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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chabahar fiesta | Iran, India, Afghanistan

                                NOT the smartest handshake.   $$$$ rules!

                                        Image source: Indian media NDTV

The trade agreement between Tehran, New Delhi and Kabul linking Iran's southern Chabahar port with Afghanistan has been alarming and dispiriting. New Delhi and Kabul have since long been at loggerheads with neighboring Pakistan. That story is almost as ancient as the efforts of the Saudi-RAW-CIA triangle destabilizing Pakistan on sectarian lines. Outside Indian soil, Afghanistan has been the seat of RAW for years. Imagine how greatly the Chabahar link to Afghanistan would facilitate the subterranean works of RAW. Though President Rouhani did express his impartiality and awareness of Pakistan's sensitivity on this issue stating "Today’s agreement is not against any other country and all other countries are also welcomed to participate," Mr. Modi refused to mention Pakistan, as expected. India as one of the members of any agreement, will never allow the inclusion of Pakistan, no matter what any one says. Pushing Pakistan into unnecessary isolation, Chabahar agreement would provide a conducive environment to strengthen the abundance of extremist groups in Pakistan with easier support and funding by India via Afghanistan and consequently threatening the already fragile security of the country. Heretofore the disenfranchised Shiia Muslims of Pakistan who are facing deadly attacks from outlawed extremist groups will be the hardest hit on the long term.

For Mr. Modi, the Chabahar agreement goes much beyond boosting Indian economy and countering Pakistan-China trade alliance. It's about interposing and wreaking Pakistan-Iran relations. Moreover, his anti Muslim stance, his cultural / religious bigotry, and his past records of fierce state sponsored terrorism against India's Muslim minority are longstanding facts on the international stage regretted by several segments of the mainstream Indian community itself. Enough reasons for anyone to heed. By the way, the Indian government is not supportive of the Palestinian cause either (which is spiritedly championed by Iran) and has refused to cooperate with the BDS campaign. But why complain of insensitivity towards Pakistan and Palestine? You may recall, recently President Hassan Rouhani's government displayed deeper lack of sentiments towards Syria (which is a much closer ally of Iran than Pakistan or Palestine) by warmly greeting Ahmet Davutoglu in Tehran May 2016 and Recep Erdogan in April 2015, both men having their hands drenched with blood of the Syrian people. Calls from Iranian parliamentarians to cancel Erdogan's visit or for the Iranian President to demand an apology from Erdogan fell on deaf ears. Money talked louder than compassion for the sake of finalizing some deals and exacerbating the volume of trade as if Turkey was a neutral state that never wronged Syria. 

One may explain Rouhani's dual politics as diplomacy of sorts, segregating foreign policy from commerce. But the approach is impractical and seldom works without showing those broad yellow streaks that leave a sour taste in one's mouth.

True spirit of the pan-Islamic state is as elusive as a needle in a haystack, lost never to be found. Nothing is worthwhile, no matter how ethical or conscientious, if it jeopardizes an investment of 500 billion USD.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq War

                           Image source:  Daily Mail

Get ready.   What seems to be drawing close is another big hoax.

Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq war is scheduled to be published on July 6, 2016. It certainly isn't aimed at nailing the criminals. Rather, don't be surprised if it officially exonerates them. The warmongers were given a lengthy duration to prepare .... they needed to prepare plenty of lies in their defense. Not just that, but the Chilcot Inquiry also does not allow any reports or testimonies to be presented by anti-war experts, providing greater protection to the offenders.

Six years ago in 2010, the Dutch Tribunal ruled that war illegal with "no basis in international law." It's very unlikely that the outcome of the Chilcot Inquiry will be the same.  Stop The War Coalition has decided to establish its own "People's Chilcot Tribunal" to expose the culprits who orchestrated the war on Iraq resulting in more than 1 million deaths and several millions displaced leading to the dreadful anarchy, sectarian rivalry and terrorist infiltration that continue until now via proxy tactics of the West.

                Image source:  Guardian

Revision of Western propaganda


Snippet Syrian war :                                         

US government has obliquely conceded to the international community that it has divorced ISIS which has gotten too big for its boots (after enjoying the benefits of American money and weapons for 3 years). But the WH is still head over heels in love with those other whores - Ahrar, Nusra, Jaish and more - who are now its only hope for the destruction of Syria. The American people of course know the other whores simply as ""rebels."" So .. the propaganda machine has lately been overhauled with artful knack displaying a new exterior. After refusing to officially declare Ahrar as-Shaam (working closely with al-Nusra) as a terrorist organization and ignoring its massacres of Syrian civilians in Al-Zara and Aleppo, the bluff went still farther. The West is presently working as hard as it can  to earn sympathy for the ""rebels"" portraying them as victims of ISIS. It's a noteworthy whirlwind of deception running on top gear.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Meet the Turkish PM who succeeds Davutoglu

                                                   From:  Ufilter Blog

Turkey :-

There was just one candidate for the PM's post - Binali Yildirim, Erdogan's leading puppet-ally. He came to office yesterday, May 22, and has already divided the nation. Binali Yildirim is a keen advocate of establishing the presidential system and has asserted that changing Turkey's constitution is his top priority. Writes Ufilter Blog "Yıldırım’s time in charge of the country will not last long – he will be a transitional AKP leader until the proposed changes are brought into force.."

In the notorious corruption scandal in Turkey 2013, Yildirim's name was on top of the list with members of Erdogan's family.  Reportedly Erdogan exerted plenty of his official influence to silence the serious allegations of fraud and double-dealing against his friend. Mentions the same source, "Binali Yildirim owns at least 17 companies, 30 ships and a yacht 47 meter called 'Lady Dee,'" though that may sound like chicken-feed compared to the ill-gotten wealth amassed by his hawkish boss which is estimated to be well over a billion. The new PM has two sons and a daughter who are handling his stolen assets .. similar to Erdogan's children who are their Dad's most trusted confidants.  Rumors abound that Binali Yildirim's son, referred as Yildirim Junior, is taking precious lessons from Ahmet Burak Erdogan, Erodgan's eldest son and businessman who, along with his brother Bilal, owns several maritime companies exporting stolen Syrian & Iraqi oil to eastern Europe and Asia.   Allegedly both Yildirim Jr. and Ahmed Burak "like drugs, women and gambling." Yildirim Jr. has been seen spending a lot of time in casinos in Singapore.

It's understandable why only one person was viewed as eligible as Turkey's next PM to succeed Ahmed Davutoglu.

Congratulations to the people of the Turkish Republic for having a new PM with remarkable credentials who will be working tirelessly to pave the path for the next "revolutionary" President-for-life -- Recep Tayyip Atatürk.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Al-Qaeda now playing a major role in the Yemeni war

                                                    Image source:  Long War Journal
Looks like AQAP (Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula) presently very active in Yemen will be the prime beneficiary of this war. Intervention of Saudi coalition in Yemen backed by US and Britain has helped AQAP grow stronger than ever. As the war drags on, it continues to facilitate AQAP to get more deep-seated inside Yemen, silently establishing its Yemeni emirate and hoisting the same flag as ISIL in Syria and Iraq. The terror group is also trying to win the hearts of people in the marginalized tribal areas of southern Yemen, arranging the availability of food and fuel amidst widespread starvation and misery.

There is plenty of talk among US observers that AQAP is the most dangerous of all AQ groups.  Yet the US government prefers to ignore them.  Though the Shiite uprising in Yemen is viewed as a threat by Saudi Arabia, the United States and its Western allies consider the destruction of Syria and weakening the Axis of Resistance of greater importance.  In the meantime in Yemen, AQAP is successfully moving in ammunition, training new recruits and sending them to the battle front to fight Ansarullah.  For one year until April 2016, AQAP controlled Yemen's Hadramout province including the port city of Mukalla, using it as a base.   It also formed a council to govern the city.

Recently at the end of April 2016, AQAP evacuated Mukalla without much resistance at the behest of the Yemeni government loyal to Saudi Arabia, indicating a spirit of  cooperation between them.  But periodical violence prevails.  The Saudi-backed Yemeni government is in an awkward position to handle its relations with AQAP terrorists because the latter enjoys full support of Riyadh.  There has been not a single incident in which the Saudi coalition bombed any AQAP strongholds.  On the contrary, it has frequently airdropped weapons to the terrorists to launch attacks against the Shiia Ansarullah revolutionists.  In March 2016, BBC reported close cooperation between Saudi coalition and AQAP while taking over the city of Taiz from Ansarullah.  Taiz was one of the most sparkling cities in Yemen now destroyed beyond recognition.  All of that serves the interest of the Yemeni government.  However, AQAP is also eager to devour territories controlled by the  government which is the cause of recurrent and serious clashes between the two. But as a puppet of the Sauds, the Yemeni government will simply have to cope with those periodical shit-storms for AQAP (Saudi Arabia's beloved) seems to be in no mood to leave Yemen any time soon.

Another proxy war sponsored by imperialist powers and their lackeys has achieved its goal. Chaos and terror have permanently been established in Yemen to stifle the voices of those demanding sovereignty. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

REMEMBERING NAKBA 1948 | Sixty-Eight Years of the Most Thundering Land Robbery in History.


                                                            Source:  Pinterest

                                                            Source:  Intifada Palestine
Al-Nakba means The Catastrophe or Disaster, also known as the 1948 Palestinian Exodus - the real diaspora. From April to November of 1948 at least 800,000 Arab inhabitants were expelled from their homeland which is today known as "Israel." Hundreds were butchered in cold blood. Many Palestinian families fled in fear to avoid the same fate as the residents of Deir Yassin in April 1948 (check Deir Yassin Massacre) at the hands of fiercely armed Zionist militias, the Stern Gang and Irgun. Soon after the land was robbed and ethnically cleansed, began the OFFENSIVE distortion of history. In Israel, they refer to Nakba as ""The War of Independence"" blaming the Palestinians for ""their failure to create an Arab State in Palestine following their defeat in the 1948 war"" babbles the cunning n crazy Wikipedia. Absurdity recognizes no bounds, does it? Nakba was not a "war."  It was an outcome of a preemptive attack involving murder and armed robbery in a predominantly agricultural country where every indigenous individual was unarmed, led a peaceful life for millenniums and never knew the tactics of warfare. It was indentical to the invasions of Changez Khan and Halaku Khan in the medieval era, stealing territories via massive bloodshed and utter destruction.  Presuming that you are in your right mind, would you call the mayhem perpetrated by Changez and Halaku Khan as "war of independence?"

To learn everything about Nakba, you don't need to read much. Just watch the set of pictures in the link below where each image speaks a thousand words.

Also check blog entries:
Nakba May 15, 2014 - 66th anniversary from May 15, 1948.
"The bride is beautiful but she is married to another man" - the earliest blueprint to rob Palestine.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's time for Britain's Labour Party to split

Jeremy Corbyn shouldn't be tying up his principles with his ambitions.  Whether or not he can get into 10 Downing Street is not relevant.  But it's hugely important that he continues working to promote his values, attracting supporters and potential leaders.  It's imperative that the left must be completely independent and free of the pressure of Blairites.   No matter how gradually his own little group advances over the coming generations, just as long as it keeps inching forward and does not regress or disappear.

Writes Stuart Littlewood (perhaps a bit too optimistically) in "Cold light of dawn for Corbyn."
"Corbyn’s other choice is to leave Labour, take his supporters with him and let the party stew in its own juice  ....  In any case the Labour Party is now soiled beyond decent repair.   There’s still time to build a new, clean, fit-for-purpose political party and get it established before the next general election.  At least Corbyn could then be true to himself."

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Recent quotes from Sadiq Khan, first ""Muslim"" mayor of London, UK

1) "I want to be a Muslim Mayor that stands up for Jewish rights."

2) "Believe me, I won't be another Ken Livingstone."

3) " I am the West so when they think they hate the West they are hating me."

4) "I am not Jeremy Corbyn's representative in London."

"Sadiq Khan's concern for London's Jews shames his smearing Tory foes." - The Guardian.

"Mr Khan is worried about being labelled 'Corbyn’s man' because in public he sounds barely more supportive of Mr. Corbyn than David Cameron is." - Telegraph.

Occasionally when immigrants of color achieve a degree of success in a predominantly white country, they are potentially more duplicitous than the mainstream ass-kickers. Their ethnicity, a sticking point within their subconscious, gets them caught up in a rat-race striving harder than others to substantiate their bona fide. Londoners had very little to choose between Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith Rothschild.

Rejoicing the event that a "Muslim" is in charge of Birtain's capital is the charming story on the covers. Nestled beneath the gleam and gloss of this victory is the odor of putrid horse shit.  Not that the source of the stench matters;  shit is shit.