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Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Reforms" in Saudi Arabia? Or do they mean "reformed corruption" with a new oxymoron in our dictionaries?

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M. bin Salman, the de facto king of Saudi Arabia - epitome of frightful incompetence.
Image source:  Voltairenet dot org

Losing the 18-month oil war in the financial market, the ailing Saudi economy is in a wheelchair. Everyone in Saudi Arabia agrees that low oil prices are scary for the Kingdom's future which has never before been steeped in so much uncertainty. In less than two years oil prices have fallen from $125/barrel to $28.

To raise and stabilize the price of oil, Saudi Arabia also needs to work with Russia which is the biggest non-OPEC oil producer. Unless Russia agrees to cooperate and cut oil production which won’t come easily as the Russians are just as keen to safeguard their market share, it will be next to impossible for OPEC to work on a plan. Saudis are desperate with pipe-dreams of oil prices rising by end of 2016. They are only waiting for a nod from Russia. But whether or not Russia cooperates, it could take years for prices to stabilize and return to previous levels, if they ever do. The Saudi economy will almost certainly be affected far more than expected, giving plenty of reasons for discontent to grow and the gap between the rich and the middle-class to widen. According to ft.com "As the experiment plays out, the kingdom is burning through its reserves to maintain social spending. The country has turned to the debt markets .... War in Yemen, China’s economic slowdown and Iran’s re-emergence have also raised the political and economic stakes."

While the Saudis continue to act defiant that they can handle low oil prices, a string of austerity measures have been implemented at home for the first time in the Kingdom's history. Cost of electricity and water has climbed considerably. Construction of roads, malls, commercial buildings etc. has been strictly budgeted or stalled. Price of petrol has risen by 50%! Unbelievable but true. All of that is a far cry from the Saudi government's attractive benefits to its citizens, including no income tax, as a weapon to subdue them to servility through a culture of personal contentment and rejection of rebellion. Those good ol days are drifting away into history as money is fast disappearing. With deficit running into millions of dollars month after month, Saudi citizens will soon have to begin paying their taxes. The depth of economic turbulence is easier to gauge when CNN loses its optimism. Quoting the media: "While the world's attention is focused on Saudi Arabia's latest flare up with Iran, many Saudis are concerned about the "economic bomb" at home. The government is slashing a plethora of perks for its citizens."

The Kingdom is also reportedly exploring other avenues to lessen its dependency on oil, another sign of utter desperation.  The latest story tells us that Saudi Arabia is working on a "transition" through "reforms."

But can there be reforms in "Saudi Arabia" until it returns to Arabia (or Hejaz) as the first indispensable step?

Furthermore, Saudi Aramco is supposedly the future "bridge" for this 'transition.'  That makes the Saudi ambition somewhat comical.  No secret that since more than seven decades that country has had an acute dependency problem on foreign workers and the United States in particular.  Aramco itself originated from an American company based in California - Standard Oil of California or SOCAL.  At present the Chairman of Aramco is full of fantasies on reforms, "shifting industrial growth and job creation to public sector."  A typical setup where blueprints are enthusiastically prepared only for the paper to rot.  It's unreal to expect that the so-called "desire for change" will effectively trounce decades of lethargy, corruption, despotism and debauchery stamped within the Kingdom.  Even pro-Saudi analysts are doubtful at best.

And something amusing here:  In the midst of this fiasco as the U.S. government appears clearly relieved if not joyous, it is also circulating 'jolly-up' daydreams and reveries via Money Morning etc. to comfort its stressed out Saudi ally that all wealthy countries will soon dump oil and replace it with a heavenly substitute! According to this utopian fable, some "genius" (not named) has invented a new kind of energy (not specified) from sand/rock particles that requires no drilling nor refining nor any other costly procedure and will provide energy to homes, offices, industries, automobiles and to just about every place under the sun at almost zero cost. So much for America's slipshod 'psychiatric services' to the tearful House of Saud.

Continue reading a bit more please ....


In his latest piece, Thierry Meysan has unveiled some interesting facts dragging the Kingdom in a direction it has been too eager to avoid - the beginning of the end titled Towards the Collapse of Saudi Arabia.  Here's a thought provoking excerpt summarizing the story.

 "While the Saudi family enjoys the last few moments of its dictatorship, the decapitation of the leader of the opposition, Nimr al-Nimr, deprives half of the Saudi population of all hope.

Forced by his brothers to nominate Prince Mohamad ben Nayef as heir, King Salman quickly isolated him and restricted his powers to the advantage of his own son, Prince Mohammed ben Salman, whose reckless and brutal nature is not restrained by the family Council, which no longer meets. De facto, he and his father govern alone, as autocrats with no counter-power, in a country which has never elected a Parliament, and where political parties are forbidden.  So we have seen Prince Mohammed ben Salman take over presidency of the Council for Economic Affairs and Development, force a new direction on the Ben Laden Group, and seize control of Aramco.

Prince Mohammed ben Salman advised his father to have Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr decapitated because he had dared to defy him. In other words, the state condemned to death and executed the leader of the opposition, whose only crime was to have formulated and repeated the slogan - "Despotism is illegitimate." On the international level, Prince Mohammed and his father, King Salman, are implementing policies based on those of the Bedouin tribes of the kingdom.  Saudi Arabia is therefore the only state in the world which is the property of a single man, governed by this autocrat and his son, who refuse any form of ideological debate, who will not tolerate any form of opposition, and who accept only tribal serfdom.

Prince Mohammed took it upon himself to launch the war against Yemen on the pretext of helping President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who had been overthrown by an alliance between the al-Houthi movement and the army of ex-President Ali Abdallah Saleh. In reality, the war was waged in order to seize the oil fields and exploit them with Israël. Predictably, the war went wrong, and the insurgents launched incursions inside Saudi Arabia, where the army fled, abandoning its equipment.

The fall of the House of Saud may be provoked by a reduction in the price of oil. Incapable of reforming its life-style, the kingdom is borrowing hand over fist, to the point that according to financial analysts, it will probably collapse within two years. The partial sale of Aramco may temporarily postpone its demise, but this will only be possible at the cost of a loss of autonomy.

The decapitation of Sheikh al-Nimr will have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. The fall of Saudi Arabia is now inevitable because there is no hope left for the people who live there. The country will be plunged into a mixture of tribal revolts and social revolutions which will be far more murderous than the previous Middle-Eastern conflicts.

JPEG - 39.3 kb

This is how Sheikh al-Nimr described the life of the Shiites in Saudi Arabia –  'From the moment you are born, you are surrounded by fear, intimidation, persecution and abuse. We are born into an atmosphere of intimidation. We are even afraid of the walls. Who among us is not familiar with the intimidation and injustice to which we have been subjected in this country ? I am 55 years old, more than half a century. From the day I was born until today, I have never felt safe in this country. You are always being accused of something. You are always under threat. The Director of State Security admitted as much to me. He told me when I was arrested – “All of you Shiites should be killed”. That’s their logic. '  "  

                               No dearth of degenerate slime-buckets in our planet, eh?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Angela Merkel: From "Mother of Refugees" to nasty step-mother. Vilification and forced assimilation of Syrian refugees in Europe

Propaganda 2016 against Syrian refugees in Europe is part of a carefully crafted policy of Europe's "iron lady."

In the fall of 2015 Angela's Merkel's theatrical performance was to show herself as the humane Chancellor of Germany eager to accommodate Syrians fleeing the devastation in their once peaceful homeland. Many observers were surprised and impressed.
Merkel was desperate to get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and Time's Person of the Year. Pretending to be sympathetic toward Syrian refugees would help her earn that nomination, which she did in October (or November) 2015. Soon after, the curtains were down and the real Merkel stepped forward when she addressed a large and enthusiastic audience at a conference in Germany.

QUOTE ANGELA MERKEL (be focused on the selection of words)-
"Those who found refuge and protection with us must obey our laws, values and traditions. And in order to understand us, they must learn the German language. All this is integration. All this is the exact opposite of multiculturism. It remains true that multiculturism leads to parallel societies and multiculturism therefore remains a lie."

This video appeared in Globe & Mail approximately a month ago. It's been removed and won't show no more, probably because it's too racist. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/.../article27755135/...

A proponent of coercion, she is attempting to be an advocate of "integration." Or perhaps, despite all of her academic qualifications crowding her Wiki biography, the poor old lady really doesn't know what integration means.

Needless to say, every forthright person obeys the laws of the land they are living in and learning the local language is pivotal for making a living. "Values and traditions" however are separate aspects that need to be respected by immigrants and refugees. But if they are instructed to "obey" those "values and traditions" of their country of adoption, it amounts to abandoning their own values and embracing a new code of personal morals. Thus according to the German Chancellor "multiculturism is a lie," brazenly asserting her own fascist values. If xenophobia feels that unbearable, hard luck. The proxy war in Syria was NOT the idea of the Syrian people.

Then suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, thousands of "Arab men" gathered in Cologne to grope and rape during new year's eve celebrations 2016. This was plan 2 of Merkel's new refugee policy across Germany and much of Europe - intense vilification. With a lineup of ugly tales, Syrian refugees must be viewed as a bunch of delinquents and lawbreakers corrupting Europe. I hope those of you keen to buy Merkel's hype are aware that the Syrians who recently arrived in Germany and Europe and have supposedly turned into monsters overnight had lived in Syria all their lives PRIOR to the proxy Western invasion via Al Qaeda when Syria's law & order was rated as one of the best in the world with complete security for women. According to Gallup pre-war Syria was the 5th safest country in the world until 2010. It was far safer than Germany. Little or no comparison on that.


Multiculturism is not a simmering stock with veggies, lentils and spices in a huge melting hotpot, as commonly presumed. Such a monolithic society is never consistent with the concept of freedom of thoughts. It isn't integration, it's coercion. True integration metaphorically fits the idea of a tossed salad rather than a melting pot where every ingredient exists within the same bowl yet maintains its selfhood, distinctiveness and originality. Everyone lives in peace with mutual respect obeying the state laws and bylaws, while their values and traditions must be determined by their personal choices and free will.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Iran: Lifting of sanctions

It's not only Bibi who is "licking his wounds." The House of Saud is in for a rough ride too.

For over 3 decades Saudi Arabia had the upper hand in its share of Asia's oil market. That prerogative will likely become history sooner rather than later as Iran prepares to produce up to a million barrels of oil a day! It will cause a greater drop in oil prices yet the analysis is interesting. While Saudi Arabia may boast it will boldly face the challenge in the oil market, attitude alone won't be enough for the Kingdom to win. Other than Iran's total independence in running its system, it has a hugely diversified economy unlike Saudi Arabia's crippling dependency on oil (and also its dependency on foreign workers for the maintenance of its economic infrastructure). Observers have surmised that if oil production was to stop in both Iran and KSA within the next 24 hours, KSA's immediate budget deficit would be nearly 60% overnight while Iran's would be barely 8% .. less than the deficit of Western countries. That puts Iran in a far more favorable position than Saudi Arabia to balance its national budget based on the current low oil prices.

While conducting the nasty proxy wars in Syria and Yemen on the political front, Saudi Arabia was also careless enough to kick-start a needless crude vs. shale revolution in the financial market. Threatened by the surge of shale customers the Kingdom adamantly refused to cut crude production to create an artificial oil glut, hoping that lower prices would help throttle the shale boom. Crude prices kept tumbling yet nothing worked as the Kingdom had anticipated. Initially shale took a slight hit. But as it got leaner, it also got meaner. It devised its own strategy to confront the falling price of crude and retain its clientele. However, the Kingdom (and de facto head of OPEC) is thrust into its own quagmire ... too late to return to its previous policies. Furthermore, with Iran back on the stage coupled with serious differences arising within the Saudi royal family, the Sauds can expect many a sleepless nights ahead of them.

Dr. Jamal Assad of Croatia: Another rat-bag drumming up support to finish Syria.

Jamal Assad is commonly accepted as the SNC representative in Croatia. He is an ardent admirer of the so-called Syrian jihadists and is particularly close to Al-Farouk Brigade .. photographed wearing the faction's uniform.

Al-Farouk Brigade was formed by FSA in 2012. By 2013 it split into several groups mostly run by foreign terrorists. At present there are hardly any Syrians in Al-Farouk Brigade.

Croatia has been suspected of supplying planeloads of weapons to AQ and FSA groups in Syria since 2013 when suddenly an influx of new models of rocket & grenade launchers and recoilless guns - all Croatian made - began arriving in the country to assist the invasion. Croatia is not yet a part of the EU and thus not facing an official arms embargo. Utilizing this loophole, it's in a favorable position to participate as a double proxy in the Syrian war on behalf of Western powers and itself. Though the Croatian government denies it, Al-Arabiya happily acknowledged "The Croatian capital (Zagreb) has served for months as a transit point for Saudi-financed weapons for Syrian rebels."

Most Syrians defending their homeland have little doubt that Croatia has been illegally and frequently supplying weapons to terrorists in Syria.

The Muslim population of Croatia is 2% out of a total of almost 5 million .. 86% are orthodox Christians.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Recently the lifeless image of little Aylan Kurdi lying face down on the shores of the Mediterranean drove the world to tears. Today Charlie Hebdo uses that enormous tragedy in a cartoon to tease the support for Syrian refugees.

The cartoon is too offensive to post on my blog.  You can see it in the link below.  The writing over Aylan's image in French reads "Welcome to migrants! .... so near his goal."   Another cartoon below it says "Christians walk on water – Muslim children sink."

Charlie Hebdo jokes about drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi

NOT ""free speech"" nor humor.  It's complete travesty of the concept of humanity.   There can be no harmony between communities as long as mindsets as perverted as these continue to exist.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Falsifying the cause of suffering in Madaya | Heyday of propagandists

Aid convoys carrying food, medicine and blankets, leave the Syrian capital Damascus as they head to the besieged town of Madaya on January 11, 2015.  (AFP photo)
Aid convoy leaving Damascus for Madaya, Jan.11, 2016. 
Press TV image

Located 31 miles northwest Damascus, Madaya is the latest rattle to discredit the Syrian government.  Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya are at the helm embellishing this myth. 

The folklore that is spreading like forest fire is that the Syrian Army and Hezbollah have blockaded Madaya and are starving 40,000 civilians, many of them children and women. Just about every effort is being made to paint the Axis of Resistance squarely responsible for the agony in Madaya with scores of heartbreaking images of starving children and the elderly. Al-Arabiya recently published two photos of a 7-year-old girl, Marianna Mazeh, that went viral on the internet fraught with fury and emotion - a healthy image next to a gut-wrenching photo-shopped picture of the girl looking unrecognizably emaciated and starved. Soon after, The Daily Star of Lebanon confirmed that Marianna Mazeh is not Syrian. She lives in South Lebanon and is healthy and happy with her family.

The most repugnant part of this trick involves the Western media issuing perfunctory and sketchy statements insinuating Ahrar-as-Sham and Jaish as among the residents of Madaya helplessly trapped within the town. Ahrar and Jaish are NOT civilians of Madaya. Is that necessary to mention at all ?? They are fierce gunmen whom the US calls "moderate Syrian rebels" and the closest allies of AQ's deadly Jabhat Al-Nusra. They are present inside Madaya as invaders, using the residents as human shields and more.

The fact that is carefully camouflaged is that Madaya is one of those many government strongholds in Syria with high concentration of Assad campaigners. Why on earth would Assad ever be interested in blockading and starving a town full of his own supporters is a question missing in every pro-terrorist Western and gulf Arab media.

So, what is the cause for the starvation of civilians in Madaya? A British source mentions in one of its stories that rice is presently selling at $250/kg. Food has become so scarce that people are living on boiled water scented with spices. But will we ever be told of the massive blackmarketing prevailing in Madaya by Jaish and Ahrar who are not only looting the food, clothing, electronic and jewellery stores in the town but also relief goods brought in by aid convoys and selling them at exorbitant (rather unthinkable) prices to starved and helpless civilians? Each time the Syrian government has arranged for humanitarian goods to be delivered to civilians in Madaya, the terrorists have furiously clashed with SAA and Hezbollah to prevent food, medicines and other necessities reaching the people.

What is presently happening in Madaya comes from precisely the same game-plan started by Jaish, FSA and Al-Nusra in the besieged Shiia-majority towns of Fuaa and Kefraya causing widespread destruction specifically destroying food and medical depots with the goal to starve, kill and compel civilians to surrender.

If you stretch your memory a bit into the past, the scenario was quite identical at Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees located 8 kilometers from Damascus. Established in 1957, it grew into a prosperous and peaceful little town with a population of 115,000 registered refugees having permission to work and own property, and entitlement to all of Syria's welfare benefits. It was devastated by FSA and Al-Nusra in 2012, using thousands of Yarmouk residents as hostage in an attempt to bargain a one-sided deal with the government, and in the process killing and starving many of them. In April 2015, residents of the Camp went through another harrowing experience when Yarmouk was overrun completely by Daesh (IS). The Camp now looks like a ghost town. Though it was defended by the ‘Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’ which strongly backs the Syrian government, the same malicious and jarring propaganda buzzed around the world that the "Syrian Army blockaded Yarmouk Camp." It was also accompanied by the sickest joke of the millennium that Assad and Al Qaeda were working together to devastate Yarmouk.

And now no one wants to miss the golden opportunity to further invigorate the war, writing political fables on Madaya to win some favorable points .. exploiting the profound suffering of the town’s residents by foreign backed attackers and thugs.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mass crucifixion: The Saudi Arabian Rome

Sheik Nimr al-Nimr 
Sheik Baqir Al-Nimr

"Washington’s closest ally in the Arab world, the dictatorial monarchy of Saudi Arabia, ushered in the New Year with a torrent of blood, simultaneously executing 47 prisoners.  This wave of state murders unfolded at 12 separate prisons across the kingdom. At eight of them, the condemned were beheaded, while at four others they were cut down by firing squads. The headless corpses were then crucified and left hanging in public as a hideous warning to any who would even contemplate opposing the absolute power of the ruling royal family."   Writes Bill Van Auken - "The mass beheadings in Saudi Arabia."

Compare this with what happened in the ancient Roman Empire, in what is known as the last of the slave insurrections that Rome experienced - rebellion Spartacus .. mass crucifixion.

      Image from:  Pinterest

Spartacus was a slave and a gladiator.  He led a huge slave uprising - a vivid example of a revolt by the oppressed fighting for freedom against the slave owning oligarchy - that began in the year 100 BC, approximately.  It attracted numerous slaves and peasants to the Spartacan forces that swelled to an army of many thousands.  It's a long story, and a factual one.  To wrap it up briefly, in 72 BC the forces of Spartacus were defeated by the Roman army led by the relentless Marcus Crassus (a Roman general, politician and the richest man in the land) with 40,000 soldiers disciplined with brutal harshness.  Spartacus was killed and at least 6,000 rebels were crucified along the entire stretch of the road from Rome to Capua.  Their lifeless bodies hung for several days - a message to the Roman public, if ever any one dared to rebel against the Empire.

That's Saudi Arabia today .. the closest ally of the Western world in the Middle-East!   No wonder the tone of current history books including Wiki inclines to be more considerate towards the Roman cause.