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Monday, April 28, 2014


After decades of persecution and destruction of Burma's Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhist majority, which turned absolutely barbaric from June 2012, a major conference on Genocide in Burma is being held at the London School of Economics, U.K., on April 28, 2014. Altogether there are 48 cosponsors - 34 Democrats, 14 Republicans and of course the cosponsors include Burma Task Force USA and Justice For All.

Pray to Allah Almighty that the conference is a success, that it awakens the Western governments and they take serious action against the dreaded Burmese regime.

For complete details:

Live webcast of the conference can be viewed here on April 28:

Also please watch this 2.25 minute video - a summary of the genocide showing the forced exile of Rohingyas from their homes by Buddhist security forces:

Hamas, Fatah pairing up again only to be headed for a second 'divorce'

Recently Hamas and Fatah decided to shake hands and establish a provisional government asserting unity.  With both sides being seasoned crooks and self-servers, it's no great event to rejoice.  Yet, Israel and U.S. expressed their displeasure with frowns and threats not to negotiate with the Palestinian government.  To soothe his masters, Abbas hurriedly stated Holocaust as the "single greatest tragedy in modern-day history" during the visit of an American rabbi in Ramallah.  It's the second unity government Hamas and Fatah are attempting to establish. The first one was in 2007 which flattened out in no time like a house of cards.

Looks like PLO's arrogance is growing alongside its corruption and treachery.  Recently, Stuart Littlewood, one of the most sympathetic observers of the Palestinian issue, requested Hanan Ashrawi for an interview; she's a member of the PLO executive committee.  Ashrawi didn't even have the etiquette to respond to his request, not even an acknowledgement.

Why is the PLO reluctant to take its case to the ICC and instead still counting on the dishonest brokerage of US and Israel?  How come Israel continues to plunder Palestine's oil/gas/water reserves and nothing has yet been done nor decided to stop that?  Abbas has overstayed his term by 6 years and still no talk of his stepping down.  Why?  If or when he does, his most likely replacement, Mohammed Dahlan, is no different than a mobster. Why not someone with more integrity who can stand up against the enemy? Will there ever be a replacement for the corrupt PLO itself which is hated by the Palestinian people?  Obviously Hanan Ashrawi had no answers to any of these queries and she decided the best response would be to silently hide herself in shame.

Palestinians Continue Peace Talks In Mecca

The beautiful Kaa'ba on a postcard

A gorgeous postcard image of the Kaa'ba at Mecca, as it looked in the early 1900s. The extensive petro-dollar modernization being carried out since the last few decades in and around the Kaa'ba has robbed Islam of its beautiful heritage and ruined the original look of the surroundings. If only the human heart had enough humility and decency to at least leave some of the Holy sites alone that are so loaded with history and overwhelm our hearts.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rejoinder to Farzana Shah's baleful proposal on "Pak-Israel Rapprochement"

Musings per Zainab have been reverberating within me since long that Pakistani journalists are by and large a load of cobblers.  Spot on again.  While the global media is in the panic business, the craze of the Pak media is to join the bandwagon of turncoats, the slime-bucket Hamid Mir as its 'Czar.'

Check out the article by Farzana Shah titled "Pak-Israel Rapprochement: First Step Towards Betterment of Muslims and Jews."  Warning:  It's a lot more than just replete with nonsense.  It's toxic and not the easiest to digest.  However, do go through it to recognize the menace of apathy and the sort of bogeyman tricks that are played, distorting or dismissing hard facts.

Let me start by quoting a bunch of snippets from Shah's article.  It might then be simpler for readers to connect my refutations accurately.


"It's time, that Pakistan kept its interest supreme and opted for a rapprochement policy with Israel."

"Pakistan never had a covert or overt confrontation with Israel"

"the irony is some Arab countries have recognized Israel"

"The ardent excuse of some of the parties mainly the religious ones of betraying the Palestinians"

"nuclear Pakistan no threat to Israel"

"only after Pakistan went nuclear that Israel began its quest for ties with Pakistan."

"After all we have full diplomatic ties with India"

"Pakistan and Israel help in resolving this issue."

"all political parties and that of their barometer - the masses, seems to have given consent to the decision"

"Like any other country, Israel too needs to expand its trade, without which she cannot survive. With Pakistan she is cognizant of the trade potential" 

"Israel .. can also use Pakistan as a conduit to reach Iran and Saudi Arabia."

"Jews were banished from Palestine by the Christian regimes .. Judea and Samaria in the West Bank of Palestine - the cradle of Judaism."


My perspective ensues from my recognition of justice and egalitarian values. Being neither a politician nor a bureaucrat nor a policy maker, I totally overrule the dogma of trade and commercialization taking precedence over human rights.

As a sensitive observer of the abuse of the weak by the strong, there is no way I can ever agree on anything resembling an establishment of friendly ties with Israel, a nation which is silently recognized even by its traditional allies as a race exterminator, promoter of apartheid and state sponsor of terrorism.  "Covert" contact would be still more grotesque than an "overt" one, as it would add gross hypocrisy and double-dealing to an already controversial deal.

Point (1):
Despite the lack of visionaries in the Pakistani society and their denseness, the claim that majority of them would support the idea of Pak-Israel rapprochement or even give a half-hearted nod would be an unfounded presumption with little or no bearing on reality. Such claims can only be confirmed after a free and fair referendum (something next to impossible in Pakistan though) which must be seen as an indispensable step. For a decision as controversial as this, it's mandatory that the representation of the masses must go well beyond the ballot box.

Point (2):
Lack of diplomatic ties with Israel has NO connections with any religious fervor as insinuated by Shah.  A combination of fractured education and low self-esteem has established a comically offensive mindset within the Pakistani masses.  Interpretation of every aspect of life is profoundly in black and white.  I wonder why?  With that repugnant disposition, supporting the Palestinian cause is construed as 'religious extremism' and friendly gestures toward Israel - the blue eyed babe of the New World Order - is commonly perceived as "modern & secular."  No doubt Islam plays a predominant role in the lives of Muslims and it certainly should .. and Islam upholds justice.  However, something which no Pak journalist has focused upon is:  Though Israel was the brainchild of the West in post WW2 scenario, decades later today, it's again a particular segment of the West which is loudly and explicitly condemning the illegal creation of Israel and all the violations that go with it.  The much larger majority who are presently raising their voices against Israeli occupation comprise of Western observers, Western human rights activists, Western analysts and Western authors.  With the 'sell out' culture rampant within the Muslim world, comparatively the number of Muslims playing a public role is support of Palestine are fewer.   

Though the cohesion of the pan-Islamic entity is already ailing and fragile, why aggravate the situation by throttling it totally, making filthy politics still filthier?  Or, has political correctness gotten that decadent in preference to keeping one's "interest supreme?"

As a sovereign state, does Pakistan desire to define her own moral duties within the pan-Islamic state or is she simply interested in parroting the petro dollar lackeys?  Pakistan not being on a collision course with Israel involving military confrontation does not give Pakistan the green light to overlook contraventions that mar principles. Neither must the hobnobbing of countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, India etc. with Israel be taken as a reason to follow suit.

Well, forget about the treachery of the GCC group.  The defacto president of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, who is currently serving the 10th year of his 4-year-term by illegally occupying the Ramallah compound, has been willingly cooperating with the Zionist regime for perks such as money, comfort and free travels despite its huge price tag requiring him to be complacent over Zionist occupation, land theft and unprecedented suffering/humiliation of his people going on non-stop right under his nose.  As a "democracy" perpetually bellowing away on the importance of freedom, human rights and bashing army rule, which of the two would Pakistan champion as an ally of Israel - the cause of the Palestinian people OR the double occupation of the West Bank by Israel and Mahmoud Abbas?

As an “ally,” how would Pakistan react each time Israel builds 25,000 or 50,000 or 100,000 illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank after demolishing farmlands and homes of the Palestinian people?

Nine years ago the Palestinian civil society began the movement - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) - targeting Israeli-made products until it complies with international law, quits apartheid and recognizes the rights of the Palestinian people. BDS is now a large global movement joined by many international entities who care to promote justice and make this world a better place to live in.  As Israel’s ally, would Pakistan also desire to join the BDS?   If not, it will only be assisting an oppressor to promote its tyrannical policies.  As transparent as that!

In a situation that is focused on the quest for justice & truth, there can be no middle path.  You're either for the oppressors or you wash your hands of them.  One may ask, "so GWB was right in his State of the Union address - either you're with us or you're with the terrorists."  The statement by itself was logical.  But its allusion was deceitful, in that, it wasn't focused on justice nor truth.  It was fixated on the occupation of Iraq and the control of its oil wells.

Defining your own moral duties as an independent nation does involve periodical sacrifices but it also assures unadulterated sovereignty.  Opting for the Zionist block as a permanent ally would almost certainly get Pakistan swept away by the unstoppable Zionist juggernaut flattening everything on her path, and compelling her to compromise on her sovereignty as in the case of numerous Israeli/US puppets. Pakistan is already a puppet of the US. Having Israel on the other side would make a 'delectable' shawarma sandwich out of that country.

At the moment Pakistan is quite reclusive concerning Israel.  It's in an ideal situation to ignore or decry Israel's massive human rights violations which persist systematically on a daily basis in the Holy Land involving bulldozing of Palestinian homes and farms, cold blooded murders of unarmed Palestinian citizens, torture of prisoners, prison sentences for children as young as five or six etc.  Kindly do some research on the daily events of the occupied West Bank. If Pakistan is foolish enough to embrace Israel officially as a friend, the slightest of disagreement on Israel's violations could jeopardize Pakistan's security, depending on how the Zionist state interprets their differences.   Pre and post revolution Iran is a stark example of that. It's imperative to remember that Israel is a country that takes no shit-fit from its allies, not even from the United States. Establishment of harmonious relations with Israel must be entirely on Israeli terms & conditions, which would mean Pakistan agreeing to give up on her values with unconditional support for unlimited oppression and double-standards, either vocally or through silence .... both being just as deplorable. Concerning the Intellectual, moral and ethical deterioration within the Paksitani society would be even uglier and more distressing than the present.

Point (3):
Using Pakistan's diplomatic ties with India as a reason for having similar ties with Israel is a shaky argument with more holes in it than a bar of Swiss cheese.  India just isn't Pakistan's next door neighbor, more importantly it's Pakistan's next door enemy. It has already fought four wars with Pakistan. It's intelligentsia is constantly predating on Pakistan and manipulating her foes within and outside her boundaries with money and weapons. There are many Pakistani families and extended families that are still divided between Pakistan and India. There is a constant flow of visitors between the two countries. This of course includes Kashmir, one of the most sensitive nerves of this episode. Though majority of the Kashmiris might opt for independence, their second best choice is to join Pakistan. One only needs to monitor the events in Kashmir to know the facts in the lives of the Kashmiri people and their unprecedented suffering under Indian occupation. Many of them are family members or close relatives of Pakistanis. Unfortunately since the past three decades or so, the self-serving trend of Pakistani politicians has encouraged them to cave in to Indian obstinacy and Kashmir has taken the back seat in Pakistan-India relations. But it continues to be an unresolved and festering issue that can pop-up for the serious consideration of the Pakistani people and government any time in future. Every aspect viewed together, Pakistan is compelled to keep the doors open for talks with its next door enemy. Fortunately Pakistan's relations with Israel have no such similarities.  Thus, when you compare India with Israel from Pakistan's perspective, you're comparing a next door enemy with a far distant one. The former has a greater nuisance value than the latter.

Point (4): 
True that Pakistan's nuclear project never posed a threat to any country including Israel.  Neither was there any official nor secret Israeli overtures toward post-nuclear Pakistan.  When Pakistan went nuclear in 1998, the immediate response from the White House as a punitive measure was "sanctions" that led to much panic and hysteria within the government circles. Four years later when sanctions were lifted, it was not at the behest of Israel.  Rather it was to buy Pakistan's cooperation on the so-called 'war on terror.' Some Israeli bigwigs discreetly had close relations with certain Pakistani politicians at a very personal level which never had any bearing on governmental or diplomatic levels.

Approximately five or six years after being in office, Pervez Musharaf began playing the tune on establishing official ties with Israel and a some sycophants chimed in. But the move was short lived. It was apparently a gimmick to get closer to the White House, whipping up some jealousy within Hamid Karzai and India and subsequently boosting Pakistan's foreign reserves. However, it fizzled out before it began and Musharaf had to dismiss the idea to salvage his already falling popularity. There was not a single story of any Pakistani citizen or taxpayer giving ear to it, let alone accepting it. When Musharaf resigned in 2008, popular support for him was at its lowest ebb on account of his cooperation with the United States for seven years of his post-9/11 tenure. One can imagine the depth of public hatred IF he had additionally established diplomatic ties with Israel.

Musharaf's address to the US Jewish community carried no significance on regional politics. Even if he hadn't addressed it, the U.S. would still need Pakistan as an ally rather than an enemy, and Israel already consented to it.

Point (5):
Despite citing the political diversity within the Jews, Farzana Shah seems to be mixing up something relevant.  The article writes about Musharaf's speech to America's "Jewish community" but is alluding to its reaction in line with the Jewish lobby. The Jewish lobby aka Zionist lobby is a very powerful coalition of American Ashkenazi Jews who are working to maintain permanent support for Israel within the foreign policy of the United States. The entire Zionist lobby consists of coalitions, the most famous group being the AIPAC, all having the same goal. They are largely secular Jews striving to influence not just American foreign policy but also American public policy in favor of Israel particularly through the field of education, and to reject the recognition of Palestine.

The Jewish community of the United States, on the other hand, consists of simply Jewish citizens living in America, most of whom are non-political who yield no power. Also, several of them (though not all) are non-Zionists who disagree with Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine as already stated in Shah's article.  If you recall, Iran's former President, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, also met with the American Jewish community during his last visit to the United Nations. The meeting was very cordial and much appreciated by lots of humanitarians around the world. However, neither the White House nor Israel nor AIPAC expressed their appreciation.

Point (6):
Israel's trade expansions have never been a serious issue neither for the Zionist state nor its allies, let alone using it as a cause for befriending Pakistan. The hogwash about Israel benefiting from Pakistan as a trade partner is a very discrepant notion, if not a myth altogether. Israel is a tiny country of 7 million covering an area of 20,770 square kilometers. Yet, on average, Israel's trade with the U.S. totals to approximately $40 billion - exports 15 billion and imports 25 billion. Additionally it gets $3 billion every year from the U.S. to upgrade its military hardware.

The EU is Israel's leading partner in trade and tourism despite the BDS movement. Undeterred by Israel's continued periodical attacks on Gaza since 2008 and expansion of illegal Jewish settlements on occupied West Bank, EU's trade with Israel totals to billions of euros every year. In 2011, for instance, it crossed €29.5 billion.

Israel's defense exports to India is approximately $7 billion. Indo-Israel agricultural cooperation involves huge investments. After the official establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Israel in 1992, the bilateral trade between the two countries spiked from $200 million to $4,747 million.

I have defined only three Israeli trade sectors - U.S., E.U. and India - which is the tip of the iceberg compared to Israel's entire trade network around the globe. Gloating in such enormous international cooperation and benevolence, would Israel ever give a rat’s tail whether or not Pakistan traded with it?  If at any time in future Israel does show an interest in Pakistan, it will only be for the purpose of 'puppetizing' Pakistan and deepening the divide among the Pakistanis over a highly controversial step which has been the hallmark of Israeli foreign policy throughout the Arab world.

Point (7):
Israel needing Pakistan as a conduit for Iran and Saudi Arabia?  Pakistan has no reputation of being a bosom pal of Iran. The two countries have been torn apart from the 1980s as a result of continued sectarian strife in Pakistan, systematically instigated by the enemies outside and within. Secondly, in Iran the Supreme Leader is the man with absolute power who has the final say on all issues. He is an independent minded person with very little trust in neighbors. It’s been over three decades and he has never entertained the idea of “conduits” to carry out his plans. He has his own trusted men and he sends his own deputations. Thirdly, as for Saudi Arabia, it has been one of the closest allies of Israel for decades, both politically and economically. The Saudi local market is infested with products tagged "Made in Israel" in exchange for Saudi oil and oil products entering Israel under cover of Western companies. Rumors abound of Saudi oil tycoons investing heavily in Israeli cities. Jerusalem Post reported on Saudi oil giant Aramco planning a pipeline running through Israel facilitating oil export to Europe as well. Trade through third parties is lucrative between Saudi Arabia and Israel, mainly exports from Israel to Saudi Arabia. Some of the companies export directly and some indirectly. Israel’s ties are closer than ever to Saudi Arabia. The last thing it needs is Pakistan’s assistance to act as a “conduit.”

The 3-year-old Syrian war is being fought with the close coordination of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. This is a very old story with many more details that we don't even need to highlight, let alone having a debate. I didn't know that journalists in Pakistan are still painting that old fairy tale about of Israel being surrounded by belligerent Arab nations.  How astounding!

Point (8):
I agree Israel's labor pain will begin only when it makes peace with the Arabs. This implies to Palestinians, NOT the Arab leaders .. not even the Arab leaders of Palestine. Israel is NOT interested in making peace in Palestine. The Zionist state was NOT created with the purpose of peacefully co-existing with the Palestinians. It was created with the intent of possession of land and supreme domination of the Ashkenazi Jews establishing their hegemony in the Middle East. This process has been going on systematically from day one to date. Gaza has already been under siege for the last six years. The fact that every "peace talk" starting from the Oslo Accord brokered by the US has ended up in a joke is neither co-incidental nor surprising.

Point (9):
The author of Pak-Israel Rapprochement fervently describes the expulsion of the Jews from Palestine by the Christians.  So, who were those Jews who robbed Palestine in the 1940s .. in fact the plan began being executed as early as the 1930s?   The common notion, as in Shah's article, is that the Jews from Palestine were kicked out by the Christians or immigrated to different parts of Europe in the medieval era and returned to the land of their forefathers in 1945.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  No "Christian regime" ever booted out the Arab Jews from Palestine.  I will clarify this misconception shortly.

The massive manipulation of history after the creation of Israel has put too many question marks on the Diaspora.  As a standard definition, it's referred to the dispersion of the Jews outside of Israel from 6th century B.C. when they were exiled to Babylon until the present.  Thus, it's supposed to begin from prehistoric era, with bulk of the information  taken from the heavily altered and tainted Biblical narrations. By the way, the numerous versions of the Bibles are altered every few years to suit the political climate.  The same sources that have manipulated the Diaspora are also denying the Exodus.  The purpose of all this gerrymandering is to portray the Zionists as the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, which is not true.  Moreover, 6th century B.C. is prehistoric period. No claimed event of that era can be ratified with a shred of evidence.  And there was certainly no Diaspora in or after the 6th century A.D.  Reliable history only tells us that most Palestinians are in the diaspora .. 60% of them living outside of Palestine.

Moreover, what about the difference between Semite Jews and Ashkenazi Jews?  How about the history of the Khazaria Empire, (present-day Ukraine and Crimea)?  Briefly put, the Jews who are today occupying Palestine are not the same who lived in the Middle-East during the time of the Prophet (pbuh) nor the ones during the period of the second righteous Caliph, Umar bin Khatab. Those were the indigenous Semite Arab Jews who never left the Arab world.  As time went by, many converted to Christianity after the coming of Prophet Essa (son of Virgin Maryam).   After the spread of Islam and the Muslim conquest of the Arab world, many Arab Jews converted to Islam. Today the population of the indigenous Arab Jews in the Middle-East is very small.  Little pockets of Arab Semites are concentrated in Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Iran and Ethiopia. A few years ago, Israel took in several thousands of black Ethiopian Jews to Israel as a show of Jewish unity.  But the plight of the poor Ethiopians in Israel consisted of little beyond discrimination and racial harassment by the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews .. even though the Ethiopian Jews are indigenous while the Ashkenazis are not.  Currently, apartheid policies in Israel against the Ethiopians are so severe that they aren't even permitted to bury the dead in the same cemeteries as those of the Ashkenazi Jews.

The Khazaria ancestors of the Ashkenazis belonged to the region of Ukraine (next door to Europe) from where they immigrated to various parts of Europe and eventually invaded Palestine in the 1940s. The heathen Khazars (known as the Kayzars in the West) began converting to Judasim in late 6th century. Their immigration to southern Europe became rampant around the 8th century. After the Spanish Inquisition with its influence spreading across Spain, Italy and Greece with mass persecution of the Jewish population by the Catholic Church, the Khazars dispersed to western Europe and some to Turkey where they found refuge under the rule of the Ottomans and are still living there with the title of "donems" or the crypto Jews.

To read the history of the European Jews who are today occupying Palestine, please visit the following link where I had articulated the truth a few years ago in this blog.

Are European Jews ethnically Semites?

 Point (10):
In conclusion: The purpose of promoting this sickening policy as detailed in Farzana Shah's article originates from negative indoctrination of slavish minds by powerful Pakistani vested interests and their cronies. It's strange that according to this author, a rapprochement shouldn't be rejected without "logic" .. as if the occupation of a land on the basis of 'might is right' and the 66-year-old blood drenched history of mass murder and sowing seeds of discord in the region and beyond isn't enough "logic" to reject diplomatic ties and demand accountability.

Quoting Martin Luther King, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  The risk of fraternizing with persecutors and slave drivers must never be underestimated.  You never know when you might end up finding yourself on the line of fire, even though you might never have expected it. 

Furthermore, India continues to maintain extensive relations with the Arab world, and like most parts of the Arab world, India's commitment to the Palestinian cause is little or nothing. India itself is an occupying nation harboring similar guilt as Israel concerning the non-stop unrest in Kashmir. Indian leaders don't even discuss the Palestinian issue with Israel during their meetings. Dialogues between India and Israel are only deepening over issues like fighting "terrorism," security agreements and agricultural projects. With a wave of Indian influence and the frenzy of secularism sweeping across parts of the Pakistani society, India's burgeoning relations with Israel  has lured some segments in Pakistan to cross the red line, shamelessly suggesting "rapprochement" with Israel.

God Willing, it will never happen.


The 'blue print' of Israeli land theft:  No to forget, this is only until 2010.  Four years on, a lot more has been stolen by the Zions.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rohingya update

It's going from bad to worse. At the moment it's even more serious than the stories in Syria. Kindly share. Lack of global awareness and widespread complacency over this genocide and its horrific consequences put the human race to shame!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


On April 14, 2014, Iran got its first bundle of frozen assets of US$ 4.2 billion - the first tranche ensuing from the Geneva Agreement November 2014 of $ 20 billion in sanctions relief. Tomorrow, April 23, Hassan Rouhani is expected to officially release the price hikes for essential consumer goods. Three days ago, on Saturday, April 19, Sahebeh Arabi (Rouhani's wife) threw an extravagant party marking a double celebration - Women's Day and birthday of Fatima Zahra - amidst the glitz and exuberance of Reza Shah's plush palace in Tehran .. of course at the taxpayers' cost who are supposedly writhing in pain from the back-breaking inflation. At least 11 parliamentarians expressed their dismay asking "Can one preach austerity and financial sacrifice and yet throw a lavish party on the public coffers?" However, Rouhani's government scoffed at the critics with the sole excuse that all women were wearing black chadors and hijabs.

One can only hope that the black chador as a panacea for all ills goes no further; otherwise by the time the total 20 billion lollipops are unfrozen, there will be too much light in the Shah's palace but very little in the homes of the Iranian people.

Colosseum at Rome, a very disturbing monument


The  Romans built the Colosseum as a place for gladiatorial combat in the   years between 75 to 80 AD in Rome, Italy.  What is today supposed to  be a  tourist attraction is in plain terms a historical venue of  countless  gruesome murders through bloody gladiatorial fights, games  killing  animals and public executions that were supposed to be the most  sought  after entertainment in Rome mainly reserved for the elites to  watch ..  yes, to watch humans and wild animals tearing up each other in  a bid to  survive. Nine thousand animals were killed in the Colosseum  during the  first year of its construction alone! 

Unfortunately  we are given very little details in journals,  newspaper-articles and  history books on this horrendous social culture  because of which this  venue should actually cease being a tourist  attraction.  It's hard to  understand what tourists could enjoy such a  vacation which took them to  watch the spot of cruel bloodshed where  human life and the life of all  living beings were so cheap?  No  wonder the 21st century is no  different.  Landmarks that serve as  reminders of murderous sports are  still sources of pleasure, carefully  maintained, photographed and  visited, providing the government  with stacks of money. 

Commercialization conceals the importance of  promoting  civilization.  Travel agents and tour guides are all praise  about the  architecture of this place, often referring to it as the "stunning framework of Corinthian, Doric, and Ionic columns."  It was put up by Yahoo website as among the 10 most visited places in the world, calling it "a gorgeous dichotomy hard to not want to capture it all."

But an evil place has an evil history.  The Colosseum was damaged by fire  in  the year 217 AD, almost destroyed by earthquakes in 443 AD and 1349  AD,  converted into a cemetery in the 6th century, rented out as  residential  and commercial real estate in the 12th century and occupied  as a castle  in the 13th century.  After that, it was used as a bull  fighting ring  for many years.  Then, somehow, it it got transformed  into a wool  factory.  It was around 1750 AD that it began getting  restored as a  Colosseum and shockingly began being looked upon as  something "sacred."

And  again, evil history carries evil rumors.  Stories about haunting  in  the Colosseum have been passed down through generations.  These  rumors  tell ghastly tales.  Stories claim of unjustly slaughtered  gladiators  returning after dark to re-enact their final moments in  combat and  invisible chariots rattling across the arena.  Tourists  often claim they  hear words spoken in Latin, screams of slaves  and criminals  slaughtered at the whim of a crowd filled with enthusiasm and painful  cries of wounded animals.  There are also many reports of seeing  shadowy audience  and Roman guards silhouetted against the darkness of  the night.  Only  God Almighty would know to what extent these stories  are true or not.   However, such scenarios were commonplace within the  Colosseum and to a  reader, the distressing tales of this structure  represent the ghost of  the bloodthirsty Roman Empire itself.

I  ask myself, how would the world react if there was a huge historical   structure built in Spain during the Muslim rule, or some splendid   building in Persia constructed during the Safavid rule where humans and   animals fought to their deaths at the pleasure of cheering elites?    Would the West today look upon it as a "gorgeous" landmark, requesting   tourists to crowd around it with awe and admiration or would it serve as a permanent agenda for trumpeting our "cruel history?"

The  souls of numerous dueling gladiators, tormented prisoners and  animals  mercilessly mutilated and butchered at this ancient site will surely cry out on the Day of Judgment, asking for what sin were they  treated so  brutally to become a source of pleasure for their wealthy audience.  

Let  us at least hope that some conscientious tourists visiting this ancient venue of  mass  murders are awakened by its horrific history to denounce killings   perpetrated by the strong against the weak, and teach the same to their children.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jewish Passover festival and crackdown on Palestinian bakeries

Jerusalem council member, Arieh King, initiated a municipality raid on stalls in occupied East Jerusalem selling baked breads. Some embarrassed Jewish sources in Jerusalem claim it was done because the stalls "were unlicensed," but the councilor himself reportedly stated that he did this to fulfill his promise to his voters to Judaize Jerusalem.

Passover 2014 is from April 14 and 22.  Consequently all Palestinian bakeries in East Jerusalem are being vandalized and loaves of bread, buns, bagels etc. confiscated by the municipality under the orders of the city councilor.

According to traditional Passover customs, orthodox Jews do not eat any food containing yeast during this occasion. Leavened bread is a taboo for Jews while observing Passover.  The rules are so insanely stringent that any other food that may have come into contact with bread is also discarded.  Before Passover, all leftover breads from orthodox Jewish households are given away or sold to non-Jews, and are usually purchased back after Passover.

As a substitute for bread, they eat "matzo" at the time of this festival.  Matzo is unleavened bread made without yeast in the form of large square-shaped corrugated crackers.

Passover (derived from the Hebrew word Pesach) is the name given to the Jewish festival which commemorates the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt.  It's observed for a whole week in Israel.  What the Zionist state does not disclose is that exodus does not represent the European Ashkenazi Jews who are currently occupying Palestine. Exodus involves the indigenous Jews who lived in Egypt, who never left the Arab world after the exodus and their descendents never sprawled all over Europe by the mid 1900s.  The Ashkenazi Jews who stole Palestine in 1940s were the descendents of the Khazars .. Khazaria being the ancient name for modern-day Ukraine, next door to Europe.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Killing of Muslim Rohingya infants and pregnant women

It was learned several months ago that  Buddhist doctors & nurses in hospitals and clinics in the  south-western town of Sittwe, Burma, were killing new born Rohingya  Muslim babies as instructed by terrorist chief, monk Wirathu, which he  saw as another method of rapidly decreasing  Muslim population in Burma.  It's no longer safe for pregnant Rohingya  Muslim women to go to hospitals in that country. Several have died after forcibly being  given lethal injections in hospitals.    For the  tragic story of one such woman out of several more, read this story and  please share.



Yet another #Rohingya pregnant woman was killed by Rakhine racist nurses and doctors. As no  one questioned those ruthless murderers, they are killing one after one  Rohingya woman in Hospitals of Arakan, to decrease the population of  Rohingya Muslims. Hasina Begum (28) was two months pregnant and a mother  of one. She was admitted in Sittwe  general hospital for treatment of some abdominal disease. One day before  her death her husband was informed that she had improved a lot and soon  will go to home in one of the IDP camps. Instead, next day her husband  received a call from the hospital that his wife is dead and no reason  was told. According to Hasina's sister who was staying with her as a  caretaker, Hasina was given some kind of green injection even after  refusal from the caretaker. Soon after that Hasina started struggling  and died.

Later nurses abused the caretaker and beat her by saying,  "Do you still want to claim yourself as Rohingya? Do you still think  Rohingya exists in Arakan? Next time go to Rohingya hospitals, here no  one will ever hear you".

 The problem is, all INGOs were kicked  out of Arakan before two weeks by the extremist Rakhine Buddhists and  969 mobs where Burmese government kept watching as the fatal violence  unfold against Rohingya. Burmese governemnt started buying time from the  International Human rights organizations and they vowed to bring back the  INGOs and protect them by any means and That seems like just another  gameplay of Burma to silent the world.


Source:  Rohingya Community Facebook 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Double occupation of the Palestinians: Palestinian Authority torturing its own people

Similar to Iraq's post-war law enforcers, security forces of the  traitorous Palestinian Authority are  trained and financed by the United  States and the E.U.  It shouldn't be hard to imagine their level of  brutality. 

So far we have been used to stories of Palestinians tortured in  Israeli prisons;  and now the  harrowing story of torture and abuse of  28-year-old Palestinian man,  Osamah Nayef al-Shawamreh, a hardworking  employee at a solar power company in Hebron,  by the security forces of the Palestinian Authority.  Shawamreh was   arrested on February 1 this year by the Palestinian Investigation  Unit  of Hebron over false allegations of hacking a Facebook account.   The  physical and verbal abuse began immediately after arrest in the   detention unit.

His neck was  viciously squeezed to make him feel he was going to  be strangled.  When  he asked  for water, his interrogators yelled  telling him that he was going to die  inside the cell.  Shawamreh was  then coerced to sign some documents ..  he had no idea what they were.   The military doctor who collaborated  with the interrogators offered no  treatment even though he knew the  detainee had sustained serious  injuries. 

A week later on February 7, Palestinian human rights group,  Al-Haqq, obtained a medical report and shifted Shawamreh to the  emergency  room of a hospital in Ramallah.  By now Shawamreh's  condition was precarious.  He was suffering from severe neck and  shoulder pain, internal bleeding, bruises, burns, at  least two  fractured ribs and severe post-traumatic stress.  He lost  sensory  feelings in one of his hands and both his legs as a result of  savage  beatings repeatedly.  Osamah al-Shawamreh is also urgently in need of   psychiatric care. 

The physical and mental  torture he endured at the hands of West  Bank's security forces with the  collaboration of the Palestinian  military doctor will never allow this young man to  feel normal again. 

While the world may keep waiting for changes through "peace   negotiations," the only change that has so far materialized is that   Israeli prisons are no longer the only venues where Palestinians are   tortured.  Prisons run by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank are   just as deadly for the people of occupied Palestine who are now under a   barbarous and merciless double occupation - Zionists and the PA together.  

Osamah's case is just one out of many.  The Palestinian Authority (the   traitor within) is reportedly even more secretive than the Zionist   butchers to conceal its shameful collaboration with the occupiers and  their Western allies.

At the link below, please take  the time to watch the 12-minute video of al-Shawamreh in  his own words and read the story of intense abuse endured by him at  the hands of his  own people to appease the occupying enemies.






Events of Yarmouk Palestinian Camp and its far-reaching consequences

Suddenly there has been a lull in whatever is happening in and around Yarmouk. But no news isn't good news this time. A lot is still going on. The siege and battle of Yarmouk spells permanent disaster for the entire Palestinian refugee population of Syria regardless of how much longer the war persists.

Palestinian refugee community has been warmly welcomed in Syria where it found safety, sympathy and solidarity with the Syrian people ever since they began fleeing their occupied land in 1948. More than three generations of Palestinians grew up and integrated with the Syrian society socially and economically as "a subset of the cultural and intellectual fabric of a vibrant and proud Syrian society" as Lamb puts it. But three years of war and particularly the events at Yarmouk have damaged the Syrian/Palestinian solidarity beyond repair.

The first image below shows Franklin Lamb, an American academic and one of the best authors (if not the best) of Middle-Eastern affairs, at Yarmouk Camp with a Syrian Army officer. At present almost three-fourth of Yarmouk is surrounded by the Syrian Army. The second image is of the premises of Yarmouk Camp.

To know the facts firsthand, find some time to read Lamb's latest report with accurate details on the present situation at Yarmouk you won't find elsewhere.

"The Death of Yarmouk Palestinian Camp" by Franklin Lamb  


Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 9, 2014: Precisely 11 years since the fall of Baghdad


Anniversaries are time to reflect. Eleven years ago the U.S. brought devastation to Iraq under utterly false and malicious pretenses of Iraq's involvement in 9/11 and possession of WMDs. It still hasn't apologized to Iraq nor to the world for this heinous crime.

The murderous invasion helped GWB, the worst U.S. president ever in the country's history to win a second term. It resulted in the death and displacement of 2 million Iraqis, rape of thousands of Iraqi women with at least 2 million women living as widows, just as many children living as orphans, death of 4,500 U.S. servicemen, serious injuries and disabilities to many more, and over $800 billion of the U.S. taxpayers' money.

The ramifications of this medieval style preemptive invasion haven't yet abated. It opened the doors of a once secure country to all foreign terrorists wrecking sectarian havoc until today. With the official occupation of Iraq to get control over its oil wells, the country's infrastructure was shattered forever. The common Iraqis are still struggling to put their lives together but to no avail. The country's enviable pre-war / pre-sanctions welfare system is in shambles. The ideology to handle post-war Iraq taught by the U.S. invaders to their local successors is of persecution, torture, execution and rape. The once 'Cradle of Civilization' hardly has an education system any longer.

Wake up America. If until now you don't realize the importance of ACCOUNTABILITY, you never will.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Homemakers: Very much a part of the global workforce


 Recently, when Pakistan's cricket icon, Shahed Afridi, hinted lightheartedly during a casual interview that a woman's place was at home, it set the cat among the pigeons.  The Pak yuppy crowd (including a few DAWN columnists) blew it out of all proportion.   Would such a comment in the 1950s or 60s, or even in the 70s raise the raucous it did?  Probably not .. or never.   It was only the man's personal opinion, something to which everyone is entitled.  There are loads of women who would actually concur, who prefer to avoid the dreadful hassles of waking up early every morning and spending nine hours at a workplace, five days a week, with all its rants and workplace-intrigues to say the least!  Who in their right minds would every look forward to that unless compelled?  Thus, the modern-day expression in North America, "everyone hates Mondays" is understandable.  Fantasies set aside, realistically a career is often a lot more stressful than fun.  If it was possible for  everyone to win a lotto lucky number at least once in their lifetime, most business centers would look like ghost towns.  

A typical "South Asian" half-baked and depthless reading is to misconstrue any comment on women being good cooks or fine caretakers of their homes as derogatory, viewing them as incompetent and reclusive compared to the 'busy bodies' outdoors.  There is no dearth of one-dimensional fools who have never realized that pursuing housework has nothing to do with being a nincompoop.  On the contrary, it's yet another remarkable talent.  There would be any number of Muslim women everywhere in the world who run their homes wonderfully and also have brilliant minds to think, decide and articulate themselves concerning all walks of life.  The fact that most households actually do have a dependency 'problem' on their  womenfolk who perform their household tasks expected of a wife, mother, daughter or sister with grace and skill must not be downplayed.  Such versatility is the first and most indispensable prerequisite of a bright and exceptional mind.

While the Western media does harbor a judgmental approach concerning stay-at-home Muslim women in the Muslim world as a part of its condescending 'etiquette,' the aspect of  homemaking itself is greatly appreciated in the West. Home cooked food, home baked confectioneries, home stitched clothes, home knitted sweaters, home embroidered table covers, napkins, wall-hangings, linen etc. are considered awesome manifestations of skill  that would help you earn tons of compliments from friends and neighbors compared to similar commercial items purchased from the market.  Personalities like Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker and many more whose expertise is primarily as homemakers - cooking and decorating - have acquired enough money and fame to buy those who make light of homebodies several times over!   A popular new approach in the West is dispelling the notion that skills and talents developed through homemaking aren't marketable or valuable.  Yes they are, and many senior corporate executives agree with it.   Quoting a very interesting bit from CS Monitor, "Robert McNulty, vice-president in charge of planning and operations for AT&T Information Systems states flatly that reasonably well-educated homemakers wanting to enter the workplace may be the largest untapped source of managerial talent in the country.  The ability to juggle a number of diverse tasks at once, a knack for getting warring parties to work together, an ability to see that contract workers (i.e., plumbers and other service people) do a job right - these are among the ''general manager'' skills that a good homemaker may have developed.

The purpose of this discourse is NOT to thwart career orientation in women, rather it's to define the vast diversity of the concept comprehensively enough to avoid misconceptions based on opinionated ideas and discrepant generalizations, while not dumping the cultural side of ourselves altogether in a frenzy of 'hop, skip and jump' for a change.  The diversity in the entire field of professional careers consists of an extensive variety of skills - the job description of a homemaker being one of them. 

There are lots of women in Muslim countries who need to work because their husbands aren't making enough to maintain the standard they want for themselves and their children.  In some families single women need to support their elderly parents and younger siblings.  These are common, compelling and tough situations, not envious ones.  Such women simply must work, there can be no two ways about it, unless they are unable to find work.  Women working outside their homes didn't become a practice in the West out of naught.  It developed out of financial necessity, particularly after the war when cost of living began to climb rapidly putting greater pressure on family budgets of the middle-class.  Where the husband makes enough to comfortably meet the requirements of a fair lifestyle without any financial contributions from his spouse, women are in no hurry to join the workforce.  They often never do.    

Marriages seldom break because the wife is a bad doctor or an incompetent lawyer.  But they are negatively impacted a lot more often if she's a slovenly, cranky and disinterested manager of her home.  Eventually your kids won't remember you and love you because you were a good writer or a good singer;  they'll love you if you were a good mother who spent a lot of time with them in a caring household. At the end of the day, parents dote on their daughter because she's their child who adores them just as much, not because she's the first female engineer or first female pilot of her country.

Briefly recounting the story of Marie Kaczanowski which appeared in Edmonton Journal in January 2014.  She was a Polish-Canadian woman who lived in the prairies.  Marie married a Polish immigrant in the 1940s residing at a nearby farm after speaking to him one day for only five hours .... and the marriage lasted for almost 40 years until her husband passed away in the late 1980s.  The couple had four children and moved around small-town Alberta.  The article writes, "Through it all, Marie was a perfectionist in her homemaking. Her children remember angel food cakes baked in wood-burning stoves, entire wardrobes stitched by hand, and majestic spruce trees that she grew from seed. Her gardens provided both beauty and nourishment. She canned and pickled her produce, and wouldn’t waste a vegetable scrap or a seed."  Marie passed away in 2013.  "She recycled before it was even a word," said her daughter, Anne. "There were lots of women like mom, but their story was never important to anyone."

This is precisely the archaic outlook in countries like Pakistan and India in the 21st century, yet tragically misinterpreted as contemporary and modish.  Talent is defined by viewing it through a very narrow prism and thus the stories of amazing homemakers are never important to anyone.  Surprisingly, talented, educated and cultured homemakers are dissed more often by other women rather than men.  Some women with excessive pent-up steam for a "change" have a difficult time recognizing that what others do in managing a home is NOT a whole lot different from what they might do in managing a business or an office.                             

Sunday, April 6, 2014

According to Amnesty International "2013 was a big year for executions"

Second to China, largest number of executions were in Iran.Amnesty said that Iran carried out 369 officially acknowledged executions, but that the real figure might well have exceeded 700. "Credible sources pointed to many hundreds more taking place in secret," the report said.  Latest reports on Yahoo dated April 4, 2014 have disclosed that since president Hassan Rouhani took office last August of 2013, at least 537 people have been executed in the past 8 months from August 2013 to April 2014.

Compared to that, there were 169 executions in Iraq (an increase of one-third over 2012) mostly convicted by summary courts.

In Saudi Arabia there were 79 executions in 2013 and that for the first time in three years, three juvenile offenders were among those executed.

The United States, the only country to practice the death penalty in the Americas, executed 39 people in 2013, only four less than 2012.

Method of executions included beheading, electrocution, firing squad, hanging and lethal injections.  Public executions were held in Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.  Beheading is common in Saudi Arabia, hanging in Iran, lethal injection in the U.S. and firing squad in Somalia.

The data doesn’t include thousands of people put to death in China. Chinese authorities treat official execution statistics as a state secret.  Amnesty International estimates thousands are killed under the death penalty every year, more than the rest of the world combined.

It's much the same in India.  Figures of death sentences carried out in India cannot be confirmed for similar reasons as in China.  India too has a reputation of carrying out frequent secret executions that are never reported.  The differences between the official figures and the actual total number of executions are often considered to be huge.

Total executions in 2012 were 682 compared to 778 in 2013, up by 15%.

In Pakistan, UAE and Gambia no executions were carried out in 2013.

The report did not confirm execution figures in war-torn Syria and Egypt facing similar insurgency by radicals.


Amnesty report:



Yahoo report on Iran:




Add another noose somewhere in between for India that's missing.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

History: Fatima al-Fihri

Via  Fatima-Al-Fihriyya-Art-Nouveau

Twelve hundred years ago, a young, wealthy and  well educated woman named Fatima Al-Fihriyya (also known as Al-Fihri) inherited a big fortune from  her businessman father. Her interest was neither in shoes or handbags,  nor in any celebrity lifestyle.  Fatima  lived to make life for her community better and was a woman with a  vision.  Her vision did not remain a dream but was accomplished and the  results can still be seen today. In 859 CE, Fatima Al-Fihri founded the  oldest academic degree-granting university existing today, the  University of Al-Qarawiyyin in Fes, Morocco.

Fatima  Al-Fihri is an example of the empowerment and encouragement Islam gives  to women.   The Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque is one of the largest mosques in  North Africa and the oldest true university in the world. Al-Qarawiyyin  is the perfect example of how Islam combines the spiritual with  education and that Islam is not separate from life's affairs.  This is  not only an example of how education and religion merge in this small  corner of the globe, but it sheds light on the esteemed role that women  played in the Islamic community - an aspect of Islam that is often  misunderstood.

It's  unfortunate that in the Muslim world today, such inspirational women,  the likes of Fatima Al-Fihri, are rare.  Rather, they are rare in all  parts of the modern world.

Fatima al-Fihri.

Al-Qarawiyyin University, Fes, Morroco.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Central African Republic - Slaughter of Muslim minority continues without respite

April 3, 2014.

According to the UN refugee agency, until now the crisis has driven around one million people from their homes.  In addition to Chad, many Muslims have also fled to neighboring Cameroon and the Republic of Congo.

Intervention by foreign forces, the resignation and exile of the Muslim Seleka leader, the appointment of a Christian president have all failed to stop the hostility.  Anti-balaka continues to exact brutal killings against Muslims. Rape and looting are also reportedly rampant in the Muslim areas of Bangui, capital of CAR.

According to the UN refugee agency, until now the crisis has driven around one million people from their homes.  In addition to Chad, many CAR Muslims have also fled to neighboring Cameroon and the Republic of Congo.

Military convoys from Chad that are crossing over to CAR to pick up the homeless have been attacked by anti-balaka militiamen several times.

By far the majority of the refugees are women and children.  A young mother who didn't mention her name reported to Guardian that she left her home in Yaloke and hid for three weeks in the bush after her village was attacked by Christian militia. French soldiers rescued her and she made it to Bangui. "When the trucks leave, you clamber on as best you can," she adds. She has no idea what happened to her husband and son.  Another woman named Ramatou Moussa, one of the many refugees in Chad, recounted that the Christian militia attacked her home in Bangui and butchered her husband and mother with machetes. She escaped with her five children.  The cross-border journeys are long and exhausting.  Two middle-aged siblings, a brother and a sister, both in their 60s, told OnIslam.net that their spouses and children were killed and they fled on foot, arriving in Chad.  There are heartbreaking stories of at least 50 minor children who arrived in Chad alone, terrified and shaken, after seeing their parents and neighbors getting murdered by armed Christian militias in CAR.

Many refugees, after arriving in Chad, are taken to temporary medical clinics put up by Medecins Sans Frontieres.  These makeshift clinics are flooded with refugees fleeing CAR.  After weeks on the road they are exhausted.  Most of them are dehydrated and suffering from malaria, diarrhoea and vomiting, and by the time they arrive in Chad to get the basic medical care, it's too late for many of them.  Dozens of children refugees are suffering from extreme malnutrition.  A volunteer at Medecins Sans Frontieres mentioned that along the road, people are so crammed into the trucks that some have fallen and sustained broken bones.  He added, despite all that, the refugees look emotionally strong.  "The refugees are resigned. They're tough. It’s quite striking,"  he said.

The refugees left CAR with barely nothing. They are in urgent need of basic items like clothes, groceries and medication.  Several Muslim humanitarian workers are engaged in relief work in neighboring countries around CAR, mostly from South Africa and Turkey.  Medecins Sans Frontieres has been doing a lot to help the refugees, particularly the ill and injured.  Mali Relief Team is another selfless organization offering every help it can despite its limited resources.  It reported the firsthand story of a doctor named Idriss who worked in Gadzi, a small town in Central African Republic.  He was compelled to leave Gadzi against his will after being threatened with murder by the anti-balaka militants.  He left behind everything and fled to Chad with his family for safety.  His wife is very ill, suffering from acute malaria.  Idriss and his family in Chad are now facing hunger and malnutrition in staggering magnitude as reported by World Food Program.

Though most Muslim refugees from CAR in Chad are safe, their living conditions are terrible with little or no food.  Mothers are worried how they will feed their young ones.  They collect firewood and sell it in the market for a few cents. But that's not enough.

The town of Sido in Chad is particularly overwhelmed.  A refugee camp in Sido reported it has only 300 camps, 120 latrines and no shower for 15,000 refugees.  What is still more worrisome, food is in very short supply.  So far World Food Program has provided only two handouts.  Chad's welfare ministry stated that it has only 100 sacks of rice to distribute to all refugees of this camp, and it needs at least 20 times more.

Amnesty International issued a warning back in February 2014 that Anti-Balaka fighters in the Central African Republic were trying to "ethnically cleanse Muslims."  Several human rights observers have accused French peacekeeping forces of doing almost nothing to protect the Muslim minority from their killers.

It's unfortunate that news outlets like NY Times are publishing isolated stories of a few militants shot by peacekeeping forces but conspicuously silent over thousands of Muslims brutally killed and cannibalized by these militants, and over 80,000 who have fled to neighboring Chad as refugees with only the clothes on their backs.  Almost all of those who are trapped in the battle are Muslims under serious threat from anti-balaka Christian militiamen.  Many homeless Muslims within CAR living in makeshift camps are still surrounded by the militias with little or no signs of intervention by peacekeeping forces.

Muslim refugees who escaped CAR.
Muslim refugees who escaped CAR.

Muslims fleeing CAR.
Muslims fleeing CAR.

Refugees trucks arriving in Chad from CAR.
Refugees trucks arriving in Chad from CAR.

Chad: A makeshift clinic with basic medicines.
Chad: A makeshift clinic with basic medicines.

Presently this is the best the refugees can get after fleeing their homes in CAR.
Presently this is the best the refugees can get after fleeing their homes in CAR.

CAR: The fanatic anti-balaka Christian militias out on an ethnic cleansing mission.
CAR: The fanatic anti-balaka Christian militias out on an ethnic cleansing mission.