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Sunday, October 21, 2012

From Syria to Lebanon - a carefully planned "spillover"

No one claimed responsibility for the assassination of the Lebanese security chief, Wissam al-Hassan, in Beirut on October 19.  Yet BBC reported that the assassination "is a message to anti-Syria Lebanese to fall inline or they're next" despite the fact that only a week earlier CIA's FSA (Free Syrian Army aka al-Qaeda) vowed that it would carry out bombings in Lebanon to widen its terrorist activities in the region.  There have been three deadly attacks during three consecutive days including the killing of the Lebanese security chief. 

- Oct.19 - car explosion in Beirut killing Wisssam al-Hassan;
- Oct.20 - car explosion in the Christian quarters of Damascus;
- Oct.21 - car explosion in a police station of Damascus.

The FSA (mostly consisting of Al-Qaeda fighters), trained by the GCC and heavily funded by CIA and MI6, has recently expressed its intention to spread terrorist attacks in neighboring Lebanon as well.   It's prime target - Hezbollah.

A representative of FSA who spoke to the  London-based daily newspaper Ash-Sharq-al-Awsat stating that the "FSA would expand the proxy war in Syria to 'the heart' of Beirut’s southern suburb of Dahiyeh," a Hezbollah stronghold.

 FSA is reportedly holding 13 members of Hezbollah captive in Homs. 

No better example of casting stones from a glasshouse.  While the U.S. is heavily involved in a terrible proxy war against Syria and training hardened terrorists to unleash chaos and destruction, last month it accused Hezbollah of "deep involvement" in Syria and assisting Assad's Government.  As surmised by most analysts, the purpose of this accusation was apparently to impose sanctions on Syria. 

Hezbollah has already signed a declaration with the Lebanese Government confirming that it would keep Lebanon out of this conflict;  Lebanon's stance has thus been very neutral. Despite that, a large number of armed men comprising of the FSA's Al-Qaeda hoodlums have barged into Lebanon territory twice, attacking a Lebanese army post in the North along its border with Syria last September.   

Earlier this month, a large number of CIA's proxy fighters were killed at the Lebanon / Syria border.

It's interesting to read the findings of investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, back in 2007 that such a strategy was already in the pipeline.  Efforts were underway by the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to assemble an 'army' of extremist-mercenaries to confront Hezbollah, destabilize and overthrow Assad in Syria and create a united front of Sunni fanatics against Iran. 

Another excellent analysis by Tony Cartalucci on Global Research in May 2012 titled "Lebanon's Turn?" is worth reading.  Quote: "The forces recruited for this effort would come from the ranks of the CIA-created 'Arab foreign legion,' Al Qaeda itself – extremist groups fresh back from fighting US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, including listed terror organizations like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) from Libya ....... While being depicted as violence 'spilling over' from Syria, it is clear that the violence is indigenous, sectarian in nature, and directly related to the larger conflict envisioned by US-Israeli-Saudi machinations in 2007 – pitting Sunnis against Shi’ia."

A smart leader like Hassan Nasrullah of Hezbollah had sensed exactly the same.  Almost 5 years ago, he accused Bush and his White House cronies working with Israel to "instigate fitnah"  (insurrection and fragmentation within Islam).   

Needless to say, if you piece together the observations of Hersh, Cartalucci and Nasrullah, the efforts of the West, GCC leaders and their mercenaries are identical at present as we watch and read almost daily.   The process is underway with the possibility of getting far worse in future, and the spillover being beyond Lebanon.

Al-Qaeda's nuisance value has been America's greatest savior.  "A friend in need is a friend indeed."   To ignite sectarian violence and an atmosphere of polarization across the Middle-East has long been an American dream.  Its acknowledgement by a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) confirms it beyond all doubts.   CFR is one of the most crooked and calculating independent organizations within the US that provides "daily analysis of foreign policy issues facing the nation."  Ed Husain of the CFR and an expert in Middle-East studies writes: "The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks .. The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results."   That says it all. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

'Illiyin' and 'Sijjin'


Are you familiar with the Quranic terms 'Illiyin' and 'Sijjin?'

Please know that the deeds of every person on earth is being recorded and comprises of a written record. 

The ill deeds of the disbelievers and the disobedient who took Faith as a joke in this world will be in a written record called Sijjin. 

The good deeds of the believers, the righteous, will be in another written record known as Illiyin.

Therefore, strive for the mercy and forgivness of Allah (The Most High) to be granted the greatest favor and ultimate triumph of having our righteous deeds recorded & written in Illiyin.  InshAllah, ameen.

"Nay, but the record of the vile is in Sijjin -
Ah! what will convey unto thee what Sijjin is! -
A written record.

Nay, but the record of the righteous is in 'Illiyin -
Ah, what will convey unto thee what 'Illiyin is! -
A written record,
Attested by those who are brought near (unto their Lord)."

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hadith on punishments in the grave

Gross misinterpretation of Quranic verses by Hadith  "scholars"

There are plenty of Ahadith on punishments in the grave which are completely incompatible with the contents of the Glorious Quran.  The Quran says NOTHING about punishments in the grave.  Before I discuss Hadith discrepancies that pertain to this topic and their likely origin, I will mention the old trick of our jurists who have purposely picked some verses of the Quran and have tried to misinterpret them as "punishments in the grave" only for the purpose of making them conform with certain Hadith narrations.

(1)  "If thou couldst see, when the wrong-doers reach the pangs of death and the angels stretch their hands out (saying): Deliver up your souls. This day ye are awarded doom of degradation for that ye spake concerning Allah other than the truth, and used to scorn His portents."  (6:93)   

Hadith explanation of the above verse is:  Ibn Hajar who quotes Tabrani narrating from Ibn Abbas :  "This will occur at the time of death. And the meaning of stretching forth their hands is smiting their faces and backs."  

Completely false presumption.  There is absolutely no reference to the grave in verse 6:93. The verse is describing the situation when a disbeliever will reach the pangs of death and the angel of death will come to take back his soul.  The angel of death will come at the behest of Allah to collect everyone's soul at the time of their appointed death, believers and disbelievers.  The disbelievers will be told of their punishment which will occur on the Day of Resurrection.  The punishment for some violators e.g. Pharaoh and the folks of Noah, will begin soon after death, prior to the Day of Resurrection.  And again there's no reference to that being in the grave.  What lies in the grave are only the physical remains which turn into dust but it's the soul that lives on in the custody of Allah.  But where or how Allah keeps that soul is only known to Him.  If we try to comment on that, it will only give rise to speculations, which is Haram.  Thus, those few persons whose punishment will begin soon after death, their souls will be subjected to torment, most likely in Hellfire or some other place known to Allah alone.  But it's very obviously and definitely not the physical earthly grave which we see with our eyes.  This will be explained further as we proceed.

(2)  "If thou couldst see how the angels receive those who disbelieve, smiting faces and their backs and (saying): Taste the punishment of burning!"  (8:50)

This verse is also similar to verse 6:93.  "Smiting faces and their backs" refers to the harsh welcome disbelievers will receive as soon as their souls depart from their bodies and they exit this world for the next.  "Taste the punishment of burning!" does not refer to punishment inside the grave.  As the Quran clearly states in many Surahs, after death till the time when one wakes up on the Day of Resurrection will seem like a few hours or few days.  When the angels come to take the souls of those who disbelieve and warn them of their punishment, that is to be understood as the punishment of Hellfire on the day when they are raised.  Not the punishment inside the physical grave.

(3)  "Because of their sins they were drowned, then made to enter a Fire. And they found they had no helpers in place of Allah." (71:25)

Verse 71:25 refers to the people of Noah who were drowned in the big flood.  Again, the reference here is that their punishment will commence soon after death in Hellfire.  There's absolutely no concept of anyone being punished inside a tiny grave made of earthly mud, dust and sand.

(4)  "The Fire; they are exposed to it morning and evening; and on the day when the Hour uprises (it is said): Cause Pharaoh's folk to enter the most awful doom."  (40:46) 

The above verse 40:46 refers to Pharaoh and his followers.  It is expressed that Pharaoh and those who obeyed him will be exposed to the torment of Hellfire morning and evening to begin soon after their death.  On the Day of Judgment their exposure to Hell will be the greatest.  

The Verse is not indicative of their punishment taking place within their physical graves or pyramids etc. 

When will the punishment of afterlife begin?

In some cases Almighty Allah has elucidated clearly in the Glorious Quran that punishment will begin soon after death, as in the case of Pharaoh and his followers and the disobedient people of the town of Prophet Noah who were drowned, the verses concerning which have already been quoted above.   

But the Glorious Quran also makes the standard norm for majority of the wrong doers very plain.  Their punishment will begin after Resurrection.  

"Hath not the story reached you of those who disbelieved of old and so did taste the ill-effects of their conduct, and theirs will be a painful doom."  (64:5)

Please focus on the last few words of the above verse, "and theirs will be a painful doom."   The future tense of this expression indicates that the doom for such people is yet to begin.   Punishments that are yet to come for those who have passed away must begin on the Day of Resurrection as per the Laws of the Divine Power asserted throughout His Final Message.

Hadith on punishments inside the grave

Some of the Hadith on punishments in the grave which I am quoting for your information are completely absurd and falsely attributed to the Prophet (sw).  These Ahadith are simply the concoctions of the narrators and compilers.  In some cases even the name of the narrator/narrators (or isnad) have very definitely been forged.  For example, where Aisha's name appears as the narrator, it's got to be a lie.  The Prophet (sw) would never make such unwarranted statements and thus, there is no question of Aisha quoting him.  Such ones have likely been forged by Abu Huraira and his contemporaries in the names of those who were close to the Prophet (S) only for the purpose of getting their false narrations accepted.  They may have even been further manipulated by the compilers as well; the bungling of contents within the Hadith is really so massive!

The following are some such Hadiths on punishments in the grave

(1)  Transmitted by Sahih Bukhari Narrated by Ayesha [Vol 8:#377]
Two old ladies from among the Jewish ladies entered upon me and said, "The dead are punished in their graves," but I thought they were telling a lie and did not believe them in the beginning. When they went away and the Prophet (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wasallam) entered upon me, I said, "O Allah's Apostle! (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wasallam) Two old ladies..." and told him the whole story. He said, "They told the truth; the (sinful) dead are really punished, to the extent that all the animals hear (the sound resulting from) their punishment." Since then I always saw him seeking refuge with Allah from the punishment of the grave in his prayers

(2)  Narrated by Abu Hurairah - Transmitted by Sahih Bukhari  - Narrated by Abu Hurairah :  Allah's Apostle (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wasallam) used to invoke (Allah): "O Allah! I seek refuge with you from the punishment in the grave and from the punishment in the Hell fire and from the afflictions of life and death, and the afflictions of Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal."  

(3)  A Tirmidhi hadith says:  (narrator's name is not available) Rasulullah  said, 'If you are made to listen to the punishment in the grave, you will stop burying your deceased.

Here's another long and fabricated hadith on punishment in the grave from a collection known as Mishkat al-Masabih written by someone named Khatib al-Tabrizi.   In this particular collection, he is supposed to have compiled information for those who didn't have much knowledge of Hadith.  So, you can imagine the quantum of bluff it must contain!   This collection is said to have over 1500 hadiths, many of which even Al-Tabrizi did not consider authentic, yet the Sunni imams have preserved this collection as "authentic," ignoring the incompatibility of its contents with the Quran.  The following is a narration from Mishkat al-Masabih with no conformity with the information given to us in the Noble Quran.

(4)  "Rasulullah (SAW) said, 'When a person is buried and the people go away, two angels approach the deceased and ask three questions,

a) Who is your lord?
b) What is your religion? and
c) Who is he (Rasulullah)?

A believer will answer all three questions and he will be honored with the clothing of Jannah. The window of Jannah will be opened for him and he will enjoy the sight of Jannah. On the contrary, a disbeliever will express regret at not being able to answer the questions. Upon that, an angel who is blind and deaf is appointed to punish him.  Blind so that the angel does not see the punishment and feel mercy and deaf so that the punishment is not heard. The hammer used to punish a disbeliever is so heavy that it can reduce a mountain to dust. The disbeliever screams with pain and every creation can hear him besides human and Jinns."

In NO Surah does the Quran mention any such activities in the grave. 

There are plenty of other similar ones in the collections Bukhari and Muslim bin Hajaj.  But I won't waste my time quoting them.

Possible origin of the concept of punishments in the grave

By researching history, it shows that the concept of punishments in the grave originates from non-Divine religions and ancient traditions.  According to many polytheist cultures, it was believed that life continued in the grave and those buried needed food, clothes and all other necessities and luxuries of life after death.  

The Anglo Saxon pagans, for example, had certain funerary practices where the dead were either buried or cremated with a selection of grave items which included food, jewellery, clothes, kitchen utensils, weaponry etc.   The remains, whether inhumed or cremated, were placed in a variety of sites including graveyards, burial mounds (which are graves made of earth and stones) and sometimes they were also buried in ships known as 'ship burials.'   This practice lasted until the 7th century.   Anglo Saxons converted to Christianity around the 8th century.  But the Christians imported several ancient practices into their faith.  Various versions of the altered Bibles believe in grave punishments like the Hadith.  According to Christian funeral rites, the body is dressed in costly attire while it lies in the casket.  Remains of women are also adorned with make-up.  These are all abbreviated ideas brought down from pagan times. 

Another example is that of the ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago who were pagans.  They had similar ideas of life in the grave as the Anglo Saxon pagans.  Their belief in life in the grave led to many preparations for burial.  It resulted  in the construction of the pyramids and large tombs for kings and queens.   The common people had small tombs.  All tombs and pyramids were filled with items like clothing, wigs, food, cosmetics, jewelry etc. The tombs of rich Egyptians also had statues representing servants.  Many of the bodies were embalmed or mummified .... and various other such nonsense.    The idea behind all such practices was that they thought there was life in the grave.

The Wahabis who are staunch Hadith adherents, may not build monuments over graves, but they do believe in all those un-Quranic grave activities as narrated in the phony Ahadith.  

By the way, monumenting graves is a different matter.  It's basically for the purpose of marking the grave as a remembrance so that it doesn't get demolished or the space might be reclaimed by others.

Quranic evidence that nothing happens in the grave

Please read the following verses of the Glorious Quran very carefully.

"The day when they come forth from the graves in haste, as racing to a goal, With eyes aghast, abasement stupefying them: Such is the Day which they are promised."  (70:43-44).

The above verses confirm that the grave was a place of silence and oblivion.  It's only after being resurrected that the people will be in a state of confusion. 

"The day when the Trumpet is blown. On that day we assemble the guilty white-eyed (with terror), Murmuring among themselves: Ye have tarried but ten (days)."   (20:102-103)

These verses 20:102-103 elucidate the bafflement when everyone is gathered together for questioning.  They may have been dead thousands or millions of years ago, but they will feel that they had been asleep only for a few days and just awoken.   

The following verse 30:55 also conveys the same message.

"And on the day when the Hour riseth the guilty will vow that they did tarry but an hour - thus were they ever deceived."  (30:55)  

And now read the following verse  36:51-52.

"And the trumpet is blown and lo! from the graves they hie unto their Lord, Crying: Woe upon us! Who hath raised us from our place of sleep ? This is that which the Beneficent did promise, and the messengers spoke truth."    (36:51:52)

Verses 36:51-52 of Surah Ya Sin are clear and simple indication that the souls of majority of the people will rest in a state of peaceful oblivion until the Final Hour when the Trumpet will sound, and then they will rise from our graves with a feeling that they were resting comfortably till woken up. 

The references in all Verses quoted above are that during Resurrection everyone will feel that they have been woken up from a peaceful slumber.  If the commotion as described in Hadith took place in everyone's grave, wouldn't Allah Almighty refer to them in these verses?  So, why has Allah not mentioned any of those contents of the Hadith in none of the Quran verses?  Because those Ahadith are a bunch of myths that need to be shredded.

Concept of soul in the Glorious Quran

With direct Quranic references:  

There are two very important verses in the Noble Quran that confirm the existence of the soul  quoted as follows:-

"Allah receiveth (men's) souls at the time of their death, and that (soul) which dieth not (yet) in its sleep. He keepeth that (soul) for which He hath ordained death and dismisseth the rest till an appointed term. Lo! herein verily are portents for people who take thought." (39:42)

Verse 39:42 is one of the very beautiful verses of the Glorious Quran.   It explains death with sleep as an analogy.  Allah receives the souls of people when their bodies perish.  But the soul does not perish with the body.  Death is ordained only for the body.  The body withers away for a certain period while the soul continues to live.  On the Day of Judgment Allah is able to recreate that same body exactly like before.   Death being ordained for the soul refers to the body that contains that soul.  And of course, Allah does not disclose to us where He keeps the soul.  The idea of Barzak as a transitory place for the soul is another Hadith story with no support from the Noble Quran.

"They are asking thee concerning the Spirit. Say: The Spirit is by command of my Lord, and of knowledge ye have been vouchsafed but little."  (17:85)

The above verse 17:85 of Surah Bani Israel confirms the existence of the soul which is at Allah's command.  But Allah asserts that humans have been granted no further knowledge about it, period.   No further discussions needed on the soul. 

"We mete out death among you, and We are not to be outrun,
That We may transfigure you and make you what ye know not."  (56:60-61)

To my understanding, the above verses 56:60-61 of Surah Al-Waqi'ah also hints at the soul.  I would explain it as:  Death is unavoidable, and after death one is transformed into something different.   Apparently this refers to the withered and shriveled physical remains.  Also, there could be a reference to the soul which is no longer inside the physical body.   Allah knows best.  But we can be sure that none of these verses even remotely confirm the stories of Bukhari etc. 

May Allah, The Exalted, guide us with the Truth, Light and Beauty of His Final Message only.    

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Our excitement was boundless over the recent Hezbollah drone code-named "Hussein Ayyub" that went into the heart of Israeli territory (possibly close to Dimona nuclear plant) undetected by the 'advanced' Israeli radar system.  One would expect the pan-Islamic state to be delighted, shedding tears of joy.  Not surprisingly, with the exception of certain circles, there was little excitement anywhere in the Muslim world.   Anger, fury, jealousy on being triumphant over the enemy???  What's the problem with the "Ummah?"  A quick, monosyllable response to this very complicated and embarrassing question would be - SECTARIANISM.

Sectarianism is the single most destructive factor playing havoc on the Muslim world.  It's even more threatening than the vicious media war.  Yet, not all are keen to look through the prism of realism.  Many 'thirsty' Muslims tend not to crave for water if they can get a view of a glimmering mirage, including those who unanimously agree that the scourge of sectarianism must be eradicated.   But how do we eradicate an affliction in society if we aren't brave enough to acknowledge it's presence in the first place?   How far will our efforts take us in forging unity by slipping the basic point of contention under the rug?   Let there be no misconceptions: Sectarianism is the catalyst to the Muslim masses and a tool for many of their self-serving leaders.   Yet scores of our neutral well-wishers discredit the corrupt policies of leaders alright, but they prefer to overlook the glaring link between these leaders and their subjects whom they control emotionally and sentimentally.

The terse disagreements to bypass the reality of sectarianism goes to the extent of being accused of using "sectarian language" if you expose it.  It's no secret that most of the Sunni world, many Palestinians included, are currently backing the Syrian opposition financed by the Zionist State and its providers.  Shameful as it is, try saying that.  You might get a frown even from you best friend.  The crux of the argument that's going around is:  The "Resistance" is grounded upon unity, so why shouldn't we?   That the entire Sunni world supported Hezbollah in 2006 and they are against imperialist powers attacking Iran are among some of the bizarre notions many of us are forcing ourselves to accept.   Vague assertions without specific elucidations and confirmations such as  "Palestinians are not a monolith" and "civil society and political factions have varying opinions about the unrest" in Syria are some more indispensable comforters we often need to protect ourselves from the cold. 



The Resistance upholds unity within itself (that is, Iran/Syria/Hezbollah which is the only force that still survives to thwart Zionist hegemony in the region).  The Resistance isn't just Hezbollah.  It must include Iran and Syria to form a solid block that cannot be fragmented.  This block does NOT "exemplify unity" with Gulf Cooperation Council, for God's sake .. and why should it?  Any such insinuations would be an affront on the Resistance.  Neither does this elucidation of truth hold any connotations of "sectarian language."   We use the terms "Sunni" or "Shiia" only to identify the segments of a community we discuss.   Unfortunately these sects do exist, don't they?   As simple as that.

Those who have worked tirelessly on the abolition of sectarian concepts know what an uphill task it is and the erosion it's causing to the values of our great Faith and principles of ethics.  United we rise divided we fall!   What's our status now?  DIVIDED -  very, very divided.  And I say that with a very heavy heart.  

Presently Palestine is split between Gaza and the WB.  Politically they have had their differences in the past.  They're somewhat united now.   One of the reasons for their political unity (of sorts) is they are both in the GCC block.   Abbas has been a GCC lackey since long.  Haniya is a newcomer drawn into it through Morsi because of MB's close ties with Hamas.  Erdogan (with the blessings of his cheerleaders in the WH and Pentagon) is itching to pounce on Syria.  Morsi is enthusiastically giving him the thumbs-up while also promoting his own image as the main power broker of the Middle-East.  There's no need to go any further. Palestine's political approach concerning the Syrian episode is no secret. Palestinian leaders support the fall of Assad and neither do they want us to believe otherwise.   It's all about ambitions, power, territory, traditional bigotry and ill-gotten money.   The political ideology of almost all factions consisting of the Sunni Arab leaders of the Middle-East are intertwined and the Palestinian leadership is no "dove trooping with crows."   Thus, I'm unable to guess what "political factions" pertaining to Palestine and their "varying opinions" our good old neutral friends keep reminding us about.   Are we seriously supposed to presume that the Palestinian leaders will some day opt to be independent of the GCC by standing up for their principles?

I recognize Faith to be the foundation of nationalism, not geographical boundaries.  No matter where I am, my heart bleeds thinking of occupied Palestine.  But my head is left spinning like a top when I ponder on Palestinian geopolitics and the recent spell it has created on its people, many of whom seem to have short memories despite their endless and unprecedented sufferings.  It's an occupied and beleaguered country divided into two separate entities with two leaderships.  The newest process of unification of its masses largely depends on the issue of sectarian denomination. Their are many misinformed Palestinians without a darn clue of what they are doing. If Assad is toppled and replaced with the puppet Syrian opposition in alliance with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Turkey, it's then to be seen where the frightened Gazans and West Bankers run for refuge from their Zionist assassins. In the past they would flee to Syria. In fact, Damascus was the headquarters of Hamas outside Palestine where they felt safe from the murderous eyes of Mossad predators. Or, do they think Morsi or a future al-Qaeda regime in Syria be able to give them the same protection as Assad's Syria?  The cause behind their idiocy is their pent up frustration resulting from the poor quality of lives in an occupied land.  They are venting this fury in the form of 'jihad mania' for nothing better to do. This is what happens to vulnerable people when their political leaders and imams turn into a bunch of greedy and murderous prostitutes of their masters.  Just as it isn't rare for children of a broken home to grow up into delinquents, so do the masses of a leaderless country. 

Additionally, the Arab masses (and all Sunni Muslims at large) are not inclined to being introspective.   Unlike their Iranian counterparts, they tend to get influenced by their leaders as a matter of servitude without being mindful of its practical implications.   When these leaders play the sectarian card to win a geopolitical battle for money and power, the firebrand rhetoric spouted from them and their muftis invariably gets the better of their masses.  

Certainly Palestine is not a monolithic society .. very few societies are for that matter.  But the zeal of sectarianism is one aspect that has been observed to have ugly magical powers to unify the most diverse of Muslim communities.  What a way to unite!   But denial won't make it any prettier.   No wonder thugs like Montaser Beirouni and several of his comrades wrecked havoc in Damascus and Aleppo.  I still wouldn't say they represent the majority in Palestine. But when I find tons of Palis zealously (or discreetly at best) applauding their "jihadi heroes," I would need to be very naive to continue looking the other way.  I HOPE they don't back Israel in case there's a war with Iran or Hezbollah.  But at the moment they aren't giving me any reasons to convince myself that they won't.

Though even in 2006 not all Sunnis supported Hezbollah against Israel, the political climate has changed drastically from 2006 until now.   Strengthening  our sentiments by deriving hopes from 2006 and ignoring the dramas on the ground in 2012 wouldn't be rational optimism but a false one.

From a wider perspective, can we forget the fact that Pakistan which is the second largest Shiia country in the world after Iran (55 million Shiias out of a population of 185 million) is the most difficult place in the world for Shiias  to survive in?  The number of children killed by US drones in Northern Pakistan and the number of Shiias slaughtered by the Talibans annually are running neck and neck.  It's hard to tell which one is more.   Also, would it be proper to shut our eyes to the reality in Iraq which goes beyond occupation?  The former head of the AQ branch of Iraq, Abu Musab Zarqavi, stated back in 2005 that AQ's prime goal in Iraq was to annihilate the Shiias, not the occupying forces .. and the Zionists were very low in his list of priorities.  To date the Sunni insurgency in Iraq continues on the same lines.  Ayatollah Syyed Ali Khamanei has called out for Shiia / Sunni unity many more times than just once, followed up by social networking sites putting up pages underscoring its importance but alas, to no avail.  Apart from a barrage of angry rejoinders preferring the existing divide, nothing came out of them.   Alternatively,  talking personally to rigidly preconditioned minds has been a still greater disaster .. and sometimes a security risk as well.  Some "unity" we exemplify!   

We are well aware of the era of media war we are living through along with all its distortions and manipulations to dupe us.   It's been getting more fierce with the passage of time as the failure of the economic and political agenda of the NWO unfolds.  Right now the Western mainstream media is feeding us with enough mud garnished with 'peaches & cream.'  It would be unwise to swallow yet another type of fantasy by the 'neutral umpires' of the modern geopolitical game within the Muslim world.   Their lullabies and rosy myths are only helping to drive the naive ones into a deeper state of slumber.

Let us NOT downplay the ever-growing threats of sectarianism within the Muslim world.  If we are against unpleasant events such as the foreign aggression against Syria that's likely to encourage the emergence of a Sunni front, we need to tackle it head-on and not conceal it. 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Past Good or Bad Deeds Continue to Affect Our Record After Death


"Lo! We it is Who bring the dead to life. We record that which they send before (them, and their footprints. And all things We have kept in a clear Register."  (36:12)

A person's deeds during their lifetime and the consequences or affects of their deeds on the society, their family and descendents will also continue being recorded after death which will either contribute or tarnish their final Report on the Day of Resurrection .... depending on the kind of influence their deeds had on others.  It's tightly linked with ones actions during lifetime.  People have a tendency of getting influenced by one another.  Obviously a good person's actions will leave positive imprints on the people they interacted with during earthly life e.g. their parents, children, spouses, siblings, extended family, friends, neighbors etc.  A misguided person will likely have a negative influence on at least some people around them.   Therefore, the after-affect of peoples' deeds continue to affect their Record even after their death.   Also, if a person committed murder or robbery or any other crime, the repercussions of such an act can cause a lot of suffering and trauma to many affected people even after the death of that criminal.  Hence, the continued suffering will continue to add to the sins of that criminal.  In the same way, the after-affects or sacrifices of a good person's actions will continue to add to their rewards after their death.

In Verse 36:12 the expression "We record that which they send before (them, and their footprints." quite clearly seems to infer to the consequences of ones deeds on individuals and society they leave behind or those which come later.  While these contemporaries, descendants and later communities are basically responsible for their own souls, a fraction of the responsibility is carried on the shoulders of their first ancestors/friends/communities who did not teach them what they should have or intentionally misguided them for the fun of it.

No doubt the Noble Quran has made it clear that every soul bears its own responsibility and will be answerable only for itself.  At the same time it also clarifies in V.16:25 "That they may bear their burdens undiminished on the Day of Resurrection, with somewhat of the burdens of those whom they mislead without knowledge. Ah! evil is that which they bear!"  This Verse connects with Verse 36:12 quoted at the beginning of this article, in that, it again refers that any person who is responsible for misleading others does become somewhat responsible for that as well.  However, sometimes such mistakes of misleading others happen inadvertently.  Like in the simple example of parents and children, when parents trust the future adulthood of their children and cannot imagine them disobeying the basic principles of Faith in later life, expecting them to learn on their own.  But they are disappointed if that doesn't happen.   Of course, the responsibility of such an oversight would obviously be much smaller compared to the misguidance of an intentional transgressor.  This again brings the concept of Salvation and Reprobation having various degrees as elucidated in Verse 3:163.

"There are degrees (of grace and reprobation) with Allah, and Allah is Seer of what they do."  (3:163).

There are some believers who have more good deeds than other believers.  There are also some disbelievers who have more ill deeds than other disbelievers.  Therefore a believer's reward will have varying degrees and an evil doer's violations will also have different degrees.   That's because the the system of justice with Allah Almighty is most perfect and wrongs no one.    All praise be to Allah, The Almighty, only.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Golan Heights, Syria And Opponents Of The Syrian Government

Those supporting the Syrian opposition (which comprises of a coalition between Al-Qaeda terrorist fighters, the Sunni Arab leaders, Israel, USA and EU) have only two lame excuses for blaming President Bashar al-Assad.   First, the myth that he is "killing Sunnis in Syria."   This childish myth doesn't even require a debate.

The second nonsense rushing out of their mouths is the bizarre little story that Assad doesn't care for the Israeli occupation of Golan Heights.  It's mind boggling how they get such weird notions into their heads and then spread them around.  The view that the present Syrian Government isn't interested in getting back Golan Heights is itself an evidence of how little the nit-pickers know of the history of Golan Heights.  Of course, one has to keep in mind where they are coming from.


Golan Heights was occupied and annexed with Israel by the Zionists in 1967 during the 6-day war when they also took over West Bank and the Gaza strip.  The Syrian people, with the moral support of South Lebanon, Iran and the Palestinian people, have carried out numerous demos demanding an end to the occupation of Golan Heights.  That alone has been enough for Israel to shoot countless Syrian demonstrations at Golan Heights periodically.  Israel gets $3 billion/year from the US to upgrade its army.  How on earth can anyone expect Syria to invade and take back Golan Heights without serious consequences exacerbating the suffering of its people?   Not just that, but additionally it would also help the imperialists and the Sunni Arab leaders to create a reputation of Assad's Government being an "aggressor" against Israel.   Despite the fact that Assad has strictly been minding his own business, the West  calls him a part of the "axis of evil."  Can anyone imagine what they would do to him (with the blessings of their  Sunni puppets) if he sent an army to fight a preemptive war against Israel at Golan Heights? 

Thirdly, the Syrian society has since long been pleasantly united which hasn't seen a single incident of sectarian violence in modern history.   Moreover, all Shiia territories, that is, Iran, South Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Syria are hugely peaceful regions.  Their motto is only to fight a defensive war, not an aggressive one as that would not serve their national interest and most likely make matters far worse.  The reason why Assad is currently confronting the foreign al-Qaeda mercenaries (allies of Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and KSA) is because they are preemptively attacking his country.  No government in the world will sit back with its arms folded and watch a big bunch of armed thugs infiltrate and take over its land. 

Instead of that standard and illogical accusation why "Assad isn't doing anything about Golan Heights," these denouncers need to first look at the leaders they support --   Khalifa al-Thani of Qatar, Hamad al-Khalifa of Bahrain, Abdullah of Jordan, Abdullah of KSA, Rajab Erodgan of Turkey (unfortunately the list goes one) -- who are among the most passionate prostitutes of Israel and America.   How quick the supporters of the stooge Arab leaders are to ask why Assad isn't doing anything about Golan Heights.  But will we ever hear them ask why Mahmoud Abbas has sold the West Bank in return for some million dollars/year into his personal bank account?   Is that a good enough reason to settle for "peace" by ignoring the spilled blood of numerous martyrs in the past and ignoring the squalid conditions the West Bankers are living in today with every bit of their land being systematically stolen by the 'employers' of Mahmoud Abbas?  As if this wasn't bad enough, lately Hamas in Gaza has also gotten infected with the "Mahmoud Abbas & Muslim Brotherhood Virus."  Yet the champions of the FSA are much too lost in the darkness that engulfs them to perceive even an iota of truth.

Coming to Khaled Meshal (the big boss of Hamas) and the incident in Jordan in 1998, Jordan didn't even have the spine to lodge an international complaint against Israel over Meshal's  attempted murder by Mossad agents on Jordanian soil who were caught red-handed in the act.  Yet the fans of FSA expect Assad to take back Golan Heights from Israel like the fairy tale legends of Robin Hood and Zorro. 

The people of Golan Heights have firmly remained loyal to the Syrian Government and have always identified themselves with Syria.  In April of 2012, much after the start of Al-Qaeda's vandalism in Syria, the residents of Syria's Golan Heights marked the 45th anniversary of their occupation carrying Syrian flags.

Soon after the 2006 Lebanon war, when Israel was still reeling from the thrashing it got from Hezbollah, the issue of Golan Heights surfaced again.  Although Assad was engaged in peace talks at that time, he said that if peace talks fail then he will be compelled to consider military action.  That rattled Israel still further and Mossad began its fear-mongering campaign that Assad was planning a military attack on Golan Heights.   The hullabaloo went on for some months inside Israel and in the Western print and television media.   In 2007, Ehud Olmert secretly approached Assad telling him that he was willing to resolve the issue of Golan Heights through peace talks on the condition that Syria cuts off ties with Iran and Hezbollah.   Assad flatly said "NO."   Subsequently, Israel went ahead constructing new Jewish settlements in Golan Heights by violating the UN resolution 497 that barred Israel from "changing the physical character" of Golan Heights.  A few months later, war in Gaza broke out between Hamas and Israel and in support of Gaza, Assad officially broke off all peace talks with Israel.  During early 2009, Netanyahu (the arch demon) went around with his alarmist propaganda that Syria and Iran wanted to turn Golan Heights into "Iran's frontline."  On August 2009, Pres. Bashar Assad confirmed in the Army Day speech that Golan Heights belonged to Syria and was "non-negotiable" and Syria would never give up on it.   The occupation of Golan Heights does not and will never change the fact that it belongs  to Syria.

How can these zealous critics of Assad still hold on to that discrepant and hackneyed accusation that Assad has "given away Golan Heights to Israel" but graciously exonerate their own "lovable" GCC gangsters of their long and official history of shameless treachery?