.  Initially when cheating didn't achieve the goal, it later resumed making the electoral college and popular votes the issues that America needs to abolish and focus upon, respectively. 

Writes Trent Lapinski, "Trump is what happens when you nominate a cheater and live in an echo chamber - please learn from this. I one hundred percent believe Sanders could have created a political revolution to beat Trump, but instead we're getting Trump's revolution.  The reason Hillary Clinton did not win this election is because she never should have been nominated in the first place."

Sadly history keeps repeating itself. In 2009 George Soros (the Hungarian-American Jewish multibillionaire business magnate) funded Hussein Musavi's campaign (so-called color revolution) in Iran.  Musavi lost and Soros incited violent protests in Tehran. In 2016 Soros funded Clinton's campaign pouring in millions of dollars.  She lost.  He incited nationwide violent protests via MoveOn  over Clinton winning the popular votes.  MoveOn is an activists organization in the U.S. supported and funded by Soros.   It released a press statement on November 9 that it would be organizing countrywide post-election protests. Writes Daisy Luther in Activist Post "Looks like George Soros is funding Trump protests .... Paid instigators are making an already bad situation much much worse."   The relevant question as put by Chuck Woolery, "Are paid protests really protests?"  Most of those protests had turned into riots within 48 hours, disrupting traffic, vandalizing cars and smashing windows .. exactly what they did in Tehran 2009.

A very clumsy and embarrassing fall of a system from grace to disgrace.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Summary: Start of post-Obama war-torn Middle-East

                                              Image source:  Avax News

Will the glimmer of hope finally coming from Washington DC materialize into something positive and constructive ending these cruel wars?  The issue is fraught with questions at this point.

                                       Image source:  Same as first one

To cut a long story short ....

A lot depends on how Vladimir Putin interacts with the new US administration, emphasizing that the entire terrorist circle within Syria consisting of some one hundred groups or more needs to be annihilated, not just ISIL. Putin's love-hate-love relations with the House of Tayyip is definitely a potential obstacle, but I hope I'm wrong. Reportedly  Trump's relation with the House of Saud is fractious. Common sense says that may be an encouraging sign for the Yemeni people and a far cry from the 8-year Obama regime gifting the Sauds with $116 billion worth of deadly weapons.  But the path of modern politics is rife with a hidden spirit of mutual give-and-take that stinks so bad and clashes  viciously with the essence of justice as well as common sense.  Thus endless questions loom at that front too. 

Despite the opinion of many observers, we know that the Syrian war is not about gas pipelines nor oil. The real goal is to make the region conducive to Israeli hegemony, to set up an Israeli friendly rule (and Israel sees Al Qaeda as its perfect choice, no matter which group), to dismember Syria and consequently dismember the Resistance which would also result in a weaker Hezbollah and a weaker Iran.  Though much less enthusiastic about wars than the Clintonized DNC, Trump too has made a few cursory insinuations on Assad as "not a good man."  Whether he said that to promote his election campaign OR over genuine concerns for Tel Aviv and U.S. rightism will be proven after January 2017.