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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

US State Department working to declare Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as "terrorists."

Groundwork for this madness was laid in August 2 this year when the bozo POTUS signed CAATSA into law.

CAATSA = 'Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.' 

The IRGC is Iran’s most powerful security institution with plenty of influence on the country's political and economic system as well as the responsibility for preserving the principles of the  homegrown revolution.  IRGC has played a major role battling terrorists in Syria and Iraq and has been instrumental in achieving many victories.  Trump hasn't yet announced whether or not he will sign this ludicrous bill, but it will be close to a miracle if he doesn't.  The deadline is October 15.  He is expected to decertify JCPOA and specifically target IRGC and Hezbollah with sanctions.  The core idea is to weaken Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria and consequently put the Syrian army in a tougher situation.  Blacklisting IRGC would be the start of another lengthy era of US-Alqaeda cooperation with new buccaneering titles showered on the terror network's sub-groups.

This was one of the reasons for King Salman al-Saud's recent visit to Moscow.  The economic agenda was to invest in Russian economy and construction, and the King's most important political agenda was to persuade Vladimir Putin to pressure Iran out of Syria and stop backing Ansarullah in Yemen; to work closely with Moscow to unite the Syrian opposition and expand its foundation.  Trade deals worth $3 billion were signed within three days.  It remains to be seen how far the Russian leader goes to appease the Kingdom over its various political fixations.  Considering Putin's ancient precept of helping a 'useful friend' and hugging its arch enemy with greater compassion may not leave us guessing for too long.

Iran's response to this law, if implemented, is already plain and firm.  It won't return to the negotiating table to bargain over regional issues and will treat US troops like Daesh (something that needs to be done by all countries regardless of CAATSA).  Quoting the statement of IRGC chief commander, Mohammed Ali Jaafri "The Islamic Republic of Iran intends to solve the regional issues somewhere else other than the negotiating table; (the US should know that) there is (absolutely) nothing and no one to negotiate about or with."  Large swathes of the Persian Gulf identify as Iranian waters where sea traffic is monitored and controlled by Iran.  Weapons systems of IRGC Navy have far-reaching capabilities, already demonstrated in numerous wargames.  IRGC chief asserted that if CAATSA takes effect, US must get out of the Persian Gulf and stay at least 2,000km away from Iran.

Iran is preparing what any nation would prepare in similar circumstances.  Writes Veterans Today:  "Under international law every country is entitled to defend itself from superior military threats." 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Shouldn't the Results of the Kurdish Referendum be Respected?

 Erbil, three days before the referendum, September 22.  Image source: Asbarez

Iraqi Kurds overwhelmingly backed independence on September 25, 2017 defying neighboring countries that were on tenterhooks.  As long as a referendum hasn't been manipulated by foreign powers or the local establishment, it must be viewed as the wishes of the indigenous majority.  The recent Kurdish referendum wasn't gerrymandered and yet showed a yearning for independence with 92% in favor of seceding.  Out of 3 million valid ballots, 2.9 million voted 'yes' and the naysayers only 224,464.

 An old Kurdish man walks in the old city of Erbil, Iraq September 20, 2017. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah
 Iraq's real concern is the northern city of Kirkuk with its massive oil wealth.  Oil reserves worth 10 million barrels lie around Kirkuk. That would be over 40% of Iraq's oil and 6% of the world's.  Although Kirkuk is located slightly outside the Kurdish region, according to the Iraqi census of 1957, 1977 and 1997 Kurds were the biggest ethnic group in Kirkuk until Saddam Hussain began to displace them.  That didn't stop the Kurds from having a historical claim on Kirkuk.  According to Jalal Talabani, Kirkuk is the same to the Kurds as Jerusalem is to the Palestinians.  Will the future of Kirkuk be decided by a "Kirxit?"   That would be the peaceful way and Baghdad’s only strategy to control Kirkuk is through negotiation .... or fighting.   Baghdad has already threatened to send troops to Kirkuk.   Bad idea!  The Muslim world does NOT need any more infighting.  Kurds are convinced that an independent Kurdistan will greatly help to improve ties between the Kurds and all its neighbors.  Kurdish leaders have confirmed they intend to negotiate peacefully with Baghdad.
The United States, despite its alliance with the Kurds, refused to offer support to the Kurds for this referendum.  As usual, US never respects the peoples' will if that threatens the disruption of traditional business dealings involving oil.  It also debunks the version that Kurdish referendum in Iraq was planned by US and Israel.   Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has categorically stated the US does not recognize the results of the polls.

Israel may have been secretly supportive of an independent Kurdistan, presuming it would render Iraq weaker and also welcoming the apprehension arising in Turkey and Iran.  But  Israel's support is emblematic, not practical.  A brutally egocentric nation like Israel would never go far enough to play a practical role in supporting an event like the Kurdish independence.   Though Turkey has had a non-secular government since over a decade, it's discreet build-up of rapprochement with Israel has been satisfactory for both countries and Israel wouldn't want to take any risks to ruin that by supporting the Kurds.  At the end of the day, Ankara is higher on Israel's list of priorities than Erbil.  After the defeat of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, Israel's fear is a stronger Iran in the near future, not a stronger Kurdistan.  Weeks ago some analysts thought that an independent Kurdistan could serve as a buffer between Iran and Israel and the latter may find that a positive change.  Not really.  Israel's plan for Iran is far more destructive than the mere placement of a buffer.  On the contrary, fractious relation between Iraq and the Kurds would be far more beneficial for Israel, whereas a post-referendum Kurdistan offers greater chances of improved relations between Massoud Barazani and Haider Abadi on the longer term.

 Centuries old Erbil Citadel, major tourist attraction.  Image source Business Insider.

Kurdish officials have rejected Israel's figurative backing for the referendum as "unsolicited and damaging."   No doubt Kurds have a long history as opportunists.   An unconfirmed report says over one hundred thousand Kurdish Jews are living in Israel and communicating with the Kurdish belt for two decades. This has not been proven but it isn't impossible either.  Whether or not such stories are true, the fact is that the Kurds along the regional belt stretching across Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran do have the right to decide their future without pressure or interference from their respective central governments and foreign entities.  Needless to say, US support for Syrian Kurds is a separate story only aimed at destabilizing the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Sunni Muslims in Iraq have expressed their support for the Kurds.  But the Arab League has cautiously disapproved on grounds of "disunity" without mentioning what 'unity' it expects to preserve in the war-ravaged territories of Iraq and Syria. 

There is little doubt that since the colonial era the Kurds have been walking on a rocky road.  The Kurdish belt was partitioned into four soon after WWI.  Ever since they have been a marginalized lot, too often targeted with violence and discrimination.  During the reign of Mostafa Kemal in Turkey, speaking the Kurdish language in public could get them lengthy prison sentences.  Iranian Kurds were completely ignored throughout the rule of the Shah.  After the revolution, they were promised autonomy but the Kurds complain that post-revolution Iran didn't keep many of its promises.  It was toughest in Iraq where Kurds faced mandatory assimilation known as the "Arabization campaign" in northern Iraq.  The autonomy granted to them in 1970 by Saddam's government lasted for just a few years until the mid 1970s.  Saddam Hussain wasn't the first to use poison gas on the Kurds.   Before Saddam it was the British PM, Winston Churchill, who decided to gas the Kurds when he faced resistance.   "I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes [to] spread a lively terror," were Churchill's words.   Comparatively Syrian Kurds enjoyed greater rights but were wary and disillusioned watching the plight of their Kurdish brethren in Turkey, Iraq and Iran.  Certainly they did use the Syrian war as an opportunity to pursue their goal and did end up betraying Bashar al-Assad.

 Qayseri market, and old souq in Erbil near the Citadel. Image source Almay

It's unclear at the moment what benefit the governments of Iraq, Iran and Turkey would derive by taking steps to ostracize the Kurds, including banning flights from Iraq to Erbil, other than punishing the Kurds for exercising their right to decide their future.   It's a politically sleazy attitude, much the same as Israel ostracizing Hamas for winning the polls in 2006, or India disallowing a referendum in occupied Kashmir for fear of losing.

Erbil International Airport.   Image source Business Insider


Erbil September 2015.  An old coffee shop built in 1940.  Image source Shutterstock

A popular mall in Erbil.  Image source Business Insider.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Deeply Traumatized, Hungry Little Rohingya Children in Camps

Image source: CBC - Rohingya children go from terror in Myanmar to refugee camp chaos.

Image source CBC - Rohingya children go from terror in Myanmar to refugee camp chaos.

We are used to seeing war-ravaged and emotionally tormented children in Palestine, Syria and Yemen.  And now, Rohingya kids are facing the same plight. They are so severely traumatized that it will take them years to heal, if they ever do.  Many are orphans, their parents murdered by Buddhist forces or mobs.  These children are starving, the camps are without food.   In a state of deep emotional trauma, they stand for hours at the roadside for food trucks to pass.  Often they wander far off in search of food, aren't able to find their way back and are never seen again.  Thousands of children barely 10 years of age are laden with the responsibility of adults, caring for their younger siblings .. an identical plight as the orphans of Gaza and Syria.

Just a couple of excerpts from CBC report Rohingya children go from terror in Myanmar to refugee camp chaos.

"Abdul Hamid has the wide-open smile of a child and the eyes of an adult. By age 12, the Rohingya boy has seen more than anyone should have to see in a lifetime.  He saw his father shot by "Burma soldiers," he volunteers in a calm yet deeply unsettling tone, lifting two fingers of his right hand to illustrate the act. When his father didn't die right away, he saw the soldiers slash his throat.  His mother fled their home in Myanmar with Hamid and four younger siblings. They hid in forests for days and then walked for two days to reach the safety of Bangladesh.  Now he is the "elder" of his family, he says. So he tries to provide for them — as best he can in a place where hundreds of thousands of people share his family's desperation. He stands on one edge of a vast, muddy field with a group of other boys, hoping that a passing aid truck will throw him some packets of food."

"There's a 10-year-old boy who crossed the border clutching his six-year-old sister. A neighbour brought the two children after both their parents were killed.  "For many days he did not speak," Khyrunnahar says.  Finally, he said, "The family he stays with does not love me."  "He loves to be held and hugged,:" but is clearly missing that, she says, but she also understands the problems of the family that brought him to safety. They're struggling too."

Fatema Khyrunnahar is a UNICEF child protection officer.

Please take the time to read the complete report at the above CBC link.

Call a spade a spade. Instead the Western world is working on constructing excuses to condone Su Kyi's complicity in state sponsored terror, mass murder and genocide. The old woman may end up getting another "Nobel Prize" but surely neither she nor her genocidal government will be punished for their immeasurable crimes.  

 Image source FNA

Lining up for food.  Food trucks are eagerly awaited but rarely arrive.  Image source FNA

Emotional trauma for Rohingya women and children has been unprecedented. Many of the orphaned children have seen the brutal killings of their parents before their eyes.  Many women have seen the the vicious murders of their husbands, parents, children and siblings .. and many, just many, Rohingya women have been victims of rape at the hands of Buddhist military and vigilante mobs.  Image source FNA

This genocide began in June 2012.  It took the world five years to notice it when over 450,000 Rohingyas had been killed, orphaned, raped and displaced.

Until the present more than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled violence erupting through the western province in Burma.  At least a quarter of a million are orphaned child refugees since last August 2017.  Even the delivery of basic food is hardly a priority for the United Nations.  Providing counseling for the emotionally distraught is a far cry.

Couple of days ago, September 23,  Bangladesh officials stated that the influx of Rohingya refugees into their country had slowed.   Rohingya Muslim leaders are of the opinion that the influx of refugees has slowed or stopped because almost all Rohingya villages are now completely empty, burned and turned into ashes as seen in satellite images.   The Burmese government plans to settle Buddhist families in these villages ... identical to the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Palestine.  While the genocidal leader Su Kyi lied to the world that there were no military operations, until Friday September 22  satellite images showed Burmese military and Buddhist vigilantes continuing their violence torching Rohingya villages.  And that's not all.  Neither does the Burmese government allow the fleeing Rohingyas to leave in safety.  Those seen fleeing are chased and hacked to death.  Border areas between Burma and Bangladesh - the precise path from where the Rohingyas are crossing over to Bangladesh - are dotted with landmines because of which many have sustained serious injuries including little children. Several have lost their limbs.   

It leaves one completely dumbstruck to watch the galling bias, in that, this genocidal tragedy suffered by the Rohingyas is viewed as a matter of protecting the Buddhist reputation by many spheres within the Western society, including the circle of human rights' activists (of all persons) who perpetually claim "humanity first."   Similar to the protection of Zionist crimes, the propaganda of painting Buddhists as  "peaceful" has been one of the oldest ploys of the New World's political infrastructure to serve the surreptitious purposes of the elite establishment, starting with the dalai lama, the CIA's oldest paid worker since the 1950s.  

Though many activists have been able to catch the various underhand political ruses of the Western global establishment, this wily subterfuge about "peaceful Buddhists" is one thing most Western activists prefer to get fooled about rather than expose it.  All those left wing observers, activists and analysts who have thankfully been vocal in uncovering the deception in Syria, Libya and Palestine, have taken an unsympathetic and ugly u-turn concerning the gut-wrenching mass killings of the Rohingyas.  Barely a few have spoken about it, and those who have, ridiculously portray it as an "economy-related" conflict, carefully ignoring the manifest truth of a Noble Laureate presiding over a bloodied and horrifying phase of ethnic cleansing.   

In the sprawling Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh (also shown via satellite images), there are just a few human rights workers, mostly Muslims.  Majority of non-Muslim activists aren't interested in taking care of this particular human suffering ensuing from a genocide committed by "peaceful Buddhists."  Nine out of every ten Westerners (if not all ten) prefer to be on denial.   How fast the human mind has the capacity to turn itself into a complex wad of filth!  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Afghanistan - Violation of International Law Exceeds All Bounds. Special Thanks to 'Tramp'

US already had a horrendous record murdering countless Afghan civilians from 2002 onward.  According to Trump's new Afghanistan strategy dictated by the blood suckers of the Deep State, American troops are to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely.  As usual the official version is chasing Talibans and their ISIL allies, but  ninety percent of those getting killed and maimed are civilians - largely farmers and their families.  In Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan, civilian death toll has been in thousands starting from 2004 and is about to get far worse.  

Strikes by UAVs and hellfire missiles have already gotten more frequent since Trump took office.   The entire episode from Syria to Afghanistan via Iraq is much like playing teeter-totter.  As ISIL gradually gets booted out of Syria and Iraq and its senior commanders evacuated by US forces (America's future investment), Afghanistan as a sanctuary for the foot soldiers of ISIL is getting awfully attractive.

Afghan civilians, mostly villagers, have no one to turn to.  US forces are backed by their puppet President, Ashraf Ghani.   Neither do US military personnel bother to discern between civilians and terrorists in Afghanistan;  they see every Afghan as a "Taliban" and a "terrorist."  Consequently and understandably, many Afghan villagers have said that the senseless and tragic deaths of their families have pushed them into taking up arms against US forces. 

In April 2017  US forces had dropped a 21,000 pound "mother of all bombs" (moab) in eastern Afghanistan on an alleged ISIL hideout described as a maze of "tunnels and bunkers" inside a cave.  Video footage showed not only the destruction of a tunnel but the demolition of an entire village with several houses on the ground and slopes of the hill.  Much of the vegetation and trees were burned. Afghan officials reported 92 terrorists killed.  Foreign observers were barred from accessing the area and US special forces ordered their Afghan colleagues not to talk to reporters.  There is no official report on civilian casualties but it would be awfully naive to presume the civilian death toll wasn't huge.  Quoting the MOAB tweet of former Afghan President, Hamed Karzai, "This is not the war on terror but the inhuman and most brutal misuse of our country as testing ground for new and dangerous weapons."   As the first US-puppet president of Afghanistan following the 2002 invasion, did Karzai really expect anything different from the US on the long term?   Much against the requirements of international law, not a single US air strike in Afghanistan is investigated nor are the identities of those killed ever revealed.  That makes the situation ideal to disregard botched attacks where American troops can kill a hundred civilians for every single insurgent they may target successfully.  Just one example.  In November 2014 Guardian reported that US forces in Afghanistan targeted 41 Talibans but killed a total of 1,140 .... rest were innocent civilians.  

Writes FNA:  "The orders to place civilian targets on kill lists and assassinate them  come from the highest ranks of the US government, including President Trump himself.  All while the military cleans up its dismal tract record of civilian deaths by terming unidentified people killed as "enemies" or another dubious Pentagon classification called "unknown militants."  Suffice it to say, America's longest war is not just a military and intelligence agency fight on a foreign battlefield.  It is also a propaganda war against the Muslim world where the public is fed inaccuracies and lies from Washington, especially when it comes to freedom and democracy."

The picturesque countrysides of Afghanistan that were hugely popular tourist attractions in the recent past have turned into field-testing "playgrounds" for US weapons, places where "insurgents rule the ground and US warplanes 
haunt the skies," describes Intercept.

Image taken from Daily Mail.      MOAB site.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Why is Vladimir Putin determined to have goodwill between Russia and the terrorist state of Burma?

Russia is involved in Burma's nuclear energy program and is one of its major defense suppliers. Putin is working on Russian investment in Myanmar’s oil and gas industry and tourism. Russian language has started being taught in the Burmese capital's foreign languages institutes and a Russian cultural center is scheduled to open soon. As expected, Russia recently stopped the UN security council from condemning the ethnic cleansing in Burma.

Russia has always been comfortable with ethnic cleansing. It also supported the slaughter of Bosnians by Chetnik Serbs. In Syria, Putin couldn't care less for the mass bloodshed. His only concern is to prevent the Russian federation becoming a hotbed of AlQaeda. It's a blessing in disguise for Bashar al-Assad that FSA is hand-in-glove with Al-Nusra Front. Otherwise Putin would have long ditched Assad, banded together with Obama to pick Syria's next leader from the SNC.

Moscow is just as brutally self-serving as Washington.  Their diplomatic cold war isn't for defending humanity (for which neither could care a rat's tail) but for their rivalry to achieve their respective egocentric goals.

Vladimir Putin is a sneaky, selfish and thick-skinned little toad.

Deir Ezzor: Why did US evacuate ISIL commanders

To answer that question, first ask yourself how Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria was occupied in January 2017.

As the Syrian Army began getting closer to Deir Ezzor, US started rapid evacuation of ISIL commanders.  According to Arabic news al-Hadath and others, at least six ISIL families were evacuated by US forces' heliborne operations.   Some were transported in air force planes.   Helicopters were employed to airlift ISIL commanders in remote areas of Deir Ezzor.   FNA via SOHR reported that Americans in Syria were rescuing the terrorist group's security monitoring agents whom the US intelligentsia had initially recruited within the terror group. Some of these agents may have requested for help.  'A friend in need is a friend indeed.'    It works both ways when it involves the U.S. and AlQaeda.

You may recall, ISIL had been pushing to take Deir Ezzor since January 2015 but it couldn't as Deir Ezzor city was well barricaded and fortified by the troops of the Syrian Arab Army.    During the fall of 2016, suddenly ISIL met with unexpected success.   Terrorists cut off Deir Ezzor airport which accommodated the weapons depot of the Syrian army.   Despite the interdiction by Syrian air power, ISIL ground attacks on Deir Ezzor continued unabated.   It was the outcome of a carefully planned 3-pronged US strategy across Iraq and Syria.  

(1) The Iraqi army began planning the retaking of Mosul city in October 2016.  US coalition insisted on keeping Mosul's western corridor open for ISIL fighters to flee.    Many fled Mosul across the Iraqi border to eastern Syria, into Deir Ezzor and Raqaa.   Most terrorist fighters went to Deir Ezzor to team up with their comrades who were already there. 

(2) A month earlier in September 2016, warplanes of US militants flew over Deir Ezzor airport bombing Syrian army positions for over an hour.   The unprovoked aggression killed 106 Syrian soldiers and wounded 110.    It was one of America's biggest war crimes in the Middle-East since 2003.   Investigation showed the attack was completely intentional, not a "mistake" as claimed by the attackers. 

(3) In January 2017 there was another unprovoked disastrous attack by the US. They bombed and destroyed the power station of Deir Ezzor city near Syria's major al-Omar oilfield, plunging the entire area in darkness.   Two weeks later ISIL overran Syrian army defenses in Deir Ezzor.    This tripartite framework chalked out by the US and implemented between September 2016 and January 2017 was the ONLY contributing factor that helped ISIL to occupy Deir Ezzor. 

Up until the present, trespassers of the US forces have never been held accountable for any of these horrendous war crimes and their blatant collaboration with one of AlQaeda's deadliest factions.

Deir Ezzor isn't the first war front where the US has engaged in assisting beleaguered AlQaeda terrorists.   When the Syrian army liberated Aleppo in December 2016 from the harrowing 3-year occupation by AlQaeda sub-groups, Obama regime's goodbye gift was to arrange a comfortable evacuation of the vanquished terrorists of Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar as-Sham in plush luxury buses.   In February and March of 2017, US did the same in ISIL-occupied Tal Afar, west of Mosul city in Iraq.   Tal Afar was already under siege by Hashd al-Shabi.   US intruders were aware that the Iraqi national and paramilitary forces could lead an assault any day.    Eyewitnesses among Iraqi officials and civilians reported seeing several senior ISIL commanders helped away to safety by Americans in uniform, and packages of food and light weapons frequently airdropped from US planes. 

Compare all of this with Mr. Trump's anti-ISIL rants that took him through his election campaign into the Oval Office.   Frivolous masses duped by the very leaders they idolize isn't unusual in modern political history.   But none have been taken for a ride by their elites as relentlessly as the unsuspecting Americans. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Israel Arming Burma's Military

                      Image source:  +972 Mag

Israel has been experimenting its weapons it uses for killing Palestinians by first selling them to the Burmese military to massacre the Rohingyas.

One of Israel's largest weapons companies, TAR Ideal Concepts, confirmed that Israel is arming and training Burmese forces who are presently slaughtering minority Rohingya Muslims daily in the Rakhine province of Burma. Israel hasn't stopped supplying arms to the Burmese military despite the rapidly worsening human rights situation in Burma; Israel refers to this policy as "diplomacy."

An European human rights lawyer, Ofer Neiman, states: "Israeli policy of selling weapons to the Burmese military for years is strongly related to Israel’s oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian people. Weapons used against the Palestinians are being sold as ‘field-tested’ to some of the worst regimes on the planet. 

The image above is of September 2015, that is, more than 3 years after the ethnic cleansing began in Burma. One can be absolutely sure of the bloodletting agenda of this meeting.

Israel's goal is to ethnically cleanse Palestine of the indigenous Palestinian majority while Burma's goal is to ethnically cleanse the land of the indigenous minority Rohingya. This murderous and racist stratagem of both governments is spun around as "facing insurgency" over which they profess fraternity. Burmese political leader and now the de facto leader of Burma has disgraced the Nobel Institute by wholeheartedly adhering to the policies of the country's military and continuing to support the genocide against Rohingya minority. 

Story at Mint Press
Israel arming Burma amid ongoing massacre of Rohingyas

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Another crackdown by Buddhist terrorists against Rohingya Muslim minority in Burma

This image is dated either Aug.31 or September 1, 2017.  Image source Press TV video.

As if a continuing 5-year genocide isn't horrific enough, urma regime plans new attacks on the Rohingya minority forcing 19,000 Muslims to flee in fear, pain and misery. Four hundred Rohingyas have already been murdered in the last few days. On Eid-al-Adha, at least 16 fleeing Rohingyas were drowned while crossing the treacherous rivers between Burma and Bangladesh. While the world looks the other way, these poor innocent people are sandwiched between the devil and the deep.  The only place they can flee is neighboring Bangladesh where the government is just as callous and perverted as its counterpart in Burma.  Even after arriving in Bangladesh, uncertainty continues to haunt the desperate Rohingya men, women and children. 

Rohingya families fleeing government crackdown, August 30.  Image FARS News Agency.

This is called ethnic cleansing, just as horrendous (if not worse) as the one  unleashed by Milosevic regime in the Balkans in 1990s.   At least a quarter of a million Rohingyas have been murdered in cold blood since June 2012.  Many more are displaced as refugees in Bangladesh.  Thousands are living as starving prisoners in concentration camps within Burma under deplorable conditions run by the Burmese government, a champion of human rights violations and as expected, a close ally of the West.

 A Rohingya man carries his elderly mother as they flee the genocide in Burma August 31, 2017.    Image Press TV.

Europe and North America still insist Burma to be a "democracy"  .. the most terrible humiliation to the concept of democracy.  How can a nation that brazenly and stubbornly persists in committing genocide against its minority population for five years establishing the harshest apartheid system of gross discrimination be called a "democracy?"  It's enough to tell the world that international law hasn't only been crumpled and distorted, rather it has been trashed altogether.

After enduring a brutal genocide for years, minority ohingyas have the RIGHT to be armed, to resist and retaliate against Burma's ruthless state sponsored terrorism.

On the completion of Hajj 2017, please pray for our Syrian, Palestinian and Rohingya brethren suffering persecution by lQaeda, Zion and Buddhist terrorists/ murderers.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Erdogan-Assad rapprochement ????

Pic above - Flashback from the recent past.  Battle of Aleppo 2015.  Frontline Turkish border.  A cordial handshake with senior Nusra Front terrorist.  Source of image:  Forum timeline Sultan Erdogan Arab Spring.  A pro-Erdogan thread shamelessly proud of this mafia chief hohnobbing with nasty thugs and violating the sovereignty of neighbors.

Rai-al-Youm is an Arab online daily based in UK that recently presumed the near-future resumption of normal ties between Syria and Jordan.  It presumes again, this time the presumption more far-fetched, if not absurd.

There was a (secret) consultation between Saudi Arabia and Turkey mutually agreeing that it isn't possible any longer to topple Assad.  Bin Salman is also supposedly disheartened over Saudi Arabia's failure in Yemen and wants better relations with Iran.   Thus, Abdel Bari Atwan - editor in chief of Rai al Youm - foresees Erdogan visiting Damascus to say "hello" to Assad.   Some recent stories Atwan takes as reasons for his guesswork are:

- Visit of Iranian military chief to Ankara ..
- Iranian government's threat of 20% enrichment if US trashes JCPOA ..
- Erdogan no longer paying monthly salary of $320,000 to the Syrian National Coalition (political wing of FSA based in Turkey). This story is a very dubious assumption. It's not reported anywhere yet.

Quoting Atwan: "And now in this new arrangement, friends and foes might exchange their positions. Although it is true that Assad has given harsh words to Erdogan in his comments, the Turkish president may still visit Damascus after mediation by Russia and Iran and this is the nature of politics." 

It's terribly unclear how or why the factors taken into account by Bari Atwan should make it necessary for Assad to welcome Erdogan in Damascus.   If Iran is interested in improving ties with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, why should that be a compelling factor for Syria to follow suit?   Unless Atwan's perspective is meant to carry a comforting message for the aggressors that sovereignty in terrorist-ravaged Syria is no more and the wishes of the Syrian government don't matter.

Otherwise ....

As commander-in-chief of the longest and bloodied invasion in Syrian history, on what grounds can Erdogan establish the slightest rapport with his Syrian counterpart?  The Kurdish issue?  That's it?   Apart from ignoring the radicalized political ghetto where he was groomed, "opinion of the day" overlooks the circumstances that have forced a political divorce between Erdogan and ISIL.  This too could be temporary considering the US government's recent statement that it won't quit Syria after the defeat of ISIL.  That's because the Americans need to stay in Syria until the job is done.   The White House is completely backing Al Nusra, and so is Turkey.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rape of Rohingya Women in Apartheid Burma Continues Unabated


     From Burma Task Force USA Newsletter


"She was only 11 years old"

Imagine an 11-year old. May be your daughter, your sister, or imagine you are 11 years old.

Then read about this 11-year old Rohingya Muslim girl’s story as told to Ilona Alexander of the United Nations.

“Her father went into hiding from the military and took her two older sisters with him so that they would be safe. He left the girl at home with her mother and two little brothers because he thought the military wouldn’t hurt children. The military came back to their house twice. The first time, the military came and removed her clothing and kicked her. After the clothing was removed and the girl was beaten, the military suddenly left. The next day they returned with seven soldiers and removed the mother from the house. The soldiers locked themselves in a room with the girl and gang raped her. 
The girl told me that she doesn’t even know how many of them raped her because she fell unconscious at times and awoke bleeding and injured after.”

More than half of Rohingya refugee women who were interviewed reported being raped. The actual numbers are higher. Think of how many nameless 11 year olds are silently living with this trauma. No access to health and psychological care. Their plight doesn’t end there, they are still vulnerable to exploitation in the refugee camps, where 80% of refugees are women and children.

Please pray for them tonight.

When you pray think of yourself, your sister, your daughter and then beg God for protection of these victims of rape.  Please make a special du’a that God protect, save and heal them.


Historical breakthrough but not a noble one

      Talking of strange bedfellows, there we go again

It's the first visit by an Iranian military chief to Turkey since 1979.  One of their top agendas is to focus on increasing "information exchange in the field of counter-terrorism."   Cooperating on counter-terrorism with Erdogan is like a fire-crew fighting to douse a wildfire, seeking assistance from the arsonist who lit it.

Ties between Iran and AKP's Turkey went as far as trade and commerce.  It's now extended to military agreements.   More than a little surprising, the visit also threatened the near-future visit of Erdogan to Tehran for discussions on all spheres of geopolitical issues.  Even a buffoon like the King of Morocco refused to meet Erdogan feigning illness when the Turkish leader visited Rabat couple of years ago.

Soon after Donald Trump took office, the Turkish President hurriedly renounced Daesh (ISIL) after years of deadly collaboration.   However, both Trump and Turkey are still counting on Nusra Front and its votaries to continue the war in Syria.   How can Iran prefer not to consider that?

Vulnerability often leads to impetuousness.   Qatar's showdown (of sorts) with the rest of the gulf states is another trigger, stirring emotions.  Qatar supposedly sacrificed its traditional relations with the kings and sheikhs for its sudden sympathy for Iran. Though Tayyip Erdogan has been a longtime partner of Saudi Arabia and its AlQaeda mercenaries, he is basically in the Brotherhood block.   Since July 2016 his bond with MB has deepened after a horde of MB men converged in Istanbul to join AKP supporters to quell the coup.  Thus, between the Sauds and the Qataris, Erdogan has chosen the Qataris who are in cahoots with MB.   Furthermore, both Qatar and Turkey are presently at odds with the adversaries of Iran:  Political romeo Qatar, has been ostracized by the Kingdom for falling in love with Iran and Tayyip Erodgan has subtly been deemed a pariah by the White House.   Joining all the dots from start to finish, Iran is trying to convince her conscience that after all, poor Tayyip may not be that bad a guy.

At the root of the Qatari-Turkish theatrics which is melting Iran's heart is the nostalgia of Muslim Brotherhood of the late 1970s when it purportedly backed the Iranian revolution .. without realistically reviewing the facts that in the past 39 years MB has changed drastically .. evolving from a reputable welfare foundation into a hardline salafist-sectarian cult barely different from AlQaeda.  Still nurturing that 4-decade-old fantasy, the Iranian media in 2013 harshly criticized the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, the man who boasted of his MB marauders toppling Bashar al-Assad and "stomping" his body .. the man whose cheerleaders threw shoes at Mahmoud Ahmedinejad during his visit to Al-Azhar University .. the man whose adherents brutally murdered and dragged into the streets the bodies of an Egyptian Shiia cleric and his three companions from a Shiite Mosque.  It was the first such incident in Egypt's Islamic history where sectarian violence is unknown as it was in Syria prior to 2011. 

Though not a good enough reason, the upcoming Kurdish referendum in Iraq is another issue bringing Iran and Turkey closer.  Referendum for independence of Iraqi Kurdistan was initially planned for mid 2014 but had to be postponed after ISIL occupied northern Iraq.  After the liberation of Mosul last July, the referendum has been re-scheduled for September 25, 2017.   Both, the Iranian military chief and Turkish president are against it, fearing it could deepen the unrest in Iraq and within their own countries .. their prime concern being their own countries.   Like Ankara, Tehran's relations with Iranian Kurds hasn't been trouble-free.

It's unfortunate that such a visit had to take place in the midst of Turkey's ongoing remorseless foreign policy largely responsible for decimating a fifth of Syria's population.   Iran's needless and frantic eagerness seeking friends among known enemies spells nothing except insensitivity and indignity.   

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jordan to resume ties with Syria? How media speculation distorts reality.

                                      The bejeweled concubine
                                      Image taken from: RadioFree Europe

Nasib Border Crossing, a crucial gateway between Syria and Jordan managed by the Syrian Army, was captured by Al-Nusra in April 2015. Recently it was retaken by the Syrian Army. For purposes of self-interest, Jordanian military is reportedly negotiating with Syria (via Russia) the possibility of the Syrian Army managing Nasib Border again, as before.

Arab news & opinion website, Rai-al-Youm, has misinterpreted this story as Jordan and Syria establishing regular ties and cooperation. According to Rai-al-Youm, Jordan currently views the "Syrian case handed to Russia" by the U.S. which has stopped assisting terrorists "and hence, Amman is changing its policies on Syria." Laughable! Makes one wonder how professional news sites can spew such unprofessional rubbish. There are at least eleven U.S. bases across Syria and it's impossible Jordan wouldn't know that. In fact, a U.S. military convoy arrived in south Hasaka on August 15 to assist al-Nusra Front in Deir Ezzor. With ISIL on the verge of defeat, al-Nusra is getting stronger.  Dozens of smaller AQ groups – many of them with new titles never heard of before – are joining it to prevent the Syrian Army advancing to Homs, Deir Ezzor and Raqaa. Only three days ago, al-Nusra announced it was opening a second terrorist training camp in southern Syria. As recently as last June, Jordan was considering opening a front in southern Syria for military offensive to appease Donald Trump.

Rai-al-Youm is attempting to downplay the fact that the British appointed puppet kings of Jordan do not have the entitlement to make independent foreign policy decisions. Abdullah is firmly embedded in the US/UK/Saudi/Israeli camp. Without lifelong economic and military assistance from his bosses, his country would look no different from Afghanistan or Mali. Since the start of the Syrian war, Jordan has been an important venue for training tribal salafist rebels by CIA officials based in Amman. With Salafism growing in Jordan, Abdullah's position as a nincompoop, oafish lackey of Riyadh is appreciated by various segments of the Jordanian public .. though just as many hate him and his family for drowning the country in a sea of corruption.

Jordan is eager to keep radicals out of its borders, yet for six years it has been loyally following orders supporting the proxy war in Syria led by those very radicals. Neither does Abdullah have the grit nor the desire to dissuade his ally, Benyamin Nethanyahu, from helping Nusra Front fighters in the makeshift hospitals of occupied Golan Heights.

In 2011 Abdullah was loud as ever calling for Assad to step down. An apt response to this half British son of the late top CIA agent of the Middle-East came from Egyptian journalist, Hamdi Qandil: "You learn Arabic before telling an Arab president, a nationalist and resistance leader like Bashar al-Assad to step down."

Monday, July 17, 2017

Stealth Occupation Of Syria As Sponsors Join The Proxies

        Image Al-Masdar News

To briefly describe the present illegal US occupation of Syria, there are altogether up to 9 US bases across the country .. most important ones in Hasaka, Tal Abad and Tanf. These bases are cleverly placed to serve asbuffer zones preventing the Syrian Army from advancing to strategic points it needs to access in the course of its battlefield operations against foreign invaders.

The goal of the hegemons: Partitioning Syria establishing an independent Kurdistan, total protection of Israeli occupied Golan Heights in western Syria and AlQaeda to be left intact inside Syria.

Despite Russian support for the Syrian government in fighting AlQaeda, an independent Kurdistan is not Putin's problem.  As long as the Syrian government doesn't jeopardize Russian interests and Putin is guaranteed AlQaeda won't reach the borders of Russia, the Russian leader wouldn't mind watching Assad preside over a broken, fragmented Syria. Having said that, the illegal presence of US bases in Syria isn't causing too many sleepless nights for Mr. Putin.

Marauders of the New World are moving precisely on the same path outlined by the Obama regime. The delay and silence in executing Kerry's "plan B" by Trump regime may give the impression of the picture being a bit different on the ground. That's only a perceptual deception. Orders coming from the Deep State have no bearing on who might be its performer at the Oval Office. The strategy is, even if Assad remains, he must be left with a rump portion, beleaguered, isolated and powerless .. the bare remnants of sovereignty wiped out. It was straight from the horse's mouth when a senior commander of Kurdish backed SDF, one of Pentagon's trusted proxies, stated "The US is setting up its military bases in the territories that were liberated from Daesh by our fighters during the fight against terrorism." Replacing one gang of perverts with another is NO reason to rejoice, if only the international community knew.

The hegemons haven't yet finished working on the exploit in Syria and they have begun contemplating on starting another. Three days ago, James Mattis stated to the media that relations between Iran and US cannot improve unless there's a regime change in Iran. Recall the expression "regime change?" It began its journey from Iraq to Libya to Syria .. and now peering into Iran.

Never in world history has the violation of the rule of law (be it international or national) been displayed in such staggering proportions!

“You can’t get a more obvious violation of international law than to actually move in and set up a military base in a sovereign country that has never taken any offensive action towards our country.” ~ Senator Richard Black

What might be the endgame for the knights of the "moderate" FSA and some ethnic groups:

If Syria is partitioned by the neocon outlaws and their double-dealing serfs, the very small band of indigenous Syrian salafists (sprouting from the Syrian branch of MB) commonly dubbed as "moderates" of the so-called FSA will be in for some rude awakening.  It won't be too different for those Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen and Circassian fighters of the soi-disant SDF now cavorting with militias of the US forces.  By the way, "FSA" has recently been renamed "NSA" (from Free Syrian Army to New Syrian Army) by their US trainers.

Not unknown to anyone, the Syrians of "FSA" turned "NSA" have been too tiny a minority to topple the government so the need arose for its western sponsors to periodically recruit, train and arm thousands of foreign terrorist fighters within the AlQaeda network for the dirty mission to Syria.  The goal of FSA/NSA was to  establish their own style of radical government in Syria somewhat resembling the ousted Morsi regime in Egypt.   Though they didn't want foreign fighters to make themselves permanently cozy inside Syria, there was no way of avoiding it.  Without AlQaeda the "moderates" could do nothing.  Whichever AlQaeda faction they joined, their job description included sweeping the floors of occupied AlQaeda barracks, brewing tea and arranging prostitutes for the heathen-takfiri invaders.  These "moderates" invariably ended up becoming small-fry backseaters with zero authority to make decisions on military operations nor were they allowed to retain the arms cache coming from the West;  their political wing, Syrian National Council (SNC), based in Turkey persistently made a clown of itself on the international stage bragging over transition to "democracy."

Simple as it was, these  brainless nincompoops couldn't visualize they had been aiming their guns at their own foot, paving the way for intruders and trolls in exchange for acquiring a non-entity status for themselves.   If Syrian Kurds are given independence by the 'gracious' Washington DC, the rest of Syria with an abundance of AlQaeda factions will be a hub for anarchists similar to the jungles where wild beasts have their own territorial demarcations with recurrent deadly brawls.  The marginalized minorities consisting of "FSA/NSA moderates,"  Assyrians, Turkmen, Armenians and Circassians waiting for a prosperous future in the absence of Bashar al-Assad, will at best, get jobs at daily wages to scrub the toilet bowls and clean-up the morning crap of their AlQaeda or Kurdish bosses.