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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rohingya Muslim refugees - 'the young and the hopeless'

The mass genocide against the Muslim minority of Myanmar that began in June 2012 and continues to date by military president, Thein Sein, and opposition leader, Aung Kan Su Chi (a.k.a. Jabhat al-Nusra of the East), is not the first of its kind in the country.  The minority Muslim population of Myanmar (Burma) known as the Rohingyas have been suffering persecution since decades only because of the choice of their faith.  They have been denied citizenship even though they are the native and indigenous people of that land.

Since years they have been left with no other choice but to flee their ancestral homes in Myanmar to save their lives.  Since the 1990s many took refuge in neighboring Bangladesh as refugees living in camps.  But arriving in refugee camps in Bangladesh doesn't resolve much of their problems except for not fearing to get killed.

The UN refugee agency has been releasing reports from inside Rohingya Muslim camps in Bangladesh, where many have been living for years after being forced to leave their native homes in Burma/Myanmar.

According to those in exile - about 30,000 - one of the biggest roadblock to any sort of independence is lack of access to education.   Even though they get some sort of edible food and a bit of medical care, but no education .. let alone acquiring the means for higher education.

“There are more and more boys like me in the camp,” said Hasan Sharif, 16, whose family fled Rakhine state in Myanmar in the 1990s. “They don’t have anything.  They want to get a secondary certificate. They hope to be engineers, pilots, sailors. But if they don’t get an opportunity for some education outside of the camp, how can they improve their life?”

This desperation is causing even more Rohingya to flee from these camps.   They are taking to the seas, turning over their lives to the unknown waters, often getting caught by human traffickers.

They sail in search of safety, education, a better life, a future. But many die along the way. Those who survive face the prospect of detention, bonded labor or furtive lives as undocumented workers in an alien country.

Given the rough seas and often rickety condition of the boats, many never made it to their destination.  Hundreds drown in boat accidents in the Bay of Bengal.

Thailand has given its deadline by officially stating that it will keep the Muslim refugees who fled Myanmar to save their lives for only 6 more months.

The pan-Islamic state consists of scores of countries and a population of 1.3 billion Muslims.   The total population of Rohingyas is only 800,000 (less than a million).  Is it so difficult for the Muslim states to convene a conference with plans to allocate only 800,000 people into different Muslim countries?  Even if each Muslim country agrees to take 50,000 Rohingya Muslims willing to work hard and make a future for themselves and help the government of land they are living in, it would only take 16 Muslim countries to come forward and grant immigration.  But the Ummah be damned, it won't even go that far.

Conditions are tough in Teknaf camp. Movements of refugees are restricted. Housing is in need of repair or renewal.

Because there are no regular schools, the children read the Quran at a madrassa or religious learning institute.

Deadly Myanmar, home of the 'Jabhan-al-Nusra' of the East, is on the other side of the river Naaf. The Rohingya Muslims had to cross the river on boats to come over as refugees to Bangladesh.

After collecting woods from nearby hills, a Rohingya Muslim refugee heads back to the camp.

Friday, January 25, 2013


It's only when you unravel the course of Buddhist history and analyze it unapologetically  that you realize how much of its sordid secrets have been kept bundled up since the 20th century - a part of global political maneuvering based on the policy of 'give and take.'

Since the onset of Buddhist culture nearly 2,500 years ago, there have been far too many individual and structural incidents of prolonged Buddhist violence to set a pattern of intolerance, barbarity and destruction being inherent of the Buddhist faith and culture.   Putting together the collection of historical data illustrating the violent history of Buddhism across Mongolia, Tibet, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Sri Lanka presents the stark evidence that Buddhists have the same human instincts as any other bigoted race including a penchant for violence and bloodshed.

The ongoing and unrelenting genocide against the minority Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar since June 2012 is only a continuation of the violent Buddhist history.


The Buddhist propaganda in collaboration with the Western world (for building a political alliance) began going around since the early 1900s.  Various Buddhist icons of Japan and Tibet including the Dalai Lama (who has been attached to the CIA since 1950s) have been working hard  to fraternize the West and create awareness in the Western society of Buddhist culture and traditions.  In the process, they have been selectively highlighting and propagating only specific aspects of the Buddhist faith while leaving out  numerous others that are far more negative.  Thus, from the 1960s the outward image of Buddhism in the West went from primitive to "mystical and peaceful."   But this mystical depiction remained a facade beneath which the real Buddhism "continued to rob Buddhists of their humanity."

Briefly tracking the violent course of Buddhist history:


Hulagu Khan, the grandson of Chengis Khan, known as the world's most ruthless invader and murderer, was a Buddhist along with his big band of marauders, looters and arsonists that terrorized Central Asia, South Asia and the Northern Middle-Eastern regions throughout the 13th century.

For thousands of years, the minorities in Japan, mainly Japanese Christians, have been bitterly persecuted by the Buddhist majority.  The type of atrocities inflicted by Japanese Buddhists on the small Christian population of Japan is hair-raising to read.  To date the Christian minority of Japan face brazen discrimination in all spheres of life and usually need to be secretive about their faith.

But the suffering of the ancestors of this minority is most appalling.  Until shortly prior to the 20th century, the Japanese Christians were isolated and literally had to hide in remote areas of Japan from the mainstream Buddhist population.  Those discovered following the Christian faith were taken away by the authorities and put to death by being thrown in boiling water.  It was a horrendous punishment similar to the bitter persecution inflicted by the Catholic Church during the days of the Inquisition that swept across Europe for 600 years (1200s to 1800s) when those declared "heretics" by the Church were burned at the stake, quartered or thrown into boiling oil.

Since the initial transmission of Roman Catholicism in Japan in the 16th century, Christianity has generally been regarded as an "intrusive force" in Japanese society often referred to as "junkyo" or "evil religion."

The history of conversions into Christianity in Japan abounds with stories of individuals being ostracized from their families or isolated from their communities. This isolation comes because of their new found faith and a consequent refusal to participate in Buddhist ancestral rites or community festivals related to the Shinto tradition.

The more modern view of Buddhists in Japan have shaped the perception that Christianity is a "deviant religion" connected to foreign powers with designs on Japan.

It is only since the last few decades that Japanese attitudes toward Christianity have become less violent, particularly among Japanese born and educated in the postwar era, though the Buddhist majority of Japan still nurtures plenty of hatred toward non-Buddhists despite their political hobnobbing with Western powers.  The trend totally contradicts the present-day notion of Buddhism being a 'tolerant' faith which is basically a payback gesture to the Buddhist community by the West for their opportunistic political adjustments in the New World Order.  In return, all violations, criticisms and gross gender inequality within the Buddhist faith are conveniently concealed by the West. 


The Zen sect of Buddhists make killing an act of charity.  According to their bizarre ideas, the "nature of Buddha exists in every living being."  They interpret the argument of taking a life as "attempting to bring the Buddha nature to life by putting an end to the passions that lead astray" is the extent of violence in Buddhist faith downplayed out of sheer embarrassment.   The oxymoron of  "compassionate killing" makes up the essence of the Buddhist ideology of "ethics."    The Buddhist kings in history considered this ideology  a "sophisticated concept" to support the use of force.  The only killing compatible with Buddhist "ethics" is killing with compassion.  Moreover, if a king makes war or tortures with "compassionate intentions," even such acts can result in the accumulation of vast "karmic merit."   This paragraph surely provides enough content for a hearty laugh !!  Feel welcomed to take a break if you are feeling hysterical before you continue reading further.

Another oft-invoked argument to justify killings by the Buddhist community is the claim that when the Buddhist religion is "threatened" it is necessary to ruthlessly fight against the forces of evil promoting the need for violence in order to preserve cosmic balance.  The ideas of "threat" and "cosmic balance" are of course nonsensical excuses to cover up the aggression and hatred the Buddhist society has long felt against non-Buddhist faiths .... primarily against the Monotheistic Faith.   A glaring example of this is the current blood-soaked episode in Myamnar - mass slaughter of the innocent and defenseless minority, the Rohingya Muslims. 


Armed Buddhist monks loitering the streets of Thailand are by no means unusual sights to watch .. contemporary examples of their ancestors who have for centuries been enthusiastic participants in war and violence.    Thai monks are considered to be one of the most aggressive circles of the global community.  Expressions such as "warrior monks, monks with guns, military monks and child monks with guns" are commonly spoken of in the Thai society.

In 2004, unrest broke out in Southern Thailand involving the Buddhist monks. Many tourists who visited the country around this period described the Buddhist priests as "military monks."  According to the feedback of numerous tourists, almost all Buddhist monks concentrated on survival with the help of weapons.  Peace making was the last thing on their minds.  They talked about the guns they had bought which they kept at their bedsides.  Many of these military monks would roam around with guns hidden underneath the folds of their robes.  


With the facade of their mystical depiction as a cover, killings by Buddhists in modern times have been rampant.  All Buddhist countries have seen unprecedented violence in the past 60 to 70 years. To pretend otherwise would be blatantly false.  To mention just a few in chronological order:

-  The rape and massacre of Nanking :  The imperial Japanese army (which was staunchly Buddhist) captured Nanking (capital of China back then) in 1937-38 during the Sino Japanese war.   The atrocities, rape and massacre that followed by the Japanese army have been pretty much unprecedented in human history.

-  'Comfort women' for the pleasure of Japanese Buddhist army:  From the late 1920s to the late 1930s when Japanese military expansion continued, the military found itself short of volunteers.  It appealed to the women from the local Japanese population into serving the military.   Many women responded to be hired as factory workers or nurses.  Little did they know that they were actually being trapped into sexual slavery.  Korea, Taiwan, Manchuria and China were Japanese colonies.  At first, Japanese 'comfort women' or prostitutes were sent for the pleasure of Japanese soldiers outside Japan. But after a while the Japanese government stopped sending local women, fearing that it might tarnish the reputation of the country.  Thus the Japanese Buddhist soldiers turned into acquiring 'comfort women' from Korea and China, mostly from Korea.  According to estimates of Japanese historians themselves, 300,000 Korean women were kidnapped by Japanese soldiers to serve in Japanese military brothels.

An interesting quote from Pakistani author, Moin Ansari, on the Buddhist abduction of 300,000 Korean women and the Nanking rape case.   "Who says there are no Buddhist terrorists?  Every community has terrorists and Buddhists are no exceptions.   Of course the Buddhist Japanese army was not having bake sales in Korea when they abducted 300,000 Korean women to serve the Buddhist Japanese Army, and they were not distributing Hail Mary candies during the rape of Nanking.  Why was the 'enlightenment' absent during the abduction of 300,000 Korean women by Buddhist (Japanese) soldiers in Korea?  Why was Buddhist philosophy in hiding during the rape of Nanking by Buddhist (Japanese) soldiers?"

-  Killing fields of Cambodia that were red with blood and mass graves.  Who were responsible for that if not the Buddhists? The Khmer Rouge wanted a Buddhist state with Niradoum Sihanouk as the "vicegerent of Buddha."   During the same period, the Buddhist human rights record of Laos and Burma were surely NO role models of tolerance nor enlightenment.

-  Sarin gas attack in a Tokyo subway by an extremist Buddhist cult group in the mid 1990s killed 15 people, injured 50 and impaired the vision of more than a thousand.

-  Thai Buddhist massacre of Muslims in Thailand in 2004 that killed almost 200 Muslims in just a few days.  Commonly known as the Tak Bai incident was a deadly crackdown by the Thai police against Thai Muslims who protested the detention of six Muslim men suspected of involvement in the fight for independence from the Buddhist majority of Thailand.

-   In Sri Lanka, the Sinalese buddhists and the Tamils hindus are both notorious for deadly terror tactics and committing horrific atrocities.

-  Rioting, murder and carnage in Tibet in March 2008:  I am sure everyone would recall the violence orchestrated by the Dalai Lama in Tibet in 2008 in collaboration with his Western allies.  The goal was to disrupt the summer Olympics in China scheduled in Beijing in August 2008.  The Dalai Lama has since long been projecting his values as a "docile, mild, humble and peace-loving man."  But in the wake of the turmoil in Tibet in 2008, his carefully structured image of a "peace-lover" went into the ditch.  The Western media persistently supported the Tibetan uprising of 2008, portraying it as a "peaceful movement and a struggle for freedom."  But the numerous Youtube videos on this incident didn't display any "peaceful" demonstrations.  Instead, these videos  showed an aggressive Tibetan mob comprising of the Buddhist monks and their mercenaries kicking and breaking shop-windows and doors with sticks, carrying knives, machetes, match boxes and a large collections of rocks which they angrily hurled at the police.  The official death toll of those killed by violent Buddhist monks and their gang members was over 300.  Many more were seriously injured, and properties worth millions of dollars lay in shambles.  If this was supposed to be a "peaceful demo," I don't know what violence would mean according to Tibetan and Western standards.

-  The ongoing genocide in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhist majority that started from June 2012 continues to date.  Current death toll over 100,00 with many more homeless, injured, maimed and raped.    The cause of this genocide against the Rohingya minority is their Islamic Faith.  The genocide is being inflicted collectively by the government, its opposition and the entire Buddhist population of the country.   This time the Buddhist community is involved in country-wide state sponsored terrorism. 

The 'holier than thou' attitude of the Buddhist pharisees and the community at large while passing judgments on others only exposes the extreme racism and unadulterated hypocrisy of their own selves. 

Some victims of genocide in Burma at the hands of the savage Buddhists.

The Western world thinks Buddhists never handle guns.  What a  joke!  Buddhists monks actually spend a lot of time learning how to shoot.  

Even Buddhist kids learn terrorism from a young age playing with guns as their toys.

A bunch of marauding Buddhist monks and their followers go on a killing and arson spree in Lhasa in March 2008.

A tyrannical Buddhist monk plays the concentration camp boss over a group of Rohingya Muslims imprisoned and tortured only because of their Faith.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chasing Al-Qaeda in Mali, blessing them with weapons in Syria

Lately a great number of articles have inundated the media defending France's military intervention in the African nation of Northern Mali.  The United States has also recently stated its support for French troops in Mali.  'Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb' (AQIM) is the terror branch of the Al-Qaeda network based in Mali and Algeria.

The common story is that the French are fighting Islamist terrorists in Mali to stop them from overrunning Africa and Europe.  The French public has been brainwashed already.  But what the Western media is not telling its people is that AQIM is a very close ally of LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) whom the French helped during the 2011 NATO intervention in Libya.  Libya is now under LIFG rule and completely plunged into chaos, widespread racist and tribal infighting and genocidal killings.  The French and all mainstream media are also not telling their people that while French troops are trying to drive out AQIM in Mali, they are assisting Al-Nusra front with weapons in Syria. 

In 2007 Al-Qaeda's number 2, Ayman al-Zawahari, had announced an official merger between AQIM and LIFG.   As Pepe Escobar writes that since 2007  "for all practical purposes, LIFG/AQIM have been one and the same - and Abdel Hakim Belhaj was/is its emir."  Belhaj was the point man of NATO during its fight against Gaddafi.

Presently the "emir" of Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, is handling the terror assignment in Syria.  He is stationed at the Turkish/Syrian border and is again working with the blessings of NATO.  That's how strong NATO has made Al-Qaeda with bases across Northern Africa and the Middle East - from Mali to Syria.

When the chaos began spreading in Libya by LIFG and NATO, it was reported that plenty of  weapons "went missing," that is, went into the hands of LIFG (Al-Qaeda).  Hence, Al Qaeda won't be short of lethal weapons to fight anyone they please, including their Western allies, for a long time to come.
AQIM doesn't only have its base in Northern Mali but also in Algeria since a long time.  Soon after the fall of Gaddafi's government, many analysts were of the view that LIFG would help its counterpart, AQIM, in Mali and Algeria.  Algerian government has expressed concern many times that LIFG rule in Libya would create a safe haven in the country for all of Al-Qaeda which would pose a great danger for Algeria.   Many thanks to NATO, that's exactly what has happened in Libya - a safe haven and common base for Al-Qaeda in North Africa.  Losing their small base in Afghanistan was not a problem at all.  They got a far better one instead - Libya - known as the "geopolitical reordering."  The conflict in Mali is not new.  Trouble began brewing in Northern Mali soon after the fall of Libya.  Moreover, AQIM terrorists have been a threat for Algeria for years, and they are now emboldened with LIFG's strong base in Libya.  It's possible that the French troops presently chasing a AQIM in Northern Mali might succeed but nothing significant will come out of it.   Those AQIM terrorists will only end up fleeing to Algeria and re-grouping.  Majority of AQIM terrorists in Northern Mali are of Algerian origin.  The Algerian government has long been negotiating with them.  Western leaders are of the opinion that they need the support of Algerian military to flush out AQIM from Northern Mali.  But having its own fears of becoming a fresh target of terrorists, Algeria hasn't shown much enthusiasm at the idea of fighting a war for the West yet.  Also, with its huge foreign exchange reserves, Algeria hasn't escaped the prying eyes of the West.  The West is currently trying to cajole Algeria to help them fight AQIM in  Mali.  But there might soon come a time when the West might need the help of AQIM to occupy Algeria .. similar to the struggles in Libya and Syria.  In a state of confusion with the desire for the revival of colonization, the West is using Al-Qaeda for a double purpose simultaneously - as mercenaries to fight proxy wars on behalf of them and as rogues to be targeted by them.

The Malian story involves another factor that makes it more complicated - the presence of the heretical Toureg nomads and desert fighters of Mali who are notorious for making alliances for convenience.  After the arrival of the French forces, the Touregs have offered to help them against the Al-Qaeda radicals.  Prior to this, during the last two years, the Touregs helped the these Al-Qaeda radicals to make it harder for the Malian government against whom they have long been fighting for a separate homeland.  As a result, Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) seized many parts of Northern Mali in 2011.  With the influx of weapons circulating across North Africa after the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, the Touregs in Mali launched a separatist movement in January 2012 inflicting heavy losses on the Malian army.  In the process, the Malian government lost control on the AQIM radicals in Northern Mali.  Hence, this part of the country is now virtually ruled by Al-Qaeda.  But the alliance of convenience between Al-Qaeda and the Touregs soon fell apart after the Touregs experienced the brutal autocracy of Al-Qaeda and their goal for absolute power.  And now the Touregs are supporting the French. 

The Toureg nomads in Mali

Al-Qaeda (AQIM) in Northern Mali

French troops in Mali


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Al-Qaeda: Drugs to boost its aptitude for brutality, chaos

For a long time many of us took for granted that high school dropouts, drifters, and junkies were typical of the Western society until the events in Libya and Syria unfolded.

Al-Qaeda and drugs:
Eyewitnesses who spoke in a recent television documentary, "Syrian Diary," are sure that many al-Qaeda terrorists invading Syria are on drugs.  A lot of these foreign mercenaries have been observed with blank and eerie expressions on their faces, talking to themselves and repeating odd and senseless sentences again and again.  Several of those captured or killed were tested for drugs and the medical analysis was positive indicating intoxicants in their system.  They have also been detected carrying powdery substances and pills in their pockets.  Syrian officials surmise that the stuff al-Qaeda fighters consume must be extremely strong.  It has virtually turned many of them into moving lifeless figures to the extent that some of their men, even after being shot a few times, continue to stagger and walk like robots on their feet showing little signs of pain or discomfort before finally collapsing. The drugs have lulled their physical sensations and mental alertness.  Many of them hardly know what they are doing or what's being done to them.

This can be assumed as a part of the strategy and training program provided to them in Turkey and the Gulf states who have dispatched them to Syria in coordination with their bosses abroad.   It's a similar approach as seen with the Serb fighters during the Balkan wars in the mid to late 1990s.  It was almost mandatory for the Chetnik Serbs to get stone-drunk before going to attack the Bosnians and Kosovars so that they would have no reservations committing the worst atrocities imaginable.

The training given to Al-Qaeda for the invasion of Syria comprises of the same system of ideas on the basis of which the U.S. military prefers to recruit as marines, men and women with problems of drugs and alcoholism, those with criminal records or traumatized by domestic abuse etc.  Considering that the ones financing and arming the Al-Qaeda 'army' belong to the same lot who decide the rules for the soldiers of their own military, makes it much easier to find answers for Al-Qaeda's growing psychotic behavior and the striking similarities in war crimes between Al-Qaeda and the US marines.

From everything we have read and watched in the past, Al-Qaeda wasn't quite as brutal and depraved in the days prior to 9/11 and until some years later.  Never quite heard of them torturing and raping without a shred of conscience as at present.  Its savagery distinctly worsened after it patched up its differences with the US and they became 'lovers' again, which began when Al-Qaeda was discreetly released from camp x-ray en masse in 2011 to assist NATO in Libya.

Various branches of Al-Qaeda had slipped into Iraq soon after the occupation.  They were mainly focused on attacking Iraqi Shiias after officially announcing that their prime targets were the Shiia Muslims and not the American occupiers nor the Zionists.  While Al-Qaeda was wrapped up in sectarian killings through bomb explosions, the US forces additionally carried out rapes and the destruction of Iraqi heritages as well.  But presently in Syria with no Western forces being daring enough to step in and share the large collection of crimes, their wanton Al-Qaeda friends have been sent and 'entrusted' with the entire job.  To make the assignment simpler,  psychological adjustments with the use of drugs isn't something their bosses would ever disapprove.  Inhumanity comes more easily to a wacko mind, obeying orders more willingly with no questions asked.

On December 31, 2012  a report in Huffington Post detailed a grisly incident of a 38-year-old Syrian Christian cab driver kidnapped by one of the Al-Qaeda groups (probably al-Nusra Front), beheaded and his body fed to hungry dogs.  His remains were later found close to the Turkish border.  Only the act of beheading an innocent person wasn't enough.  It went beyond that, making it unspeakably gruesome.  The psychopathic tendencies are easy to observe.  Just one instance out of so many in Syria.

Al-Qaeda and the destruction of Syria's heritage:
The terror network in Syria wantonly and ruthlessly continues to destroy the country's cultural heritage.  Looting is rampant in all previously tranquil and orderly parts of Syria which are now frequented by Al-Qaeda.  Groups of armed thugs have engaged in looting and smuggling of numerous relics and artifacts.  They have been seen attacking ancient fortresses, destroying their masonry and pillaging whatever can be taken away.  Aleppo in particular has been relentlessly plundered.  As a city containing so much of history, it was full of incredible landmarks and riches.  All destroyed and looted.  The ancient network of souqs and market-places in some areas of Aleppo has been reduced to fragments and debris by groups of terrorists.  Squabbling over stolen booty has now turned into fierce brawls.  Their altercations have led to the assassinations of their own commanders who wanted to gorge larger slices of the goodies giving away the left over crumbs to front line terrorists fighters.  Greed for booty has resulted in treachery within their own ranks - one group of terrorists kicking out their leader and selecting another only to end up putting a bullet inside their heads as well.   Rowdy, disordered, disorganized, with no leadership, no unanimously accepted plan for the future, most importantly NO concept of God Almighty .... yet these whining pack of killer wolves demand that they will "negotiate" only if President Assad "steps down."  As the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmed Hassoun, rightly questioned: "Negotiate with whom ??"

Timothy Bankcroft of Pravda.ru writes: "As we saw in Libya, chaos and terrorism, sown by the FUKUS Trio (France, UK, US) and the donkeys it rides in the Middle East, bedpals Qatar and Saudi Arabia. As we saw in Libya, little girls were raped, household pets were pulled apart or shot or burnt, boys were tortured, men were butchered, women had their breasts sliced off, ethnic cleansing was practiced against black Libyans who had their throats slit, properties were torched and looted, people were tortured and dismembered as NATO's darlings once again engaged in organs trafficking.  And now in Syria, quite apart from the disgusting behaviour of the FUKUS-backed terrorists perpetrating the same evils, we have wholesale and wanton desecration of Syria's unique historical and cultural heritage by this western-backed filth, much of it non-Syrian.  The ones directly responsible are those countries and agencies backing these terrorists. It is illegal, it goes against every single document, treaty, agreement and covenant in international law and it is as inhumane as it is totally indecent and unacceptable."

Al-Qaeda and rape:
Back in the late 1990s various human rights organizations reported that a minimum of 80,000 Bosnian and Kosovar women were raped by the Serbs in the Balkan wars throughout the mid and late 90s - unprecedented in the annals of history.  Only the Zionist occupiers of Palestine and the Indian occupying forces in Kashmir could probably match that, starting from 1948.  But the al-Qaeda record of rape in Libya and now in Syria runs neck and neck with those three earlier violators.

Last October, Addounia Television Channel of Damascus aired interviews of Syrian women raped at Turkish camps.  These women narrated their ordeals that armed terrorist groups raped them and took pictures of them.  Then they used these photos to blackmail the women warning them that the photos would be released if they didn't do what they were told.  Later these women were sold to Turkish guards who also violated them.

As if so much of rape, murder and pillage isn't enough by these gatecrashing criminals on drugs, recently they received blessings from a Saudi cleric, Al-Arifi, for committing rape.  He permitted the militants to engage in temporary short-term 'marriages' lasting for a few hours labeling them as "intercourse marriages" to satisfy the sexual desires of the terrorists and to boost their determination to kill Syrians.

Women in the outskirts of war-torn Syria are perpetually afraid.  They are frightened when they take their children to school, frightened when they visit the markets, frightened when they go to work, they are even scared to walk in the compounds of their homes.  They just don't feel safe anywhere any longer.  They are constantly wary and do not know what might happen to them the next moment.  Tired of their insecurity, young women from Homs have started to join the National Defense Forces to assist their military and to acquire greater security for themselves.  Cyber War Zone writes "Women and girls from the Syrian city of Homs  join the 'National Defense Forces' to help the Syrian Arab Army and to defend themselves, their families and their country against Wahhabi rape and destruction terrorists sent by Nobel peace prize winning Obama, the United States, Western forces and NATO."

This horrendous destruction ties the fate of Turkey along with Syria:
Most Al-Qaeda terrorists make their way into Syria through Turkey rather than Jordan.  After carrying out planned attacks inside Syria, a lot of them rush back to the Turkish borders and disappear.  Turkey is now their base, their home.  It was easy enough for Erdogan's government to lure them into Turkey.  But who will lure them out of Turkey whenever the need arises .. and surely the need for that will arise at some point?  It will be anything but easy to handle.  Already a lot of Turks are regretfully comparing Turkey with and without Al-Qaeda as it was before.  They are visibly worried at the prospect of so many insane zealots becoming a part of their society in future.  Turkey looks to be heading towards a similar catastrophe as Pakistan when the Afghan refugees and then the Talibans poured into the country in the 1980s and 2002 onward, respectively.  On the long term, the disaster will be more at a regional level than just a Syrian problem.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rape statistics - India

According to statistics, in 2002 one woman was raped every 54 minutes in the "world's largest democracy."  In 2011 that rose to one woman being raped every 20 minutes with scores of human rights organizations naming India as one of the world's most dangerous places for women.  But the news was given little or no coverage by the international media.  Total rape statistics for the year 2011 in the "world's largest democracy" was 23,582 with 450 in the capital, New Delhi, commonly known as the rape-capital of South Asia.   In 2012, over  500 cases have so far been reported in New Delhi alone.  The total for 2012 throughout the country is expected to be considerably higher than 2011. As the country "progresses," rape progresses too with government officials and politicians only talking about dealing with this horrific problem but taking no practical steps to fight it whatsoever.  To read the break-up of the statistics 2011 state-wise, visit the the site Sawaal India.

The most recent deadly gang-rape incident in New Delhi a fortnight ago has been of a 23-year-old Indian student traveling in a luxury bus with her male friend.  The girl was brutally gang-raped by 7 men high on alcohol (one of the rapists being a teenage boy) and then a steel rod was inserted in her, fatally damaging her kidneys and other internal organs.  Both she and her friend were beaten savagely and thrown off the moving bus.  The girl was sent to Singapore for treatment but died two days after arrival.  The huge demonstrations and loud protests by the people coming out on the streets of Delhi before and after the girl's death  have so far fallen on deaf ears.  On the contrary, many of the demonstrators have been thrashed by the police for protesting.
There's another bit of information  that needs to be disclosed.  Since the US occupation of Afghanistan, that country has become the second rape-capital of the region alongside India.  Some outlets were circulating the picture below of the girl with a white head-cover captioned as the "23-year-old Indian gang rape victim."  But when this photo was released, the Indian girl was in a comatose condition and no pictures of her were released anywhere.  This picture is of a young Afghan girl which appeared  earlier in the media.  She was similarly gang raped by a bunch of US marines in Afghanistan .. one out of many just as the 23-year-old Indian girl was one out of several thousands in India.