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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fragmentation of Syria - dissolving into strips of "emirates" run by various al-Qaeda groups

Everyone has been waiting for the Syrian war to end.  It's now showing early signs of tapering gradually, but gives no reasons to rejoice.  The scenario looks even gloomier than the ongoing war.

Raqaa, which IS refers as the "caliphate's capital," is barely 240 miles from the Syrian capital, Damascus.  Less than a week ago, IS overran the Syrian air base at Tabqa (5 hours drive from Damascus) which was the last military position held by the Syrian Army in Raqaa.  More than 170 Syrian soldiers lost their lives and at least 250 were brutally executed by terrorists after being forced to walk a long distance wearing only their underwears.  Many Assad supporters are hurt at the inability of the Syrian Defense Minister to protect the forces at Tabqa and are demanding his resignation.  The terrorists have  taken control of the Tabqa Dam which has been hugely beneficial for them.  The dam generates plenty of electricity needed in the surrounding areas.  IS terrorists purposefully didn't destroy the dam nor hurt the dam's staff to ensure it continues functioning smoothly.  They were already loaded with a steady supply of sophisticated weapons coming from the West, directly and via some of the Gulf leaders.  Additionally, the abundance of military hardware seized from the Iraqi army in June 2014 gave a huge boost to their arsenal.

There is nothing such as sanctions or arms embargo for IS. The international community considers it acceptable for them to sell plundered oil anywhere they like and buy whatever they need.

IS controls 60% of Syria's oil - the oil wells at Raqaa and Deir Ezzor provinces in northern & eastern Syria -  with a total production of approximately 180,000 barrels / day and  massive smuggling of stolen oil into the international market providing an oil revenue of $4 million daily (inclusive of the oil resources in Iraq under IS control).  The United States apparently seems comfortable over much of these resources controlled by the bootleg petro-caliphate rather than Assad.  However, with more than  half a dozen terrorist groups romping around Syria, Obama's dilemmas  are getting insurmountable, circling the drain like a bunch of hair swirling to clog it up.

Few days ago he confirmed he wouldn't be sending troops to Iraq.  A day  later he stated he didn't yet have a plan to deal with ISIS in Syria either, followed by the startling news that Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar  as-Shaam siezed the Quneitra Crossing at Golan Height in southern Syria, capturing 43 UN peacekeepers.  Quneitra Crossing is on the demarcation line with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, bringing Al-Qaeda  less than 200 yards of the  territory controlled by Israel.  Al-Nusra wants to annex Quneitra to Darraa Governorate, parts of which  it controls.  In other words, Al-Qaeda is now Israel's neighbor!

Our heartache and despondency over the increasing possibility of Assad's defeat set aside, sponsors of Syria's proxy war are scratching their heads with trembling hands.  False optimism and the dose of their own medicine leaves them bewildered and stupefied.  Ace champion of Salafist terrorists, the Saudi King, is now visibly unnerved.  After taking care of their fighters with weapons and training worth billions of dollars,  this pharisee urgently appeals to the US to combat IS's "genocidal agenda."  Since the takeover of Anbar Province in Iraq, the 'caliphate' is next door to the Saudi border along southwestern Iraq.  Obama's lethargy is giving cold feet to Abdullah al-Saud.  With IS's voracious appetite to expand its 'caliphate,' the chickens may come home to roost any time unless the United States continues to loyally guard the House of Saud. 

Anxious and desperate to avoid missteps to salvage his image as an outgoing President, Barack Obama is almost fifty percent gray and a picture of a befuddled little creature.  With only two more winters left to be spent in the WH, he doesn't have much time; and the fallout from political gaffes are largely intertwined.  With nothing but missteps for the past six years, it's hardly practical to avoid them now.  Choosing to be a recluse through inaction won't help.

Some analysts suggested last year that victory in Syria wouldn't be clean sweep as in Libya 2011 and Iraq 2003.  It would happen with the dismemberment of Syria and Assad might be left with a rump portion.  The uncanny resemblance of that perspective with the direction in which the scenario is currently drifting is  obvious.  As it progresses it could get worse.  Watching Assad surrounded by wolves may not be pacifying enough for the sponsors of the proxy war against him.  They would prefer to throw him to the wolves as with Qaddafi and Saddam.  Enemy's enemy is not always a friend, and certainly not this time.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hollywood's turn to distract the crowd

"Three million refugees is not just another statistic, it is a  searing indictment of our collective failure to end the war in Syria."   

This is Angelina Jolie's recent and flip-side statement on Syria,  ignoring the obvious.  Each time the U.S. government fears it's losing  against its people, it gestures the Hollywood brand of center-right  'accolade' winners to come on stage.  Is Jolie aware (rather it's  impossible she wouldn't be aware) that ninety percent of those refugees have been  forced out of Syria by  "rebels" generously supported by her government  for three years?   What else would you expect other than "collective failure" to end the Syrian war??  In April 2013 she performed similar theatrics at the  London G8 Declaration on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict.  She  talked much on ending wartime sexual abuse and rape against women  WITHOUT any specifics as if Syria doesn't even exist in spite of the  widespread  rape, sexual abuse and forced temporary marriages committed by U.S.backed  terrorist invaders that had reached frightening proportions in Syria by April 2013.  This  is in addition to thousands of rape cases against Rohingya women and using them as sex slaves by Burmese mobsters and military since June 2012, in a country which is a close ally of the U.S. and U.K.  Thousands of rapes carried out in Iraq  and Afghanistan by U.S. troops themselves for more than a decade since  2002.  No mention nor condemnation of any of these depraved monsters by Mrs. Jolie-Pitt ever!

Masquerading as a 'humanitarian' is sad enough; it gets still worse when they don their  lip service with a labyrinthine complexity whirling a simple fact and insulting the intelligence of readers and viewers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tongue-in-cheek talk reeking of deception

"Justice  will be done.  Our message to anyone who harms our people is simple:  America does not forget our reach is long we are patient, justice will  be done." This was stated by Barack Obama concerning ISIS at the WH  Monday after James Foley execution.  Obama nevertheless reiterated.   "Let me say it again: American combat troops will not be returning to  fight in Iraq. We will not allow the United States to be dragged back  into another ground war in Iraq."

Is this supposed to mean that ""justice"" will be done by sending U.S. troops to Syria only and not Iraq?   ISIS  is occupying parts of Iraq AS WELL AS SYRIA. Foley was murdered in Iraq.  Yet the presidential statement underscores hands off Iraq.  No such confirmations nor innuendos for Syria.

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's again time to hoodwink the American people

While constantly portraying ISIS as a separate entity from AQ,  the corporate media tries to give a clever spin to an embarrassing fact.  However, the events of the last three years cannot be reversed. AQ's rapprochement and close ties with Western governments perpetually in the spotlight won't be forgotten any time soon.  By renouncing ISIS, the West is tactfully confirming its collaboration with the remaining AQ groups, hoping that its renunciation of ISIS will suffice to fool the people with 'reimbursements' through some fresh and silly myths like:

"Al- Qaeda disaffiliates with ISIS" appears in the website of  The Washington Institute.

"Barack Obama called the Islamic State a 'cancer' on Wednesday, the description may have been more apt than he intended. .... Obama administration tried to avoid entanglement in Iraq and Syria,"  writes the crazy WSJ.

But what about prior to "Wednesday" when ISIS and NF were therapeutic sources for most Congressmen and Senators in the U.S.?  Those ugly skeletons have now been bundled up and safely hidden in some undisclosed closet.  Unfortunately for the skeleton-sweepers, past three years is a very recent stretch in history.  Hopefully, that would make it  easier for the people to cut through all the double-talk and fish out the plain truth.

ISIS was formerly "Al-Qaeda of Iraq" (AQI).  No wonder we never get to see the abbreviation "AQI" anywhere.  Pondering who beheaded James Foley?  Call it ISIS or AQI, makes no difference.  Presently it consists of hordes of Al-Nusra, Daash and even FSA fighters who were direct recipients of financial assistance and military hardware from USA and EU via Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.  After mass defections, they're now on the side of Abu Bakr Baghdadi of ISIS.  They view ISIS to be a stronger terror group, with more money, more weapons, better training, winning more battles and taking over more territories.  Thanks to the US and EU !!

America's current criss-cross goal in the Middle-East carries a strange odor.  It's expecting to inflict too many Waterloos in the region.  It still aims at overthrowing the popular Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. It also wants to defeat Bashar's enemy and John McCain's favorite al-Nusra boys now working for ISIS.  It desperately needs to pamper all rival terror groups of ISIS in Syria, ultimately hoping to tame them too.

So, is the beheading of James Foley also Assad's fault?   What next?  Will Assad now be painted as Baghdadi's new buddy just as Saddam was framed as a co-conspirator of 9/11?

It happened quicker than expected: U.S. compelled to bust the terror rat nest it built with its own money and weapons

In  his very short list of achievements - and with just two more winters to be  spent in the WH - Obama wished to be remembered as the US President who  ordered the troops out of Iraq with the promise never to allow US boots on Iraqi soil again. Now he has no other choice but to get involved in exactly what he wanted to shun.   Foley's brutal  beheading might help Obama get enough approval for resuming the "war on  terror."   But the expression "Iraq war" must carefully be avoided as most  Americans view it as a foreign policy gaffe, an awful disaster and a typically "Bush-ian" idea.  Escalation of rhetoric leads to escalation  of policy, making it crucial  to match rhetoric with action.  Obama stated ISIS is "cancer" and "does not belong to the 21st  century."  Kerry said "ISIS will be crushed."  The White House prefers  to work on Kerry's statement rather than Obama's, shifting from restraint to combat which implies ignoring all geographical boundaries and  expanding the fight into the heart of Syria.  To make a long story  short, it's unlikely that the second upcoming chapter on the "war on terror"  will crush ISIS any time soon.  It could do a lot of other horrible things we cannot comprehend at the moment.  It will  certainly not help Assad nor is it supposed to.  This is one of those rare  stories where the enemy's enemy is not a friend.   Worst of all, the combination of  egocentrism and imperialism will never allow the US to learn its lessons and recognize the  risks, hazards and far-reaching consequences of creating monsters for  promoting Israeli interest.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Being wise after the event

Is  the world now supposed to endorse the US and its allies for their stand  against their former mercenaries, ISIS, in Iraq?   Until the other day  these brutes were goaded as an indispensable part of the  "Syrian  opposition striving to bring democracy in Syria."   And what now?

 According to Obama "ISIS is cancer and does not belong to the 21st century."  Kerry says "ISIS will be crushed."   The Saudi mufti denounces ISIS.   Where were these condemnations when the  bloodbath in Syria was going full throttle?   It's so easy to be smart  after the fact.    But nix, the fact was never a secret;  you reap what  you sow.   What else would you eventually expect if you mollycoddled a  bunch of deadly smoking-gun racketeers for three years?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Expectation of good news brought nothing

Secretary of State, John Kerry, stays silent about the genocide during his visit to Burma.

Referring to my earlier blog post August 6 ..
Some good news for Rohingya Muslims

We were expecting John Kerry to stand up for a little justice, open his mouth and tell the murderous Burmese government and the Buddhist majority to stop the genocide against the minority Muslims.  But he did not.  The bugger said absolutely nothing to his killer friends.  

Quoting the comment of Burma Task Force USA:

"US Secretary of State has been in Myanmar the past few days but he did not say the word "Rohingya" once.

The topic of the Rohingya Muslims was breezed  through and the talks of maintaining good politics quickly overshadowed  the immediate need to stop the genocide in Burma."

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Foreign policy or sitcom?

After  adoring, arming and enriching Al-Nusra and ISIS (now called IS) for  years in Syria, their sponsors & financiers are talking of helping the Iraqi Kurds to fight one of their Frankensteins who are  chasing the Yazidis in northern Iraq.  Too little, too late .. unless  the West decides to begin writing a brand new chapter in history which  won't be a cake walk either nor the wisest plan for a meaningful  breakthrough.  Hence if you're wondering what the consequences might be -  a blurry and embarrassing mess for the US and EU.   Not surprising though.  The peshmergas or the Kurd forces have admitted they're no match for IS unless they're similarly loaded with sophisticated military hardware by the West.  One can imagine how much  IS must be  thanking its future bombers!  According to the Director of  Kurdish Intelligence, Masroor Barazani, his forces need "modern  weapons" and "heavy armament" to match the weapons recently acquired by  IS.    

Recently acquired by IS ??    From where?  

By the way, the United Nations suddenly wakes up declaring the Iraqi crisis a "level 3 emergency."  How come this notoriously nincompoop organization never spoke of any  "emergency levels" in Gaza and Syria?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

For Gaza in London (UK) - Aug.9, 2014

Press TV Video:  '150,000 demonstrate for Gaza in Britain'
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=wgsewXhx0dM

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators have marched through central London, the third mass protest for Gaza in London within a month, condemning Israeli bloodshed and urging the UK government to act to help the Palestinians in the besieged coastal strip.  Unfortunately until now the UK government has given a deaf ear to these heartfelt voices as if the people don't even exist.

Gaza demonstration

It's no more a debatable point but a confirmed one that Western governments are duping their people by using their loyalty at the ballot box and then shoving them aside like a pile to turd.  After the ballots are counted, it's time to be stonewalled.  Demonstrations are fine as long as the participants are again mute the following day.  The sinister transition of the old  academic expression "peoples' rule" that filled the text books of yester years has been completed.  Did it ever truly exist or was it a window-dressing from the start?   God Willing, there will come a day when these folks come out on the streets asking for their own voices to be heeded, fearlessly and persistently.  That's when they'll learn to hit where it hurts the most - the ballot box.  Occupy Wall St. was one such attempt but it failed as it was still far outnumbered by the apathetic ones, so the law enforcers turned it real bloody and yet got away with it.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Help the Yazidis but don't use them to hide other crimes

Yesterday President Obama announced air strikes on his ally, Al Qaeda group ISIL, for advancing north into Iraqi Kurdistan, trapping the minority Yazidi sect of northern Iraq and inflicting tyranny.  So today the Western mainstream media is all abuzz with the news "yazidi, yazidi and yazidi."   What else did Obama expect after equipping ISIL with weapons and money for three years?  But what a sneaky spin to distract the world from another murderous ally, Israel, and the mayhem it's been carrying out in Gaza.  We see again how Israel and AQ keep serving each others' interest.

Now focus on the following carefully:

-  Gaza under siege for over 7 years.

-  In the past 3 weeks, 2,000 Gazans butchered (500 children).

-  10,000 seriously injured/maimed with serious burns, lifelong disabilities (physical + mental).

-  At least 125 families have lost 3 or more family members in the same attack.

-  2,000 family homes destroyed.

-  Over 30,000 artillery shells fired.

-  Over 4,000 targets hit.

-  30% of Gaza's 1.8 million population displaced.

Shops, mosques, government & private buildings turned into rubble. More than 60 mosques destroyed, turned to dust.

-  Gaza's power plant completely destroyed.

-  More than 135 factories in shambles.

-  Gaza's already limited healthcare sector is in a state of emergency and unable to handle the load.

-  Deliberate Israeli attacks targeting hospitals and healthcare professionals in Gaza.

-  Deliberate Israeli attacks against Palestinian journalists in Gaza - 13 journalists killed. 

-  A low-end estimate of rebuilding Gaza at present is $ 5 billion.  

Compared to all of the above, 40,000 Yazidi minority in Iraq are reportedly trapped at Mount Sinjar (northern Iraq) and as New York Post writes "dying of hunger and thirst and devoid of much support from a faltering Iraqi government."  So, Obama wants to bomb northern Iraq to save the Yazidis.  Needless to say, what's happening to the poor Yazidis is tragic.  But Obama's move to protect them is hypocritical, NOT sympathetic.  Many, many, many, many more Palestinians are trapped in Gaza dying miserable deaths (excluding those already killed) and far from preventing the slaughter, Obama is providing more weapons to their Israeli killers.  ISIL killed plenty more Syrians than Yazidis for three years in Syria, and again, Obama continued helping ISIL and its comrades to kill greater and greater number of Syrians.  In fact United States is officially still helping the terrorists to run their killing machine in Syria.

Everyone in the world is not the sort of flaming idiot you would want them to be, Mr. Obama.

Viva Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela

Palestinian children will be accommodated at shelter homes in Venezuela.

The humanity of President Nicolas Maduro puts Western and Arab governments to shame!

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Elias Jaua, has been busy in Egypt since the past three days  talking to UNHCR and UNICEF reps for sending a group of Palestinian  children, injured and orphaned by Israel's murderous spree, to Venezuela.  Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has made arrangements to house Palestinian children in special shelters.  This step has been taken according to Article 152 of the country's Constitution mentioning the need "to be  united internationally and help people in their struggle for  independence and sovereignty,"  stated by the Venezuelan FM.

The Venezuelan government on behalf of its people is also sending 6  tons of humanitarian aid for Gaza via Egypt.  But it's doubtful if  Egypt, with its diabolically sick attitude, will send it to Gaza. 

Story at:
Traumatized Gazan children arriving to Venezuela this weekend - Intifada Palestine

Friday, August 8, 2014

The 72-hour ceasefire is over ...

with stories that Hamas began firing rockets and sirens were sounded in southern Israel.   

The standard media cliche:  "It's all because of Hamas; if Hamas stops firing rockets, Israel will stop bombing."  Here's why this propaganda-carol needs to stop. 

Gaza has been the world's largest prison for the longest stretch of time, an area  of 140 square miles with a population of 2 million incarcerated for  eight years with no end in sight.  The little piece of land has been beleaguered and blockaded which includes naval blockade, overland and airspace.  No  one is allowed to visit Gaza, not even to deliver essential food  supplies or medicines; nor are the Gazans allowed to move freely within their country-turned-prison.  Shattered economy,  joblessness, poverty, diseases (made far worse by Israel's use of white phosphorus), malnutrition, lack of essential  medication, lack of electricity, complete breakdown of infrastructure and civic system  are some of Gaza's woes among many more since the blockade began.   THEY ARE A PEOPLE WHO NOW STAND TO LOSE NOTHING. 

Hamas decided to  discontinue the discriminatory Egyptian brokered "truce" beyond 72 hours  unless Israel agreed to grant some concessions, starting with lifting the blockade.  Fair enough.   It's the least they could ask for.  Israel refused as it has already  chalked out its strategy.  Tyranny and dehumanization will continue to  be inflicted upon Gaza.  Rockets are a moot point.

If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.  But that's the  snag with the Zionist state.  It was created through mass murder and it  survives on its commitment to human rights violations which have now worsened  into repetitive genocides based on the preconceived scheme of obliterating  the indigenous Palestinian race.  West Bank has so far been kept  stifled by bribing the PA.  Gaza has been silenced through suffocation.   Israel is aware that it's inherent of human nature to resist if their basic  rights are denied, and Israel has long decided to deny every Palestinian  their basic rights.

The Zionists have done plenty wrong, so they have plenty to fear.   Their most stupid misconception is their incompetence to  perceive that one cannot establish a permanent system to exist blissfully if the prerequisite is to spill  someone else's blood.   One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that.  But the rigidity of egocentric intransigence carries the human self far beyond ordinary madness.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nearly 400,000 children of Gaza need psychological help - (UNICEF)

Not a fiction, not a mere nightmare - it's a real life dystopia.   The fascist savagery of the NWO knows no bounds. 

Did these beautiful little angels start WW2?   So why the heck are they being punished for it?  Not a single query has an answer for this, yet this is  happening and happening and happening ....

'400k Gaza kids need psych. help'

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

National Demonstration for Gaza in London UK, August 9th 2014.

"25 days of the world's fifth most powerful military force bombarding  an area no bigger than the Isle of Wight has killed 1,800 Palestinians  and injured 9000 more. No one and nothing is safe from Israel's war  crimes: 80% of the dead are civilians, over 300 of them children --  women, the disabled, the elderly, the infirm, all slaughtered by  Israel's indiscriminate bombing with missiles and shells."

Read complete information:
National Demonstration for Gaza. Saturday 9 August. No excuses. Be there

And ....

The best news of Aug.4, 2014

Thank you, and God Almighty bless all you folks.

In  one of the largest mobilizations in solidarity with Palestine in the  United States ever, tens of thousands of people from all across the  country converged in Washington, D.C., for a rally and march to protest  the ongoing massacre in Gaza and the U.S. government’s support for  Israeli war crimes.

It's no longer the 1950s or 60s or 70s.  The era of technology has ways and means that help truth to permeate and replace indoctrinated ideas.  Time is approaching for the corporate media to change sides; work for the people, not the government.

Some good news for Rohingya Muslims

US Secretary of  State, John Kerry, will be visiting Burma on August 10.  A week earlier,  28 Congresspersons wrote to Mr. Kerry to warn Burma that if the genocide against the Muslim  minority does not stop, relations between USA and Burma would be seriously damaged.   Now the number of lawmakers demanding the same has risen to 72. 

Points to Address:                       

  • Close all concentration camps
  • Restore Rohingya citizenship, since they are indigenous people living in their ancestral land
  • Grant  permission to all humanitarian relief organizations to provide basic  necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education

Achievements through the efforts of Burma Task Force USA
 Burma  Task Force USA is a coalition of several Muslim organizations and  activists who previously worked together for Bosnia and Kosova Task  Force to stop genocide in those countries.  The untiring efforts of this organization has contributed a lot toward creating awareness of  this genocide within the international community which is being  completely blacked out by the mainstream media.

In addition to the letters by 72 Congressperson to Secretary Kerry, there are  four more major landmark successes achieved by Burma Task Force since last Ramadan for Burmese Muslims, Alhumdulilah.

(1) The  U.S. House of Representatives passed Resolution 418 demanding the  Burmese government to restore the citizenship of the Rohingya people.  The U.S. is the only country in the world which has done so. It is a  significant step in stopping the genocide. The Rohingya were stripped of  their citizenship in 1982, despite having lived for generations in  Burma in their ancestoral lands.

(2)  The “10 minutes a day” Action Alert campaigns by Burma Taask Force have been  successful in preventing at least 3 planned attacks or by limiting the  damage of an ongoing attack. As soon as we hear from allies that  something is about to happen or has started, we start applying pressure  on Burmese government through phone calls. We have observed that the  Burmese government is sensitive to negative publicity. It steps in to  stop violence, which provides temporary relief to the Muslim community;  though, it must be noted, the government still does not arrest the hate  mongers who start these attacks.

(3)  U.S. media  about Burma has improved.  It no longer uses the false, lazy  statement that it is a “conflict between” or “riot between Muslims and  Buddhists.” It took us literally hundreds of letters and constant  pressure to achieve this success. Now, it is clearly seen as one-sided  attacks by the extremists against Muslims.

(4) International, Interfaith and nonprofit partners are also paying more attention.

This is a Genocide!

It  is critical that Secretary Kerry, and Americans in general, realize  that this is a genocide.  What's happening to the Muslim minority in  Burma is no different from Gaza or the West Bank.   Five million Muslims used to live in Burma. Today, there are only three million.

The  untiring efforts of the Burma Task Force USA has contributed a lot  toward creating awareness of this genocide within the international  community, a genocide which is being completely blacked out by the mainstream  media.  The fact that many rights activists are distracted from the apartheid and mass murders against the Rohingyas because of a similar situation in Palestine has  further helped the media to conceal this genocide.   Burma Task Force USA is a coalition of several Muslim organizations and  activists who previously worked together for Bosnia and Kosova Task  Force to stop genocide in those countries.

Please  keep the Rohingya Muslims in your prayers.  It's impossible to confirm  who is suffering more - the Rohingyas or the Palestinians or the Syrians or the Iraqis?  They are all under attack.  The only difference is that the Rohingyas are under attack by their government while the others are being attacked by foreign invaders.

May Allah Almighty protect all innocent victims from this endless tyranny of the modern era.

  Source of info.



Monday, August 4, 2014

Gaza Genocide 2014: Where are Al-Nusra and ISIL?

Gaza is under one of the bloodiest attacks by  Zionist killers.  Gaza needs to be defended.  But the negligence, nay  repugnance, by the world's largest groups of international "jihadists" at the mere  thought of stepping forward to assist Gaza is impossible not to  observe.  Where the heck are Abu Bakr Baghdadi and Abu Mohammed  al-Golani?   Still striving to "free" the Syrians and Iraqis from  "oppression" and bestowing on them a "caliphate?"   Are these twunts not yet aware that Israeli bombs, shells and guns have butchered and displaced almost  half of Gaza's population?  Is there anyone who cannot sense the conspicuous silence of the  "jihadists" and their firebrand fatwa-babbling uber hawk sheikhs?  They accelerated their killing machines to the maximum, amassing  state-of-the-art weaponry and $$$$ from the West and their Arab allies, turning Syria  into a slaughterhouse.  Where are those swashbuckling heroes now?  Images from  the real-life dystopia in Gaza have left the entire world in a state of shock, tearful and restless.  But not a word from the Salafist "jihadists" claiming to restore a "pious caliphate."

ISIL  supposedly captured Mosul with a single warning through a cell phone message followed by plenty of  tyranny and ordering Muslims around the world to pledge allegiance.   But  confronting Israel apparently cannot be categorized as a 'sacrifice' according to AQ's "jihadist" altruism, can it?  Regardless of the perpetual infighting between Al Qaeda groups, the  outstanding features that unite them are false virtue and duplicity.   Why would anyone want to bite the hand of a friend's friend?  The  former has been feeding them generously for three years. The latter has set up  numerous field hospitals in occupied Golan Heights to nurse their  injured comrades on the run in Syria.

Hamas soldiers stood next to Al-Nusra in the battlefield of Quseir (June/July 2013) by  risking their own lives, ignoring the rift between Muslim Brotherhood  and the Saudi backed Al-Qaeda, and shattering their much needed solidarity with Hezbollah and Syria only to help their new 'jihadi' cronies.  But  returning the gratitude to Hamas could be a dangerous quid pro quo and an 'unwise' step that may augur ill for the future of self-obsessed mercenaries.  It  begs the question, which of the two ditched Hamas by showing it a bigger  portion of their rump - the Egyptians or the Al Qaeda stalwarts? 

But no surprise.  With the sort of zealous wrangling between these two  AQ moguls to grab power, could such self-centrism  call for any sympathy for the mass murder of innocent civilians  blockaded by Israel for the last eight years?  They have already destroyed  hundreds of thousands of innocent lives across Syria and Iraq over the  past decade without a shred of remorse and with no reasons to believe  that the mayhem has ended.  For them, Israel is their silent partner  behind the veil.  Gaza is simply Israel's headache while their own  blood-drenched adventurism stretches from Diyala in Iraq to Aleppo in  Syria, along with all its grotesque backroom deals with the  colonialists.